HART Worldwide can assist you with air freight Service from China to the rest of the globe, as well as shipping from the entire world to Chinese airports.

HART also has a lot of experience with shipping by air cargo Senegal. As a consequence, we can stay updated on the China and Senegal’s markets and provide you with deep market research info, such as transportation market rates from Senegal to China.

HART is in charge of maintaining a standardized implementation that allows you to trace your goods online. To provide a smooth and trustworthy customer experience, we maintain track of the shipment’s status.

We may also manage door to door air shipping Senegal according to your requirements, such as the quickest, cheaper, or a balancing of air transportation and timeframe.

We have a specialized market team that is always monitoring developments in the transport sector. So please submit your request for air freight from China to Senegal and we will supply you with important industry information.

We also have a customs affairs section that studies and monitors Air Freight Senegal’s taxes rules. One of our operating principles is customs cooperation for sea freight and air freight, therefore your cargo from China will always be smooth .

HART has signed commercial freight pricing deals with major carriers such as ET, EK, TK, CX, CA, QR, AY, and CZ. This means that we have enough capacity and can provide a low shipping cost for air shipping from China to Senegal.

Our Other Services Besides Air Freight Senegal


FCL Shipping

You can get FCL transport from HART by sea if you really need a whole container for your consignment. The FCL service ensures the safest transportation.


LCL Shipping

HART provides LCL shipping service as per your requirements. We carefully deliver a range of commodities from various shippers from China to Senegal.


Door to Door Shipping

We offer door to door delivery if you require. We pick things from Chinese addresses and ship them to you in Senegal. We take care of your necessities and satisfaction.




Express Services

HART can help you get express shipping service also. We have a strong working connection with Fedex, Ups, Dhl and can receive low-cost service from them.




Customs Clearance

We have a dedicated and experienced workforce in the customs department. We check into the customs procedures for exporting goods from China.





HART has built warehouses in other countries and China to provide low-cost service. We store and pack your items at our warehouses near the port.


Pickup & Delivery

We’re also capable of picking up and delivering, besides door to door service. We only need the location of the pickup point, after which we’ll deliver them to you.


FBA Shipping

As per the customer’s requirements, we transfer things from China to the Jumia warehouse for e-commerce operations. You can contact us for FBJ services.

Why Choose Hart for Your Air Freight Senegal?


It is vital to focus on market policy while shipping from China to Senegal. As a consequence, we understand shipping standards and conceptual models and can supply you with a high-quality shipping service.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Contact us if you want a high-quality service at a cheaper cost, since we provide both high-quality and low-cost air cargo shipping. We’ve made arrangements with big shipping companies to assist us save cost on logistics.




We respond quickly to provide you with a high-quality service that allows us to provide standardized operational methods. We manage standardized shipping and standardized packing of your merchandise for safe shipment.




The procedure for developing internal software has been established. We include an expert support system for monitoring and following your goods to ensure a successful service.



Full Self-control

We make certain that you have absolute authority over your logistics system. For the whole value chain, we developed an expert team to monitor and run each node utilizing self-contained software solutions.



Customs Clearance Service

For a shipping service to be successful, customs clearance is essential. As a result, we developed a customs clearance crew to speed up the procedure by familiarizing ourselves with the rules.



Wide Coverage

HART is a service that covers a wide range of areas. We have branches and warehouses in a number of Chinese cities and countries. In Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Poland, Bangladesh, and Africa, we opened warehouses.



Highly Trained Team

For the working team to realize its maximum potential, it must train. We make every effort to keep training sessions on schedule. Customers can reach out to our team for assistance for issues they can solve, so we train them.







To guarantee successful shipping, we provide skilled help. We educate and train our workers in their fields of work so that they can answer any inquiries you may have.



Check How We Help You Ship from China to Senegal


Qualifications and Honor for Air Shipping


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The certificate of international freight forwarding is given under the Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China. The Ministry of Commerce has awarded HART a certificate for its high-quality service. It is required for all international freight forwarders in China.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

An NVOCC company operational qualification registration certificate is required for booking and shipping from China.  This registration is handled by the NVOCC and China’s Ministry of Transportation. It distinguishes shipping companies that are ranked higher than others.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

According to the ISO9001 2015 quality management system accreditation, we provide a full understanding with clients. It even gave its approval to the communication method and a quicker response time. Our working processes are likewise governed by it.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) has established a broad and effective global freight forwarding network. It contributes to the financial protection system for the freight forwarding business. It also gives people who join complete security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The acronym for China International Freight Forwarders Association is China International Freight Forwarders Association. It is also a part of China’s Ministry of Commerce. It provides self-discipline data to help improve the freight industry. In addition, it encourages a fair playing field in the marketplace.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is an acronym for Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association. This organization has received clearance from the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. It makes it possible for the shipping industry to collaborate with others. Freight forwarders should exchange information, organize connections, and promote teamwork, according to SIFFA.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Air Freight Senegal | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Air transportation is the most required shipping method for both suppliers and importers.

African countries nowadays choose air freight to ship their goods from china.

Therefore, demand for air freight Senegal is increasing as an African Country.

If you want to import from China to Senegal by air, you will need to understand the air shipping Senegal system.

So, this FAQ guide is for you to provide the idea about air cargo Senegal shipping.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Air Freight Senegal?
  2. Is It Possible To Ship Goods By Air Freight Senegal From China?
  3. How Long Does Air Freight Senegal From China Take To Get From China To Senegal?
  4. What Documents Are Required For International Air Freight Senegal?
  5. What Is The Air Freight Senegal Process From China?
  6. Is Air Freight Senegal Shipping From China To Senegal Available Door To Door?
  7. What Are The Benefits Of Air Shipping Senegal?
  8. Which Incoterms Are Most Commonly Used In International Air Shipping From China To Senegal?
  9. What Factors Affect Air Cargo Senegal Shipping Prices From China?
  10.  Who Pays The Customs Fees During Air Freight Senegal Shipping?
  11. Who Is In Charge Of Customs Clearance In The Case Of Air Freight Senegal?
  12. What Is The Maximum Weight For Air Freight From China To Senegal?
  13. Is Air Cargo Senegal From China Covered By Insurance?
  14. Are There Any Import Restrictions In Air Freight Senegal?
  15. Is It Possible To Track My Package When It Is Being Shipped By Air Shipping From China To Senegal?

1. What Is Air Freight Senegal?

Air transportation is another word for air cargo, which refers to the shipping of products by air from China to senegal.

Whenever it needs to send quick cargo to Senegal, air cargo options are the most beneficial.

Air Freight Senegal From China
Air Freight Senegal From China

It enables shippers to quickly and easily respond to consumer and market needs.

Therefore, air transportation is the most efficient way to transport goods from China to Senegal.

HART worldwide Logistics is a shipping agency who can assist importers regarding air transportation.

We have an experienced air cargo handling team to provide you the best service.

2. Is It Possible To Ship Goods By Air Freight Senegal From China?

Yes it is absolutely possible to ship goods by air freight from China to Senegal.

Every day, a large number of items are sent from China through air freight Senegal.

Unless you’re delivering illegal or dangerous products, you can send your shipment by air freight Senegal.

To transport a product from China, you must first finalize what you want to carry because all kinds of goods you can’t carry by air shipping.

Here a list which kind of goods or things you can ship by air transport:

  • Goods that need to deliver quickly
  • Urgent mail from across the globe
  • Land vehicle parts and repair part
  • Food that expires quick
  • Goods in short supply
  • Exhibition and festival materials
  • Insects
  • High-end items
  • Artworks
  • Goods that need much security and safety.
  • Pharmaceuticals, including drugs, vaccines, and other medical devices
  • Animals in the wild.
  • Medical equipment and equipment accessories
  • Government urgency, etc.

3. How Long Does Air Freight Senegal From China Take To Get From China To Senegal?

Air shipping is often quicker than other transport.

So the method you pick will be influenced by the size and volume of your product and also how soon you need that to deliver at its location.

The average air freight Senegal shipping time from China is around 4-7 days.

Goods Loading On Air Cargo Senegal
Goods Loading On Air Cargo Senegal

Your shipping service provider will organize for collection and delivery whenever the cargo reaches at the departure airport.

The procedure is simple from pickup to delivery.

Your freight forwarder will schedule a pick-up at your warehouse or holding facilities with a service operator.

The transporter will convey the package to the airport, where it will be placed into an aircraft, after it has been packed.

4. What Documents Are Required For International Air Freight Senegal?

Air transportation is most commonly used to move small, high-value products or goods that must arrive fast.

There are some documents that are required for Ir shipping from China to Senegal.

The documents are

Airway Bill

If you’re importing goods by air from China to Senegal, an airway bill is one of the most important papers you’ll need.

A written agreement between a sender and a transporter is known as an airway bill.

It includes specific information regarding the characteristics of the goods.

Certificate of Origin

One of the numerous official papers that customs officers are likely to demand is a certificate of origin.

The importing country’s customs officials require a certificate of origin to prove the product’s authorization for entrance.

You will also need to submit this to see if the items qualify for special consideration under terms of any current trade deal between China and Senegal.

Export Declarations

A transportation paperwork including details on the items a transporter desires to transport is known as an export declaration form.

Here is the following information need to include:

  • The characteristics of the exportable commodities
  • The quantity of products
  • The worth of those items.

Contract of Carriage

A contract of carriage is a legally enforceable contract between a shipper and a transport operator.

It is a contractual obligation in which the transporter commits to transport certain products from one location to another.

Letter of Credit

Its main goal is to provide assurance to product distributors that they will be paid for their goods by the buyer.

A bank issues a letter of credit.

It means the bank has agreed to pay for the vendor’s products if the purchaser is unable to pay.

As a result, banks only provide letters of credit to purchasers they are competent and confident to pay.

Letter of Credit For Air Cargo Senegal
Letter of Credit For Air Cargo Senegal

Power of Attorney

When an importer of goods wants to hire an agent, usually an air shipping company manages different parts of the shipping on their behalf.

For handing over this responsibility, a power of attorney (POA) is necessary.

Packing List

In world commerce, packaging lists are used to offer specific data on the cargo of a cargo. Numerous significant sources of evidence are presented in the paper, including:

  • The supplier of the package.
  • Ultimate destination of delivery.
  • Products’ quantity in the package.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a mandatory document for international transportation, particularly for customs clearance.

It’s used by customs authorities to figure out what duties and import charges you’ll have to pay for the products you’re shipping.

The clearance of your items will be simple if you have a detailed and proper commercial invoice for customs clearance.

This reduces the possibility of interruptions or difficulties.

HART always provide proper information about necessary documents to the importers so that the importers can be careful about documentation.

Here is a video link about the documentation of air cargo Senegal:

5. What Is The Air Freight Senegal Process From China?

Air transportation is an essential part of a well-functioning supply network.

Keep reading to discover more about how air transport runs:

Ask A Quotation And Make Orders For Chosen Goods

When you’ve chosen that air transport is the better decision for you, you’ll need to contact your international suppliers so they can meet air transport demands.

But before taking decision of air transportation, you will need to research on:

  • Right supplier
  • Right Incoterms
  • Right Shipping agency
  • Necessary Documents

However, if you finalize with the supplier about air shipping, then make your order confirm the import from China.

Acknowledge The Role Of Air Transport

Knowing and understanding exactly how air transport operates is important and the implications of choosing it to carry your goods when signing any paperwork with your vendor.

Such as:

  • How much ratio air transport can carry.
  • Air transport regulation and security level.
  • Air transport container service.

Hiring Freight And Packaging Of Your Goods

Now time to hire a trustworthy freight forwarder.

But you will need some additional steps to do here.

Such as:

  • Speak to your forwarder whether the goods will be fit in aircraft or not.
  • Choose the right route to ship your goods as soon as possible if you are in a hurry.
  • Require strong packaging for your goods’ protection.

An efficient freight forwarder will pack your goods and provide you the essential information for shipping as per your requirements.

Shipping Your Goods To Senegal Airport

After packaging the goods, the shipping agency will arrange the shipment.

They will ask for necessary documents and transport the goods to Senegal airport.

After you’ve confirmed your aircraft, you’ll get an airway bill that details the operation and transport agreement.

The products will now be transported on specific routes and can generally be monitored online via your shipping company.

Customs Clearance And Ready For Transiting

Whenever the shipment enters the airport of Senegal, it will be delivered to a CTO (cargo terminal operator).

Under customs regulations, CTOs are responsible for ensuring the safety of the transit point and goods submitted to customs authorities.

The goods will be separated after arrival and ready for pickup by the CTO.

Handover The Goods To Importer

An Agent shipping company or the importer himself will receive the goods and transport them to their ultimate destination when the products will be approved by customs.

HART takes care of this full process of air shipping from China to Senegal so don’t worry if HART takes responsibility for the shipping of your goods.

6. Is Air Freight Senegal Shipping From China To Senegal Available Door To Door?

Yes, air shipment from China to Senegal is accessible door to door.

During this stage, the client identifies the goods/products supplied by a Chinese supplier.

He asks to meet with the supplier to make a purchase.

The importer or supplier then appoints a transportation company to take care of the shipment collection from the supplier’s location.

The freight forwarders handle customs formalities and shipping to its final destination in Senegal by air freight.

The freight forwarder first picks up the goods from China’s location, shifts them to their warehouse and they will complete the packaging.

After packaging, they will load them in the aircraft for shipping.

After arrival when the customs formalities will be over, they will place the products   onto a lorry and bring it to the location you will require in Senegal.

But the location needs to be in the shipping company’s service areas and the taxes need to be paid.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Air Shipping Senegal?

When it comes to transportation of goods, you must consider how it will affect shipping times, safety, and expense.

Clients want their items to come quickly, undamaged, and at a suitable rate in today’s commercial world.

So if your requirement is all of these, you will have to choose the air transport method.

Here are the benefits of air shipping Senegal:

  • Higher Speed Than Other Transportation Methods.

Because in comparison to ocean transportation or road transportation, this is unquestionably speedier.

  • The entry and exit schedules of aircraft mostly remain exact.
  • Almost every day, freight shipment leaves the airport for shipping from the airport.
Airport For air shipping Senegal
Airport For air shipping Senegal
  • Suitable To Ship Perishable And Light Weight Goods.
  • Almost every region has access to air freight from China to Senegal.
  • Air transportation security is at a high level with low risk of stealing goods.
  • No need for high investment during shipping.
  • Less use of warehousing, because there is no need for heavy packaging during air shipping.
  • Easy customs formalities because air shipping regulations are too strict to ship illegal items.
  • Straight route of transportation because there is no physical barrier like ocean or mountain.

8. Which Incoterms Are Most Commonly Used In International Air Shipping From China To Senegal?

The International Chamber of Commerce‘s (ICC) currently includes 11 Incoterms.

Four of them are specifically authorized for waterways but the remaining seven are applicable to any form of transportation, including air transport.

The seven Incoterms are:

EXW-Ex Works 

Ex Works implies that the supplier is under the least number of liability of any of the criteria mentioned.

The seller’s responsibility is to place the items to the buyer and the buyer is responsible for all export and import charges.

CIP- Carriage and Insurance Paid

The Incoterm CIP stands for Carriage and Insurance Paid and indicates that the vendor is responsible for organizing shipment to the transporter.

It indicates the payment of the transport charge to the given address.

FCA- Free Carrier

The Incoterm FCA stands for which signifies the supplier must transport the items to the provider at the purchaser’s specific address.

The vendor is in charge of clearing the items for exporting and paying for transportation to a fixed destination.

FCA Incoterm For Air Shipping Senegal
FCA Incoterm For Air Shipping Senegal

CPT- Carriage Paid To

CPT means the vendor is not required to obtain insurance.

The supplier is responsible for delivering the products to the transporter and for the transportation cost to a specified location.

After the products have been transported, the buyer gets control.

This term can refer to any kind of transportation, including multiple modes.

DAP- Delivered at Place

The Incoterm DAP means that the seller must pay for carriage to any named place.

The vendor is also responsible for any possibility of damage or loss to the items until they are available for the buyer to discharge.

DDP- Delivered Duty Paid

The Incoterm DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) indicates the vendor’s highest liability under all of the terms mentioned.

The vendor must obtain authorization of importing  items.

They will also be responsible for any fees and hazards related to customs procedures.

Paperwork, as well as the payment of duties, tariffs, and customs charges, are included.

DPU- Delivered at Place Unloaded

The Incoterm DPU signifies that the supplier is responsible for all shipping costs to the airport, and also any hazards until the products are discharged.

Any expenditures associated with customs clearance, even if they arise in transportation to the airport, are not the vendor’s responsibility.

The former DAT was superseded by DPU, which gave the supplier extra obligation for discharging the items at the airport.

Here is as video about basic Incoterms you can know:

9. What Factors Affect Air Cargo Senegal Shipping Prices From China?

If you need to transport items to any location of Senegal from China in a short time, air transportation solutions are the perfect alternative for you.

But there are some factors that affects air cargo Senegal shipping costs from China.

They are:

Fuel Price

If fuel price increases the air freight cost will increase as well as if fuel costs decreases the air freight cost will also decrease.

Economic States

The cost of air cargo transportation is affected by economic factors.

Air freight Senegal prices decrease during times of economic crisis, lowering rates as airlines strive to cover spare load capacity.

In times of economic success, on the other hand, supply increases, resulting in greater operational cost.

Weight and Dimension of The Goods

When determining a cost, volume are primary factors.

A light-weight but large-volume package eats up room that may be used for other shipments.

Weight And Dimension Is Essential For Air Shipping Senegal
Weight And Dimension Is Essential For Air Shipping Senegal

Distance of Two Place

The variable cost of air transport service is affected by the destination.

As a result, the greater the difference, the higher the transportation expense.

The price, however, differs from location to location.

Charges are also determined by the kind of service available, such as straightforward vs linking transportation.

Even cargo movements involving multiple transporters add to the overall expense.

Manpower Utilization

One aspect that influences transportation costs is the amount of people utilized in air transport.

The amount of employees that work to transport the goods, as well as all those that keep track of customs and other rules, should be well rewarded.

When the cargo is large, more workers are needed to transport it securely.

This raises the charges.

10. Who Does Pay The Customs Fees During Air Freight Senegal Shipping?

Customs duties, charges, and taxes must be paid by either the producer or consumer of a cargo.

In most cases, the exporter and receiver’s conditions of purchase indicate who is liable for payment.

In most cases, the buyer will be obligated to pay.

This is referred to as “Delivery Duty Unpaid” (DDU).

Whenever a package is transported DDU, the customer is responsible for all relevant customs duties, charges, or taxes when the product reaches the border.

The supplier, on the other hand, charges if the package is marked as Delivery Duty Paid (DDP).

Usually, merchants will deliver DDP and charge the customer up front for service.

11. Who Is In Charge Of Customs Clearance In The Case Of Air Freight Senegal?

Customs clearance is the duty of either the sender or the recipient.

Both sides must be able to present the required papers for shipping goods smoothly.

Besides customs brokers are also responsible to complete the customs facilities.

Customs Broker For Air Freight Senegal
Customs Broker For Air Freight Senegal

A customs broker is an operator for importers who helps them with their customs handling activities.

Tariff laws permit the use of such agents.

A customs broker is authorized by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to coordinate customs entry and duty payment.

12. What Is The Maximum Weight For Air Freight From China To Senegal?

The peak weight of each item that could be shipped by air freight Senegal is 60-75 kg.

However, most carriers would allow you to carry up to 950-1050 kilograms of air shipping from China to senegal.

There is a weight limit when transporting a single parcel from China by air freight Senegal.

This airplane includes large containers for goods in addition to container-based cargoes.

For these chambers, the permissible single product capacity is 350-365 lbs (158-170 kgs).

13. Is Air Cargo Senegal From China Covered By Insurance?

Yes, Insurance can cover air cargo Senegal from China.

Air cargo insurance is a form of coverage that secures the buyer or supplier of items getting transported by air.

It compensates the insurer for things that are injured, stolen, or missing, as well as, in some situations, compensation for shipping delays.

Cargo Insurance Protects Loss and Damaging Goods
Cargo Insurance Protects Loss and Damaging Goods

Transportation risk protection is provided by most air freight operators as a basic essential for all goods.

However, this service is usually limited.

It frequently contains a long list of restrictions, such as storms, disasters, and environmental disasters, and it rarely provides for greater or perishable goods.

14. Are There Any Import Restrictions In Air Freight Senegal?

Yes, there are restrictions in air freight from China to Senegal on the items which you intend to transport.

You can’t transport all types of items by air freight Sengal.

Shipping companies should  inform importers that airline companies have higher load limits.

Legal provisions and flight restrictions may cause these to differ.

However, the following are among the most prevalent products:

  • Fireworks and high explosive devices
  • Dry ice, gas lighters, and cylinders
  • Paint, whiskey, spray paint, insect sprays, and other flammable liquids
  • Pollutants are harmful compounds.
  • Battery by which chemical can be released
  • Healthcare garbage includes infectious items, etc.

15. Is It Possible To Track My Package When It Is Being Shipped By Air Shipping From China To Senegal?

Yes it’s possible.

Tracing your goods while shipping  by air freight Senegal is crucial for a number of reasons.

To begin, it allows you to track its location at any point along its route.

It allows you to have a heads up in case of interruptions and finding out if there are any additional incidents relatively soon.

Maintaining track of the progress will allow you to better plan your supplier company’s future steps and shipment timeframes.

To monitor your air cargo, go to the airport’s track cargo area and enter your Airway Bill (AWB) number.

Airway Bill Helps To Truck Air Freight Senegal
Airway Bill Helps To Truck Air Freight Senegal

It will help you to acquire information about the cargo’s flying path, a monitoring statement, a status update, and an expected arrival time.

HART helps the clients to monitor the shipments and acquire the airway bills.

Final Words

Air freight Senegal is a more demandable transportation method than others.

So, there is some competition between time of delivery and cost of air cargo Senegal.

But it can enhance the profitability of business by quicker shipping.

Therefore, if you make a decision about air freight Senegal from China, this FAQ can assist you by providing ideas.

You can ask a quotation from HART also to get supports regarding this air shipping Senegal shipping service from China.

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