With express shipping from China to countries worldwide or from Chinese airports to worldwide, HART Worldwide will assist you.

For illustration, you can notify us where your shipment is, we can assign you a truck to bring up your order. Customs in China will then be completed by us.

Arrange express aircraft shipment, depending on the requirements, the quickest and the cheapest efficient combination.

We will establish customs procedures at departure airports and directly send your things to your contact.

During the entire foreign express shipping from China, you are free of stress.

You should certainly do your own customs job and pick up and just leave the aircraft transport aspect with us.

HART has a wealth of maritime expertise. We have a dedicated market team to constantly track developments in the airline market. We will therefore provide you with useful industry insights.

We also have the Department of Customs to examine and follow up on express shipping customs policy. Compliance with customs is a precept of our service so that your Chinese shipment is always secure.

HART has concluded contract transportation arrangements with big express airlines, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other airlines. This guarantees our space and fair delivery rates.

Two significant benefits of HART are standardization and systemization. All your express orders are operated, monitored, and tracked electronically by our in-house creation of a logistics system. You can expect a flawless service as the execution does not depend on any person.

Whatever the express shipment is difficult, you will find your best options here. Inform us of your requirement.

Our Other Services Besides Express Shipping


Air Freight

We help you to air freight from China, customs clear and deliver the goods to a certain spot. Or the other way around. Drop us an inquiry.


Sea Freight

We carry your freight by sea freight from China and offer customs compliance and local supplies. The same for reverse shipping too.


Rail Freight

We will transport the merchandise from China by rail and complete the customs clearance and ship to those countries that can be reached by train.


Door to Door Shipping

For your shipment from China, we have door-to-door transport services, the items are grabbed from a Chinese address, sent by air, sea, or train to their specific address.


Customs Clearance

We have a devoted customs policy analysis unit for each country and are in close collaboration with community brokers. Shipping from China costs lower with us.



If you are looking for specific short or long- term warehouse services in other countries as well as China, our broad network will give you some opportunities.


Pickup & Delivery

Another of our benefits is door-to-door delivery. Share the addresses in China and the location, we will send a truck to collect and deliver the shipment.



We serve e-commerce members through FBA delivery from China to the Amazon warehouse. Services offered such as shipping to Jumia are already available.


Consolidated Shipping

We will assist you in consolidating orders from various manufacturers and shipping them to you all at once. Get the cheapest shipping from China through us.

Why Choose Hart for Services


Concentrate on target markets and have a thorough knowledge of the express transportation markets. Pay more attention to standardization and systematization to decrease shipping costs while maintaining service quality.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Long-term deals have been signed with large airlines and shipping firms. Improving working practices and productivity on a continuous basis to achieve reduced maintenance costs. We provide door to door shipping from China at a cheap cost.


Centralized logistics solutions, operation processes, and freight management mean that we can act efficiently while maintaining flexibility at the quality service level. The concentration is maintaining standardization first.


A skilled our own tech management team created the personalized support system to ensure 100% online paperless service, monitoring, and tracking. Techniques do not depend on anyone entity. If necessary, dock with your network as well.

Full Self-control

Plenty of the modules in the express shipment procedure are self-contained. Any bottleneck is regulated by a devoted individual using an in-house software application. You have complete power over everything.

Custom Clearance Service

To ensure customs work, we’ve got our own customs clearance unit in most regions. Besides, we have others to work with locally experienced customs officers. Every day, the enforcement unit researches the diverse customs restrictions.

Wide Coverage

We occupy above 20 branches or factories in megacities. Storage facilities in Bangladesh, Germany, India, Poland, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, as well as African countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, and others.

Highly Trained Team

We place a high value on job rotation and offer ongoing systematized training to all employees. Quick and efficient summary and replay to ensure they can supply you with world-class facilities. Ship from China with us and stay relaxed all through.


Professionalism breeds greatness because we want our employees to have specialized skills and experience in their roles and responsibilities. Always have precise context and the best guidance for your express shipping needs.


Qualifications and Honor for Express Shipping


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

According to the < Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency> and <Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> regulations, which have been adopted and sanctioned by the Ministry of Commerce, all foreign freight forwarders in China must have this credential in order to perform international freight forwarding operation.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Many other foreign freight forwarders in China are not NVOCCs since they must enroll with the Ministry of Transportation of China, which has much stricter standards than a regular freight forwarder in China. NVOCCs have benefits in booking and delivering because they can issue their own bills of lading, allowing you to better manage the goods. Then there are more perks.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

In order to have valuable customer service and minimize any inconsistencies or misinterpretations with consumers. A global quality control framework is implemented. In addition, we aim to offer a high standard of professional service to our clients. Our correspondence and working practices are governed by this accredited program. You can count on us and be stress-free.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) is the widest and also most influential alliance of professional freight forwarders in the world. As a member, HART is generally compensated by the industry’s most systematic and holistic financial compensation scheme, allowing us to do business with other WCA partners with full security and peace of mind. HART is a proud member of it.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

China International Freight Forwarders Association, abbreviated as CIFA, is a public social association in China’s international freight forwarding industry that is supervised by the Ministry of Commerce. The intention of CIFA is to improve business self-discipline and teamwork management, as well as to establish a consumer climate of equal competition. Let us know your queries.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) is a benevolent organization with legal status recognized by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. SIFFA’s purpose is to advise, secure, and organize participants in order to share information, coordinate relationships, improve mutual collaboration, and encourage the worldwide freight forwarding community.

Express Shipping – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Express shipping has become more common and needful in today’s world.

People need to send their products urgently all over the world.

That’s where the introduction of express shipping occurs.

Air couriers are commonly used, and arrangements are made to ensure that deliveries are shipped overnight or the following day.

This FAQ guideline is prepared to help you with all your queries regarding express shipping.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does Express Shipping Mean?
  2. What Are The Documents Required For Worldwide Express Shipping?
  3. What Are The Differences Between Air Express Shipping And Air Freight?
  4. How Long Does Worldwide Express Shipping Take?
  5. What Is The Step-by-step Process Of Global Express Shipping?
  6. How Can I Track My Global Express Order?
  7. What Are The Advantages Of Shipping Express?
  8. What Are The Drawbacks Of Express International Shipping?
  9. What Is The Maximum Weight Limit For Worldwide Express Shipping?
  10. What Items Can Not Be Shipped In Express International Shipping?
  11. What Are The Most Renowned Carriers For Shipping Express?
  12. How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Worldwide Express Shipping?
  13. Why Shipping Express Costs Higher Than Other Shipping Methods?
  14. Does Express International Shipping Provide Door To Door Shipping?
  15. Is Same-day Shipping Possible In Shipping Express?
  16. How Fast Is DHL, FedEx, UPS, And Other Express Shipping?
  17. What Are The Features Of Different Express Shipping Packages Offered By DHL, FedEx, and UPS?
  18. How The Express International Shipping Cost Calculated?
  19. Who Pays Customs Charges In Express International Shipping?
  20. Who Is Liable For Customs Clearance In Global Express Shipping?
  21. Is Worldwide Express Shipping Insured?
  22. What Happens After The Product Arrives At The Port Of Destination In Shipping Express?
  23. What Happens If The Product Is Damaged On Arrival In Express International Shipping?

1. What Does Express Shipping Mean?

The quickest method of shipping your parcel and packages is express shipping.

For this form of distribution, the customer needs to pay an additional shipping fee than standard air freight.

The package will be delivered to the recipient within 24 to 72 hours.

2. What Are The Documents Required For Worldwide Express Shipping?

All the paperwork for express delivery must be filled out properly.

Besides that, before you can begin shipping goods, you must deliver them to the proper authority.

You must be very cautious when processing these documents.

Express Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the most critical of all international shipping documents.

It’s a form of written consent from the shipping company to the recipient.

This document attests to the fact that goods in the form of freight have been obtained on board for express shipping to a specific location.

The shipping department of the Carrier Company often approves a BOL.

It’s important to remember that “bill” refers to the supply plan and costs, while “lading” refers to the loading of a parcel onto a carrier.

As a result, a ‘bill of lading’ signifies the express shipping of goods at a fixed rate to a certain receiver.

Express Bill of Lading
Express Bill of Lading

Express Bill of Lading Contains –

  • The name of the seller’s agent,
  • The importer’s name and address,
  • The carrier’s name,
  • The name of the airport of arrival,
  • Price of shipment,
  • Markings on shipments, as well as
  • The total number of parcels to be moved.

Express Commercial Invoice

The retailer will give you a business invoice while you purchase goods for importation.

It’s to prove that you purchased a certain type and quantity of goods from him.

This contract spells out the terms of the seller’s and buyer’s agreements, as well as the terms of the selling and procurement of goods.

The category of goods bought, the airport of origin, the total value of the goods, and the airport of delivery are all listed on the document.

This includes the names and contact information for the people involved with the shipping of the sourced goods, as well as the purchaser and supplier.

A commercial invoice is only produced after a commodity has been sold.

There is a purchasing agreement between you and the vendor of the goods.

Express Commercial Invoice
Express Commercial Invoice

At both the entry and exit airports, a commercial invoice is expected to clear customs.

This is due to the fact that the detail in the document is used to calculate the true customs value of the goods you’re sending.

Verify that the contract includes the names of the shipper, purchaser, and carrier’s company, as well as all taxes on the products.

Packing List

The materials included in the shipment are listed in a packaging list.

This means that you would be very careful not to leave something out while writing it down.

It specifies the contents of each package as well as the packaging style for each item.

The weight and measurements of each object used in the shipping are also shown.

This packing label would be used to calculate the total weight of the package.

It is necessary to ensure that the correct package is shipped.

This shipping list will be used by customs officials to check the package both before and after it arrives.

Certificate of Origin

The certificate of origin is a piece of paper that identifies the origin of the items getting shipped.

This certification is mostly used to verify the origin of goods brought into the country.

It’s often the intention to conform to trade and customs regulations.

It’s used to figure out how much tariff treatment costs.

Perceive that the majority of modern countries have different customs duty rates on products imported from different countries.

Importers in certain countries are required to submit this form in order for customs or trade officials to validate the goods.

Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Insurance

You will now be issued a certificate of insurance after the goods have been insured.

It is to ensure you that if your packages go missing or are lost, you will be paid.

This document will explain all of the items covered, as well as the danger and protection size.

This enables refund requests to be sent which expedites recovery if the covered danger occurs.

Certificate of Insurance
Certificate of Insurance

Please double-check if you are filling out express shipping forms right.

As a result, the relevant material is presented clearly and succinctly.

Since the majority of these documents have the same information, any small difference would cause the package to be stuck for an extended time.

3. What Are The Differences Between Air Express Shipping And Air Freight?

All the differences between shipping by Air Express and Air Freight are stated below –

●     Shipping Carriers.

Shipping by air freight is normally carried by international airlines.
And Express Shipping is usually sent by International Commercial Express Companies like DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, etc.
But those commercial express companies also provide air freight shipments using their private aircraft or working with the airlines.

●     The Different Ways Of Recording The Weight.

International expresses are mainly for documents and small packages, starting from 500 grams.
And the weight of the documents should be limited to 2 kilograms.
For the packages, over 22 kilograms the weight is recorded every kilogram.
For the packages, less than 22 kilograms the weight is recorded every 500 grams.
However, the weight of shipping by air freight, starting from 45 kilograms and recorded every kilogram.

●     The Chargeable Weight.

Freight of cost under International Express and air freight is calculated based on the gross weight and the dimensional weight.
Simply speaking, which one is heavier, the heavier one will be taken as the chargeable weight.
Gross weight is the total actual weight of the product and its package.
And the dimensional weight, in short, is DIM weight also known as volumetric weight.
And it measures the weight by the taken space.
For shipping express, the weight constant per cubic meter is 200 kg, whereas, for air freight, the weight constant per cubic meter is 167 kg.

●     The Delivery Time.

Taking the official DHL express as an example. The average delivery time is around two to three days. But most of the parcels are sent through the freight forwarders which will make the delivery time one to two days more. And air freight has very strict flight arrangements. Depending on the scheduled flight routes either it’s a direct flight or transshipments. The delivery time depends on how it’s quoted. But normally, it should be no longer than seven to ten days.

●     Different Delivery Processes.

Air freight is a service from the airport to the airport.

Theoretically, it requires going to the airport to pick up the goods for customs clearance and pay for the customs duties by the customer or by the agent.
Express service is always door to door.

Shipping by express is handled almost all by the courier.

It sounds much easier for the customer.

But every shipping goes through the same import procedures.

●     The Difference In Price.

Generally speaking shipping by international express is more expensive than shipping by air freight.
And I cannot give you an exact price here as the cost is not always the same.
It also varies by volume and weight. More volume and weight of the products more favorable price you can get.

Those six points are the differences between shipping by international express and air freight.

For a deeper understanding, check out the video –

4. How Long Does Worldwide Express Shipping Take?

Shipping express requires a minimum of 1-3 working days for the shipment to reach its destinations.

Express delivery, irrespective of the shipping carrier, is the quickest way to send a shipment or document.

Since express delivery is available both locally and globally, precise shipping times differ.

When using domestic express delivery, a shipment usually takes 1-3 days to deliver at its destination.

Domestic express delivery usually comes the next day.

However, foreign shipments will take up to four business days to arrive.

Express delivery is frequently the only form of shipping system that is available on Sundays, while first class and priority shipping are only available Monday – Saturday.

5. What Is The Step-by-step Process Of Global Express Shipping?

Here is a brief step-by-step guide for your global express shipping process –

Step 01

Source the required goods you would like to import.

You can do it online or by yourself.

Step 02

Choose a freight forwarder for express shipping your packages.

Or, you can directly contact the shipping express carriers.

They will find you the perfect shipping solution for shipping express.

Step 03

If you are shipping with a freight forwarding agency then most of the paperwork needed for shipping express will be arranged by them.

If you’re shipping express directly by yourself through a carrier company then you may have to do the paperwork mostly by yourself.

Step 04

Clear the payment.

Step 05

Your freight forwarder agency or the carrier company will come to your door to pick the parcel.

Step 06

If all the documents are submitted in time and the payment is done, then your product will be shipped through express shipping.

Step 07

After reaching the destination airport, the freight forwarder or the carrier company will transport your shipment to your door.

That’s the step-by-step guide of how the shipping express is completed.

6. How Can I Track My Global Express Order?

For the most part, you can track your global express orders.

To track a shipment, you’ll need to know which shipping line is transporting your shipment.

Besides, you need to have the package volume, reservation number, including the shipment number.

The Bill of Lading contains the majority of the information.

The booking and bill of lading numbers are normally placed in the top right corner.

And the shipment number is usually listed under the heading “Marks & Nos.”

DHL Express Shipping Tracking
DHL Express Shipping Tracking

7. What Are The Advantages Of Shipping Express?

There are a few advantages of shipping to express your products. Some of them are stated as follows –

Fastest Delivery

Shipping express is the fastest medium of transportation.

If you need something to import or export urgently, there is no other option than shipping express.

Most carriers ship your products throughout the world in 1-3 days in express shipping.

And it doesn’t take any longer than 10 days to ship your products from anywhere to everywhere in the world.

Safety and Security

Express shipping provides more safety since overseas deliveries are always done through their aircraft.

Air delivery is always much safer than any other form of shipping method.

Lower Premium of Insurance

Since it takes the lowest possible time to ship the products, it requires a lower premium for the insurance cost in express shipping.

These are the major benefits of shipping express your parcels.

8. What Are The Drawbacks Of Express International Shipping?

There are no drawbacks to express international shipping except the cost.

The main disadvantage of express international shipping is it charges much higher than air freight, sea freight, and other shipping methods.

Since the process duration is significantly lower also in express shipping, it charges a little higher.

9. What Is The Maximum Weight Limit For Worldwide Express Shipping?

There is a weight limitation for worldwide express shipping.

Most of the carriers allow 70 kg to 100 kg per parcel in express shipping.

And you can send up to 1000 kg at a time for most of the carriers available.

10. What Items Can Not Be Shipped In Express International Shipping?

There are some items that are prohibited in express shipping.

Items Prohibited Shipping In Express Shipping
Items Prohibited Shipping In Express Shipping

The list is provided here –

  • Acids and other corrosive chemicals
  • Lithium batteries
  • Bleaching agents
  • Compressed gases
  • Explosives and firearms
  • Flammable liquids
  • Ignitable gases
  • Aerosols and incapacitating sprays
  • Lighter and matches
  • Poisons
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Any pet

11. What Are The Most Renowned Carriers For Shipping Express?

The most top 3 renowned carriers for shipping express are listed below –

DHL Worldwide Express

DHL worldwide express serves more than 220 countries all over the world.

You can send documents and non-document goods through DHL express shipping.

Maximum 70 kg can be accommodated in a single parcel in shipping express.

You can avail of this service from anywhere in the world.

DHL Worldwide Express
DHL Worldwide Express

FedEx Express

FedEx express shipping has a global footprint of over 220 countries as well.

FedEx express shipping can be used to deliver both documents and non-document products.

In shipping express, a single parcel can hold a maximum of 68 kg.

You can use this service from any location on the planet.

FedEx Express
FedEx Express

UPS Express

For light to heavy deliveries anywhere in the country, UPS Express Critical offers a variety of immediate and same-day shipping solutions.

UPS will provide you with accessibility to almost any sort of aircraft or vehicle that you need for immediate or same-day shipment in less than 24 hours.

UPS Express
UPS Express

These three carriers are the leading express shipper around the world.

12. How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Worldwide Express Shipping?

There not many strategies to reduce shipping cost in worldwide express shipping-

The most important trick of reducing express shipping costs is to pack your parcel properly.

Leave no blank portion inside the parcel.

Since the volumetric method is also used as the chargeable weight of express shipping cost, be conscious about your parcel packaging.

Try availing coupons and discounts while the carriers provide and use them later for your express shipping.

This is how you can reduce express shipping costs.

13. Why Shipping Express Costs Higher Than Other Shipping Methods?

Owing to the use of air couriers, express shipping means urgent and quicker delivery, but the prices are higher than other modes of transportation.

In regular delivery, the packages are shipped by road using surface couriers and thus are less expensive than express shipping.

You must choose the best shipping method based on the delivery deadlines.

As we all know, time is money.

Since it takes a much lower time to deliver your products in shipping express, that’s why it charges higher than other shipping methods.

14. Does Express International Shipping Provide Door To Door Shipping?

Yes, of course.

Almost every express international shipping service provider offers door to door shipping.

Express shipping is like you call your freight forwarder or carrier.

Give them your location and package details.

They come and pick your packages.

You make the payment online.

They ship your product as quickly as possible.

The recipient gets the products at his doorstep on the same or the next quickest possible day.

15. Is Same-day Shipping Possible In Shipping Express?

Yes, same-day express shipping is offered by most carriers.

Courier carrier companies have a large number of airplanes for themselves.

So, this is absolutely possible for them to deliver your products on the same day of shipping.

Usually, local shipments are more assured in this case.

But, overseas shipments can also be delivered on the same day.

Major carriers like – UPS, DHL, and FedEx offer such shipments to some specific locations.

16. How Fast Is DHL, FedEx, UPS, And Other Express Shipping?

Most of the freight carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS provide

DHL Express is one of the quickest foreign shipping options, with most big destinations arriving in 1-6 business days.

17. What Are The Features Of Different Express Shipping Packages Offered By DHL, FedEx, and UPS?

Almost every renowned carrier like FedEx, UPS, and DHL provide the following features for your express shipping packages –

Services for Delivery

  • Provide end-to-end tracking of shipment
  • Door-to-door service for courier and packages
  • Delivery of the shipment on same or next possible day
  • Delivery notifications when the shipment is done
  • Total delivery management
  • Customs clearance facilitation
  • Guaranteed money-back if fails to provide the shipment on time
  • Insurance certificate

Services that can be purchased separately

  • Packaging and preparation
  • Clearance in customs
  • Import taxes and duties

18. How The Express International Shipping Cost Calculated?

The package’s gross weight and volumetric weight are measured to assess its chargeable freight weight.

When shipping in express, the one with the higher weight from above is chosen as the chargeable freight weight.

Formula for express shipping volumetric weight = LxWxHxNxC

Here,    L            = Box’s Length

               W          = Box’s Width

               H            = Box’s Height

               N            = Number of packages

               C            = Express shipping constant for volumetric weight = 200 kg/cbm

If the volumetric weight is 33 kg and the gross weight is 34 kg, the gross weight would be counted as the chargeable freight weight.

You should also check out this page and get a better understanding of how the chargeable weight is calculated.

19. Who Pays Customs Charges In Express International Shipping?

The recipient must pay the customs fee of the package in express international shipping.

There are usually several third-party firms able to collect the customs fees on your behalf.

The freight forwarding firms check to see if you have paid the charges.

They can settle the customs charges for you and send the goods to the final location once payment is received.

20. Who Is Liable For Customs Clearance In Global Express Shipping?

Customs clearance is usually the responsibility of the recipient of the package while you take global express shipping.

The majority of carriers have a dedicated customs compliance team.

So are the freight forwarding agencies.

Clearing customs is handled for you by freight forwarders and carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others in global express shipping.

They will reimburse you a payment for this.

You must pay the freight forwarders either before the shipment leaves for your door or when it arrives.

However, if you have incorrect product details on the shipping mark, you will be charged a higher fee on you enforced by the customs.

21. Is Worldwide Express Shipping Insured?

Yes, most of them provide an insurance certificate.

Almost every carrier has “All Risk” protection on most goods, which is the broadest type of coverage available.

Transit-related physical injury or harm is completely insured.

The claim procedure is usually handled by freight forwarders or carriers, so you shouldn’t need to be tensed.

22. What Happens After The Product Arrives At The Port Of Destination In Shipping Express?

As most of the express shipping is door to door, your freight forwarder or carrier will transport the parcel by road at your destination.

It can be mentioned that customs charges and import duties must be paid earlier by the shipment by the receiver.

23. What Happens If The Product Is Damaged On Arrival In Express International Shipping?

You simply let your freight forwarder or carrier know about it.

They will come and inspect the shipment.

If they find the product damaged and if your shipment is insured, then you will be paid compensation as per the value of the shipment.


Hope this FAQ guideline helped you with all your queries.

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