HART offers a variety of services for international shipment, in addition to customs clearance. All you have to do is tell us where you want to import your products from and where you want them to go. If you require it, we can also provide door-to-door service as well as pick-up and delivery.

HART Worldwide can assist you in completing the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco from China or from Moroccan gateways to China ports.

Whether you need the fastest, cheapest, or a combination of route and duration, we can organize the customs clearance and shipping procedure in Morocco to meet your needs.

We will act as clearing agents in Morocco for customs procedures at the location, and we will carry your package directly to the address you choose. You will not be worried during the Moroccan Customs Clearance Process.

We also have a department dedicated to regulation and legislation, which researches and analyzes the Moroccan customs rules. Customs compliance is one of our operational pillars, therefore your shipment from China will always be threat-free.

HART has extensive expertise with a wide range of shipping services and customs clearance processes in Morocco. We have a specialized market team that is always monitoring developments in the transportation sector. So please email us your demand and we will offer you with important industry information.

No matter how tough your scenario is, you can receive the greatest shipping service here, including using the Clearing And Forwarding Companies In Morocco options. Simply let us know what you require.

Our Other Services Besides Customs Clearance Morocco


Air Freight

The air freight from China to Morocco by HART has a distinct benefit. Your package will be better protected from harm. Because our aircraft is a complex form of transportation.


FCL Shipping

We safely and securely transport FCL cargo from China to any destination in the world. With FCL sea transportation, we have a lot of experience.


LCL Shipping

HART enables on-time availability of quality less than container freight. We provide the highest level of service at some of the most reasonable LCL sea shipping rates.


Door to Door Shipping

We efficiently provide door to door delivery. We will pick up, load, and transport your cargo totally under our own via this transportation procedure.


Express Services

DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, China Post, or any specialized special route can be used to ship your items from China. They have provided us with significant reductions.



For the protection of your goods, we can supply the finest warehousing services in China or other countries, whether longer or shorter you need during shipping.


Pickup & Delivery

Using a door to door delivery service is not only convenient, but it also saves expense. As a result, vehicles are dispatched to your location to pick up and deliver your items.



With Jumia FBJ shipments from China, we also assist e-commerce businesses. Shipping to Amazon and other e-commerce sites are also available.


Consolidated Shipping

We provide a consolidated service in which we collect items from several suppliers and consolidate them before sending them to you to save cost.

Why Choose Hart for Your Customs Clearance Morocco?


We focus on certain industry sectors to obtain a strong knowledge of the Morocco customs clearing business. By focusing on the conventional method, you may save money on transportation.

Cheap Shipping Rate

We establish strong long-term agreements with commercial shipping companies. We are improving our working methods and efficiency in order to reduce operating costs.


We provide standardized service methods and logistics services to ensure that we can react quickly to your demands while keeping a high level of service consistency.


To assure that the system is absolutely paperless and online, we formed a specialist in-house software development team. We constantly monitor and trace the shipment if necessary.

Full Self-control

In Morocco, we have complete control over every node in the supply chain and the customs clearance system. To keep count of it, each staff utilizes the in-house software system.

Custom Clearance Service

We have customs professionals in several countries that follow customs and regulations and cooperate with local skilled customs agents. In addition, we work as customs brokers.

Wide Coverage

In more than 20 Chinese cities, we have opened branches or warehouses. Warehouses in the UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Africa, including Uganda, Morocco, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Senegal, among others.

Highly Trained Team

The importance of training for shipping businesses cannot be underestimated. As a result, we provide continuing structured training to all employees in order to help them become more competent.


We provide training to achieve the highest level of professionalism. We have workers that are knowledgeable and skilled in their professions. Always provide detailed information on Morocco Customs clearance options.


Qualifications and Honor for Customs Clearance Morocco


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations on the Administration of the International Cargo Transport Agency are implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce. Because in order to perform international shipping activities, such as transporting from China to Morocco, all international transportation in China must get a certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

NVOCCs must register with China’s Ministry of Transportation, which has far stricter requirements than a conventional shipping firm. NVOCC has a lot of scheduling and delivery advantages since it can issue its own bills of lading and assist you better manage the shipment.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

To deliver a positive customer experience and avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings with customers. The implementation of a worldwide quality management system. And we strive to provide the same high-quality service to all of our clients. This authorized system governs our communications and working procedures.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent shipping businesses. HART is immediately protected by the industry’s most generous and comprehensive financial protection plan as a member of WCA. It allows HART to conduct business with other members with complete trust and security.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), which is administered by the Ministry of Commerce, is a countrywide social institution in China’s international transportation handling industry. The goal of CIFA is to strengthen industry identification and coordination while simultaneously encouraging a competitive market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

The Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau has awarded the Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) legal recognition as a non-profit organization. SIFFA’s mission is to help members share information, establish connections, promote mutual collaboration, and expand the international transportation industry by advising, protecting, and organizing them.

Customs Clearance Morocco | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


All kinds of goods imported to Morocco from China must cross customs clearance Morocco processes during international trade.

This includes objects brought in as personal possessions or items that are necessary for e-commerce and commercial enterprises purposes beside government and defense entities.

As a result, the variety of commodities need a deep understanding of the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco.

This FAQ guide is regarding the full knowledge about the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco.

We believe that these suggestions will make the process of importing items through customs clearance Morocco easier for you.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Customs Clearance Morocco?
  2. When Do I Need To Go Through The Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?
  3. What Are The Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?
  4. What Are The Customs Channels For Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?
  5. What Documents Do I Need For Customs Clearance Morocco?
  6. Who Is In Charge Of The Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?
  7. How Long Does It Take To Complete The Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?
  8. What Are The Things That Determine The Charge Of Customs Clearance Morocco?
  9. How Much Does It Cost For Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?
  10. What Are The Reasons For The Rejections Of Shipment During Customs Clearance Morocco?
  11. What To Do If Clearing Agents In Morocco Hold My Package During Customs Clearance Morocco?
  12. How Long Does Customs Hold Packages During Customs Clearance Morocco?
  13. What Are Incoterms That Related To Customs Clearance Morocco?
  14. Do All Packages Shipped From China Need To Pay Customs Clearance Morocco Charge?
  15. How To Choose Clearing And Forwarding Companies In Morocco?
  16. Can I Complete My Own Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?
  17. What Are The Items Prohibited In Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?

1. What Is Customs Clearance Morocco?

Customs clearance Morocco is a system of procedures and protocols that govern the entrances and exits of items from a certain area to Morocco.

In order to regulate and authorize international trade from China to Morocco, customs clearance Morocco handles the clearing procedures.

It is dependent on the customs authorities receiving information about business activities through a statement.

Customs clearance is frequently accompanied by payments or contracts to pay any relevant import duties and taxes.

Customs Clearance Morocco
Customs Clearance Morocco

2. When Do I Need To Go Through The Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?

Morocco’s and China’s Customs Departments are the government’s official authority.

They are for enforcing import and export rules, collecting customs taxes, and facilitating the transportation of individuals, products, and cargo into and out of both countries.

So, we can understand that when importers intend to import goods from China, they will definitely need to go through the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco and china.

Morocco releases its Foreign Trade Policy every year, outlining the criteria under which commodities and activities can be supplied or received.

Customs offices carry out the policy’s requirements through customs laws, procedures, and duties to approve goods for importing.

3. What Are The Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?

Every port, no matter from where in the world to Morocco your goods are ready to ship, needs to go through the customs clearance process in Morocco.

However, before understanding the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco, hire experienced shipping agencies like HART to manage your customs clearance Morocco on your behalf.

Customs clearance steps differ for each country, but we’ll go over the most frequent ones that transporters may experience while importing from China to Morocco.

The steps are:

Appropriate Paperwork

For international delivery, customs clearance necessitates a great deal of detailed paperwork.

That documentation is difficult, because not everyone is capable of dealing with it.

As a result, shipping companies are your ultimate solution.

They have knowledge and understanding of transporting goods internationally and are familiar with the rules, procedures, and challenges that come with it.

Company information, stocks or detailed listings of deliveries, and shipment cost are all things you’ll need to provide to transportation agencies.

These will have an impact on the port’s tariffs and customs costs, as well as assisting you in avoiding freight forwarding complications.

Clearing Agents In Morocco Analyze The Papers

Your shipping and logistics providers will offer precise information to the clearing agents in Morocco when you supply it to them.

Your cargo’s paperwork will be scrutinized by the immigration officer.

They’ll look to see if you’ve provided them with all of the essential documentation, such as a commercial invoice, which is required for all shipping goods.

The product’s characteristics and actual amount will be included on the invoice.

Controlling The Payment Of Taxes And Charges

The clearing agents in Morocco will then investigate to see if your goods are entitled to any fees and taxes.

If customs authorities conclude that the products’ value exceeds the tax threshold, they will investigate whether the customs duties have been paid.

If you’ve not already completed the customs duties, customs will demand that you do so.

The options of DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) emerge at this point.

The settlement of taxation has been made if the consignment is branded as DDP.

If the cargo is labelled as DDU, however, customs will send the shipment to a third party.

Shipment Proceeds Towards Its Ultimate Destination

Your goods can travel to its ultimate destination in Morocco if clearing agents in Morocco verify that all fees and charges have been completed and that all paperwork is correct.

You can rapidly transport your items internationally if you have the necessary papers and are able to manage taxes and tariffs.

You may also engage a shipper to help you with the procedure.

Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco
Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco

4. What Are The Customs Channels For Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?

The customs supervisor gives an entrance circuit or channel to each application for goods to go through customs clearance in Morocco.

The origin and destination of the products, the background of the exporter or importer, the reality that this includes an operation with AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification.

However the customs channels for clearing and forwarding process in Morocco are:

Green Channel

The green channel indicates that quick approval is required.

The green circuit signifies that all paperwork has been provided appropriately.

While being allocated to this channel is speedier, it does not eliminate the possibility of being asked for more papers or data in the future.

Goods are free to leave and enter Morocco.

Yellow Channel

This is a new channel for indicating that a specific sort of non-customs services certification has not been attached to enable the items to be approved.

Orange Channel

This is where you may go to look at documents. When the officials reach the orange circuit, they must verify that the facts claimed and supplied paperwork are valid.

Additional documentation, such as dual-use certificates, are requested by the shipping agency.

products will be held at customs until the new paperwork is received, however they will be sent after the review is completed.

Red Channel

The cargo is examined physically in the red channel.

In other words, the customs authorities will transport the cargo to a crossing inspection station.

Being allocated to the red circuit may cause severe delays, and the requirement to pay any expenses incurred as a result of the inspections.

This is a pain in the neck for importers and exporters alike, and it should be avoided if possible.

HART WORLDWIDE always let the customer know about all channels or circuits of customs clearance Morocco so that they can make decision easily.

 Customs clearance Morocco and its channels
Customs clearance Morocco and its channels

5. What Documents Do I Need For Customs Clearance Morocco?

The documentation required to transport China to Morocco largely depends on the operation, mode of transportation, and categorization of our cargo.

Here are some of the most common documents asked by customs:

Invoice of ProForma

A proforma invoice is a document that contains information about the goods that will be purchased.

It is created in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed by the parties using an authorized media such as internet, fax, phone, or in person.

When finalizing a sales order, a purchasing order is issued.

Packing List For Customs

The products contained in the shipment are listed on the customs packing list, which may be compared to the Pro-forma invoice by the involved parties in the transaction.

The packing list is included with foreign shipments and provides shipping companies with data about what is being sent.

COO Certificate

The exporter is the one who issues the COO certificate.

It’s a statement indicating the items being transported.

Customs Invoice

For an international contract, the Customs invoice is a must-have documentation. Any customs officer will want a copy of the customs invoice since it provides information about the transaction, including specifics and descriptions, as well as the sale price.

Shipping Bill

A shipping bill is an important document that acts as a measured history, and it is often issued through a customized online software system.

Bill of lading

A bill of lading is paperwork that is sent by the transporter to the vendor.

It is proof of the carrier’s contract for the transportation of items mentioned in the contract.

It also contains product details such as amount, kind, and delivery location, and it must be signed by an authorized agent from the exporter, transporter, and consumer.

Documentation is one of the crucial parts of getting customs clearance morocco.

Therefore, HART is always concerned about paperwork on customer’s behalf.

Documents required for Customs clearance Morocco
Documents required for Customs clearance Morocco

6. Who Is In Charge Of The Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?

Customs clearing agents in Morocco are the persons in charge of carrying out the operation of clearing and forwarding process in Morocco

Clearing agents in Morocco are trained professionals who, on behalf of the importer or exporter, submits a statement to the appropriate customs authorities.

This individual also offers information on the items’ features and the agents engaged in their shipping and receipt.

7. How Long Does It Take To Complete The Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?

Any products entering or departing a country must go through customs clearance.

Customs clearance takes hours or a day on average, but it might take days or weeks if there is insufficient paperwork or if the items need to be examined.

In such circumstances, the products will be kept until the appropriate information is produced or the customs authorities’ inspections are finished.

8. What Are The Things That Determine The Charge Of Customs Clearance Morocco?

The following things help to determine customs clearance charges:

Customs Duty

This is a tax imposed by the Moroccan government on all imported items.

It is calculated as a percentage of the value of products, as indicated by its commodities classification and tariff rate.

Value Added Tax

This is usually based on the cost of the goods, the cost of transportation, and the tax. This is referred to as the ‘taxable import’ when taken together.

Additional Charges

Any expenses caused as a result of items being detained by customs are also included in customs fees.

Any testing performed to determine if a goods is safe to enter the nation and meets trade or production regulations might be charged to importers.

Anti-dumping Duty

Anti-dumping duties may apply to such items.

China implemented this tax to protect local manufacturing of goods and, as a result, to discourage imports at a cheaper cost than the vendor’s native market price.

things that determined the charge of customs clearance Morocco
things that determined the charge of customs clearance Morocco

9. How Much Does It Cost For Clearing And Forwarding Process In Morocco?

Each region’s customs and tariff rates are different.

You must have real knowledge of such prices.

Customs duties are levied internationally according to the HS code.

You must know how to determine the pricing of imported products before importing from China to Morocco.

In this case, your logistics company agent will be of assistance.

Taxes on your imported items may be lowered if they are incomplete things that require additional processing or assembling in Morocco.

Import tariffs range from 2.5 to 35 percent on a small number of items.

Imported products are also subject to a Value Added Tax (VAT), which ranges between 0% and 20%.

Here is a video link about customs duties during shipping:

10. What Are The Reasons For The Rejections Of Shipment During Customs Clearance Morocco?

First, double-check that your items are being seized by customs.

It’s possible that the things are merely delayed, and you’ll have to wait.

Unfortunately, there are many situations when the shipment procedure can be delayed.

Your items may be stopped during the clearing and forwarding process in Morocco for a variety of reasons.

Such as:

  • The transporter has failed to produce required certification, such as protection or testing certificates.
  • If more information is required by Morocco’s customs.
  • Any forbidden or banned products are included in the package.
  • Customs duties that haven’t been paid.

11. What To Do If Clearing Agents In Morocco Hold My Package During Customs Clearance Morocco?

If your products are being held for customs clearance Morocco, there are a few options for you to resolve the issue:

  • The first thing you should do is contacting the vendor who sent your items.

Frequently, the logistics company will only discuss the cargo with the seller.

Contact the supplier to find out what’s going on with the delivery.

Your vendor will be able to get in touch with the transporter and obtain further details about your shipping and any issues encountered.

  • Figure out what is going on with your cargo if you forgot to bring any of the necessary documents you’ll need to get it through the border.
  • Check to see if you have any unpaid taxes to pay.

Many countries levy taxes on deliveries exceeding a particular amount; if your cargo is subject to these taxes, it will be kept until the unpaid payment is made.

If customs Hold the goods during customs clearance Morocco
If customs Hold the goods during customs clearance Morocco

12. How Long Does Customs Hold Packages During Customs Clearance Morocco?

After inspecting the conformity to be observed, an efficient customs office delivers the goods immediately.

It usually takes several days, based on how busy the port is.

Because the State of Morocco’s customs offices have been upgraded in recent years, your cargo from China to Morocco should arrive quickly.

If you ever do not conform with the documentation and make payments, the goods will require longer to complete at customs offices.

13. What Are Incoterms That Are Related To Customs Clearance Morocco?

Incoterms are overseen and administered by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, and they are followed by the world’s main trade countries like Morocco.

This collection of international regulations was initially issued by the ICC in 1936 as “INCOTERMS 1936.”

There are 13 Incoterms now in use, which are listed below:

  • EX-WORKS (EXW): The Ex-Works pricing does not cover the cost of putting products onto a truck or vessel, nor does it account for customs clearance.
  • FREE ALONGSIDE SHIP (FAS): The items are transported from the vendor’s business premises, cleared for export, and placed alongside the ship at the export port.

The customer is responsible for holding the items onboard the ship and also covering all transportation charges to the ultimate destination.

  • FREE CARRIER (FA): The seller, or exporter, helps to get customs clearance for the goods to export and delivers them to the carrier and place specified by the buyer.
  • FREE ON BOARD (FOB): The vendors, or exporters, are responsible for getting the items from its business premises to the seaport for export by sea freight.

To place the goods aboard the ships, and clearing customs in the country of destination.

  • COST AND FREIGHT (CFR): If FOB is the customs valuation basis, the international freight costs must be deducted from the CFR price.
  • COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (CIF): Once the international transportation of products is at least in some part by sea may CIF be used as an Incoterm.

The foreign insurance and transportation charges must be reduced from the CIF cost if FOB is the customs value base.

  • CARRIAGE PAID TO (CPT): The seller, or exporter, helps to clear customs for the goods for exporting, delivering them to the carrier.

It  is responsible for carriage costs to the named place of destination.

  • CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE PAID TO (CIP): The vendor is obliged for the expenses of transportation and insurance to the specified destination, as well as customs clearance.

From that time onwards, the purchaser is liable for all expenditures and accepts the potential losses.

  • DELIVERED DUTY UNPAID (DDU): At a certain time, the importer takes on the potential losses and is responsible for clearing customs, paying duties and coverage to the ultimate stop.
  • DELIVERED DUTY PAID (DDP): The supplier offers door to door shipping, which includes customs clearance in both the exporting and arrival locations.
Incoterms Related To Customs Clearance Morocco
Incoterms Related To Customs Clearance Morocco

14. Do All Packages Shipped From China Need To Pay Customs Clearance Morocco Charge?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

You will not have to pay any customs fees if imported goods are allowed by the government.

The supporting document must be submitted with the other documents in that scenario.

However, customs fees must be paid on practically every commodity shipped from China to Morocco.

Such fees will be determined by the target country’s applicable customs officials depending on the cost of the products you’re shipping.

Your expert shipper will estimate the charges based on the HS code pricing.

15. How To Choose Clearing And Forwarding Companies In Morocco?

When choosing clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco, you should consider a few of the factors listed below:

  • Clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco must be knowledgeable with harbor lockouts, protests, crises, and international cargo shipment concerns.
  • Clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco need to ensure that the cargo is shipped quickly and safely.
  • Clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco should have international relationships who can assist with the consignment’s relaxed movement.
  • Clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco should be a member of the WCA or FIATA.

Which offers a degree of credibility, which helps to develop a professional image and, as a result, enhances customer confidence in them.

  • Regardless of repute or legitimacy, clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco are required to supply all required transportation operations.
Choosing the clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco
Choosing the clearing and forwarding companies in Morocco

16. Can I Complete My Own Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?

There is no legal necessity to engage a customs broker to clear goods in Morocco.

However, working with a certified customs broker is preferred since only they have the skills and experience necessary to execute the tasks of clearing goods via customs.

To minimize errors, delays, or additional charges, work with a seasoned shipping company.

Here is a video about how the customs work:

17. What Are The Items Prohibited In Customs Clearance Process In Morocco?

Prohibited and non-approved restricted products cannot be transported from China to Morocco by the shipping agent.

As a result, they’ve compiled a master list of prohibited and restricted products that applies to all deliveries, independent of their final destination.

  • combustible and hazardous materials
  • Plants and animals
  • Firearms, ammo, and rifles
  • Supplies of natural resources
  • Currency notes, currency, and other valuables
  • Automobile accessory and components
  • Food, medication, and liquids are perishable products, etc.
Prohibited items by customs clearance morocco
Prohibited items by customs clearance morocco

Final Words

Shipping from China to Morocco has grown much easier in recent years, due to the availability of several experienced  transportation management companies like HART.

With professional clearing agents in Morocco, even customs clearance for transporting products is becoming easier.

We hope that our FAQ has provided you with enough information to understand the details of customs clearance Morocco.

If you want a worry-free and smooth shipping service, including customs clearance Morocco please contact HART for a quote.

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