Count on HART for the best shipping assistance, consultation, and customs agent France services in the industry. With us, you may ship from China to the rest of the globe or the other way around. In addition, we provide pick-up and delivery services in China and France, among other places. In order to meet your requirements, we have our own inland transportation.

We will take care of your logistics according to your specifications. We have everything covered for you, whether you are looking for a low price or the quickest delivery possible. In addition, we can provide you with a customs broker France to assist you with your customs clearing France requirements. With HART, you may transport to or from China to France in a timely manner.

We may also supply you with pickup and delivery services through the use of our inland transportation. We can supply you with air freight, sea freight, rail freight, and other shipping services, as well as other shipping facilities.

With HART, shipping will be a breeze, and we can take care of all of the logistics on your behalf, saving you time and money. Even if you can opt to handle your own customs clearance in France, we recommend that you leave the shipment to us.

We have a group of highly skilled personnel that can assist you and guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate logistics for your shipment. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for frequent market swings, allowing us to provide you with the most up-to-date information on current market conditions.

It is because of our highly skilled customs affairs staff that we are able to complete customs clearing France without incident. Because of our devotion to the customs requirements, you may be confident in the safety of your goods while it is in our possession.

HART has formal agreements in place with the world’s leading shipping and aviation businesses. As a result, we can offer you the most competitive shipping rates possible without compromising the quality of our services.

One of the most significant advantages of our firm is the emphasis we place on systematization and standardization. The modern logistics system allows us to conduct paperless operations, and we can track, monitor, and control our shipping process from anywhere in the world via the internet. We are never reliant on anybody else, which enables us to provide you with the most seamless services possible.

Please tell us about your requirements so that we can provide you with the most appropriate shipping solutions.

Our Other Services Besides Customs Clearance France


Air Freight

Our air freight services from China to France are dependable, swift, reasonably priced, and safe for your belongings. We can handle your customs clearance as well as provide door-to-door delivery service for you.


Sea Freight

Sea freight services are provided by HART to its clients, and we can also supply you with customs clearing France services at a competitive price, as well as transport the items to their final destination.


Rail Freight

We can send your products by freight train to any location where there is a train route available to you. We can also assist with customs clearance and final delivery to the designated place if necessary.


Door to Door Shipping

Your products from China to France may be picked up at the Chinese address and dropped off at the Spanish location without the need for any third-party intervention in air, sea, or rail freight transportation.


Express Services

The company HART may also provide low-cost express delivery services upon request. We have reached an agreement with the world’s leading express firms, including FedEx, TNT, DHL, China Post, and many more.



In addition, we have facilities in both China and France that are accessible for long or short-term storage. Just give us a call today to reserve your secure storage space for your valuable things.


Pickup & Delivery

We have the necessary equipment and a large number of employees to pick you up and deliver you from your Chinese location to your ultimate destination in France. We are best at pickup and delivery.



We assist e-commerce customers with FBA shipping from China to Amazon fulfillment centers. Other e-commerce platform services, such as shipping to Jumia, are also offered to customers.

Why Choose HART For Your Customs Clearance France?


As a result of our dedication to professionalism and extensive knowledge of French logistics our customs clearance agents France are able to provide you with problem-free shipping support wherever in the globe.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Because of our excellent working ties with top-tier shipping and airline firms, we are able to provide you with the most competitive shipping prices available. To obtain a quote, please contact us.


One of our most valuable assets is our ability to maintain consistency in cargo handling, shipping solutions, and client responsiveness. We will assist you in obtaining the most appropriate logistical assistance while keeping your requirements in mind.


Thanks to our in-house support system, which was developed by our software development team, we are able to conduct completely paperless operations without relying on any one individual or organization.

Full Self-control

All of our shipping methods are completely self-contained and managed by the software system. No point is missed in the tracking, operation, and monitoring process, which includes customs clearance in France.

Custom Clearance Service

Customs clearance teams in several locations, working in conjunction with the customs agent France, can complete your customs clearance in nearly every country in the globe. Our team is very expert.

Wide Coverage

We have branches and warehouses in more than 20 locations around China. The United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other African nations are all served by our warehouses.

Highly Trained Team

We provide the highest importance possible to the continuous training of all of our employees. Our workers are all highly-trained and on the lookout for your queries as well as opportunities to assist you with logistics.


Our professionalism in the workplace, as well as the necessary knowledge and expertise regarding our job, enable us to respond to all of your questions with the highest care and precision, and to offer you with precise information.


Qualifications And Honor For Customs Clearance France


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

For more information, please see Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China>. the People’s Republic of China Administrative Rules for International Cargo Transport Agency, as well as a number of other regulations This has been adopted and approved by the Ministry of Commerce for the international freight forwarding sector, which requires that all international freight forwarders in China obtain the necessary credentials.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The Ministry of Transportation of China has requested that the company register with the NVOCC. It can only be obtained through a specific request, and most international freight forwarders in China do not have access to it. It has far more stringent criteria than a typical freight forwarder. NVOCCs provide greater chances in terms of booking and shipping, and they can also issue their own bills of lading, which can aid in better management of the merchandise.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

In order to provide clients with an outstanding performance experience, an international quality management system is in place. They make certain that the consumer receives faultless service and that there are no misunderstandings. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with high-quality service at a reasonable cost. This accreditation serves as confirmation of our continuous contact and guarantees that our customers receive dependable customer service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCTA) is the world’s biggest and most powerful network of independently owned and operated freight forwarders (WCA). HART Worldwide is a member of this organization. As a result, we are instantly covered by the most generous and comprehensive financial protection program available in the industry, allowing us to conduct business with other WCA members with total confidence and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association, or CIFA, is a national social organization that represents the interests of those involved in the international freight forwarding sector in China. It is supervised by the Ministry of Commerce of China. In order to promote industry self-discipline and coordinated management, as well as to create a fair competition market environment, the CIFA was established.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Its full name is SIFFA, which stands for Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association. It is a social organization with legal representatives that have been authorized by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. In order to advise, protect, and coordinate the members of SIFFA, the organization’s primary goal is to exchange information, coordinate relations, strengthen collaboration, and develop the freight forwarding industry.

Customs Clearance France | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


In the process of importing products from China, customs clearance in France is an important step to do.

Despite the fact that it appears to be tough, customs clearance France may be completed quickly and easily provided the appropriate information is obtained.

The services of a customs broker France can assist you throughout the entire procedure.

In this FAQ outline, we will attempt to address all of your questions about customs clearance France, as well as many other topics.

Table Of Content

  1. What Does Customs Clearance France Mean?
  2. What Are The Policies For Clearing And Forwarding In France?
  3. Who Is Customs Agent France, Exactly?
  4. What Does Customs Broker France Have To Handle?
  5. How Much Do France’s Customs Clearance Expenses?
  6. Is It Possible To Check Customs Clearance In France Online?
  7. Does France Allow Vulnerable Commodities To Clear Customs?
  8. Do You Know What Certificates Are Necessary For Customs Clearance?
  9. Are There Any Restrictions Or Prohibitions In Customs Clearance France?
  10. What Is The Best Way To Locate A Customs Clearance Agent France?
  11. Is Customs Clearance France A Service Offered By Freight Forwarders?
  12. Is Clearing Customs Available In France Via Express Shippers?
  13. Is French Customs Clearance Required For Sea Shipping?
  14. What Is The Time Frame For Customs Clearance In France?
  15. Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay For France’s Customs Clearance Process?
  16. What Incoterms Are Suitable For Importers In France In Order To Clear Customs?
  17. In Order To Clear French Customs, Do I Have To Pay Additional Fees For Prohibited Goods?

1. What Does Customs Clearance France Mean?

It is referred to as customs clearance France when your shipment enters the country.

Authenticity testing is carried out during a scanning pass.

Customs officials in France will provide a document stating that the consignment has gone through security and that the payment for customs clearance France has been completed.

Customs Clearance France
Customs Clearance France

Customs clearance agents France generates revenue for the government, as well as expenses for residents, the economy, and the environment to be protected.

France’s customs clearance process is straightforward if you follow the rules.

Export and import data must be provided, as well as information on the persons engaged in the transaction.

It is also necessary to include a detailed description of all the products being imported and the contact information for the freight forwarding firm.

Customs clearance in France can be simplified to a large extent if you work with a reputable freight forwarder.

They may also aid you with the assembly of your items, the arranging of your documents, the payment of import duties, and the final delivery at your destination.

HART Worldwide Logistics is a reputable shipping company with years of expertise.

They are well-versed in the ins and outs of customs clearance in France.

International customs clearance laws are always changing, and our team of professionals makes sure we are up to speed on the latest developments.

Our customs clearing service in France ensures that you don’t have to deal with any onerous shipping tasks.

2. What Are The Policies For Clearing And Forwarding In France?

There are only a few easy processes involved in clearing and forwarding in France.

Customs clearance agents France may handle all of these aspects of customs clearance in France.

For your use, we’ve outlined the stages and specifics involved in clearing and forwarding in France for your benefit.

The Process Of Completing Customs Clearance

  • At the French border, your products will be thoroughly scanned and your shipping paperwork examined before they may leave.
  • Customs clearance agents France will take ownership of your products.
    After the customs clearance France authority determines that your documentation is in order.

Customs clearance agents France may be able to assist your freight forwarder firm in this process.

  • After receiving the items from the authorities, the customs agent in France will organize the import document.

Customs clearance France is the job of customs clearance agents France when all the necessary paperwork has been completed.

Once the goods have been cleared by customs in France following an inspection, the forwarding process may begin.

The Process Of Completing Forwarding

After the customs clearance process in France is completed, your goods are ready to be sent on their way.

Before beginning the forwarding process, the customs clearance agents France waits for the items to clear customs in France.

  • The things are picked up on the spot and arranged for your ultimate delivery when all processes have been completed.
  • In the event that any combined orders are received, the customs agent in France will arrange for inland transportation of such items.
  • Everything from labeling and arranging the items to getting the relevant documentation in order is now being done.
  • After the final delivery is made, the freight forwarder firm will obtain a POD or proof of delivery.

3. Who Is Customs Agent France, Exactly?

To ensure that your shipment is cleared through the customs process in France, you will need customs clearance agents France.

Without the proper certification and expertise, customs clearance agents France or customs broker France is unable to carry out their duties.

In order to make customs clearance France as easy as possible for you and the government, these firms have been set up legally.

Customs Clearance Agents France Or Customs Broker France
Customs Clearance Agents France Or Customs Broker France

Your cargo, shipping documentation, and any unlawful goods in your consignment are all thoroughly scrutinized.

While moving products into or out of France, you can locate customs clearance agents France or customs broker France.

The duties of customs clearance agents France or customs broker France might vary, however, based on French legislation and limits on certain items.

The services that you could want from customs clearance agents France or customs broker France must be assigned to them, and they must be compensated properly.

It is their job to ensure the safety of your goods and to defend the borders from hazardous items.

Import tariffs and taxes must be collected by customs clearance agents France or customs broker France, who may also ensure that all shipping responsibilities have been met.

4. What Does Customs Broker France Have To Handle?

In France, customs clearance agents France or customs broker France is a government officer who assists importers with the process of clearing customs in France.

In order to preserve hassle-free cargo processing, these professionals can assure a seamless handling of your package and take care of the transaction.

It is legal for customs clearance agents France or customs broker France, whether they work alone or as part of a team, to do business.

In order to avoid any possible fines, you might engage a customs broker in France to handle your cargo.

If you find it difficult to keep up with constantly changing customs laws, you may benefit from employing a customs broker in France.

Having customs clearance agents France or customs broker France is like having an intermediary between you and the customs authorities.

Customs clearance agents France or customs broker France communicate for you and perform the work for you.

Customs clearance agents France or customs broker France also deal with the following projects:

  • Handle and process your goods with care.
  • They’ll go through your papers and see if they fit the standard.
  • Import tariffs and taxes should be factored into your total cost.
  • Helps you save money on shipping and correct any problems on your paperwork.
  • Speak on your behalf to the French customs officers.
  • Keep an eye on your shipment all the way to its final destination.

See this YouTube video to have a better understanding of customs brokers in France –

5. How Much Do France’s Customs Clearance Expenses?

It is necessary to have a customs officer perform clearance in France in order to obtain the necessary paperwork to proceed with your cargo.

Paying the shipping fees is a vital step in the process of receiving your order.

Prior to approving your shipment for entry, a customs officer must collect the appropriate taxes and charges.

Despite the fact that customs clearance France levies a variety of fees, there is no set sum that must be paid.

When determining customs fees in France, the cost of your shipment is the most crucial factor.

There are, however, no fees if the entire cost of your shipment falls below the taxable level.

However, there is a difference between the import thresholds for individuals and organizations.

You must pay for customs clearance in France if the value of the things you’re importing is more than 151 Euros.

In order to avoid paying customs clearance fees in France, imports of organizations must meet a threshold of 21 Euros in value.

Following the addition of freight and insurance costs, your total will be assessed.

You may expect to pay between 21% and 31% of your total cargo cost in import duties and taxes in France.

This percentage can be lowered from 11% to 5% depending on the type of product.

6. Is It Possible To Check Customs Clearance In France Online?

Checking the status of customs clearance in France is possible via the Internet.

You can monitor how quickly and where your cargo is being processed, as well as whether or not your import duties and taxes have been paid.

The tracking number supplied by your freight forwarder provider at the conclusion of your purchase confirmation may be used to verify customs clearance in France.

Online Tracking Of Customs Clearance France
Online Tracking Of Customs Clearance France

Online tracking and monitoring of your products is usually available through the freight forwarder’s own software.

Real-time tracking of your cargo’s position allows you to see exactly where it is at any given time.

Using our in-house software system, HART Worldwide Logistics provides checking and monitoring services.

By entering the tracking number on our website, you may monitor your shipment at any moment.

7. Does France Allow Vulnerable Commodities To Clear Customs?

Yes, customs clearance in France is able to handle delicate products.

There are no limits on exporting delicate products as long as you are not transporting anything unlawful.

When sending fragile products through French customs, there are a few dangers to consider.

Before beginning the process of customs clearance in France, it’s a good idea to consult with your freight forwarder and customs agent.

When shipping fragile products, it’s best to pack them in custom-fitting containers with extra padding to protect them from damage.

Shipping wear and strain may lead to product damage, and fragile items are particularly vulnerable because of their nature.

Precautionary labels like “Fragile Products,” “Handle With Care,” and the like can help avoid damage to your goods during customs processing in France.

Please see this YouTube video for further information-

8. Do You Know What Certificates Are Necessary For Customs Clearance?

Customs clearance in France is no different to the rule, and documentation is important.

Shipment documentation provide a wide range of information regarding the commodities that are being brought into the nation.

Cargo details, buyer and exporter information, freight details as well as the cost of the items are all included here.

During customs clearance in France, these credentials are typically processed by a customs agent.

This shipping documentation may be arranged by your freight forwarder firm for a hassle-free shipping service.

Paperwork For Customs Clearance France
Paperwork For Customs Clearance France

Your goods will be properly documented thanks to HART Worldwide Logistics.

All your paperwork will be completed on schedule, and you won’t have to put in any extra effort.

In order to clear customs in France, you’ll need these papers –

  • Air or Sea Waybill
  • Origin Certificate
  • Invoice (Commercial or Business)
  • B/L – Bill Of Lading
  • List of Products

Taking a look at these documents, let’s examine what they mean:

Air or Sea Waybill

For air freight from China to France, an air waybill is a need.

For sea shipping you will need the sea waybill.

In order to demonstrate their ownership of your items, the airline or sealine creates this paperwork.

For customs clearance in France, this serves as a kind of security for your cargo.

Origin Certificate

In order to prove that the items were created, processed, and held by the exporter, a certificate of origin is required.

The exporter prepares this document, although it is not required.

Customs officials in France may request a certificate of origin from some importers or specific commodities.

Invoice (Commercial or Business)

Customs officials in France use the invoice as a shipping pass.

Detailed information on your shipment, including freight data and the associated costs, is included in this section.

As an exporter, you may need to pay attention to this document, as some exporters may attempt to fake your invoice.

B/L – Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading is an inventory of the goods in your shipment.

There is a freight forwarder firm that is accountable for this document and it serves as proof that the products were transported by them.

For a letter of credit, the bank will need this document.

When it comes to customs clearance, it serves as both a proof of purchase and a payment receipt for the buyer.

List of Products

The list of products is a detailed list of every item in your shipment.

Customs clearance in France is handled by the supplier.

For clearing customs in France, the Single Administrative Document (SAD) is required.

This is mandated by the EU governments when trading with non-EU nations.

There are eight replicas of this, each with a specific purpose.

Customs clearance in France for shipments from China is made easier thanks to a single functional document.

9. Are There Any Restrictions Or Prohibitions In Customs Clearance France?

Customs clearance France lists restricted and forbidden items in order to ensure the safety of its population.

Materials that are allowed to enter the nation with extra rules and approval from the greater authority are known as restricted items.

You may import prohibited goods from China to France if you own a licensed firm that deals with them.

Contrary to popular belief, however, anything listed as “prohibited” on the manifest are not allowed to cross the French border.

Importing these items will result in severe fines and maybe jail time for businesses and people who attempt to do so.

The importation of beef into France has been restricted by the French government.

Although, it’s not illegal to do so.

Following are among the items on the “not allowed” list:

  • Expensive or unique stones, etc.
  • Livestock or plant waste
  • Battery packs using lithium ion cells
  • Living thing
  • Materials that have been blemished
  • Incendiaries
  • Weapon systems
  • Bottle rockets
  • Icy Silt
  • Gasoline
  • Petroleum
  • Fuel
  • Liquor
  • Medications
  • Propeller
  • Cigarettes, amongst others

10. What Is The Best Way To Locate A Customs Clearance Agent France?

Customs agents in France can be found individually or through your freight forwarder.

Your customs clearing France processes will be handled by a reputable freight forwarder company’s personnel.

When you need a customs clearing  agent France, HART Worldwide Logistics is the brand you can trust.

For your customs clearance in France, we have contacts and expertise in the area.

Locate Agents For Customs Clearance France
Locate Agents For Customs Clearance France

But you may hunt for a customs agent in France on your own and leave the shipment in our capable hands.

Customs agents in France may now be reached via social media and a variety of websites.

You may get in touch with them immediately and discuss your requirements over the phone or chat.

11. Is Customs Clearance France A Service Offered By Freight Forwarders?

France customs clearing services are available through freight forwarders.

Before finalizing your purchase, you must discuss the services you need with your freight forwarder business.

Shipping costs are computed based on the services you select and any optional services you purchase.

The cost of clearing customs in France is determined by the kind and quantity of cargo you are sending.

The customs agent in France provides customs clearing services for freight forwarding firms.

As a freight forwarder, the customs broker France may also cooperate with you in the clearance of your shipment from customs.

12. Is Clearing Customs Available In France Via Express Shippers?

Customs clearance in France is, in fact, provided by express firms.

Express shipping from China to France is the most expedient and convenient option.

Because your items will be picked up and delivered straight from the provider, you will not be bothered with the logistics of transporting them yourself.

Customs Clearance France Is Available Through Express Shippers
Customs Clearance France Is Available Through Express Shippers

Inland transport firms like DHL, FedEx, UPS and others handle customs clearance and deliver your products to the chosen address after they have been cleared in France.

These firms handle the payment of taxes and duties, the organization of paperwork, and customs clearance in France.

13. Is French Customs Clearance Required For Sea Shipping?

Yes, customs clearance France is required for all shipments from China to France, including those sent through sea.

If you are importing a product from a foreign nation, customs clearance France is a necessary step.

Sea Freight Too Requires Customs Clearance France
Sea Freight Too Requires Customs Clearance France

This is done to verify the quality of commodities, to prevent illicit goods from arriving, and to generate mandatory import fees and taxes for the state.

The shipment will be regarded as unlawful for dealing if it does not have customs clearance France documents.

And conducting commerce with such products is deemed a criminal act in France.

14. What Is The Time Frame For Customs Clearance In France?

In the case of customs clearance, there is no set timetable available in France.

Customs clearance takes longer the more cargo you have.

Customs clearance for restricted, sensitive, and FCL goods takes longer in France.

Compared to larger shipments, LCL shipments are more efficient.

However, customs clearance France might take anything from 24 hours to a week to complete.

15. Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay For France’s Customs Clearance Process?

Customs procedures in France are typically the responsibility of the importer.

If you choose, your freight forwarder can do this for you, but the fee will be charged to the final shipment cost.

This is not the case with all Incoterms, however, as we shall explain in further detail below.

16. What Incoterms Are Suitable For Importers In France In Order To Clear Customs?

Both for buyers and sellers, Incoterms are a cluster of laws and regulations to adhere to.

This set of regulations serves as a legal framework for foreign enterprises.

There seem to be 11 Incoterms regulations for international suppliers and buyers.

For customs clearance France, not all Incoterms are beneficial to the buyer.

DAT is the most advantageous Incoterm for importers in France when it comes to customs clearance as well as DAP and DDP.

Importers and exporters are subject to different regulations under each Incoterm.

Incoterm (DAP)
Incoterm (DAP)


Customers get their items at their own terminals in DAT (Delivered At Terminal).

Customs clearance France requires that you provide your freight firm with the terminal address.

A port, warehouse, business, or even a private residence might be used as this location.


In DAP, the vendor must deliver the goods to the final destination of the buyer.

When two or more vehicles are needed to deliver the products, this Incoterm is used.

Carriers other than the ship’s own are used to transport goods to destinations outside of the port of departure.


The seller bears the bulk of the shipping costs in this Incoterm.

The seller is responsible for all customs charges, including duty and tax.

17. In Order To Clear French Customs, Do I Have To Pay Additional Fees For Prohibited Goods?

Customs clearance France requires a higher fee for the passage of prohibited goods.

Customs authorities levy a higher import fee on restricted goods because they are difficult to deal with.

However, France does not charge a predetermined proportion for customs clearance.

Item type and quantity play a role in the cost.

Final Words

To the best of our ability, we’ve answered most of your inquiries about customs in France.

Please contact HART Worldwide Logistics with any questions or concerns.

We are a customs agency in France, and we can also help you with clearing and forwarding from China to France.

So what’s the holdup?

Get a free shipping price by calling us now.

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