HART can satisfy all your import export freight forwarding needs providing export forwarding agent, customs clearance, and all other shipping facilities. You can ship from anywhere to anywhere through our expert export forwarder.

We have experienced and dedicated teams of workers in all the sectors who can keep you updated on the latest market happenings and international customs policies. All our departments are knowledgeable about the new and improved operational principles.

Your shipments will be damage-free and risk-free during transport, thanks to our workers that ensure maximum security in China and several other countries worldwide.

Our agreements with the top international airline and shipping organizations has made it possible for us to offer you the cheapest shipping services without hampering our services. You will always get adequate spaces for your cargo no matter what you ship.

Companies like OOCL, ET, Yang Ming, TK, PIL, EK, Evergreen, QR, COSCO, CX, CMA-CGM, AY, MSC, CA, Maersk, CZ, and others are in agreement with us which enable us to provide you world-class services at competitive rate.

HART Worldwide Logistics also has our own developed in-house logistics system that tracks your orders, operates, and monitors everything online without relying on any person.

This standardization and systematization ensure uninterrupted, safe, and reliable forwarding export import services worldwide.

Our Services For Export Import Forwarder


Air Freight

HART can provide air freight services to or from China at an affordable shipping rate. Additionally, you can get customs clearance and door to door delivery to your doorstep.


Sea Freight

Sea freight from China to everywhere or vice versa is available from HART. We also provide export clearing and forwarding agents and collect and drop your goods at their destination.


Rail Freight

We will provide rail freight services to every location that allows rail freight services from China or otherwise. You can also get clearance services, pickup and delivery at low costs.


Door to Door Shipping

Door to door shipping from the supplier’s location to your location is available at HART. Give us the addresses of both parties and we will handle the rest without any hassle.


Express Service

We provide freight exporters with express services as well. Our agreements with the top international express companies allow us to offer you lower prices and maximum space.


Customs Clearance

Clearance in the port of origin and in the port of destination is provided by us. Our expert teams are always up to date about the latest policies and can provide error-free services.



You can get warehouse services in China and in several other countries worldwide. You can keep your goods safe for a long term or short term according to your requirements.


Pickup & Delivery

Our company has its own inland transportation services to provide you pickup and delivery services from the exporter’s location to yours. This saves your costs and reduces risk.



You can do e-commerce shipping like FBA or FBJ shipping from China to Amazon or Jumia.


Consolidated Shipping

We consolidate your orders from various suppliers and deliver them all together safely to your destination. This ensures hassle-free and risk-free delivery of goods in expected time.


Why Choose HART For Export Freight Forwarder


Our focus, knowledge, and expertise can satisfy all your shipping requirements without failing in any point of transportation. You can rest assured of giving us the responsibility.

Cheap Shipping Rate

The agreements we have with the international logistics ensure we can guarantee you the cheapest rate possible without affecting our efficiency and working procedures.



We maintain standardized working in all our shipping procedures. Our cargo handling, assembly, and every other sector is well developed which never lacks professionalism.



We have online monitoring and tracking facilities of our goods which means the process is not dependent on anyone hence the services are uninterrupted and fully controlled.


Full Self-control

Every point of freight forwarding is fully controlled by our in-house software system. Your cargoes are always tracked and monitored and assured safety during transportation.

Custom Clearance Service

Our customs clearance team is experienced and updated about the new customs policies worldwide. Along with the help of international customs brokers we ensure safe clearance.

Wide Coverage

We have branches and warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities. Warehouses in the UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and in several African countries.

Highly Trained Team

Our employee training is particularly important to us. We know a well-trained team can provide customers with better services and prompt customer service replies to your queries.



HART maintains professionalism in all its working sectors. On-time replies, fast freight forwarding services, and real-time tracking ensure the best performance in freight forwarding.

Check How We Help You Export Freight Forwarder


Qualifications And Honor For Export Freight Forwarder


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

<Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> and < Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency> This is implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, for international freight forwarding business that all international freight forwarders in China must have the certificates


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The Ministry of Transportation of China requests registration with NVOCC. It requires a special request to obtain; most international freight forwarders do not get it in China. It has much higher requirements than an ordinary freight forwarder. NVOCC gives better opportunities in booking and shipping, and one can issue its bills of lading which can help you better control the goods.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

International quality management system is there to assure impeccable performance experience for the customers. They ensure that the customer gets flawless service and with no misunderstanding. Our main motto is to give our customers quality service at an affordable price. This certificate is the proof of our uninterrupted communication and ensures reliable customer care service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders is World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA). And HART Worldwide is a member of it. Thus we are automatically protected by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry, which allows us to conduct business with other WCA members with complete security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

China International Freight Forwarders Association, CIFA is a national social organization in China’s international freight forwarding industry. China’s Ministry of Commerce guides it. The mission of CIFA is to strengthen industry self-discipline and coordination management and create a fair competition market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA or Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is a social organization with legal officials approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. The mission of SIFFA is to guide, protect and coordinate the members to exchange information, coordinate relations, enhance cooperation, and member interests to promote the international freight forwarding industry.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Export Freight Forwarder | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


An export freight forwarder comes forward when a business or individual export goods from one country to another.

A forwarder export or an export forwarding agent helps arrange shipments and other shipping procedures on behalf of the business.

They take charge so that the process goes on without hassle and the cargo reaches its destination without interruption.

This FAQ guide discusses everything related to forwarding export import so that you make the right decisions.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Export Freight Forwarder In Shipping?
  2. What Are The Duties Of A Forwarder Export?
  3. Why Use Export Forwarding Agent?
  4. Is UPS An Export Forwarder?
  5. What Are Tips For Working With A Forwarding Export Import Company?
  6. What Documents Are Needed For Import Export Freight Forwarding?
  7. How Much Does Export Clearing And Forwarding Agents Cost?
  8. What Is The Difference Between Freight Exporters And Logistics?
  9. What Is The Difference Between Export Freight Forwarder And Customs Clearing Agents?
  10. Can A Forwarder Export Be A Shipper?
  11. Can An Export Forwarding Agent Be Importer Of Record?
  12. Can A Forwarding Export Import Company Issue Bill Of Lading?
  13. Do I Need Freight Exporters For Amazon FBA?
  14. What Makes A Good Forwarding Export Import Company?
  15. Who Are The Top 20 Export Freight Forwarder?

1. What Is Export Freight Forwarder In Shipping?

An export freight forwarder is a company that takes care of the shipping process when the goods are transported from one country to another, particularly for business purposes.

The forwarder export can take full responsibility for the cargo, from picking up the goods from the supplier’s warehouse to dropping them off at their final destination.

The export forwarding agent can handle logistics, packaging, loading, and unloading of the cargo, customs clearance, and other freight actions.

HART Worldwide Logistics is one of the most reliable names for import export freight forwarding.

We provide import/export clearing and forwarding agents, and you can ship via sea freight, air freight, rail freight, door to door, express shipping, etc.

You can also get inland transportation, customer care service, and other freight-related facilities.

Export Freight Forwarder
Export Freight Forwarder

2. What Are The Duties Of A Forwarder Export?

Forwarder export has an extensive amount of responsibilities when it comes to shipping by export freight forwarder.

They offer several types of services from which you can choose according to your preference and budget.

Here are some duties that are covered by a forwarder export or an export forwarding agent-

Cargo Pickup

A forwarder export has the authority and workforce to pick up the goods from the supplier’s warehouse.

No matter how big or small your cargo is, your export forwarder can take care of it.

Using their personal transport, goods can be picked up from the origin by export freight forwarder.


The export freight forwarder can pack the goods according to their type.

Every good needs different kinds of packaging for maximum protection and to reduce the chances of damage.


The warehouse is among many duties that an export freight forwarder handles.

You can store any cargo load of any type in their warehouses.

A reputed export freight forwarder will have warehouse space in several places worldwide to accommodate your goods on a long or short-term basis.

Apart from these, freight exporters can also assist you with export clearing and forwarding agents, cargo assembly services, cargo loading, and unloading, etc.

To learn more about what duties a forwarder export provides, you can watch this YouTube video-

3. Why Use Export Forwarding Agent?

An export forwarding agent minimizes a lot of work for the parties who are dealing with commodities.

As an exporter or importer, you have to deal with a lot of work relating to your business and during the confirmation of the purchase.

An export forwarding agent comes forward to take care of any shipping formalities, and they can also help you with clearing customs, inland transportation, etc.

Additionally, an export freight forwarder can also handle sensitive items, dangerous goods, and bulky cargo and will also offer shipping containers and methods that best suit your shipment.

You can choose from FCL and LCL shipping in rail freight and sea freight.

Express shipping can be used for essential items, documents, etc.

Air freight shipping is also available for fast and secured shipping from one country to another.

Forwarder Export Duties
Forwarder Export Duties

4. Is UPS An Export Forwarder?

Yes, UPS is an export forwarder.

UPS is among the best export freight forwarder companies that are exceptionally known for providing express shipping services.

However, UPS can also provide other freight forwarding methods depending on your cargo load and budget preferences.

Additionally, UPS can offer export clearing and forwarding agents, inland transportation, door to door delivery, and other miscellaneous freight forwarding services.

5. What Are Tips For Working With A Forwarding Export Import Company?

You have to do some background research before you start working with your forwarding export import company.

There are numerous freight exporters offering similar services within the same budget.

However, not every company can be trusted.

Since you will be handling your precious commodities to the freight exporters, you need to make sure they can handle the responsibility.

An export freight forwarder must have the necessary certificates and expertise to carry out international forwarding export import.

Additionally, your company must fulfill your needs and take care of whatever services you want from them.

No matter your cargo type and quantity, a reliable export freight forwarder can handle all types of goods.

Look for a company with a prominent social media presence, a functional website, good customer care service, an office in standard locations, and qualifications to satisfy your demands.

6. What Documents Are Needed For Import Export Freight Forwarding?

Documentation is an essential part of export freight forwarder.

Without these, your cargo can not enter or exit international borders.

Every country around the world has some rules and regulations to follow, and some countries even require additional paperwork for certain goods.

Regardless of what you ship, the documents must be error-free so that your parcel can successfully clear the customs procedures.

HART Worldwide Logistics ensures you get the perfect documentation for hassle-free forwarder export services.

Our experts are aware of the international customs policies, which ensure error-free paperwork.

Here is a list of some of the documents-

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Sea/ Air/ Rail Waybill
  • Insurance
  • Letter Of Credit
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction
  • Import/ Export Declaration
  • Dangerous Goods Form, etc.

7. How Much Does Export Clearing And Forwarding Agents Cost?

Export clearing and forwarding agents’ costs are not particular.

They differ from person to person depending on the commodities and loads.

Some goods can cost higher than standard goods because of their nature.

For example, dangerous goods, chemicals, etc., can impose higher export clearing and forwarding costs.

More significant items, machinery, and raw materials will also have a higher charge.

However, if you are shipping common goods, there won’t be any additional costs for export clearing and forwarding agents.

Forwarding Export Import
Forwarding Export Import

8. What Is The Difference Between Freight Exporters And Logistics?

Logistics is the carriers that provide the vehicles in which the goods get transported from one location to another.

They do not have the authority to engage in any other freight forwarding tasks.

However, the freight exporters can handle all kinds of shipping steps, including import export freight forwarding, providing export forwarding agents, etc.

The freight exporters have alliances with the logistics companies, and together they perform successful and cost-effective forwarding export import.

HART Worldwide Logistics has good relationships with popular airlines and shipping companies.

We can arrange for the perfect logistics that best suits your cargo and budget, making sure you do not spend a fortune on either export forwarder or logistics.

9. What Is The Difference Between Export Freight Forwarder And Customs Clearing Agents?

An export freight forwarder is responsible for all sorts of shipping formalities and has the authority to act on behalf of the exporters.

However, customs clearing agents are only responsible for taking care of the customs formalities, and they can not handle any other freight forwarding process.

To know more about this, you can check out this YouTube video-

10. Can A Forwarder Export Be A Shipper?

With adequate resources, a forwarder export can be a shipper.

However, it is not common to find a freight forwarder company providing logistics services.

The forwarder export must own carriers such as ships, airplanes, trains, etc., which can become very costly and unnecessary given their field of expertise.

Freight Exporters And Logistics
Freight Exporters And Logistics

11. Can An Export Forwarding Agent Be Importer Of Record?

Yes, an export forwarding agent can act on behalf of both importer and exporter.

They can be an importer of records if required.

12. Can A Forwarding Export Import Company Issue Bill Of Lading?

Yes, a forwarding export import company can issue a bill of lading.

However, some countries do not accept this bill of lading.

It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder company to know in-depth about a country’s protocols on shipping documents.

When a forwarding export import company issues a bill of lading, it is known as the house bill of lading.

Export Forwarder Issue Bill Of Lading
Export Forwarder Issue Bill Of Lading

13. Do I Need Freight Exporters For Amazon FBA?

Freight exporters can make your Amazon FBA shipping easier by providing hassle-free door to door shipping services from the supplier’s location to yours.

No matter the quantity of the goods, an expert export freight forwarder will be able to handle them.

14. What Makes A Good Forwarding Export Import Company?

A good forwarding export import company is the one that will give you no tension during the freight forwarding process.

They should be able to handle all sorts of cargo, including breakbulk, project shipment, dangerous goods, chemicals, equipment, etc.

Talk to your prospective freight company about the services you want to avail of them.

15. Who Are The Top 20 Export Freight Forwarder?

We have tried to answer vital questions about export freight forwarder and how to deal with them to get the best results for forwarding export-import.

To help you further, here we are going to list the top 20 export freight forwarder.

1. Shenzhen Rich Fun Railway Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Address: Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen Rich Fun Railway Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. specializes in rail freight transportation from China to Europe or vice versa. However, their services are not limited to only rail transport.

They can also provide you with customs clearance, warehousing, supply chain management, and other import export freight forwarding services.

They can also do pick up and delivery and offer multimodal transport for any kinds of goods that you are willing to ship.

2. FedEx

Address: No. 17 Jinghe Rd 430000 Wuhan Hu 430000 China.

FedEx is among the best freight forwarding companies in the world. They have made a prominent place of their own by constantly providing world-class shipping and freight forwarding services to their clients.


FedEx specializes in all sorts of forwarding export import work and can also provide export clearing and forwarding agents no matter your destination or type of cargo. They can handle all kinds of shipments without charging excessively for their services.

3. Shanghai Longsun Intertrans Co., LTD

Address: Gaoyang Building, No.815, Dongdaming Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Longsun Intertrans Co., LTD is an all-around freight forwarding solution for whoever is looking for an export freight forwarder. They have amazing deals on air freight, sea freight, land transport, and customs brokerage.

You can get any freight methods from them depending on your cargo type and quantity. Shanghai Longsun Intertrans Co., LTD focuses on delivering the best services a company can offer. With friendly and responsive customer care service and 17 years of experience, this company can give you the services that you deserve.

4. Greatmicro Supply Chain Company LTD

Address: Qingdao, China.

Greatmicro Supply Chain Company LTD is an efficient and reliable NVOCC company in China. They provide integrated logistics services to their clients and deal with any container delivery.

You can get customs clearance and other freight forwarding services from or to China to overseas or vice versa. Regardless of what you shop for and their quantity, you will always get secured and timely delivery from the port of origin to the destination.

5. DHL

Address: NO.118 Room, Ya Bao Place 19 Ri Tan North Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

DHL is one of the most talked-about names in the freight forwarding industry. Operating in more than 220 countries, DHL provides collective services for all kinds of freight forwarding needs.

With experts in every shipping field, DHL excels in all parts of shipping, be it customs clearance, freight forwarding, consultation, or logistics. You can consult their customer care for any queries or can call them at their hotline number.


Address: 305 N Broadway St China.

Although USPS is popularly known for its express shipping services, you can get other freight forwarding services from them. Your cargo can be delivered in air freight and sea freight, and you can also get door-to-door, customs clearance, etc., services from China to any country or vice versa.

They have extensive networking and alliance with international customs brokers to ensure that you will get hassle-free and secured customs clearance and on=time delivery of your cargo.

7. Cohesion Freight Agency LTD

Address: China, Shanghai, Huangpu, 19FB, Podium Building, Ganglu Huangpu Center, No. 98 Liuhe Road.

For any domestic or international freight or forwarding needs, Cohesion Freight Agency LTD is your ultimate destination. They can handle large amounts of goods and can also deal with machinery, cargo shipment, chemicals, and take care of other supply chain solutions.

They will support air freight and ocean freight, and you can also get customer care services, warehousing, and other freight-related facilities.

8. Concord Freight System Co., LTD

Address: Room 1702, No.638 West Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, China.

For full service integrated logistical experience Concord Freight System Co., LTD is an excellent name. They were established in 2009 and have consistently served their clients and collected amazing customer reviews.

Concord Freight System Co., LTD
Concord Freight System Co., LTD

They have comprehensive freight forwarding services available, covering sea freight, air freight, inland road transportation, and China-Europe train services. Apart from that, warehousing, clearance services, and other important freight facilities are also available.

9. Expo Freight

Address: 1268 JingHan Avenue, 16F, Boss Will International Center, Jiang’an District, Wuhan, China.

Expo Freight offers an extensive service menu to its clients. They offer sea freight, air freight, sea freight FCL and LCL, and other freight forwarding procedures internationally.

They have a stronghold in the international shipping industry which enables them to provide you with amazing deals on shipping and other freight forwarding facilities. Expo Freight can deal with commodities like agriculture, apparel, pharmaceuticals, technology, automotive and more.

10. Qingdao Speedy Express International Logistics Co., LTD

Address: 903 Zhong Tian Heng Mansion No. 8 Jia Fuzhou South Road, Qingdao, China.

Qingdao Speedy-Express Int’l Logistics is an NVOCC-approved freight forwarder company that provides one-on-one, comprehensive freight forwarding facilities for their clients.

They are well-managed and experienced in handling all kinds of goods in forwarding export import procedures, and you can get an additional benefit if you are shipping SOS containers. Qingdao Speedy-Express Int’l Logistics can also provide hassle-free DDU/DDP shipping.

11. CEVA Logistics

Address: 36 Zhuguang Rd Qingpu District Shanghai, China.

CEVA Logistics provides air freight, ocean freight, ground freight, project logistics, and other freight forwarding services. You can also avail door to door, customs clearance, contract logistics, etc.

CEVA Logistics
CEVA Logistics

CEVA understands your needs and works as per your choice and requirements. They value your budget and do not impose additional charges on your freight services. They are among the top 5 global freight forwarders worldwide.


Address: Qingdao Branch Unit 02-03 Hna Ctr No.234 Yan’an 3rd Rd 86, China.

GEODIS specializes in Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport. Other than these, GEODIS concentrates on fulfilling their client’s shipping requirements keeping in mind their budget, cargo load, and destination.

This means you do not have to spend anything extra that you did not sign up for. They have in-depth knowledge of international laws and regulations, which ensure smooth customs clearance and delivery.

13. Bollore Logistics

Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

Bollore Logistics provides complete end-to-end supply chain solutions, including air freight, ocean freight (both FCL and LCL), rail freight, road freight, customs brokerage, warehousing & distribution, and many other value-added services.

Their staff are experienced and can handle a wide range of goods, including general goods and dangerous cargo. With warehouse space in several locations worldwide, Bollore Logistics can accommodate bulk cargo loads and also offer pick and pack services.

14. DSV

Address: No. 1193 Changning Rd Raffles City Off T3 8,9,15,16/F T1 39/F, 200051, Shanghai, China.

DSV Global Transport And Logistics understands your freight forwarding needs and acts accordingly. They have long-term experience working with several types of businesses and handling different types of goods.


Starting from 1976, DSV has created numerous fans worldwide with its impeccable services and smooth freight forwarding facilities.

15. UPS

Address: Shanghai, China.

UPS provides an extensive shipping facility for their clients, including international shipping, tracking, billing, and other freight forwarding services. They are one of the best freight forwarding companies that offer air freight, sea freight, rail freight, express shipping, and other facilities that ensure you get complete satisfaction according to your needs.

16. Kuehne+Nagel

Address: Jiuxianqiao Road 10, Unit 605, Tower B10, 100015 Beijing, China.

Kuehne+Nagel is a global freight forwarder company that has been working dedicatedly to serve its clients no matter what they require. You can get an instant quote from their website and can even get consultation services.

They are focused on giving you sustainable and innovative logistics solutions and make sure they always meet your expectations.

17. K&K Logistics

Address: Room 1117, 11/F., Metropole Square, 2 On Yiu Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong SAR, China.

K&K Logistics was established in 1999, and since then, they have been working tirelessly to provide you with the best international import/export services. They are trustworthy and offer many benefits in both domestic and international sectors.

18. JCTrans


Address: Shenzhen, China.

JCTrans, as a company, believes in providing the best of what they have. You will never be dissatisfied trusting them, and your cargo will be taken care of by the experts. You will get financial consultation and other freight forwarding facilities that will highly advantage your business.

19. Falcon Logistics

Address: 3012 Huaqiang Rd N, Bauhinia City Commercial Plaza Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Falcon Logistics provides sea and air freight services in both forwarding export imports from China to overseas or vice versa. They have several certifications and licenses like WPC License for Import, FSSAI Registration, BIS Certification for Import, AD Code Registration, Liaison Services with Govt, and Facility for Import Export Code.

This guarantees you get the best services for your freight forwarding needs and also avail customs clearance, warehousing, LCL and FCL shipping, and much more.

20. AIT Worldwide

Address: Xiamen, China.

AIT Worldwide operates in several Chinese cities and many parts of the world. You will get scattered market coverage and will benefit from their extensive connections. They have alliances with the top logistics companies that ensure you get cost-effective and smooth freight services.

Final Words

We hope our guide on export freight forwarder has given you all the necessary details you need for a successful import-export freight forwarding.

HART Worldwide Logistics is always at your service regardless of your needs and freight methods.

We have experts in every field to take care of any shipping services that you might need.

Just knock us to know more about on-forwarder export or anything related to freight forwarding.

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