At HART you can get the best shipping support, advice, and customs agent Spain services. You can ship from China to the rest of the world or vice versa with us. We additionally offer pick up and delivery services in China and Spain. We have our own inland transports to satisfy your needs.

We will arrange for your logistics according to your needs. No matter if you need the cheap price or fastest delivery, we have everything covered for you. Along with that we can give you a customs broker Spain for your customs clearance Spain needs. You can ship to or from China to Spain with HART.

With the help of our inland transport we can as well provide you pickup and delivery services. We can provide you air freight, sea freight, rail freight services along with additional shipping facilities.

With HART your shipping will be hassle-free and all your shipping work can be handled by us on your behalf. Although you can also choose to do customs clearance Spain yourself and just leave the shipping for us.

We have a group of highly experienced workers to assist you and guide you to choose the right logistics according to your cargo. Our teams are always alert of the regular market fluctuations so that we can give you the latest insights on the current market situations.

It is for our highly experienced customs affairs department that we can do problem-free customs clearance Spain. Our dedication towards the customs formalities is why you can rest assured of your cargo with us.

HART is legally bonded with the top shipping and airlines companies. For this, we can do your shipping at the most competitrate without hampering our services.

Our focus on the company’s systematization and standardization are one of the biggest plus points. The advanced logistics system helps us to do paperless operations and we can track, monitor, and operate our shipping process online. We are never dependent on any person and this is why we can promise you the smoothest services.

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Our Other Services Besides Customs Clearance Spain


Air Freight

Our air freight services from China to Spain are reliable, fast, affordable, and safe. We can do your customs clearance and also provide door to door delivery.


Sea Freight

HART provides sea freight services to its customers and we can also do your customs clearance Spain services at an affordable cost and deliver the goods at the final location.


Rail Freight

We can ship your goods by freight train to the places where there are train routes. We can as well do customs clearance and provide the final delivery at the designated location.


Door to Door Shipping

Your goods from China to Spain can be picked up from the Chinese address and dropped at the Spanish location without any third-party interference in air, sea or rail freight.


Express Services

Express shipping can be also provided by HART at a cheap cost. We are in agreement with the top express companies like FedEx, TNT, DHL, China Post, and others.



We have warehouses in both China and Spain which are available in long or short terms. Just knock us today to get your safe place to keep your priceless possessions.


Pickup & Delivery

We are well equipped and our workers are widespread to provide you pickup and delivery services from the Chinese address to your final address in Spain.



We help e-commerce customers do FBA shipping from China to Amazon warehouses. Other e-commerce platform services are also available, like shipping to Jumia.

Why Choose HART For Your Customs Clearance Spain?


Our focus towards our professionalism and our experience with logistics and customs clearance Spain allow us to provide you problem-free shipping assistance worldwide.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Our good relationships with the top-class shipping and airlines companies gives us the freedom to offer you the best shipping rates in the market. Knock us to get your quote.


Standardization in cargo handling, shipping solutions, and customer response is one of our best traits. We will guide you to get the best logistical help keeping your needs in mind.


Thanks to our in-house support system designed by our software development team which helps us to do 100% paperless operations without relying on any individual.

Full Self-control

With the help of the software system all our shipping procedures are self-controlled. We track, operate, and monitor without missing any point including customs clearance Spain.

Custom Clearance Service

The customs clearance teams in many regions with the cooperation of the customs agent Spain can do your customs clearance in most of the countries around the world.

Wide Coverage

Our branches and warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities. We have warehouses in the UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several African countries.

Highly Trained Team

We always impose maximum priority to the constant training of all our staff. Our employees are all well trained and always alert of your questions and to provide you logistical support.


Our professionalism in the work field and required skill about our job allow us to answer all your queries with utmost attention and provide you with detailed information.


Qualifications And Honor For Customs Clearance Spain


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

<Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> and < Regulations of the Peoples Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency> This is implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, for international freight forwarding business that all international freight forwarders in China must have the certificates


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The Ministry of Transportation of China requests registration with NVOCC. It requires a special request to obtain; most international freight forwarders do not get it in China. It has much higher requirements than an ordinary freight forwarder. NVOCC gives better opportunities in booking and shipping, and one can issue its bills of lading which can help you better control the goods.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

International quality management system is there to assure impeccable performance experience for the customers. They ensure that the customer gets flawless service and with no misunderstanding. Our main motto is to give our customers quality service at an affordable price. This certificate is the proof of our uninterrupted communication and ensures reliable customer care service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders is World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA). And HART Worldwide is a member of it. Thus we are automatically protected by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry, which allows us to conduct business with other WCA members with complete security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

China International Freight Forwarders Association, CIFA is a national social organization in China’s international freight forwarding industry. China’s Ministry of Commerce guides it. The mission of CIFA is to strengthen industry self-discipline and coordination management and create a fair competition market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA or Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is a social organization with legal officials approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. The mission of SIFFA is to guide, protect and coordinate the members to exchange information, coordinate relations, enhance cooperation, and member interests to promote the international freight forwarding industry.

Customs Clearance Spain | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Customs clearance in Spain is a vital step to follow during goods importation from China.

Although it sounds difficult, customs clearance in Spain can be easily cleared with proper knowledge regarding the matter.

A customs broker Spain can help you through the whole process.

In this FAQ guide, we will try to answer all your queries regarding customs clearance in Spain and lots more.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Customs Clearance In Spain?
  2. How Does Clearing And Forwarding Procedures In Spain Work?
  3. Who Are Customs Agent Spain?
  4. What Are The Responsibilities Of Customs Broker Spain?
  5. What Are Customs Clearance Spain Charges?
  6. How To Check Customs Clearance Spain Online?
  7. Can Fragile Goods Pass Customs Clearance Spain?
  8. What Are The Documents Needed For Customs Clearance Spain?
  9. What Are The Restricted And Prohibited Items In Customs Clearance Spain?
  10. How To Find Customs Agent Spain?
  11. Do Freight Forwarder Companies Provide Customs Clearance in Spain?
  12. Do Express Companies Provide Customs Clearance in Spain?
  13. Does Sea Freight Undergo Customs Clearance Spain?
  14. How Long Does Customs Clearance Spain Take?
  15. Who Pays For Customs Clearance Spain?
  16. Which Incoterms Are Good For The Importer For Customs Clearance Spain?
  17. Do I Have To Pay Additional Charges For Restricted Items For Customs Clearance Spain?

1. What Is Customs Clearance In Spain?

The process before your cargo enters the Spanish border is called customs clearance Spain.

It is a scanning pass where goods are monitored, and their authenticity is tested.

Once the cargo has cleared customs clearance in Spain, they will get documentation that will state that the goods have passed through the security and they completed payment for customs clearance in Spain.

Customs Clearance Spain
Customs Clearance Spain

The customs costs to clear customs clearance Spain are generated as an income for the government, a protection cost for the country’s citizens, economy, and environment.

Customs clearance Spain is a simple process if you can follow its guidelines properly.

You have to clear some procedures, provide information regarding export and import, and details of both the parties involved in the process.

Along with that, you need to provide the list and details of the goods being imported and details of the freight forwarder company.

A reliable freight company can ease most of your customs clearance Spain procedure for you.

They can also assist you in goods assembly, your document arrangement, pay your import duty, and provide you with the final delivery at your destination without any interruption.

One experienced name in shipping is  HART Worldwide Logistics.

They have the knowledge and skills to carry your customs clearance Spain successfully.

Our team of experts keeps us updated on the ongoing shipping regulations on international customs clearance.

This means you do not have to engage in any tedious shipping task, and we can perform your customs clearance in Spain.

2. How Does Clearing And Forwarding Procedures In Spain Work?

Clearing and forwarding procedures in Spain are done in a few simple yet detailed steps.

All these are part of customs clearance Spain, and these can be done by a customs agent Spain or a customs broker Spain.

For your better understanding and knowledge, we are providing the steps and details regarding clearing and forwarding procedures in Spain.

Customs Clearing

  • Once your goods land on the Spanish border, they will have to go through thorough scanning, and your shipping documents will be checked.
  • When your documents are found okay by the customs clearance Spain authority, the possession of your goods will be taken by a customs broker Spain.

Your freight forwarder company might do it as well or with the help of a customs agent Spain.

  • Now the import document will be organized by the customs agent Spain after they receive the goods from the authority.

When all the import documents for customs clearance Spain are prepared, it is the responsibility of a customs agent Spain to perform customs clearance.

When the customs clearance Spain clears the cargo post-inspection, it gets started with the forwarding procedures.


After the customs clearance Spain is done, your cargo is prepared for the forwarding process.

The customs agent Spain waits for the goods to pass customs clearance Spain before starting with the forwarding.

  • After the procedures are properly cleared, the goods get picked from the spot, and they are arranged for your final delivery.
  • If there are any consolidated orders, they will be sorted as such, and the customs agent Spain will prepare them for inland transport.
  • Now the goods will be labeled, arranged, and the vehicles will be prepared along with the necessary paperwork.
  • APOD or proof of delivery will be received by the freight forwarder company after the final delivery is completed.

3. Who Are Customs Agent Spain?

Customs agent Spain has authorized personnel who carry out inspection of your goods during customs clearance Spain.

A customs agent in Spain can not do their job without the necessary certificate and experience.

They are legal entities who work for you and the government to ensure smooth customs clearance in Spain.

Customs Agent Spain
Customs Agent Spain

They check your cargo, your shipping documents, and any illegal commodity that your cargo might have.

You can find a customs agent Spain while moving goods in or out of the country.

However, depending on the regulations for different goods and their restrictions, the work of a customs agent in Spain can change.

You have to assign a customs agent Spain for the services that you might want from them and pay them accordingly.

They help to conduct safe transactions of your goods and protect the borders for any hazardous materials.

A customs agent Spain can collect duties and taxes on imported goods and make sure your cargo has cleared all the shipping obligations.

4. What Are The Responsibilities Of Customs Broker Spain?

A customs broker Spain is an official figure who escorts importers with customs clearance Spain procedures.

These people can ensure a smooth handling of your shipment and take care of the transaction to maintain hassle-free cargo processing.

A customs broker Spain can work individually or work as a part of an organization, and they are authorized by the tariff law.

You can hire a customs broker Spain to avoid any errors in your shipping procedures and avoid any possible fine.

As most importers find it difficult to keep track of fluctuating customs policies, hiring a customs broker Spain can ease these works for you.

The customs broker Spain works as a bridge between you and the customs authority; they communicate on your behalf and do the job for you.

Other works handled by a customs broker Spain are:

  • Advise you on cargo handling and processing.
  • They will review your documents and match them with the guideline.
  • Calculate your import duties and taxes.
  • Guides you to lower your shipping cost and rectify any possible mistakes on your papers.
  • Speak with the customs clearance Spain officials on your behalf.
  • Look after your cargo till the end of the delivery process.

For a better idea about the customs broker Spain and how they work, you can check out this Youtube video-

5. What Are Customs Clearance Spain Charges?

Customs clearance Spain is conducted by a customs officer, which is essential to get the papers for proceeding with your shipping.

Paying the charges for your shipment is a necessary step.

Here the customs officer collects the required taxes and duties before giving your cargo the green signal to enter the recipient country.

There is no fixed amount that is expected to be paid by the customs clearance Spain, and the charges are based on several factors.

The cost of your cargo is the most important component for calculating your customs clearance Spain charges.

However, you do not have to pay any charges if your total cargo cost does not exceed the minimum taxable threshold.

Although, the threshold is not the same for individual and organization import.

For individual import, if the cost of the goods exceeds 150 Euros, you are required to pay for customs clearance in Spain.

For organizational import, the threshold is 22 Euros, and this means you have to pay for customs clearance in Spain.

In this case, your total will be considered after adding your freight cost and insurance.

The standard customs clearance Spain import duty and the tax amount is 20 to 30 percent of your total cargo cost.

This amount can be reduced to 10% to 4% depending on certain types of goods.

6. How To Check Customs Clearance Spain Online?

Custom clearance Spain can be checked online.

You can check the processing speed and in which step your cargo is; additionally, you can also see if your import duties and taxes are paid.

You can check customs clearance Spain with the tracking number provided by your freight forwarder company at the end of your order confirmation.

Customs Clearance Spain Online
Customs Clearance Spain Online

Freight forwarders generally have their in-house software system to track and monitor your goods online.

You can see your cargo’s whereabouts and track their real-time location.

HART Worldwide Logistics is providing checking and monitoring facilities with the help of our in-house software system.

You can track your cargo anytime, anywhere by inserting the tracking number on our website.

7. Can Fragile Goods Pass Customs Clearance Spain?

Yes, fragile goods can pass customs clearance in Spain.

As long as you are not shipping anything illegal, there are absolutely no restrictions on shipping fragile goods.

However, there are a few risks involved while shipping your fragile goods through customs clearance Spain.

You might want to talk to your freight forwarder company and customs agent Spain before proceeding with customs clearance Spain.

It would help if you carefully pack your fragile goods in properly fitted cartons with additional cushions to help support the goods.

Products can be damaged due to shipping wear and tear, and fragile goods are susceptible to such accidents due to their nature.

Labeling your goods with cautious indications like “Fragile Goods,” “Handle With Care,” etc., can reduce the risk of damage during customs clearance Spain.

To know more on this, you can watch this YouTube video-

8. What Are The Documents Needed For Customs Clearance Spain?

Documentation is essential for transporting goods anywhere in the world, and customs clearance in Spain is no exception.

Shipping documents show a number of details about the goods being imported into the country.

This includes cargo details, details about the importer and exporter, freight details, cost of the goods, and much more.

These documents are mostly handled by a customs agent Spain during the customs clearance Spain.

Your freight forwarder company can arrange these shipping documents for your smooth and effortless shipping experience.

Customs Clearance Spain Documents
Customs Clearance Spain Documents

HART Worldwide Logistics provides documentation services for your cargo.

You can rest assured knowing all your paperwork will be done at the right time without having you involved in any lengthy work.

These are the documents you will need for customs clearance Spain-

  • Air Waybill
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Invoice
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Packing List

Let’s see what each of these papers represent:

Air Waybill

Air waybill is essentially needed for air freights from China to Spain.

The airline company prepares this document as proof that they had possession of your goods.

This works as a security of your package, and it is important for customs clearance Spain.

Certificate Of Origin

A certificate of origin is needed to show that the goods were solely owned, manufactured, and processed in the exporter’s country.

This is prepared by the exporter; however, it is not a necessary document.

Some importers or certain goods can require a certificate of origin during Customs clearance Spain.


The invoice is the shipping pass in customs clearance Spain.

Here, intricate details relating to your cargo are mentioned, including the freight details and costing behind it.

The exporter prepares this document, and you may need to pay attention to this as some exporter can do forgery with your invoice.

Bill Of Lading

The bill of lading is the list regarding the products in your cargo.

A freight forwarder company is responsible for this document, and it also acts as evidence that the goods were carried by them.

This document can be sent to the bank to fulfill the letter of credit.

It is used in customs clearance Spain for verification, and it also plays a vital role as a receipt sent to the buyer to pay off any remaining bill.

Packing List

The packing list is the list of each product in your cargo with details.

The supplier prepares it for customs clearance in Spain.

There is another document that is needed for customs clearance in Spain is the Single Administrative Document (SAD).

This is required by the European Union countries while trading with the non-EU countries.

This is a form of eight copies, and each one has a different function.

The single administrative document makes the customs clearance Spain process easier for shipping from China to Spain.

9. What Are The Restricted And Prohibited Items In Customs Clearance Spain?

Restricted and prohibited are two different categories of goods listed by the customs clearance Spain to maintain the security of the country’s citizens.

Restricted items are the materials that are permissible in the country with some additional guidelines and permission by the higher authority.

If you have a licensed business that deals with such articles, you can import restricted items from China to Spain.

However, prohibited items are strictly forbidden in the cargo and can not enter the Spanish border under any circumstances.

Businesses or individuals trying to import such materials will be taken under the jurisdiction and have to pay heavy penalties and may also go through jail sentences.

The Spanish government has imposed some restrictions on importing beef into the country.

However, It is not forbidden.

These are some materials that belong to the prohibited list of items:

  • Rare or precious stones, etc.
  • Plant or animal waste
  • Lithium batteries
  • Human
  • Bleaching materials
  • Explosives
  • Weapons
  • Firecrackers
  • Dry ice
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Engines
  • Tobacco, and others.

10. How To Find Customs Agent Spain?

You can find an individual customs agent Spain, or you can also ask your freight forwarder company to hire one for you.

A reputed freight forwarder company will have the human resources to carry your customs clearance Spain procedures.

HART Worldwide Logistics is a trustworthy name to make your shipping easier by providing you services of a customs agent Spain.

We have connections with the local professionals and knowledge to do your customs clearance in Spain.

Find Customs Agent Spain
Find Customs Agent Spain

However, you can independently look for a customs agent Spain and leave shipping for us.

Nowadays, customs agent Spain are easily reachable online on social media platforms and even on various websites.

You can contact them directly and talk over the phone or chat to discuss your needs with them.

11. Do Freight Forwarder Companies Provide Customs Clearance in Spain?

Yes, freight forwarder companies will provide you with customs clearance Spain services.

You have to speak with your freight forwarder company prior to confirming your order about the services you want from them.

Your total cost of shipping will be calculated according to the services you take and the additional services you sign up for.

The charge of customs clearance Spain by your freight forwarder company depends on the type and quantity of goods you are shipping.

Freight forwarder companies have agreements with the customs agent Spain who provides customs clearance Spain services.

Some customs broker Spain may also work with the freight forwarder company to clear your goods from the customs.

12. Do Express Companies Provide Customs Clearance in Spain?

Yes, express companies provide customs clearance Spain services.

Express shipping is the fastest way of delivering your goods from China to Spain and the most convenient one.

You do not have to take care of any shipping hassle, and your goods will be picked up from the supplier’s location and delivered to you directly.

Express Companies Providing Customs Clearance Spain
Express Companies Providing Customs Clearance Spain

Express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, China Post, TNT, and others do your customs clearance in Spain and deliver your goods at the designated location by their inland transportation.

Paying duties and taxes, arranging documents, and customs clearance in Spain, are all done by these companies.

13. Does Sea Freight Undergo Customs Clearance Spain?

Yes, all freight methods, including sea freight from China to Spain, have to undergo customs clearance in Spain.

Customs clearance Spain is the checkpoint for your goods before they can enter the importer country.

Customs Clearance In Sea Freight
Customs Clearance In Sea Freight

This is to ensure the standards of goods, stop any illegal items from entering, and generate compulsory import duties and taxes for the government.

Without customs clearance Spain documentation, the cargo will be considered illegal for trading, and doing business with such goods is considered a criminal offense in the Spanish territory.

14. How Long Does Customs Clearance Spain Take?

Customs clearance Spain does not have an exact timeframe.

The larger your cargo is, the more time it takes to clear customs.

Restricted items, sensitive articles, and FCL tend to make more time for customs clearance in Spain.

Small packages and LCL shipment takes less time.

However, it may take anything from 24 hours to 7 days for customs clearance in Spain.

15. Who Pays For Customs Clearance Spain?

Generally, it is the importer’s duty to pay for customs clearance in Spain.

Your freight forwarder company may also do it on your behalf, but the amount will be added to your total cost of shipping.

However, certain Incoterms can make the supplier liable for customs clearance Spain which we will discuss in detail below.

16. Which Incoterms Are Good For The Importer For Customs Clearance Spain?

Incoterms are a set of rules and regulations to follow for both the importer and exporter.

These rules act as legal guidance for the businesses participating in international transactions.

There are 11 Incoterm rules for the buyers and sellers who do international business.

However, not all Incoterm is good for the importer for customs clearance in Spain.

The Incoterms that benefit the importer the most during customs clearance in Spain are DAT (Delivered At Terminal), DAP (Delivered At Place), and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

Let’s see what regulation each Incoterm has for the importer and exporter:

Delivery At Place
Delivery At Place

DAT (Delivered At Terminal)

In DAT (Delivered At Terminal), the goods are delivered at the buyer’s terminal.

In customs clearance Spain, the terminal will be the address given by you to your freight company.

This address can be in your port, warehouse, office, home, etc.

DAP (Delivered At Place)

In DAP, the seller has to make the delivery at the importer’s final location.

This Incoterm engages two or more vehicles to provide the goods at the location from the port.

When the final location is far from the port of destination, another carrier delivers the cargo to the given address.

DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)

In this Incoterm, the seller is responsible for most of the shipping expenses.

All the duties at the customs, including duty and tax, are all carried by the seller.

17. Do I Have To Pay Additional Charges For Restricted Items For Customs Clearance Spain?

Yes, you have to pay a higher amount to clear restricted items in customs clearance Spain.

Restricted items are tough to deal with, and customs authority imposes higher import duty on such articles.

However, there is no fixed percentage rate for customs clearance Spain charge.

It depends on the type of item and their quantity.

Final Words

We hope we have answered most of your questions relating to customs clearance Spain.

For any further information or query, please feel free to knock HART Worldwide Logistics.

We provide customs agent Spain services and will additionally provide you clearing and forwarding services from China to Spain.

So why wait? Knock us to get your free shipping quote today.

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