Hart is a reputed Chinese shipping company with a long track record of transferring goods to Germany. We also provide customs clearance Germany services to ensure that your shipment arrives on schedule.

We may grab your items if you inform us where they will be, for example, at your provider’s location. Then complete the customs procedure in China. Hart Logistics has been transporting to Germany for many years, especially for its skilled workers in Germany and China.

We organize shipping services depending on your requirements, either the quickest or the most convenient.

Our skilled German customs broker will figure out the customs processes and transfer your product to your given location.

We will transport your products from China to Germany as fast as possible, due to our strong relationships and skilled logistics team.

Evergreen, Maersk, OOCL, MSC, COSCO, APL, CMA-CGM, PIL, Yang Ming, and other freight companies have collaborated with HART to provide space utilization and low freight costs.

Any products you want to import from China to Germany through airline, sea, train, express, or door-to-door delivery must be permissible as per German clearing and forwarding regulations.

No matter how complicated your situation is, you can receive the best solution by using customs agent Germany options. Please visit our website and knock on our doors.

Our Other Services Besides Customs Clearance Germany


Air Freight

Air transport from China to Germany can be arranged through Hart Logistics. You can use our air shipping service to transport your items and be worriless about shipping.


Sea Freight

We transport goods using Sea line’s FCL and LCL container shipping services. As a result, we provide the greatest service at the most inexpensive sea transport costs.


Rail Freight

If you don’t need any other method of transport, we might be able to ship your cargo by train. We guarantee safe train shipping from China to any destination in the world.


Door to Door Shipping

We reliably offer door-to-door service. Our team collects items from the origin in China and transports them to their final destination in Germany.


Express Services

HART offers express shipping through DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, and other companies, in two days. Besides clearing customs, the transporters negotiated cheaper rates with us.



We collect and then keep your products safely in a warehouse before shipping and throughout packaging in China or Germany as per your requirement.


Pickup & Delivery

When you choose the door to door service, you will get our  pick up and delivery also. Because to provide door to door service, we pick up goods and deliver them to you.



We provide the facility to e-commerce customers also. We  Ship to Amazon from China. Other e-commerce sites like Jumia are also available.

Why Choose Hart for Your Customs Clearance Germany?


HART keeps focus on market segments and gains a solid understanding for providing the best service possible. Focusing helps to reduce delivery costs without compromising service.

Cheap Shipping Rate

With large shipping corporations, HART has struck an agreement with long-term partnerships. We ensure lower operational expenses and are looking to increase our service quality.


We offer standard service, defined shipping policy and shipping method with Standardized logistics solutions. We guarantee that we can quickly respond to your queries.


We developed a specialized in-house software environment to ensure an online paperless system. If needed, we keep monitoring and tracking. Our all systems are automated.

Full Self-control

Every node in the supply chain and  customs clearance system in Germany is self-controlled. Everything is under your control with our in-house software system service.

Custom Clearance Service

We operate as customs brokers In many countries because HART has its own customs clearing section at numerous ports.  To ensure customs processes, they work with local but competent customs agents.

Wide Coverage

HART has wide coverage capability of shipping goods from China to anywhere including customs clearing service. We have offices and warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities and in many countries internationally.

Highly Trained Team

In order to enhance efficiency, training is extremely important for shipping companies. As a result, we place a great priority on our employees’ training. We train them to be professional in terms of responding quickly and giving the best service to you.


We offer training to ensure professionalism in the shipping process. We always ask our workers to broaden their professional knowledge and skills at work. So, we have skilled staff who are able to always provide you with comprehensive information.


Qualifications and Honor for Air Shipping Germany


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations on the Administration of the International Cargo Transport Agency are being implemented by the Ministry of Commerce. Because in order to execute worldwide shipping operations, such as shipping from China to Germany, all international shipping companies in China must receive a certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The Chinese Ministry of Transportation requires overseas shipping agencies to register, despite the fact that the bulk of them are not members of the NVOCC. Its requirements are significantly more strict than a normal Chinese freight forwarder’s. NVOCC offers booking and shipping services, and also the potential to create its own bills of lading. It makes it easier to keep track of your inventory.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

It is critical to have an ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate in order to deliver a positive client experience and minimize any faults or misunderstandings with customers. The implementation of a global quality management system. And we strive to provide the same high-quality service to all of our clients. This established system governs our communications and working processes.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent shipping companies. As a WCA member, HART is covered by the industry’s most comprehensive financial protection program. It allows HART to conduct business with other members with complete confidence and security.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) is a national social organization in China’s international shipping agency business, administered by the Ministry of Commerce. CIFA’s mission is to improve industry self-discipline and coordination while also promoting a competitive market.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA is a social organization with corporate authority that has been authorized by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. SIFFA’s objective is to help members navigate, defend, and organize themselves, as well as share information, collaborate, and promote the freight industry.

Customs Clearance Germany | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Shipping from China to Germany has become simple.

But for shipping from China to Germany, the customs clearance Germany part is more essential.

To obey the law, you must have a complete understanding of German customs clearance because it will assist you  in making the global trade network.

This FAQ is written about the German customs clearance process.

We hope it will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to require regarding customs clearance Germany.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Customs Clearance Germany?
  2. When Do I Need To Go Through The Customs Clearance Germany Process In Germany?
  3. How Does A German Customs Broker Help In Customs Clearance Germany?
  4. How To Make The Customs Clearance Germany Process Much Easier?
  5. What Documents Do I Need To Show The Customs Agent Germany?
  6. Who Is In Charge Of The Customs Clearance Germany Process?
  7. Is Customs Clearance Germany Compulsory For Every Shipment?
  8. How Much Is Customs Duty For Customs Clearance Germany?
  9. How Are The Fees Of Customs Clearance Germany Calculated?
  10. How Long Does It Take To Complete The Customs Clearance Germany?
  11. What Are The Most Common Problems With Customs Clearance Germany?
  12. What Are The Reasons For Holding My Shipment During Customs Clearance Germany?
  13. How To Get Back My Seized Goods From German Customs Authority?
  14. What Are Incoterms And Why Is It Important For Customs Clearance Germany?
  15. How To Choose A German Customs Broker In Germany?
  16. What Are The Items Prohibited In The Customs Clearance Process In Germany?
  17. Who Pays The Customs Clearance Charge When Shipping From China To Germany?
  18. Can I Complete My Own Customs Clearance Germany Procedure?

1. What Is Customs Clearance Germany?

Customs Clearance Germany is a set of processes and regulations governing the transportation of goods into and out of the country.

The transporter will provide customs duty papers, which will need to be paid.

The package requires clearance from customs authorities if all of the shipping steps are complete to follow.

Customs Clearance Germany
Customs Clearance Germany

HART is a well-known transport company that also serves as a customs broker.

After obtaining the relevant documentation from HART and paying customs duties, the customs authorities clears the shipment from the port.

2. When Do I Need To Go Through The Customs Clearance Germany Process In Germany?

Before transporting to the designated destination, cargo transiting through China’s international borders must pass Germany’s Customs formalities.

Unless the sender designates a broker, the shipping provider delivers cargo to Customs and other government agencies.

If you have all of the essential paperwork and use a broker to help you manage and evaluate the relevant costs and charges, the process will go more quickly.

Every year, Germany publishes its Foreign Trade Policy, which outlines the conditions under which goods and services can be supplied or received.

HART Logistics is a leading clearing and shipping agency in China for goods shipping at German ports.

3. How Does a German Customs Broker Help In Customs Clearance Germany?

Importers need the customs brokers for experience and abilities in developing proper policy and controls of customs clearance.

Here are the contribution of German customs broker:

  • German customs broker does valuation by customs
  • German customs broker Categorizes the customs tariffs
  • German customs broker helps in Clearing goods by customs
  • Submitting essential papers to the customs
  • Computerized customs clearance via government-led initiatives
  • Consultancy and assistance services for foreign trade.
  • Services for logistics operations and consolidating goods
  • Monitoring the purchase requisitions of supplied goods.
  • Managing warehousing nationally and internationally scale
  • Import services provided by non-residents
  • Applications for rulings on valuation, origin of goods, or the Harmonized System (HS) Code with the authorities of the importing country.
Customs Broker Helps In Achieving Customs Clearance
Customs Broker Helps In Achieving Customs Clearance

HART also works as a German customs broker to assist you in getting customs clearance Germany.

4. How To Make The Customs Clearance Germany Process Much Easier?

While clearing a product via customs may appear simple, but sometimes it can be stressful, especially when it comes to establishing international relations.

However, the following will explain how you can make the whole process go more smoothly and efficiently:

Engage The Services Of An Experienced Transport Company

When it comes to importing items for your business, a transporter or logistics company is crucial.

A qualified shipping company knows what there is to know about shipping and customs clearance protocols because of their years of knowledge.

They are beneficial and save everyone a lot of time and stress.

Complete Paperwork

Incomplete documentation or data can lead to a significant loss of revenue.

The customs department will not approve your goods if there really is a problem in your documentation or if your documents are incorrect.

Therefore, double-check that your documents are in perfect condition.

Acknowledge The International Trading Rules And Regulations

The import market is flexible and its laws are continuously changing.

So, it can be difficult to get hold of everything, and the technique you used previously may still not apply the next time you utilize it.

As a result, you should keep up with the latest changes in the international market to avoid getting caught off unprepared.

Tag Your Papers In A Suitable Place

If the documentation is easily accessible, customs officials will not have to check through the goods to find your documentation

For that they’ll be able to manage your goods clearance quickly.

Properly Wrap Your Item

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to correctly wrap your goods.

Simply said, a well-packed consignment means a quicker customs clearance.

It will also be easier to process the cargo when it arrives at the destination port when everything is in its right place and not flipped upside down.

5. What Documents Do I Need To Show The Customs Agent Germany?

Customs clearance can be defined as a statement issued by the customs department to a transporter after Customs agent Germany inspect the documents.

The importer has completed all taxes and their products have been placed at the disposal, according to this paperwork.

But to obtain this customs clearance certificate, you should have the customs declaration paper available.

Customs agent Germany will examine goods in your shipment, as well as the following necessary documentation:

Pro Forma 

Once the purchasers confirmed their purchase, the supplier sent them a pro forma invoice.

Because the pro forma invoice represents a contract between two parties participating in the process, it should be regarded as such.

Import License

You’ll need an import license to transport items effortlessly through borders.

The import license, as the title indicates, allows you to import items.

You’ll need an import license to transport prohibited products, and you’ll need to appeal to the licensing body.

Packaging List For Customs

Customs packing list that includes a list of all the products in your cargo.

This list will accompany your package as it departs the terminal, allowing freight forwarders to maintain control of each and every product in your consignment.

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is like the pro forma invoice.

It links you and your suppliers while also presenting evidence of the transaction.

It includes the following details:

  • Your full name and mailing address
  • Goods size and weight
  • Name and address of the person who will receive the shipment
  • Payment terms for the goods
  • The invoice’s number and date
  • Customer identification number
  • Conditions of sale for the items
  • Number of items sold
  • Payment for the items is made in the currency of that country.
  • The cost per unit of products
  • Goods’ description
  • Measurement unit
  • The total cost of the items
  • The invoice’s overall commercial value
  • Method of transportation
  • Marks on packages
  • Tax id number and other details for you and the suppliers
  • Information on cargo insurance

Shipping Bill

Customs agent Germany use the shipping bill to determine the worth of the items you seek to import.

The bill is usually submitted after the cargo transporting your products has been authorized to leave the country.

Bill of Entry

Before the consignment reaches the terminal, the customs broker must file a bill of entry.

The bill of entry is necessary for customs for starting evaluating your cargo and is used in the clearing process.

Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

It’s a statement that specifies the items included in the delivery by using air shipping or other transportation you want to import.

The bill of lading is provided to you by the shipper of your goods.

Here is a video link about the documents for customs clearance Germany:

6. Who Is In Charge Of The Customs Clearance Germany Process?

Customs clearance is the duty of both the importer and exporter.

Both sides must be able to generate the required legal paperwork in order to ship the goods smoothly.

The clearance and forwarded processes in Germany are normally accomplished by the shipping company you choose for importing goods.

The customs clearance Germany procedure is also performed by transporters such as DHL, FedEx, and UTC as per client’s requirements , in addition to shipping agencies or customs brokers.

7. Is Customs Clearance Germany Compulsory For Every Shipment?

Yes, customs clearance  in Germany is required for international commercial goods exporting and importing.

The method is necessary to ensure that no illegal or banned goods enter Germany.

For imported items, the government of Germany receives taxes and customs authorities on chargeable goods.

8. How Much Is Customs Duty For Customs Clearance Germany?

Because Germany is a member of the European Union’s Common Customs Tariff, imports from China are subject to advantageous rates.

The general tariff ranges from 0% to 19%.

Customs Duty Is Mandatory To Get Approval From Customs Agents German
Customs Duty Is Mandatory To Get Approval From Customs Agents German

Food, textiles, and apparel, on the other hand, are nevertheless subjected to some protections.

Anti-dumping tariffs are imposed on some imports.

9. How Are The Fees Of Customs Clearance Germany Calculated?

For clearing customs, Germany utilizes a harmonized procedure.

Customs duty is determined Value Added tax on the CIF value of its products, in conformity with the Union’s Common Customs Tariff (CCT).

TARIC, or the European Union’s Integrated Tariff, is a multinational database containing all EU customs tariff, business, and economic regulations.

10. How Long Does It Take To Complete The Customs Clearance Germany?

While the customs clearance process is required to complete several steps, the problem is that not all goods proceed at the same time.

The time required for a shipment to cross customs is determined by the contents of the package.

Before passing through customs, some goods may require extra paperwork or a physical examination.

Customs procedures are occasionally conducted at the customs department, depending on a variety of criteria, each of which has its own qualities.

It can, however, take anywhere between 20 minutes to many days to complete.

However, if the products you’re shipping are on the lists of banned and limited goods to ship, the procedure could take weeks or even months.

11. What Are The Most Common Problems With Customs Clearance Germany?

There are many things that are related to customs.

Here the problems are mentioned below related to customs:

  • Misclassification of goods
  • The shipment will not be cleared by the customs office for delivery to your importer.
  • Duties are more than expected.
Problems Related To Customs Clearance Process
Problems Related To Customs Clearance Process
  • Issues with labelling such as the rules of incorporation, size, components, markings, and so on.
  • The exporter’s documentation is insufficient.
  • Issues involving the receiving country’s import or packaging rules.

12. What Are The Reasons For Holding My Shipment During Customs Clearance Germany?

‘Held the package by Customs’ indicates that the package you’re transporting to the target country like Germany is being allowed to hold by German customs officers.

The government agencies keep the parcels until they become oversure that only permitted items have crossed their border and that the import tariffs were paid.

These organizations also ensure that the company’s formal ownership and management are transferred to the appropriate authority.

Customs Agents Germany Can Hold My Shipment
Customs Agents Germany Can Hold My Shipment

Customs may drop a mail that your items are now being held for a variety of reasons. The following are a few of the most well-known reasons:

Documents That Are Missing Information

One of the most common reasons for your delivery being ‘Held the package by Customs’ is the inclusion of insufficient documentation.

Authorities can hold your shipment if there are mistakes or critical information lacking from the documentation you send.

Duties on Customs

Customs is a governmental body that assesses duties on goods entering or leaving a German’s borders.

If you do not pay the correct import duty, customs will hold your goods until the payment has been made.

Restricted or Prohibited Items For Shipping

No administration expects their citizens should be able to acquire unlawful things or to tamper with the system.

As a result, if you transport the following items, your parcels will be held at customs:

  • Any product that is prohibited in Germany
  • The things you distribute go against the people’s choices and company’s national values in Germany.
  • If full inspection of the goods is not done properly before shipping by German customs.
  • The product contains a virus or bacteria that can harm people in Germany.

13. How To Get Back My Seized Goods From German Customs Authority?

There are not so many ways to get back your seized goods from customs.

But the following ways you can follow to get solutions:

  • Please notify your items’ supplier that your goods have been seized.
  • Check to see if any duties are overdue.
  • Inquire with your shipping company about the situation.
Seized Goods By Customs Agents Germany
Seized Goods By Customs Agents Germany
  • Check for any missing paperwork.
  • Ensure there are also no illegal items.
  • Wait for your goods to be released from customs.

14. What Are Incoterms Important For Customs Clearance Germany?

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) introduced Incoterms in 1936, and because of their usefulness, they were quickly adopted around the world.

Incoterms are now widely acknowledged by German states and customs authorities on a worldwide scale.

There are currently 11 Incoterms that are divided into 3 letters.

The classification is represented by the first letter.

They’re grouped into four groups: E, C, F, and D.

Here are the introduction of incoterms that are important for customs clearance Germany:

E Group

  • EXW: Ex-works is the name given to it.

As earlier mentioned, the consumer gets the bulk of the responsibilities.

F Group

  • FCA: It expresses the meaning of the name Free Carrier.

The supplier is responsible for delivering the products to the assigned place, but the customer is liable for the cost and hazards associated with this shipping agreement.

  • FOB: It refers to “Free On Board.” Another Incoterm for shipment.

In this situation, the vendor delivers items to the customer’s designated carrier.

When the products are loaded into the ship, the buyer assumes responsibility.

Here, they agree to deliver the goods, properly wrapped and cleared for export, and position them alongside the customer’s cargo at the consented location.

The expense and dangers involved with the shipping agreement are the responsibility of the client.

D Group

  • DAT: DAT is described as Delivered At Terminal.

that until the goods are brought to the consented port and customs authorities, the supplier is responsible for all costs.

  • DAP: DAP means Delivered At Place.

Here is a link to know more about Incoterms:

15. How To Choose A German Customs Broker In Germany?

Here are the ways how you can choose your German customs broker in Germany:

  • Because not all agents have knowledge with particular products or government entities, it’s crucial to select one with a background that matches your needs.
  • When selecting a German customs broker, do your study and see beyond their positive reviews.
  • Choose a German customs broker who specializes in customs cooperation and effectiveness of the policy.
  • It’s essential to find a broker who employs a government-approved customs declaration technology that’s up to date and ideally managed instead of certified.
  • Rather than jumping into a partnership with the inappropriate broker, it’s crucial to set aside some time in the short term to research.
  • To ensure the proper use of effort, time, and cost, your broker must be familiar with your organization and its shipping needs.

16. What Are The Items Prohibited In The Customs Clearance Process In Germany?

Customs agent Germany analyzes the goods and x-ray a majority of them when they reach Germany.

Here are the items that are prohibited in Germany:

  • German Customs strongly prohibits any cured, smoked, vacuum-packed, tinned, and dry processed meats.
  • Untreated animal products, such as animal figures, animal skins, and skeleton or bone ornaments, and also pet food including such cheeses and eggs.
  • Natural materials that spoil quickly, such as prepared foods, wild mushrooms, veggies, and kimchi, are prohibited.
  • Duty-free items, such as caffeine, liquor, or cigarette products, due to international agreements.
  • Trees, fresh seeds, and unprocessed wood goods are prohibited from entering Germany.
  • In Germany and Europe, nutritional supplement goods such as nutrients, herbal remedies, protein supplements, acids, and dietary tablets are strictly regulated.
  • Prescribed medication made in other countries that are highly restricted by German Customs.
Items Are Prohibited By Customs Agent Germany
Items Are Prohibited By Customs Agent Germany
  • Explosive materials, sprays, and combustible materials are not allowed through German Customs, along with most fragrances, aftershaves, antiperspirant mists, and nail polishes.
  • German Customs prohibits the importation of bullets, weapons, and counterfeit firearms, such as paintball and fake handguns.

17. Who Pays The Customs Clearance Charge When Shipping From China To Germany?

In international shipping, a customs duty is an additional tax on the importation and exportation of products.

This duty is different from any taxes imposed on imports or exports.

Custom duties are imposed to secure economic growth and to regulate goods entering and exiting the state.

It is the importer’s responsibility to pay the duty.

Usually, the vendor or transporter is unable to pay the tax in advance.

Customs Clearance Charges During Shipping To Germany
Customs Clearance Charges During Shipping To Germany

Dealing with a reputable shipping company will help you avoid being scammed by a vendor who claims to have paid the duty in advance.

Customs brokers can collect the duty on behalf of the importer and bill it as part of their delivery of the goods at the terminal.

18. Can I Complete My Own Customs Clearance Germany Procedure?

Yes, you can complete your own customs clearance process in Germany.

Despite the fact that customs brokers are not mandated by law, they could be necessary.

A customs broker is not required for all goods.

As a result, you can manage the customs clearance Germany procedure for your items and ensure that the customs clearance price in Germany is reasonable.

It may take a bit more time, and it is also accurate that it will put forward the energy necessary to ensure that your shipment arrives on time.

Customs Broker Can Assist To Achieve Customs Permission
Customs Broker Can Assist To Achieve Customs Permission

A customs broker may be useful because it can help you avoid errors that you are unaware of.

However, in this method, all import duties and taxes must be paid in advance, either while using a cross-border delivery service or separately.

Choose Delivery Duty Paid delivery options, to put it differently.

Final Words

The imported products are considered to have arrived in Germany once customs clearance is confirmed.

As a result, customs clearance takes far longer than it should.

This FAQ guide focuses on proper customs clearance Germany in order to present you with more details.

HART Logistics’ customs service is another alternative.

You can trust us with your customs clearance in Germany when you choose to employ our assistance.

So don’t take stress about customs clearance if you’re exporting things from China to Germany.

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