Hart Logistics is the best freight forwarder in Egypt. For shipping from China to Egypt, we provide the cheapest costs. Hart Logistics has a staff of researchers who study and hence take measures in Egypt’s customs laws. We offer valuable input into the market with this expertise.

For traders in Egypt from China or elsewhere in the globe, customs policy is hard. Freight forwarder Egypt must have thorough control over customs, value-added tax, and tax law. We only work with Egypt’s Customs through a different staff. Egyptian customs rules are continuously monitored and notified when amendments or additions are made. We are among one of the best shipping agents from China to Egypt.

The contracts have been completed with Egypt for all Chinese naval companies and shipbuilding companies. MSC, Evergreen, Maersk, CMA-CGM, Yang, PIL, OOCL, and many more TK, ET, QR, EK, CX. We can deliver good cheap charges in China through our agreements with the leading Chinese shipping companies in Egypt. These agreements have provided us with additional freedom for shipping entities from China to Egypt. Hart works with all the best shipping agents from China to Egypt.

To give the maximum service to our Egyptian consumers, we have standardized our delivery process. Our own software develops and updates the automated system in order to ensure that your things and orders may be tracked without having to visit us. To get in touch with cheap shipping companies from China to Egypt, contact us.

We are one of the leading shipping agencies in Egypt in China nowadays.

Our Services for Shipping from China to Egypt


Air Freight

We provide inexpensive air transport from China to Egypt We also provide our Egyptian air freight customs clearing services.


FCL Shipping

With extra customs processing and local delivery, we offer FCL shipping services from China to Egypt at reasonable prices.


LCL Shipping

For Egyptian traders, we provide amazing container cargo pricing. Customs clearance and local delivery are also provided in Egypt.


Door to Door Shipping

We will obtain and send the items to your selected spot by the Chinese supplier. Its door-to-door service is popular for our transfers between Egyptian customers.


Express Services

Internal processes are formed and maintained with essential express delivery firms such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT.


Customs Clearance

We assure a straightforward delivery of your things with our distinguishing professional personnel operating in Egypt.



In both China and Egypt, we have our warehouse. We can also offer better links to ports in Egypt. Let us know your requirements.


Pickup & Delivery

We have skilled collectors and suppliers in Egypt and China to collect and provide your goods. For a free offer, contact us. Call us, now.



In Egypt, we have our own branch to satisfy Jumia. We collect and deliver your items at the Jumia warehouse to your Chinese provider.

Why Choose Hart to Ship From China to Egypt


The market segment is pretty well understood. We also seek to lower delivery costs and provide client support for processes and standards. We offer the most basic service for you. You will get the best shipping experience with us.

Cheap Shipping Rate

We can offer the finest competitive pricing by concluding deals with large enterprises from China to Egypt. We also pledge lower operating expenses with our enhanced working approach and efficiency.


In order to swiftly satisfy your request and guarantee the quality of our services, we have standardized your approach towards service, logistic solutions, and cargo handling. Standardization is our main priority.


A successful freight carrier operates automation. With our own development personnel, we have established a robust software system. For our consumers day and night, staff create new services.

Full Self-control

We never lose possession of your shipment as a prominent Chinese forwarder in Egypt. At each node, we have a dedicated guy to watch and notify us whether action is required. Speak to us, and we’re going to provide it to you.

Custom Clearance Service

We think differently than everyone else about the customs of Egypt. We guarantee that you obtain the things as fast as possible and pay nothing more with our Egyptian customs experience. Compliance with customs law is one of our major competencies.

Wide Coverage

In more than 20 countries throughout the world, we have branches. In Germany, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, there are also additional stores in Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Poland, etc.

Highly Trained Team

The cargo industry is developing constantly. We prepare our team, regardless of the situation, for the finest possible service. For our staff dealing with Egypt, we also take monthly training classes.


The key to offering the greatest service is professionalism. In every field in the whole shipping procedure from China to Egypt, we maintain the highest professional level so that you may swiftly obtain your cargo.

Check How We Help You Ship from China to Egypt


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from China to Egypt


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

In line with the Foreign Commercial Laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, each Egyptian freight supplier in China should hold its certificate. If you are looking for a hassle-free transaction, let us know your demands.



NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Egypt’s NVOCC licensed forwarder has several benefits compared to non-NVOCC, for instance with its own lading bill. On account of particular conditions, the Chinese government awarded this accreditation.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

For any forwarder in Egypt, ISO is a must-have certificate. This certificate reduces the danger of corruption and fraud, errors, and mishandling. With Egypt’s consumers, we never have had a problem.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

WCA is the leading freight forwarding group. It administers its members’ economic securities. We are a proud member and in Egypt, we have delivered excellent service. These certificates increase our reputation in the freight market.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

This initiative was launched by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. For all freight forwarders, from large to small, it supports a healthy commercial position. HART is an exceptional CIFA member of this national association.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA is a Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau recognized social institution having legal personality. SIFFA aims at guiding, protecting, and coordinating the interchange, coordination, and growth of international freight forwarding partners.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Egypt Freight Forwarder | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Chinese shipments to Egypt have risen in recent days more than before.

That’s not only cost-saving but trouble-free for Egypt freight forwarders to aid the shipping.

Moreover, the ultimate shipping operators from China to Egypt have a number of concerns, ideas, and tags.

This thread is meant to take you from China to Egypt to the greatest shipping businesses.

Let’s thus begin the review of freight forwarders in Egypt.

Table Of Contents

  1. What Is A Freight Forwarder In Shipping?
  2. What Are The Duties Of A Freight Forwarder?
  3. When To Use A Egypt Freight Forwarder?
  4. Is FedEx Considered A Freight Forwarder?
  5. How To Manage A Freight Forwarder?
  6. What Are The Documents Required For Egypt Freight Forwarding?
  7. How Much Does Egypt Freight Forwarding Cost?
  8. What Is The Difference Between Logistics And Freight Forwarding?
  9. What Is The Difference Between Freight Forwarders And Customs Brokers?
  10. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Be The Exporter Of Record?
  11. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Be The Importer Of Record?
  12. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Issue Bill Of Lading?
  13. Should I Use A Egypt Freight Forwarder Or Freight Forwarder In China When Shipping From China To Egypt?
  14. How Do I Find A Good Egypt Freight Forwarder?
  15. Who Are The Top 20 Egypt Freight Forwarders?

1. What Is A Freight Forwarder In Shipping?

The freight forwarders are acting as intermediaries between the shipping firm and the client.

While not carrying out the cargo itself, they provide numerous means of transport, including maritime freight, rail freight, road, and air freight transportation.

Freight Forwarders
Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders utilize their reliable relations with airline and trucking firms’ partners to reach intercontinental networks to achieve the best feasible pricing.

This might be through routine frequent flights or all-important charter on the fixed trade routes.

The majority of transporters for freight are AEO – authorized economic operators.

This enabled them to benefit from expedited customs clearances, in particular from delayed payment of import tariffs and levies that could otherwise need payment before products are discharged.

Information normally examined by the forwarding agent comprises a commercial invoice, an export statement of the shipper, a lading bill, and other necessary documents by a carrier or exporting, import, or transshipment countries.

2. What Are The Duties Of A Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder’s primary job is to guarantee that the passage to the destination from the collecting location is safe.

To accomplish this transaction, a freight forwarding agent prepares documentation and reserves space aboard a carrier ship.

Tasks of the freight forwarding agency –

Packaging of your shipment

In the packing of packages, most carriers offer assistance.

Compact packing for your cargo might save you a great deal of money.

Shipment schedule

Your freight forwarders will also manage the optimal way and plan to transport your products.

They can have their own ships or do it via other shipping firms depending on the route and space on a ship.

Duties of A Freight Forwarder
Duties of A Freight Forwarder

Documents preparation

They must ensure that all important documents including the bill for lading, commercial bills, and other shipping documents are maintained.

All the data necessary must be sent to your freight forwarding agent in due time and the rest will be taken care of by them.


You may require storage facilities for your goods in both import and exporting countries.

Cargo forwarders often offer to warehouse your package both domestically and internationally.

Transportation insurance

To keep your cargo secure and safe while transport from large distances, your cargo has to be insured.

The best shipping agents from China to Egypt offer protection for your goods to ensure that your carriage from all over the world is secure.

See this video for further information on the duties of cargo traders –

3. When To Use A Egypt Freight Forwarder?

And it is not always only financial, it saves time and may also be shipped securely with the best freight forwarder in Egypt.

The best shipping agents from China to Egypt can assist you to select the finest shipping companies from China to Egypt.

  • Chinese freight transporters to Egypt can give you the least available market shipping costs since they have a connection with significant corporations.
  • When shipping from China to Egypt with the best freight forwarder in Egypt, a number of documents are required.

It might take time to prepare this documentation and be an issue for you.

Chinese-Egypt shipping services can help you with your shipment documents.

In fact, you might be supported to a great extent by the best shipping agents from China to Egypt in shipments.

  • You could save a lot from proper packaging dependent on the box size.
  • In addition, the best freight forwarder in Egypt also provides China-Egypt storage facilities.

So, if you need to store your cargo, you must choose them.

  • Chinese to Egypt cargo firms ensure that your shipment will be safer and safer.
  • A large percentage also offer door-to-door shipments from China to Egypt.

So, considering these perks, you might end up selecting a freight shipping agent from China to Egypt.

To get access to cheap shipping companies from China to Egypt please count HART worldwide logistics.

4. Is FedEx Considered A Freight Forwarder?

Yes, FedEx might be your shipping forwarder worldwide.

FedEx provides corporate international freight forwarding services.

FedEx is the world’s most important freight transmission solution for worldwide freight transportation, transport surveillance, and customs-related performance.

FedEx transport provides express safe, convenient, flexible door-to-door deliveries.

FedEx Freight Forwarder
FedEx Freight Forwarder

It makes it easier to reach the goods via air, sea, rail and road transport.

Cargo insurance for the travel of your product in most locations is also guaranteed in FedEx freight shipping.

5. How To Manage A Freight Forwarder?

Although the forwarder from Egypt is a global trade specialist, it must be done properly.

In fact, the cost and the transit duration are not only lowered when you manage shipping agents from China to Egypt but also efficiently.

You must follow the suggestions below for the long-term management of a freight forwarder.

  • Try to keep your shipments to guarantee that cargo space is accessible as soon as feasible.

This might also allow the leading shipping companies to reach a low shipping price from China to Egypt.

  • Give your shipment precise and authentic facts about the product and size.

False shipping information might lead to a number of problems in getting your items immediately.
Proper information makes it easier and faster for your cargo consignors to process the cargo paperwork.

  • Maintain accurate contact with your freight forwarders and be specific on the quantity and method of payment for your cargo.

It may not be a sensible notion to jump between numerous carriers.

  • Try to maintain a strong connection to your cargo agent to get long-term rewards.

You need to focus on these aspects in order to operate a cargo forwarding agent efficiently.

See the video for further freight forwarding information –

6. What Are The Documents Required For Egypt Freight Forwarding?

This is a list of documents required for the shipment of freight in Egypt –

  • L/C letter
  • Air waybill or bill of lading
  • Certificate of the country of origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Export statement letter from the shipper declaration
  • Duty clearance from both Egypt and the destination port
  • Package List
  • Inspection letter
  • Material safety data sheet approval
Material Safety Data Sheet Certification
Material Safety Data Sheet Certification

7. How Much Does Egypt Freight Forwarding Cost?

It is fairly difficult to state the true price for shipping from China to Egypt.

The charges depend on the kind of cargo because the cost of the cargo depends on so many aspects.

Costs for freight shipment also vary to the kind, size, amount, and other characteristics of the goods.

Air cargo costs, for example, are about $5.5 – $6, per kilogram package from China to Egypt.

Shipments of FCL to Egypt from China cost around $679.25 – $750.75 and a total container of around 20 feet.

There are some cheap shipping companies from China to Egypt that can help you with economical shipping.

Hart works with mostly cheap shipping companies from China to Egypt to get you the best prices.

8. What Is The Difference Between Logistics And Freight Forwarding?

Transport tools required for shipping are owned by Logistics Services.

When you ship from China to Egypt there is nobody amongst you and the logistics business.

They give all the facilities themselves and are not dependent on others.

On the contrary, the freight transport agency is an essential part of the logistical system.

You will receive the necessary assistance and supply businesses.

All the other equivalent services, such as packaging, customs clearance, taxes, and import charges are provided by a freight forwarding agency.

One of China’s leading shipping firms to Egypt, HART Worldwide Logistics, might help you with these alternatives.

9. What Is The Difference Between Freight Forwarders And Customs Brokers?

Forwarding agencies are offering all the services involving freight reservations, cargo packing, customs clearing, etc.

Customs brokers only deal with both incoming and outgoing consignments in customs handling.

10. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Be The Exporter Of Record?

Yes, a forwarder in Egypt can be a document exporter.

Nevertheless, for many freight forwarders, there is no possibility to be a record exporter.

A freight forwarding company will necessitate an export authorization and other tight trade restrictions when becoming a record exporting company.

11. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Be The Importer Of Record?

Yes, a forwarder of Egypt can be a record importer.

But they will not be the buyer in such a circumstance.

The package owner stays the eventual recipient.

12. Can A Freight Forwarder Egypt Issue Bill Of Lading?

Yes, Egyptian carriers can issue a bill of lading on behalf of the buyer.

In order to produce a lading letter relying on infrastructure and technology, a carrier requires additional authorization.

HART Worldwide Logistics, the largest shipping company, is able to provide a bill of lading from China to Egypt.

13. Should I Use A Egypt Freight Forwarder Or Freight Forwarder In China When Shipping From China To Egypt?

Before choosing a freight forwarder, you need to study the advantages and drawbacks of the forwarder.

In some cases, Egypt freight forwarder will be appropriate, especially when –

  • Customs compliance is needed in Egyptian customs
  • Inland transportation in Egypt

            In the contrast, China freight forwarder could be the appropriate one when –

  • Customs compliance is needed in Chinese customs
  • Preparing paperwork for shipment from China

So, you need to be vigilant about which one is appropriate for you.

14. How Do I Find A Good Egypt Freight Forwarder?

To find credible Egypt freight forwarders, you need to check the following details –

  • Freight forwarding agencies’ market experience
  • If your company employees have shipping expertise
  • And if they exhibit established customs compliance
  • If they possess tracking systems
  • If they work with large shipping enterprises
  • If they provide great services in a timely manner

Freight forwarding agencies may be considered as dependable transport agents from China to Egypt after analyzing these criteria.

15. Who Are The Top 20 Egypt Freight Forwarders?

If you are searching for one of the greatest shipping agencies from China to Egypt, you are at the correct place.

Whether you are looking for transporters in Cairo or other city shipments in Egypt, these leading lists will undoubtedly be handy for your next freight.

From China to Egypt there are a number of well-known shipping firms.

A few are mentioned below –


ADVANCED LOGISTIC is a leader in Egypt and believes that by giving you its many services, they can make a difference for the organization.

The following categories apply to their services:

  • Air / sea / domestic cargo
  • Consolidation
  • Customs clearance for Air / Ocean
  • Services of Cargo Insurance
  • Tariff storage
  • Services Door-to-Door
  • Houseware and personal effects.
  • Door-to-door, port-to-door, or port-to-port services

Location: 5 Ramses Extension Tower A, Cairo, EGYPT, 11538, Egypt

Advanced Logistic
Advanced Logistic

2. Flying Pharaoh Logistics Company

Flying Pharaoh Logistics Company operates for both large and small customers in the shipment and logistics industry. Flying Pharaoh Logistics experienced teams can discover unique, professional solutions that ensure the break-down volume and safe cargo, ranging from dry cargo to reefer containers to project cargo specialists.
Location: 1st district bad. # 16, 800 M. area, 1st district, Obour City, Cairo, Egypt

Flying Pharaoh Logistics Company
Flying Pharaoh Logistics Company


MYCS, established in Morocco and Egypt, is a transport and logistics firm. They are consistently developing with their clients in many business sectors through offices in Casablanca, Casablanca Airport (CMN), Mohammedia, Tangier, and Cairo.

MYCS offers individual solutions to and from anywhere across the world that keep the shipper or consignor updated at every step of the cargo. They are able to provide affordable prices for air, sea, road, or customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution through our international network of partners.
Location: 3/1 Shawky Abdel Monim, Elnasr St., New , Cairo, Egypt


4. 3 M Logistics Co

3 M Logistics Co is one of Egypt’s largest freight forwarders. Its staff have long expertise in the shipping sector and are highly suited to meet customers’ import and export requirements for aviation, maritime, road, clearing, and charter flights. Its aim is to serve each and every customer with a trustworthy and individualized service that satisfies all their freight demands.
Location: 154 Gesser El Suez , El Zaytoun, Cairo, Egypt

3 M Logistics Co
3 M Logistics Co

5.  3N For Cargo Services & Customs Clearance

Their services

– Airfreight export & import

– Ocean Freight Export & Import

– Formalities for customs clearance

– Transportation inland & multimedia

– “Air freight & Sea Freight” consolidation

Service door to door

– DGR transportation handling
Location: 81 Al-Fath Building, Flat No 2, Nasr City-Seven Edition, Cairo, 11471

3N For Cargo Services & Customs Clearance
3N For Cargo Services & Customs Clearance

6.  A.B.S Courier & Freight Systems Egypt

They offer

  • Local and international courier services (import-export).
  • Air transport.
  • Maritime cargo (FCLLCL).
  • Homeland goods.
  • Trailers for trucks.
  • Clearance of customs.
    Location: 59 Misr Helwan Road, Maadi, Cairo, 12567
A.B.S Courier & Freight Systems Egypt
A.B.S Courier & Freight Systems Egypt

7. A.M Cargo

Founded in 2003, A-M Cargo Ltd. It has since become one of Egypt’s most potential freight forwarding firms, organizing cargo by sea, air, or land.

A-M Cargo delivers top-class professional services to freight and commodities owners who want to avoid the import and export logistical problems and focus on developing their products.

Location:  21 Amin Fekry Street, Raml Station, In front of Kaed Ibrahim Alexandria, Egypt

A.M Cargo
A.M Cargo


A & S LOGISTICS is one of Egypt’s major international transport and logistics specialty organizations.

With their team of highly specialized specialists and a worldwide network of agents, A&S logistics provides you with everything you need to carry your cargo, to transport your cargo by air, land, and sea, wherever in the globe to find the best available solutions.
Location: 9 Elnasr St Buildingan Sheraton El Mattar C, Cairo, Egypt, 11361


9.  ABF Logistics Services

ABF is an Egyptian reputable transport and logistics firm.

You will find answers to your cargo in West Africa with our innovative logistics solutions.


Location: 25000, Talaat , Harb St, Alexandria, +20 , Egypt

ABF Logistics Services
ABF Logistics Services

10. Advanced Logistics Services Egypt

Due to their long-term value, quality is their greatest business strategy to build the base and profit of the clients. In the sector of logistics, they consistently focus on selling their firm excellent service from day one.

They are delighted to provide their business and services in a few paragraphs to the official ALS Advanced Logistics Services website, but it is profound and authentic, and not promotive.

Location: 3 Watnyiah Bldg., Sefarat District, Nasr, Cairo, Egypt, 11501

Advanced Logistics Services Egypt
Advanced Logistics Services Egypt

11. Al Anwar Cargo Systems

Their standard and tailored solutions are of the highest grade – whether it for shipments in town or over the globe – for your company in the sphere of domestic and international freight. ACS is the appropriate partner for you.
Location: 74 Saqr Qurish, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo

Al Anwar Cargo Systems
Al Anwar Cargo Systems

12. Alhoda Freight International

Alhoda Freight International is an Egyptian freight forwarder.

They are one of the world’s major transporters – Ocean & Air with an experienced team of professionals. Their agents/customers receive a wide range of services in the following:

  • Import and Export of Sea
  • Custom brokerage air export and import
  • Hand Free (for free without any fees)
  • Shipments of our own lorries and trailers DAP / DDP

Location: 7 Misr El Tamer Buildings, 1st Zone, In front of RADISSON Hotel, Sheraton, Cairo, 11361

Alhoda Freight International
Alhoda Freight International

13. Blue Lan Logistics

Their services include:

  • Cargo Ferries
  • Maritime cargo
  • Domestic and international relocation
  • Special exhibitions and events
  • Transportation
  • The clearance of customs.
  • Insurance for freight
  • Stocking & Storage
  • Consulting services for logistics

Location: 9 El Nasr St, Sheraton, Cairo, 11361

Blue Lan Logistics
Blue Lan Logistics

14. Breccia International Logistics

The firm helps you load, transport, clearing & shipping your goods. They have excellent ties with all the airlines and carriers that allow us to give their customers the finest services, rates, handling, and follow-up after sailing. The integrated services of the organization monitor shipments to their destination from the start.

Location: City towers compound, Waha District, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Breccia International Logistics
Breccia International Logistics

15. Cargo Trans Egypt

They are prepared to according to their lorry experience:

  • Ship any goods as soon as the goods are received
  • Pick up your shipment and the goods that are imported or exported
  • They have prepared themselves for all sorts of shipments with experience and equipment
  • The competitive stance of Cargo Trans
  • Provides the structure of competitive rate.
  • At all times, personal customer attention.
  • The reputation in the shipping sector in Egypt is excellent.
    Location: 16, El-Eskandar Al-Akbar, Alexandria, Al-Azarita, 21526, Egypt
Cargo Trans Egypt
Cargo Trans Egypt

16. Carisma Logistics

The logistics of Carisma have been made more stable by the fact that there is a high degree of flexibility with the use of a logic solution range. The exception of the Carisma logistics allows Carisma to compete strongly in the Egyptian market.
Location:  2 El Obour Buildings, Salah Salem, Helio, Cairo, Egypt, 11811


Carisma Logistics
Carisma Logistics

17. CSC Warehouses

Founded in 1993, CSC has become the largest, 300,000 m2 dry port operator. It provides storage in limited locations, such as closed and open storage facilities. It provides storage in chilled and frozen storage units among non-limited spaces.
Location: 5th Industrial Zon, Giza, Egypt

CSC Warehouses
CSC Warehouses

18. Dallas for Trading & Clearing Co

They offer entire logistics services from door to door on one roof to avoid dealing with a large number of freight parties so that you can focus on your main business activities. They have an office network in all the major ports in Egypt, such as Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said, Suez, and Sokhna Port, and a robust network of global partners and agents representing them to satisfy their valued clients’ door-to-door requirements.
Location:  106 – Musaddak Street, from Sudan Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt, 12363

Dallas for Trading & Clearing Co
Dallas for Trading & Clearing Co

19. East International Freight Forwarders

For all your shipping needs, EAST is a comprehensive logistics service provider of 360. Their international network of agencies combined with their international freight forwarding expertise (Air, Sea, and Land), customs clearance and brokerage services, security clearance guidance and government permits, and then re-export and settlement of temporary services, make them unique in their position to address all kind of logistical solutions.
Location: 6, El Mosheir Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton Heliopolis, 4th Floor, App. 403, Cairo, Egypt, 11799 CAIRO

PO Box 56, Rodet Sheraton, Sheraton Heliopolis – Cairo, Egypt

East International Freight Forwarders
East International Freight Forwarders

20. Green Line Warehousing and Cargo Services

Green Line Logistics was established in 1973 and formed many years of shipping expertise through the sky, oceans, and lands worldwide. As pioneers in the field of international carriers and logistics, we know the time and care required to deliver your goods.
Location: 10 Ahmed Hosny st. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, 11765

Holstenwall 10, 20355 Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg, Germany

Green Line Warehousing and Cargo Services
Green Line Warehousing and Cargo Services

Final Words

A freight forwarder is a perfect partner for transporting from China to Egypt.

They provide a cheap shipping service and the necessary documents.

When selecting freight forwarders it is important to be aware of all the norms because an incorrect decision may be a problem for you.

However, you may simply end your delivery on time and, of course, at a lower cost if you decide among the major shipping firms from China to Egypt.

Hart Worldwide Logistics is one of the leading shipping agencies for low transport rates and yet quality shipping from China to Egypt.

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