Heart Worldwide Logistics is a shipping agency in China that is expert and renowned in providing drop shipping Egypt from China. When it comes to dropshipping in Egypt  from China, you’ll discover that we’re both faster and cheaper.

To ensure a flawless transportation of your goods worldwide from China, we always obtain customs approval before delivering door to door. The things will be sent to your provided address as soon as possible after that.

If you’re worrying about customs permission for dropshipping suppliers in Egypt, you may handle the paperwork yourself and then leave the transportation to us.

HART is a shipping firm that specializes in air shipping delivery from China to India. We maintain a close eye on the shipping sector, and if anything changes, we aim to provide you with services that reflect those changes. We make every attempt to keep you up to date on the industry for China To anywhere before shipping.

HART also has a customs affairs unit that monitors customs procedures for sea shipping exports from China to Egypt. We place a high priority on customs compliance in order to provide you with a risk-free and trouble-free shipping service.

HART has secured agreement on transportation rate arrangements with major airlines such as ET, TK, EK, QR, CX, AY, CA, and CZ. This assures that we have enough storage and can provide a low shipping rate.

So, no worries, just give us a call or send us an email with your requirements, and trust in our China To worldwide shipping service systems.

Our Other Services Besides Dropshipping Egypt


Air Freight

For faster product delivery, consider air freight. We provide the quickest shipping service that allows you to transport items from China to worldwide via air freight.


FCL Shipping

We continue to offer FCL shipping service to satisfy our clients’ demands. Because clients sometimes need a full container to ship their goods. So, here we are for them


LCL Shipping

All imports are important for HART. As a result, we provide LCL shipping in addition to FCL shipping for low-cost delivery if imports require.


Door to Door Shipping

Customers are prior to us. Therefore, as per their requirement, we have an offer of shipping door to door. Just send us your suppliers and delivery address.


Express Services

If you need anything sent quickly, HART may arrange express shipping through DHL, UPS, or FedEx. We have a great working contract with them to provide at a lower cost.


Customs Clearance

HART has a skilled team of monitoring that can look into customs policies. They also keep in touch with local brokers to verify that they can respect the rules and customs.



No matter what your shipping method, warehousing is essential for HART service. HART holds the things at a warehouse near ports in order to transport them from China.


Pickup & Delivery

Pickup and delivery are also available because HART is a door-to-door service provider. We’ll come to pick up your belongings, then transport them to you as quickly as possible.



From China to FBj, we also provide e-commerce customer care. As a result, we may be able to transport items to the Jumia warehouse from China.

Why Choose Hart for Your Dropshipping Egypt?


We focus on market sectors and develop a strong knowledge of Egypt’s customs clearing industry. Focus on the conventional method to save money on shipping. As a result, we look into drop shipping delivery markets in order to learn more about shipping rules

Cheap Shipping Rate

HART provides far more cost-effective drop shipping from China to Egypt. We created a long-term partnership with commercial shipping companies to help reduce transport cost from China while preserving better quality.


HART is a standardized transportation company that can handle standardized goods and provide standardized drop shipping service from China to Egypt. We promise a quick and high-quality delivery service.


All in-house technological policies are included in HART’s standard digital systemization for trucking drop shipping service. It is a paperless and online strategy that assures high-quality assistance.

Full Self-control

The in-house expert personnel can keep proper record self-contained shipping procedures from start to finish. As a consequence, we have total control over the shipping system, and you will receive regular shipment information.

Custom Clearance Service

We have our own customs clearance team in numerous areas. They are always examining various customs laws. To provide the best service possible for dropshipping from China to Egypt.

Wide Coverage

HART has a vast service coverage capacity since we have more than 20 branches and warehouses in more than 20 countries. The UK, Poland, India, Germany, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and numerous African nations, among others, have warehouses and branches.

Highly Trained Team

We provide employee training sessions to ensure that they are well-versed in offering assistance. As a consequence, that well-trained team performs market research, monitors policies, communicates with you, and ensures high-quality services.


The team becomes more professional as a result of the training. As a consequence, we hire professionals with working experience, competence, and skill to provide you with all of the information you want about our service policies.


Qualifications and Honor for Dropshipping Egypt


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

According to the Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency, which were implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, all international freight forwarders in China must have this certificate for international freight forwarding business.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

To run an international freight forwarding company, you’ll need the NVOCC business operating qualification registration certificate, which is certified by China’s Ministry of Transportation. HART handles this shipping agency with more stringent requirements than a typical freight forwarder in China for this accreditation. Bills of lading, cargo booking, and transportation are all aided by the NVOCC certificate.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

The ISO9001 2015 quality management system certificate helps to minimize shipping problems and decreases the likelihood of misunderstandings with importers. It ensures the agency’s worldwide quality management system is in good working order. As a consequence, we use this certificate to manage our communications and work processes.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

Independent freight forwarders who work in a strong network with shipping companies are eligible for the World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) accreditation. As a result, we’re able to offer our industry’s most comprehensive financial protection package, allowing WCA members to conduct business with complete confidence.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association is a Chinese government-run organization controlled by the Ministry of Commerce. We have an identity and coordination administration system as a result of being a member of HART, which is an essential agency in the freight forwarder industry.


Member Unit for SIFFA

The Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) is a legal body that the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau has approved. SIFFA assists members with information security, coordination, and exchange. It helps HART to collaborate more effectively and boost our visibility in the global freight forwarding industry.

Dropshipping Egypt  | The Ultimate FAQ Guide  


Every day in the international trading industry, people try to include new thoughts and methods to develop more to obtain their goal.

Dropshipping Egypt is one of them.

It‘s a new addition to China and Egypt’s trading partnership.

Therefore, we established this FAQ guide to give you a clear idea about dropshipping Egypt to apply in your business strategy.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Dropshipping Egypt?
  2. Is Drop Shipping Egypt Illegal?
  3. Does A Retail Seller of Dropshipping Need License To Run Business?
  4. What Are The Process of Dropshipping From China To Egypt?
  5. What Items Should I Not Dropshipping Egypt?
  6. Why Do I Start Dropshipping In Egypt?
  7. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping In Egypt?
  8. What Should You Not Do When Dropshipping From China To Egypt?
  9. Is Dropshipping Egypt Products Safe And Compliant?
  10. What Is The Relation Between Dropshipping Egypt And International Shipping?
  11. What Are The Things Dropshippers Need To Know About International Shipping?
  12. What Are The Risks Associated With Dropshipping Suppliers In Egypt?
  13. How Can Dropshipping Egypt Merchants Lower Their Risks?
  14. How To Price The Dropshipping Egypt Products?
  15. What Are The Dropshipping Egypt Shipping Fees Strategies?

1. What Is Dropshipping Egypt?

Dropshipping is an online-based business concept that can achieve risk-free profitability.

It doesn’t require a significant investment.

Dropshipping is an online business system wherein the salesperson sells products without having any items in stock.

They don’t need to meet the logistics formalities or customs clearance.

After getting a purchase order from a customer in Egypt, the retail seller just needs to inform the supplier or manufacturer who has the item in stock.

The supplier will deliver the goods in time through a shipping agency to the target destination of Egypt.

Dropshipping Egypt From China
Dropshipping Egypt From China

For example, suppose you are the seller.

But you do not have the items you are going for marketing.

So, you will need to select some dropshipping suppliers in Egypt and contact them to engage in a drop shipping Egypt agreement.

After advertising or marketing the goods, if a customer makes an order for a product, you just need to contact that supplier whose products you are marketing.00

So, getting the order info from you, the dropshipping suppliers in Egypt will do the rest of the transporting process to Egypt through a shipping agency like HART worldwide.

HART is a shipping company that helps the supplier transport goods from the supplier’s stock to the end customer in Egypt.

So, dropshipping from China to Egypt is the middle part of dropshipping suppliers in Egypt to end customers.

2. Is Drop Shipping Egypt Illegal?

No, dropshipping Egypt is not illegal.

Instead, it is very legal in Egypt.

But there are some conditions and rules you might need to follow if you start a dropshipping in Egypt; otherwise, your business can not be effective.

dropshipping suppliers in Egypt generally apply these conditions and rules to the seller.

But different suppliers can have other conditions.

We gather here the necessary conditions to run a dropshipping business.

Such as:

  • For items, you must be the authorized merchant.
  • You must follow the terms of your participation and any regulations that apply to merchants selling things.
  • Don’t price too high.
  • Accepting and managing replacements or returns of your goods is your responsibility.
  • Before exporting the product, all data that a third-party vendor exposes must.

Here is a video link you can know more about dropshipping:

3. Does A Retail Seller of Dropshipping Egypt Need License To Run Business?

Although drop shipping Egypt is a legal online-based business, you don’t need a corporate license to operate the business.

It is a standard procedure, particularly for new sellers; there is not much need to have a license to establish a business online.

Just ensure to use a dropshipping agreement contract to secure business.

But don’t take it so lightly because it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acquire it.

License To Run A Dropshipping Egypt Business
License To Run A Dropshipping Egypt Business

There are many advantages to having a license.

Such as, in dropshipping industry license-based business, is more acceptable by dropshipping suppliers in Egypt.

4. What Are The Process of Dropshipping From China To Egypt?

Dropshipping is a part of the supply chain because dropshipping runs from manufacturing to end customer.

Dropshipping processes must meet the three stages.

Such as:

  • The Manufacturer.
  • The wholesaler or supplier.
  • The Seller or Retailer.
Process of Dropshipping Egypt
Process of Dropshipping Egypt

So the process of drop shipping Egypt is:

  • Finding an eligible supplier from whom a seller can get goods that he wants to sell.
  • Advertise the supplier’s goods on your webpage with your required prices to sell them.
  • Shoppers that make purchases on your website will pay you directly.
  • Forward the orders to your wholesalers or dropshipping suppliers in Egypt.
  • Pay the supplier the original price and keep your profits.
  • The supplier then transports the items by a transportation company to the end customer from China to Egypt.

5. What Items Should I Not Dropshipping Egypt?

One of the most typical misconceptions undertaken by entrepreneurs is selling things randomly.

But the seller needs to know which item should not be dropshipping in Egypt.

The items are:

Items That Are Larger

The weight of dropshipping goods must not be above 4.5 lbs in order to be eligible for the super-fast delivery option.

The product’s largest length cannot surpass 60-70m.

Because larger items require more shipping costs.

Apparel and Footwear

Customers usually take risks when they buy clothes and footwear without trying.

But if a seller does not display their website the actual size or color that can be disappointing for a customer.

So if you are not sure about the goods don’t dropship that.

Items Costing High

Don’t choose goods that cost high to buy if you want to maintain your dropshipping company’s profitability high.

Of course, you can use a point-of-sale payment system, but there are various reasons because offering expensive things isn’t a good idea.

Perishable and Fragile Items

Never sell any perishable item or the items that can be fragile during drop shipping Egypt from China.

A product may appear broken or defective based on the wholesaler’s package condition. Only transport plastic and other non-breakable products if you want to be secure.

Duplicate Goods

It must be self-evident that selling pirated products is a bad combination not only for liability purposes but for your business brand also.

Offering duplicate items, whether you’re making, retailing, or shipping them, is absolutely prohibited.

6. Why Do I Start Dropshipping In Egypt?

As an Egyptian citizen, you can enjoy a lot of benefits that will assist you in establishing a profitable and effective dropshipping business.

Here are the reasons why you can start dropshipping in Egypt:

  • Uninterrupted internet connectivity in Egypt.
  • In Egypt, internationally established payment solutions like PayPal and 2Checkout are available.

They allow you to receive and handle your earned money securely.

Paypal Facility For Dropshipping Egypt
Paypal Facility For Dropshipping Egypt
  • Egypt has a commercial, social, and intellectual atmosphere to establish a dropshipping business.
  • There are no geographical boundaries to maintain dropshipping in Egypt.

7. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping In Egypt?

Dropshipping is a part of an online business in which you must first establish your online store.

Then you need to submit your product details and start attracting customers to all those entries in order to generate prospects and profits for your company.

But there are various pros and cons of dropshipping Egypt.

The pros are:

  • Sellers don’t need to store goods in bulk.
  • No need for a huge investment in dropshipping business.
  • Seller doesn’t need to handle the hassle of manufacturing, packaging, transporting.
  • A fast earning business.
  • You can establish an online store instead of a physical store.
  • If you want to, you can sell to the entire globe.
  • Reduces the risk of a startup flopping.
  • Flexible business.
  • Because huge items are never sold in dropshipping Egypt, a low-cost delivery solution is available.

Cons of dropshipping:

  • Less control on suppliers because the goods are not yours.
  • You can not take steps if the shipping is delayed to deliver.
  • You simply can not afford the packaging with most dropshipping suppliers.
  • Limitation in combining goods from multiple suppliers.
  • Limitations in selling goods of multiple suppliers.
  • Less profit in selling goods.
  • Can’t sell expensive and heavy goods.

8. What Should You Not Do When Dropshipping From China To Egypt?

The dropshipping provider is not really concerned with the feelings of your customers. Customers are the ones who pay you what you deserve by selling goods.

So all will fail if your customers aren’t satisfied.

To completely experience the benefits of dropshipping, you must first understand your duties and the common missteps that can harm your reputation.

So the things you should not do are:

Depend Too Much Only On One Wholesaler Or Supplier

Sometimes your contracted suppliers’ goods can go stock out.

Or other misunderstanding arises due to long-distance communication, as a result, the supplier can’t be able to ship the goods to your customer.

So you need to be ready with a backup.

Depending on only one supplier can cause much harm to your business.

Concern About Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is usually for those who always buy goods from China to Egypt, so you don’t need to be concerned about shipping costs.

Shipping cost is only the concern of the supplier and freight forwarder.

You just focus on your selling.

Marketing Without Researching

Researching about suppliers and their product is mandatory because you can’t check the goods physically so you need to research.

Don’t put the goods on your website for marketing without checking reviews and researching them.

First Do Maket Reaserach And Then Make Decision In Drop Shipping Egypt
First Do Maket Reaserach And Then Make Decision In Drop Shipping Egypt

Tough Access To Know About The Shipping

When you promise your consumers a simple and quick procedure, they’ll want to see confirmation.

Set probable delivery times depending on the location, and ask suppliers to kindly let you know about the order’s progress so you can tell the consumer update.

In this way, if goods are late to arrive, you can keep track of them and resolve them quickly.

Difficulties in Returning

Things might quickly get disorganized if you don’t have a returning system in place.

You and your seller will need to develop a return and refund policy to prevent this.

They may also require information on how to return the goods or where they can return goods.

Putting together a method for this will spare you and your customer a lot of time and frustration.

9. Is Dropshipping Egypt Products Safe And Compliant?

If you’re a seller of dropshipping in Egypt, you might be concerned about unintentionally selling harmful or non-compliant items.

But if you make an agreement with a reliable and trusted dropshipping seller, the products will be safe and compliant.

There is less risk of damaged products.

But there are some essential things that help you to identify them

Such as:

  • Chemicals and heavy metals are present in the products.
  • The products are not properly labeled.

Here are some marks that prove the compliance of items.

Such as:

  • CPSIA Tracking Label
  • CE Mark
  • Textiles Label
  • Country of Origin Label
  • The products that have electrical safety.
  • The products that have proper documentation.

Here is a video link of dropshipping product safety & compliance risks:

10. What Is The Relation Between Dropshipping Egypt And International Shipping?

The activity of transporting a product or object from one location to another is known as shipping.

Dropshipping is when you work with a wholesaler or supplier to pack and ship your items straight to your clients.

So the relation of these two is that they are involved with each other.

To maintain a dropshipping business sellers need to display products on their website where the customer may find their required products.

Understand The Dropshipping Process
Understand The Dropshipping Process

After confirming the order, the seller informs the supplier to send the goods to the customer’s address.

Here is the main connection between shipping and dropshipping because the supplier will hire a shipping company to transport the goods to Egypt.

The shipping company can ship the goods by air or sea transport as the customer asks the seller.

11. What Are The Things Dropshippers In Egypt Need To Know About International Shipping?

Establishing dropshipping from China to Egypt throughout the world has become simple and cheaper because of technological improvements and the Internet.

You may now do dropshipping business from China to Egypt.

Products can be manufactured in China and sent to Egypt.

Here are the things the drop shippers need to know:

Transporter of Goods

Dropshipper will need to work with a shipping company that can accommodate your special shipping needs.

If Dropshipper decides to drop ship, they should think about the dropshipping Egypt vendor’s covering capacity.

They should associate with a supplier who offers international shipping, especially if they supply international delivery.

The following are the considerations to consider while selecting a transportation provider:

  • Shipping Costs
  • Shipping Coverage,
  • Shipping Tracking,
  • Shipping Timeframe,
  • Shipment size,
  • Shipping Policies.

Insurance Policies

Shipping internationally has various risks to ship goods.

The shipping cargo must transit by land, sea, and air transport to reach their final destination in Egypt.

There will always be a risk, such as late deliveries and uncontrollable mistakes, based on the target country.

As a result, it would be essential to obtain insurance that will cover any losses.

The drop shipper must research and analyze the criteria, regulations, and benefits of several insurance providers.

 Cargo Insurance Is Essential For Dropshipping Egypt
Cargo Insurance Is Essential For Dropshipping Egypt

Regulations of Shipping In Egypt

For shipments arriving from outside the country, each country has its own set of rules, certifications, and limits.

The target country like Egypt to which drop shippers need to drop ship your items need to be familiar with import regulations and restrictions.

Time for Delivery

The delivery will differ across countries based on the target country, transport company, and customs requirements.

Dropshipper must consider the time it would take to deliver a product to the customer’s delivery address.

Clearance of Goods At Customs

Dropshipper will have to face the customs costs, which are based primarily on the value of the item and its destination during shipping goods to Egypt.

Taxes such as freight fees, warehousing fees, and other extra expenses must also be considered.

Tracking Shipping

Many international shipping companies provide tracking services for products that will be transported to Egypt.

As a result, drop shippers should think about this while deciding which operator to work with.

Dropshipper can know whether the shipment or item has reached the mailing address once they monitor the deliveries.

Dropshipper will also understand if there are any difficulties or concerns with the shipmen.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to dropship, you must also be familiar with the terms and conditions of the delivery company.

Make sure you understand their refund and replacement terms, payment options, insurance, and warranties.

12. What Are The Risks Associated With Dropshipping Suppliers In Egypt?

The suppliers have a significant role in the success of your dropshipping business.

But confusion about suppliers whether they are trustworthy or not is one of the biggest risks of dropshipping Egypt.

Here are the risks related to the suppliers:

  • The supplier can delay shipping.
  • Supplying the defective goods to the customer.
  • No returning policy
  • More than market pricing.
Customers And Suppliers Are Involved Each Other
Customers And Suppliers Are Involved Each Other

But if you be careful, you can identify the fishy suppliers with some signs.

Such as:

A Website of Poor Quality

If suppliers aren’t renowned for maintaining professional websites, it will not be right to deal with this supplier.

If the website doesn’t contain the supplier’s contact information it won’t be appropriate.

Ignoring To Enter Into A Written Agreement

Agreements aid in assuring that all participants follow up on their commitments.

You should complete one to secure your interests in the event of any misunderstandings or disagreements.

Never conduct a deal with a supplier that refuses to negotiate a legally enforceable contract.

13. How Can Dropshipping Egypt Merchants Lower Their Risks?

As we above mentioned that dropshipping has some risks, but don’t need to be afraid because there are some ways also by which you can reduce the risks.

The ways are:

  • Fresh drop shippers should deal with a distributor who has a record of success in quick shipment.
  • A startup drop shipper must target a certain sector and sell specific goods to a limited but committed customer.
  • A new drop shipper can fast engage customers and make revenue by emphasizing a niche.
  • Studying the competitors is the greatest approach for a drop shipper to decrease risk.

But that is not to say that a drop shipper should just duplicate a rival’s business; rather, look at what they are doing well and what you could do greater.

  • It’s essential for a drop shipper to provide great customer service.

That involves providing communication info on the internet that is easily available.

You must be able to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours as a business person.

  • Finding reliable credit card payments is the greatest recommendation for avoiding dispute threats in your business.

This is attributed to the reason that several dangers arise during the transaction procedure.

14. How To Price The Dropshipping Egypt Products?

Dropshipping product pricing may appear complicated at first, but it’s actually rather easy if you understand the methods and have established some eCommerce KPIs.

The methods are:

  • First and foremost, you need to realize that the suitable dropshipping margin will vary based on the products you offer.
  • You can’t just choose a number and apply it to all of your items.
  • To reach the same total financial value, you’ll need to sell a lot more products.
  • To get as much out of every transaction, pricing must be product-specific.
  • Ensure that you have enough profit to cover the expenses of promoting.
Dropshipping Egypt Pricing
Dropshipping Egypt Pricing

15. What Are The Dropshipping Egypt Shipping Fees Strategies?

Regardless of the fact that drop shipping companies do not deliver their own items, their wholesalers frequently bill customers’ shipping costs.

But drop shipping Egypt companies can use various strategies to deal with shipping costs.

Such as:

  • Dropshipper can offer free shipping and the costs will be deducted from their profits from what they will earn by selling the goods.
  • Charge a low fixed delivery rate and raise the price of the items slightly.
  • Provide free delivery and raise the costs of the goods.
  • Passing on the actual shipping cost to the purchaser.
  • Impose a fixed delivery fee on the consumer.

What you are going to offer to your customer, just let the supplier know and the supplier will inform the shipping agency like HART about the proposed shipping strategies.

Final Words

Dropshipping has created a different era in the modern trade world.

As dropshipping Egypt is the latest idea in the e-commerce business, the new seller needs guidelines to follow.

Therefore, we established the whole FAQ guide with the details of dropshipping Egypt.

HART is here to provide the best support to the dropshipping suppliers by shipping the goods to the end customer.

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