Hart Worldwide Logistics is your one-stop freight forwarding agent for shipping your products anywhere in the globe from China. For many years, we have provided freight forwarding services from China to destinations all over the globe. For freight forwarding, we have a strong team, network, logistical assistance, customs support, warehousing, and many more services. Hart is devoted, enthusiastic, professional, and tireless to ensuring that your products arrive safely in other countries while being sent from China.

We also have many specialized teams for certain tasks. Every nation has a marketing staff that will assess the market for you. We also have a dedicated customs staff in each nation with a solid relationship with local customs to ensure that you are not inconvenienced while completing your customs processes. There, our expert staff will take care of everything for you.

Hart has agreements with major air transport companies such as CA, CX, ET, AY, EK, QR, CZ, and TK. Sea shipping lines, on the other hand, include MSC, Evergreen, Maersk, CMA-CGM, COSCO, APL, Yang Ming, OOCL, PIL, and others. They will guarantee that your items are sent from China to anywhere in the globe in perfect condition. There are additional train links where they are accessible.

Our AI-powered and automated online system continuously monitors and tracks your online purchase. We will give you the greatest service, whether it is via air, sea, rail freight, door-to-door, or express shipping.

Our Services for Shipping from China to All Over the World


Air Freight

We ship air freight from China to many destinations across the world. We also offer door-to-door air freight services, as well as express services.


Sea Freight

We assist you in shipping your products from China to other countries through sea freight services. We are one of the most reliable shipping and forwarding agents in China, serving customers all over the world.


Rail Freight

As an additional service, we supply train freight to nations where it is accessible. We can also help you pass customs and have your products delivered to you locally in your area.


Door to Door Shipping

We facilitate door-to-door services for you. Our skilled team will pick up your goods from China and deliver them to your place anywhere in the world.


Express Service

We have been shipping items via major express services such as the United States Postal Service, China Post, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, among others. This is also a service that is provided door-to-door.


Customs Clearance

Our professional and competent customs freight forwarder broker will help you get your items released quickly. They will handle all customs processes on your behalf.



We are one of the shipping brokers in China that has one of the largest warehouse facilities all over the world. We are happy to assist you with our warehouse development to the extent that you need.


Pickup & Delivery

You are under no obligation to visit us. We provide the most reliable door-to-door services. All you have to do is make your purchase and provide your shipping information. Hart will arrange for the collection of your products from the vendor.



In the countries where Amazon FBA is offered, we assist e-commerce clients with the service. Storage of your items does not need warehousing. This is something Amazon will take care of for you.


Consolidated Shipping

We provide consolidated shipping for your goods from different suppliers. We will collect all your orders from different suppliers. After collecting them, we will send them in a single shipment all together.


Why Choose Hart Worldwide Logistics To Ship From China to Other Countries?


We continue to place a premium on quality, consistency, and systematic services. There are no compromises when it comes to quality. We keep our enthusiasm simple to offer the highest quality service for shipping your products from China to anywhere in the globe.

Cheap Shipping Rate

In China, you’ll discover a plethora of low-cost freight forwarding agents. However, we provide the most affordable shipping rates from China to other nations. You won’t witness any quality degradation even if you provide the lowest pricing, whether it’s sea freight, air freight, or rail freight.



We developed our proprietary support system in-house to enable 100% paperless tracking, monitoring, and operational control. Procedures aren’t dependent on anybody thanks to AI and system automation.


The bespoke support system was designed by a specialized in-house software development team to enable 100% online paperless operation, monitoring, and tracking. Procedures aren’t dependent on anybody thanks to AI and system automation.


Full Self-control

We have complete control over everything that occurs underneath Hart. Everything, from the placement of orders through the lifting and carrying of trucks to the delivery to the ultimate destination, is under constant surveillance.

Custom Clearance Service

We have a team of specialists on our side, as well as local experts in every country where we ship. They are in charge of customs clearance in both China and the rest of the world. They guarantee that your items are released quickly and with little effort on your part.

Wide Coverage

We’ve developed our own warehouses in 20 Chinese cities. We also have warehouses in Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Poland, Pakistan, Germany, India, and African nations such as Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, and Uganda, among others.

Highly Trained Team

All of our workers are highly trained professionals that strive to provide our clients with the finest possible service. Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide you with faultless service.



Professionalism is essential to the success of any organization. In order to maintain the greatest level of professionalism among our team members, we train them with the most stringent professionalism lessons available.

Check How We Help You Shipping from China.


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from China to Other Countries


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

Every freight forwarder in China is required to hold a freight certificate. The certificate must be authorized by the People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws and the People’s Republic of China’s Regulations on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agencies. This certification is in our possession.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The NVOCC registration, which is registered with the Chinese Ministry of Transportation, is in place. This is only available to highly certified forwarding agents. Booking and shipping are both benefits of NVOCC. We can also issue our own bills of lading, which will help you keep better track of your items. In China, the majority of international freight forwarders are not NVOCC registered.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate will guarantee that we and our clients are in complete openness. This accreditation obligates the freight forwarder brokers to guarantee and maintain the quality of service at all times, including in the event of service outages. The regulatory committee is continually keeping an eye on us.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

International freight forwarders are parts of the World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA), the world’s most influential and largest network of independent freight forwarders. After becoming a member of the WCA, HART is instantly covered by the most extensive and comprehensive financial protection insurance available in the industry, enabling us to do business with other WCA members with complete confidence and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

This association, known as the China International Freight Forwarder Association (CIFA), is run by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. It is a national social organization in the People’s Republic of China for freight forwarding agents. The CIFA strives to maintain excellent collaboration among freight forwarders and to make the industry as favorable as possible for them.


Member Unit for SIFFA

We are members of Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA). The Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau has granted it legal status. SIFFA promotes the local and worldwide freight forwarding sector by coordinating, protecting, and guiding freight forwarders to share information, create relationships, and mutually benefit members.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Forwarding Agent | A Complete FAQ Guide


Freight forwarding services are required for moving goods from one location to another, or from one nation to another.

Basically, freight forwarding agents do the freight forwarding tasks for import and export.

If you want to start an export-import firm, you will require shipping and forwarding agencies.

To learn more about forwarding agents and their services, go with this article.

This FAQ guide will address many questions concerning freight forwarding.

We’ll also talk about the top 20 freight forwarders.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is A Freight Forwarding Agent In Shipping?
  2. What Is The Role Of A Freight Forwarding Agent?
  3. When To Use A Freight Forwarder?
  4. Does Maersk Do Freight Forwarding?
  5. What Are The Top Freight Forwarder Management Practices?
  6. When It Comes To Freight Forwarding, What Documents Must Be submitted?
  7. What Are The Freight Forwarding Costs?
  8. How Do A Freight Forwarder And A Carrier Differ From Each Other?
  9. Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Customs Broker?
  10. Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Shipper?
  11. Is There Any Legal Way To Become A Consignee For A Freight Forwarder?
  12. In What Circumstance Does A Freight Forwarder Issue A Bill Of Lading?
  13. Do I Need A Shipping  And Freight Forwarding Agents For Amazon FBA?
  14. What Makes A Good Freight Forwarder?
  15. Top 20 Freight Forwarders In The World

1. What Is A Freight Forwarding Agent In Shipping?

Freight forwarding is the process of shipping goods along with all related procedures from one place to another place.

The shipping could happen domestically, or internationally.

What Is Freight Forwarding
What Is Freight Forwarding

On the other hand, the company or a person that provides the freight forwarding services is called a forwarding agent.

Basically, air freight, sea freight, land freight, and rail freight, these 4 types of freight services are used for freight forwarding.

It depends on the availability and reliability of the place and country.

Aside from shipping, the forwarding agent can act as a freight forwarder broker, custom agent, legal document maker, and so on.

2. What Is The Role Of A Freight Forwarding Agent?

As we mentioned before, the main job of the shipping and shipping agents is to ensure the shipment of the goods from one place to another place.

To do this, there are several tasks to be done as well with formalities.

Let’s see what responsibilities they have to complete.

  • Picking goods from the exporter or the seller.
  • Pack and transport them to the ports.
  • Booking shipping lines.
  • Making the legal documents.
  • Warehousing and logistic support.
  • Custom brokerage clearance service.
  • Express shipping and delivery.

See the following video to understand what a freight forwarder does.

3. When To Use A Freight Forwarder?

It is true that shipping goods internally is a hassle for an inexperienced person.

On the other hand, there are a bunch of formalities related to freight forwarding.

So, in this case, if you want to do the freight forwarding by yourself, it could be a hassle for you.

Freight Forwarding Agents Manages The Entire Shipping Process
Freight Forwarding Agents Manages The Entire Shipping Process

To flawlessly complete the export and import, you should take the freight forwarding services from an experienced freight forwarding agent.

You should use the freight forwarding services from an experienced freight forwarder because,

  • They are experts in shipping.
  • They will provide you with less expensive shipping while you need to cost more when you do it yourself.
  • They will make all legal documents as they have legal permission as forwarding agents.
  • They will provide you custom clearance service, which will be a bother for you if you do it yourself.

So, summing up everything, when you want to export or import any goods internationally, you should use a freight shipping agent.

4. Does Maersk Do Freight Forwarding?

In terms of freight forwarding, Maersk is not a freight forwarding company.

Basically, Maersk is an integrated container logistic company.

It provides transportation and logistic support to freight forwarding.

Maersk is one of the biggest transportation service providers.

By the way, the services that Maersk provides are port operation, supply chain management, logistic support, etc.

Maersk Is One Of The Largest shipping Line Companies
Maersk Is One Of The Largest shipping Line Companies

Maersk has been providing its transportation services since 1996 through sea and rail freight.

On the other hand, around 83,000 employees are currently working in Maersk in their 130 countries’ operations.

However, Maersk is a Denmark-based company headquartered in Copenhagen.

5. What Are The Top Freight Forwarder Management Practices?

Managing a freight forwarding company needs proper management.

To successfully master a freight forwarding agency, you should take the following steps as a forwarding agent.

  • Implement automation to your freight forwarding system. Automation will bring accuracy and reduce the time of operations.
  • Make sure to use efficient online software. Integrate your system with transportation lines.
  • Be responsive to potential clients and visitors. Also, be quick and active through offline services.
  • Make a connecting system through which you can be connected with your team continuously.
  • Use business intelligence tools, notification systems, tracking systems, etc., in your software.
  • Increase personal communication with your employees. Treat them properly. Don’t let them think they are just employees. Let them think the company is also theirs.
  • Ensure proper and extensive professional training for your staff.

6. When It Comes To Freight Forwarding, What Documents Must Be submitted?

Legal and proper documents are one of the most important things in freight forwarding.

Without legal documents, you cannot ship your products from one country to another country.

For this, you have to ensure every legal document for smooth freight forwarding through your freight forwarder broker.

The following are the necessary basic documents.

An Example Of Commercial Invoice
An Example Of Commercial Invoice

By the way, some documents could be added regarding the country you are dealing with.

  • Commercial invoice: The buying receipt of goods. This contains information about the goods, buyer, seller, and prices.
  • Bill of Lading: The paper for sea freight.
  • Air WayBill: The paper for air freight.
  • Packing list: The information about the packaging of the goods.
  • Certificate of Origin: The paper shows the origin country of the goods produced or come from.

7. What Are The Freight Forwarding Costs?

The freight forwarding cost is another important fact.

The freight forwarder broker will charge you in different categories.

Because freight shipping agents don’t depend on a single entity.

There are a lot of things that are related to completing a successful freight forwarding.

So, the cost will be varied in different sectors.

Let’s check on them.

  • The types of goods.
  • Transportation rate of different transportation for different countries.
  • The quantity and quality of goods.
  • Goods’ weight.
  • Custom charges.
  • The distance of origin to destination.
  • Shipping category and type.

Many facts are related to the freight forwarding process and costs.

Based on these, you will be charged as per your shipping.

Ask for your shipping quotes from your shipping and forwarding agents.

8. How Do A Freight Forwarder And A Carrier Differ From Each Other?

A freight forwarder broker is a shipping agent that manages all shipping procedures on behalf of his client.

What Is The Difference Between freight Forwarder And Carrier
What Is The Difference Between freight Forwarder And Carrier

The carrier is the medium that provides transportation services.

The transportation methods like a ship, cargo plane, or rail you use are the carriers.

So, the carrier company provides the transportation facilities for the shipment.

They also can give logistic support as well.

But, the freight forward manages every procedure of the entire shipment including transportation, packing, moving, transportation management, warehousing, delivery, etc.

9. Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Customs Broker?

The customs broker is the person who will manage the customs formalities of exporting and importing countries.

It is an independent task unit ultimately.

But, a freight forwarder can also be a freight forwarder broker as well.

Big freight shipping agents like HART Worldwide Logistics have independent wings like customs clearance.

So, a freight forwarder can also be a freight forwarder broker.

They can flawlessly clear your customs so that you no need to tense.

The following video shows the difference between a freight forwarder and a broker.

10. Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Shipper?

The exporter or the seller is the actual shipper of the goods.

On the other hand, the shipping and forwarding agents manage and handle the entire shipping process.

Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Shipper
Can A Freight Forwarder Be A Shipper

So, fundamentally, the forwarding agents are not the shipper.

But, they can be the shipper on behalf of the actual shipper.

This is called a contractual shipper, or intermediary shipper.

11. Is There Any Legal Way To Become A Consignee For A Freight Forwarder?

As the shipper, the consignee is another independent role.

The consignee is basically the purchaser or the importer of the goods.

So, in this case, the shipping and shipping agents are the medium to re4ach the gods to the consignee.

But, in the shipping process, the freight forwarder broker becomes the intermediary consignee of the shipped goods.

In this sense, like the intermediary shipper, the forwarding agent also acts as the intermediary consignee of the shipment.

12. In What Circumstance Does A Freight Forwarder Issue A Bill Of Lading?

The Bill of Lading is one of the most important documents of transportation.

It contains the details of the shipment.

The details include the quantity, quality, size, weight, origin, destination, exporter’s and importer’s information, etc.

Can A Freight Forwarder Issue A Bill of Lading
Can A Freight Forwarder Issue A Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is also a receipt of goods.

Basically, transportation companies issue the Bill of Lading.

But, if a freight shipping agent has the NVOCC registration, he also could issue his goods’ Bill of Lading.

Ultimately, if you want to issue the bill of lading as a freight forwarder, you must have the NVOCC registration.

13. Do I Need A Shipping  And Freight Forwarding Agents For Amazon FBA?

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is available in particular countries.

In the Amazon FBA, you will get warehousing support from Amazon.

Consequently, you will not need a substantial storehouse of your own.

The Work Process Of Amazon FBA
The Work Process Of Amazon FBA

So, if you want to take the Amazon FBA service, you can take this.

But, in this case, a highly experienced forwarding agent can help you.

He will negotiate and make the deal with Amazon FBA on your behalf.

14. What Makes A Good Freight Forwarder?

Good freight forwarding agents will always provide you with the best services.

So, you must find one of them.

But, how come you know that the forwarding agent is reliable?

There are many selection criteria.

They are as follows.

  • Good customer review and feedback.
  • Very good customer service.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Efficient management.
  • Highly professional staff.
  • Advanced logistics and supply chain management.
  • In-house software system
  • Transaction and order automation.
  • Experienced in the industry.
  • Certified and licensed with every necessary and high-quality certification and license.

If you find the above-mentioned features on the shipping and freight forwarder broker, you can rely on them.

15. Top 20 Freight Forwarders In The World

There are tons of forwarding agents providing their services all over the world.

But everyone is not top-notch.

On the other hand, there are a bunch of qualitative and highly experienced shipping and shipping agents around the world.

We would like to pick the top 20 freight forwarding agents among them around the world.

They are as follows.

1. HART Worldwide Logistics

Address: Room 1603-1604, Block A, Rongchao Yinglong Building, No. 5 Longfu Road, Longgang Central District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

HART Worldwide Logistics is one of China’s leading freight forwarding agents based in Shenzhen.

They have been forwarding goods to many countries from China efficiently for many years.

They offer air freight, sea freight, and rail freight services all over the globe.

They also provide one of the best door-to-door, and expedited shipping as well.

They also provide supply chain management, customs clearance, warehousing, Amazon FBA, and other freight-related services.

HART has all necessary licenses along with NVOCC registration.

A major shipping and forwarding agency in China, HART provides one-stop logistic solutions for businesses and individuals.

2. Yamatohk Logistics Hong Kong

Address: 25/F., Port 33, 33 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Yamatohk Logistics Hong Kong is another Hong Kong-based Chinese freight forwarder broker.

They are one of the leading logistic solutions providers in eCommerce, Cold Chain operations, and electronics parts.

It is their mission to offer international freight forwarding services to customers all around the globe.

Their main services are international freight forwarding through air, sea, door-to-door, express services, etc.

They also provide logistic support, local moving,

3. Qingdao Greatmicro Supply Chain Co., Ltd

Address: Floor 12A, Qingdao science, and technology innovation building, no.171 Shandong Road, Shibei District, Qingdao

Greatmicro Supply Chain Co., Ltd is a Qingdao-based Chinese freight forwarding agent.

They are one of the leading Chinese international freight forwarding agencies.

They have efficient team collaboration, achievement, and responsibilities.

By the way, Greatmicro provides sea freight, air freight, and logistic support.

They have NVOCC registration along with all certificates for business from China to the USA.

They also provide overflow and transloading, container trading and brokerage, etc.

They are one of the fully integrated logistic service providers in China worldwide.

4. DHL Global Forwarding

Address: Bonn, Germany

DHL Global forwarding is the world’s largest freight forwarding company.

Also, it is the most advanced equipment company as well.

DHL Global operates in 220 countries and territories.

After establishing in 1969, it has been providing forwarding services including air freight, sea freight, rail freight, domestic freight, and so on.

DHL Global also provides customs clearance, supply chain solutions, logistics solutions, and so on.

Basically, DHL Global is popular for its express shipping around the world.

5. FedEx Trade Networks

Address: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

FedEx Trade Networks is another world-leading freight forwarding service based in the USA.

It has a huge network all over the world.

The motto of FedEx is to connect people all over the world.

By the way, FedEx is another most popular express service provider.

FedExpree facilitates air freight, sea freight, importer security filing, logistic support, supply chain management, warehousing, and so on.

6. Bansar Freight Forwarding Co., LTD

Address: Shanglv Building, No.181, Cuiyuan Road, Suzhou, Jinagsu, 215000

Bansar is one of the leading freight forwarding agents in China.

Shipping facilities of various sorts, such as ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, and so on, are available in their services.

Bansar can deliver goods anywhere in the world.

Aside from this, supply chain management, warehousing, logistic support, and dangerous goods shipment are among their services.

7. Worldcargo Logistics

Address: No.18 Tian Shan Rd. Shanghai, China

Worldcargo Logistics is one of the most reliable shipping companies in China.

They handle any type of cargo including containers, heavy equipment, bulk, project, etc.

Worldcargo provides ocean freight, air freight, customs clearance, warehousing, and so on.

Aside from this, they offer transportation consultancy at cheap prices.

Their services are exceptional and satisfying.

8. Container Corporation of India

Address: NSIC New MDBP Building, 3rd Floor, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi-110020, India

After established in 1988, Container Corporation has been providing freight forwarding services to many countries.

As an international freight forwarding agent, Container Corporation provides ocean freight, air freight, supply chain management, logistic support, etc.

They also provide customs clearance, warehousing, delivery, and other freight-related services.

9.  Allcargo Logistics Limited

Address: 6th Floor, The Avvashya House, CST Road, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400098, India.

Allcargo is the second-largest freight forwarding agent in India and provides its services everywhere around the globe.

They are especially popular for their LCL shipment.

They provide a variety of services such as ocean freight, air freight, and customs clearance.

They also provide warehouse facilities, supply chain management, logistic support, customs brokerage, and so on.

10.  Airborne International

Address: 308-309 Apollo Complex, Rk Singh Marg, Off. Parsi Panchayat Road,

Old Nagardas Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069, India.

Airborne International has been offering freight forwarding services to customers all around the globe since its foundation in 2001.

Airborne Transport transports freight by sea, air, rail, and road.

It delivers end-to-end logistics and courier services from India to anywhere in the globe.

In addition to providing worldwide service, Airborne International has a large local network of partners for logistical assistance.

They are renowned for providing excellent freight forwarding services.

11. TE Shipping Ltd

Address: 3rd Floor, Lambourne House, Romford, RM1 3LD, UK

TE Shipping LTD is a freight forwarder broker established in the United Kingdom.

They provide a wide range of freight forwarding services, including sea, air, and rail transportation, among others.

They have a great deal of expertise in the freight forwarding market, having worked in the field for many years.

TE Shipping makes storage, supply chain management, and logistic assistance, among other things, easier.

All of this is done at a minimal cost and with high quality.

12. Ace Freight Ltd

Address: Unit 4, Lombard Trading Estate, 51 Anchor and Hope Lane, SE7 7SN, London, England, United Kingdom

Ace is a leader in the market of freight forwarding in the United Kingdom, headquartered in London, England.

This freight forwarding company was established in 1951 and has been offering unwavering freight forwarding services ever since.

It is considered to be one of the most dependable and cost-effective freight forwarding agencies in the United Kingdom (UK).

Furthermore, Ace Freight Ltd. offers air freight, sea freight, distribution, storage, and other transportation services.

Besides that, they provide delivery services, customs clearing services, and door-to-door delivery services.


Address: 124-126 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7AB, UK

JS Forwarding specializes in customs clearance services, and we can help you with that.

Furthermore, they provide all forms of freight forwarding services in addition to their customs clearing knowledge.

Air freight, sea freight, rail freight, and so on are examples of modes of transportation.

The company also offers warehouse assistance, delivery and distribution services, as well as door-to-door services.

14.  FPF Global Limited

Address: FPF Global Limited, New Farm, Pickaxe Lane, South Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1SH, United Kingdom

FPG is a UK-based freight forwarding agent that provides different types of shipping.

These include air, ocean, and rail freight.

Also, express shipping, door-to-door services, warehousing, etc are also included.

They are also one of the reliable sources of freighting all over the world.

15.  Swedish Bangla Int. Freight Forwarder Company

Address: 34, Nurjahan Sharif Plaza (7th Floor), Room#801, Purana Paltan, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh

Swedish Bangla Int. is a partnership-based company in Sweden and Bangladesh.

It is an international freight forwarding agent.

The freight forwarder broker provides sea freight, air freight, and rail freight all over the world where the services are available.

They also offer cost-effective rates as well.

16. Golden Birds Bangladesh

Address: House # Ka-44/1 (2nd Floor), Joar Shahara, Vatara, Beside Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka – 1229, Bangladesh.

Golden Birds Bangladesh is one of the leading international freight forwarders.

They provide all types of freighting including ocean, air, and other freight worldwide.

They also do the customs clearance and facilitate warehousing.

17. Hamburg Express

Address: Hamburg-Airport, Cargo Center Bldg. 150F, 22335 Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the leading freight forwarding agent in Germany.

The offers freight forwarding through the sea, air, rail, and land.

Their freight includes dangerous goods, cold storage, heavy loads, and standard shipments.

18.  Red Line Spedition & Logistik

Address: Lutticher Str. 12b 53842 Troisdorf, Germany.

Red Line Spedition is another German-based freight forwarding company.

They provide ocean, air, rail, express, door-to-door shipping at a low cost.

They are also good at delivery and customs clearance services along with warehousing, and logistic support.

19. Valuehandlers International Limited

Address: Thomas Salako St, 12, Joseph Odunlami Street Ogba 100218, Lagos, Nigeria.

Valuehandlers International Limited operates its operation in 80 countries over the world.

They are a very efficient and large freight forwarding company.

They provide air, sea, express services, door-to-door, warehousing, and distribution internationally.

20.  Ample Shipping & Logistic Services

Address: Business Center, 19/1A Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi City, Sindh 75400, Pakistan.

Ample is a Pakistani international freight forwarding agent.

They are very efficient and experienced in freighting all over the world.

They offer a variety of services, including sea freight, air freight, warehousing, logistic assistance, port clearance, and others.

Customs clearance and door-to-door delivery are also provided by them.


The best world’s leading freight forwarding agents always try to provide the best freight services.

HART Worldwide Logistics is dedicated to ensuring the utmost flawless shipping from the origin to the destination.

HART is one of the best shipping and forwarding agents in China that provides freight services all over the world among other freight forwarders.

You may contact us for your shipping and logistic solutions with the best quotes.

We are bound to provide you with the best services at the lowest costs.

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