One-stop global logistics freight forwarder China to Europe, HART Worldwide Logistics, enables you to transport your goods between Europe and the United States.

In order to provide you with the most up-to-date information about the top freight forwarders in Europe, HART has a committed and dedicated market team that is always monitoring and studying the industry. As one of the top shipping brokers from China to Europe, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in shipping.

To ensure that you receive the most efficient and risk-free customs clearance services possible, we have a specialized customs affairs department.

All of the main shipping companies have agreements with us for international shipment. There are a number of different air shipping companies that have agreements with us that allow us to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. Maersk, PIL, CMA-CGM and YAN Ming are just a few of the ocean shipping lines that we’ve inked contracts with. In addition, we transport freight by train from China to the European Union. We are able to give a large amount of space for your cargo thanks to the fulfillment of contracts with shipping companies like this.

As a result of standardization and systematization, we are able to process orders without leaning on any individual.

If you’re looking for air, sea, rail, or other logistics solutions, just give us a ring. Among the cheapest shipping businesses from China to Europe, you’ll discover ours.

Our Services for Shipping from China to Europe


Air Freight

From China to Europe, we provide cargo airlift and customs brokerage services through our own operations. From China to Europe, we’re one of the greatest air freight businesses in the business.




Sea Freight

From China and Europe, we offer marine freight services that are both cost-effective and safe and secure. When it comes to marine freight, we are Europe’s top freight forwarder. You can rely on us.




Rail Freight

Shipments through rail from China to Europe, and vice versa, are also safe and dependable. Managing rail transport from China to Europe and facilitating customs clearance are two of our many services.




Door to Door Shipping

Shipping from China to Europe is available through our company. In either direction, we’ll take exceptional care of your goods, whether they’re coming from or going to China. In addition, they’ll bring them right to your door.


Express Services

As Europe’s leading freight forwarder, we use top-tier express service providers to deliver on time commitments across Europe. Due to the volume of shipments, we are able to give the lowest possible pricing through them.


Customs Clearance

Your cargo from China to Europe and from Europe to China will be cleared by us. As a result, you may be assured that your items will not be delayed at customs. Feel free to contact us.



We can provide you with warehouse help on a large or small scale. We have warehouses all throughout the world. Please contact us immediately if you need help with warehousing.




Pickup & Delivery

We provide a simple pick-up and delivery service. You haven’t given up on transporting your goods to the ports? No need to be concerned; we’ll pick up your items from the Chinese location and bring them to your door with great care and precision.



In the event that you’re contemplating the importation of your orders from various vendors to Europe, here are some tips. After that, we’ll integrate all of your orders from various vendors and mail them to you as a single package.

Why Choose Hart to Ship From China to Europe


Focusing on the intended audience and gaining a thorough knowledge of that audience helps a firm become more self-assured. It also aids in lowering the cost of delivery. As a result, we are able to provide our clients affordable prices.



Cheap Shipping Rate

There are several low-cost shipping businesses that cut corners on delivery quality throughout the process. We, on the other hand, provide the most affordable shipping options without sacrificing on quality or level of service. We also ensure that shipping is as efficient and effective as possible.




To become one of Europe’s greatest freight forwarders, we follow a standard management philosophy and a standard business strategy. We hold ourselves to a high quality of responsiveness to all of our clients.




Our clients may do their business entirely online since we developed a specialized piece of internal software just for this purpose. You don’t have to rely on anyone. Your orders will be tracked and monitored automatically by our system.





Full Self-control

You have complete control over every order you place. Your commands are completely unaffected by anything out of your control. Every node in the transaction has a person in charge of keeping an eye on the system and dealing with any issues that arise.



Custom Clearance Service

Our customs clearance services are among the best in the business. Customs matters are handled by our own department here. Local customs agents also assist us in obtaining customs clearance.



Wide Coverage

We’ve opened a lot of warehouses across the world. Asia, Europe, Oceania and America are all covered by our warehouses. In addition, we maintain warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, ensuring ample space for the goods of our clients.



Highly Trained Team

We place a high value on ensuring that all of our workers are properly trained. Your shipments will be handled by a skilled logistician from our company. When it comes to exporting from China to Europe, our highly-trained staff can manage any issue.




When it comes to building a successful company, professionalism is a must-have quality. It’s a win-win situation for both the firm and its owners. Your difficulties will be handled with the utmost level of expertise by our business and logistics team.

Check How We Help You Ship from China to Europe


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from China to Europe


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The Certificate of Business Form for International Freight Forwarders is required for all Chinese international freight forwarders. According to China’s Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations on International Cargo Transport Agency Administration, this certificate is issued by China’s Ministry of Commerce. We are recognized with international standards, so you can trust us.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

We are a Chinese NVOCC firm. This is indicative of highly skilled freight forwarders who have access to unique benefits. China’s Ministry of Public Security assigned this license plate number. Non-NVOCC freight forwarders account for a large portion of the industry. When it comes to booking and shipping, NVOCCs have an advantage since they can issue their own bills of lading, allowing you to better manage the products.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

We have ISO 9001 Quality Management Certifications to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality services and to avoid any misunderstandings. The power granted to us by this Certificate governs the way we conduct business and how we communicate with our clients. As a result, our clients can expect nothing but the finest from us.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

WCA- World Cargo Transportation Alliance is the world’s largest and most powerful international freight forwarding organization. In order to safeguard its members, it provides the most comprehensive and secure financial protection available today. It also allows its members to do business with complete assurance of safety.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

A social and national organization for international freight forwarders in China, CIFA-China Freight Forwarder Association (CIFA) The Ministry of Commerce is in charge of this institution. Strengthening collaboration among the Chinese freight forwarders is the purpose of this program. It also aids in maintaining a level playing field among the freight forwarders.


Member Unit for SIFFA

A legal personality has been granted to the Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) by the city’s Civil Affairs Bureau, which is another social organization for international freight forwarders in Shenzhen. International freight forwarding is being promoted by the regional freight forwarders as a means of exchanging data while also emphasizing cooperation and deepening existing ties.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Freight Forwarder China To Europe | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Freight forwarding services are essential for the export and import of commodities from other countries.

If you’re new to the industry, this article will guide you through all of the benefits of dealing with a forwarder.

The discreet shipping companies from China to Europe that you may utilize to transport your merchandise across the continent will be discussed in this section of the article.

Following are the top Euro forwarders who may assist you with shipments, as listed in this article.

You cannot afford to waste any time flip-flopping.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does Freight Forwarder China To Europe Mean?
  2. What Are The Liabilities Of China To Europe Freight Forwarder?
  3. Why Use A China To Europe Freight Forwarder?
  4. Is Maersk A Freight Forwarder?
  5. How To Master A China To Europe Freight Forwarder?
  6. Which Papers Do I Need For Freight Forwarder China To Europe?
  7. How Much Do I Have To Pay For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe?
  8. What Are The Dissimilarities Between A Carrier And A Freight Forwarder?
  9. What Are The Dissimilarities Between Customs Brokers And Freight Forwarders?
  10. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Be A Shipper?
  11. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Be The Importer Of Record?
  12. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Issue A Bill Of Lading?
  13. Should I Use Freight Forwarder China To Europe Or Freight Forwarder Europe To China?
  14. Who Is The Best Freight Forwarder China To Europe Company?
  15. Who Are The Best 20 Freight Forwarder China To Europe?

1. What Does Freight Forwarder China To Europe Mean?

An important part of freight forwarding is the coordination of shipping services between suppliers and buyers.

In order to send products across borders, freight forwarding necessitates meticulous logistical planning.

Freight forwarders manage the whole shipment process, including the coordination of numerous carriers.

There are a number of ways in which your goods may be carried, such as by sea freight, air or road transport, and by truck from suppliers.

Shipping knowledge and the most up-to-date technology are used to reduce the risks associated with freight forwarding, which includes negotiating customs taxes and completing customs clearance.

Freight Forwarder China To Europe
Freight Forwarder China To Europe

2. What Are The Liabilities Of China To Europe Freight Forwarder?

As your transportation representatives from China to Europe, freight forwarding companies handle all of the paperwork and logistics.

An air, maritime, or rail freight forwarding business is a middleman between the shipper and the transporters of goods.

Keeping in mind that a freight forwarding business isn’t responsible for moving the goods itself is crucial.

When negotiating with carriers, European freight forwarders rely on pre-existing agreements and relationships.

They send using the most cost-effective and expedient method possible, balancing these three factors.

Liabilities of Freight Forwarder China To Europe
Liabilities of Freight Forwarder China To Europe

3. Why Use A China To Europe Freight Forwarder?

If you’re a small business owner, exporting from overseas markets might be a time-consuming and cumbersome operation.

The restrictions for shipping vary from country to country, making the shipper more anxious.

In order to get their goods to Europe, firms and individuals need shipping brokers from China.

It is their role as freight forwarders to be conversant with export legislation, documentation requirements, and customs procedures for shipments.

You may also take advantage of the many low-cost shipping businesses operating between China and Europe.

They can help you save all these costs and effort.

Sea Route Of China To Europe Freight Forwarder
Sea Route Of China To Europe Freight Forwarder

4. Is Maersk A Freight Forwarder?

Maersk is one of the global best shipping agents from China to Europe, both domestically and internationally.

From China to Europe, it is one of the biggest shipping businesses.

In order to transport commodities throughout the world, it makes use of its ships and boats.

A carrier, Maersk is not a conventional freight forwarder.

Maersk China To Europe Freight Forwarder
Maersk China To Europe Freight Forwarder

5. How To Master A China To Europe Freight Forwarder?

Distribution network compliance can be improved if you have a good working relationship with your China to Europe freight forwarder.

In order to run your China to Europe freight forwarder services more efficiently, here are some of the finest practices you may implement.

Shipper’s Compliance Responsibilities

As a China to Europe freight forwarder, you should –

  • know exactly what you’re exporting,
  • know the European export restrictions,
  • know how to label your shipments correctly, and
  • know the paperwork needed before you ship anything at all.

All of this will be managed by your best shipping agents from China to Europe.

It’s nevertheless a good idea to have some understanding about how to keep a solid working association with your shipping brokers in China and Europe.

Ensure Consistent and Complete Communication

Establishing clear lines of contact with your China to Europe freight forwarder is critical.

You need to be clear about what you want and how you want it delivered.

Organize a series of phone conversations to identify issues and brainstorm ways to boost adherence.

Set up a procedure for reporting any infractions or questions about government rules.

If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hold back in asking your best shipping agents from China to Europe, as well.

Obtain A Copy Of The Transaction By Contacting The Company

Setting clear guidelines for shipping agents from China to Europe is a simple way.

The paperwork required for each transaction can be compiled into a checklist.

As a result, your China to Europe freight forwarder will receive less inquiries, which will make your job easier.

Make On-Time Payments on Your Bills

In order to keep your freight forwarder satisfied, you must pay your invoices on time.

Export companies are frequently confronted with the problem of unpaid shipments.

Your shipment from China to Europe’s success hinges on the capacity of your shipping agency to pay their providers, carriers, and employees on time.

6. Which Papers Do I Need For Freight Forwarder China To Europe?

For a shipment to be successful, it is necessary to have a specific set of paperwork on hand.

Documentation For Freight Forwarder China To Europe
Documentation For Freight Forwarder China To Europe

This documentation is required by your cheap shipping companies from China to Europe:

  • Shipment bill
  • Originating country certification
  • Transport bill of lading
  • Invoices for commercial transactions
  • Invoice for a prepayment
  • License to export: letter of instruction from shipper
  • Dangerous products allowance certifications.

There is a video here –

7. How Much Do I Have To Pay For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe?

The expense of China to Europe freight forwarder via any freight forwarder is not always the same.

Variables for cheap shipping companies from China to Europe, including  –

  • mode of transportation,
  • kind of cargo,
  • available capacity on board,
  • ordinary shipment vs expedited shipping, and more.

According to the above factors, China to Europe freight forwarders will ask a fee for their services.

Nevertheless, cheap shipping companies from China to Europe are ample.

Sea China To Europe Freight Forwarder
Sea China To Europe Freight Forwarder

8. What Are The Dissimilarities Between A Carrier And A Freight Forwarder?

When a shipment is moved from one site to another, it is transported by a carrier firm.

They have their own ship and are solely responsible for the operation of cargo ships.

In the broadest sense, a forwarder differs from a carrier in that he does not transport goods.

Inland China To Europe Freight Forwarder
Inland China To Europe Freight Forwarder

9. What Are The Dissimilarities Between Customs Brokers And Freight Forwarders?

If you’re looking to import something from another country, you’ll need a customs broker.

A freight forwarder is not the same as a customs broker.

However, customs brokers can be freight forwarders.

They must be able to use a brokerage service or have a customs brokerage department of their own.

Shipment forwarder and customs broker services are often provided by the same low-cost shipping businesses saving you time and money.

Find out more about customs brokers by watching this video:

10. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Be A Shipper?

The shipper is the individual who really owns the goods and is responsible for shipping them.

Importers can use European freight forwarders to serve as a shipper.

It’s important to note that freight forwarders aren’t really responsible for transporting products.

As an intermediary shipper in Europe, freight forwarders are responsible for transporting products.

A cargo is still owned and sent by its true sender, the company that imported it.

11. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Be The Importer Of Record?

Yes, it is reasonable.

All entry paperwork must be provided to customs by the importer of record.

Imports are scrutinized to ensure that they are compliant with local laws and regulations.

The individual who brought the goods into the nation or who transported them is known as the importer of record for commodities.

12. Is It Reasonable For A Freight Forwarder China To Europe To Issue A Bill Of Lading?

The bill of lading not only serves as a receipt, but it also contains details on the goods being sent.

When a shipper’s primary carrier issues a bill of lading, it is referred to as a master bill of lading.

Carrying companies shipping goods from China to Europe must be registered with the NVOCC before issuing a bill of lading.

13. Should I Use Freight Forwarder China To Europe Or Freight Forwarder Europe To China?

Shipping firms from China to Europe are well-versed in Chinese shipping and customs regulations.

You’ll save money on shipping by using China-to-Europe shipping services.

To ensure that your shipment arrives in Europe, shipping agents from China will provide you a bill of lading and pass customs.

In addition, they provide door-to-door shipping from China to Europe.

Make sure you exclusively work with the most reputable shipping companies to get your goods from China to Europe.

14. Who Is The Best Freight Forwarder China To Europe Company?

From China to Europe, there are a number of affordable shipping options.

Prior to selecting the finest shipping company from China to Europe, there are a few factors to consider.

Looking for reputable European freight forwarders?

Here are some tips.

  • Select a freight forwarder with a substantial amount of experience in the sector.
  • All of your shipping needs from China to Europe must be met.
  • Cheap shipping firms from China to Europe with a solid name and network in the shipping sector are available to customers.
  • Your shipping brokers should always be open about their charges and compliance rules.

For your shipment, contact HART Worldwide as your China to Europe freight forwarder.

15. Who Are The Best 20 Freight Forwarder China To Europe?

It’s a challenge to choose Europe’s greatest freight forwarder.

Here is a list of top 20s –

1. Trans Global Logistics Limited (Europe)

Address: Hochheimer Strasse 111, 55246 Mainz-Kostheim

Trans Global Logistics places a high value on providing individualized service to each of its clients. Throughout the course of your project, you will have access to designated point people. Their open working technique allows them to give you up-to-date information on the current delivery status of your items at any time of day or night.

2. Whittle Eastern Logistics Limited (Europe)

Address: The Printworks, Hey Road, Lancashire

Whittle Eastern Europe freight forwarding company specializing on Eastern European shipments. International road freight between the United Kingdom and Central and Eastern Europe is their specialty. Anything from a single pallet to large truckloads can be covered, including dangerous items. Additional options include climate-controlled and expedited cars.

3. Flash International Limited (Europe)

Address: 5326 Contern, Luxembourg

Flash is continuously on the lookout for qualified individuals to join its workforce. Join a firm that has been around for almost three decades and has a proven track record of success. They have offices in 18 European countries, so they can think globally and act locally. And they’re expanding their foreign business as well.

4. Armistead Transport Limited (Europe)

Address: Carnforth, United Kingdom

Distributing Armistead European’s products across the European continent is a developing business. Armistead European specializes in LCL and portion loads. The service is available for both domestic and international travel.

5. Freightlink LLP (Europe)

Address: Bradford, United Kingdom

Clients can be certain that their products will arrive on time, at the correct place and at the right price thanks to Freightlink Europe’s efficient, solution-oriented and responsive crew.

6. Advance Limited (Europe)

Address: Orgreave, UK

Advance European Ltd, a firm situated in Northwest Wales that provides national and international road transport. They never lose sight of their basic principles of professionalism and ethics. No matter what time of day or night, seven days a week, they’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They’ll keep an eye on things for you throughout the week and beyond.

7. Amco Logistics (Europe)

Address: Hilton Business Park, UK

At AMCO, they take great pride in their team of multilingual professionals that have a combined logistics experience of more than 179+ years. When it comes to logistics, they’re here to help. They’re courteous and dependable, and they speak various European languages. Because of their low personnel turnover, clients may develop a relationship of confidence with their team, and their knowledge of your transportation needs means a more seamless process from the point of origin to the point of sale.

8. EFRET Haulage Limited (Europe)

Address: Basepoint Business Center, United Kingdom

Strategy, innovation, and robotics are all key to how Efret operates, which allows us to develop cutting-edge transportation solutions at reasonable prices while still keeping pace with the industry’s ever-increasing and ever-shifting demands. They’re able to match the high demands of the engineering and manufacturing, e-commerce, and FMCG industries because of their extensive specialization. For effective control and consumer engagement to be precise and information clear, it is imperative that necessary human resources be invested in.

9. TRANS Haul Limited (Europe)

Address: Woodside Estate, UK

They’ve been able to keep and build a loyal client base because of their exceptional customer service, low prices, and high professional standards. They know they can depend on them to get the job done. To learn more about how they can assist you in achieving your objectives, please contact them right now. They provide – management of transportation and storage, freight transport, full and partial loads transported by road, palletized transport of freight, warehousing, safekeeping of information, delivery of parcels, contract distribution and packaging. Besides operations involving a network and grouping, fulfillment of online orders, temperature-controlled packaging and storage, distribution in the United kingdom and Europe.

10. Lyons Limited (Europe)

Address: Craigavon BT67 0HR, UK

No matter how large or little your transportation needs are, they are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Additionally, they have a lot of expertise in transportation of goods inside the Irish and UK markets, as well as shipping to and from Europe.

11. NYK Group Limited (Europe)

Address: London E14 5LQ, UK

In order to keep up with their quick growth and ambitious goals, they’re looking to hire the best and brightest. As a multinational firm, they provide a wide range of professional advancement prospects across Europe and the rest of the world.

12. London Man and Van Courier Service

Address: Stirling Way, London CR0 4XN, UK

Dedicated European man and van removals business situated in London that provides a high-quality removals and delivery company at an affordable price. You can count on WJM man and van Europe transfers to provide you with a customized moving strategy that is ideally suited to your specific moving requirements, whether you’re a business wanting to relocate or a homeowner moving residence.

13. Middlegate Limited (Europe)

Address: Hull, UK

Supply chain optimization, waste elimination, cost reduction, and rapid response to production and operational demands may all be achieved by utilizing our custom-tailored services. They provide a no-obligation introductory consultation for the purpose of identifying possible areas of growth. Clients who have been with them for years attest to their commitment to giving an answer that is centered around the needs of each individual customer.

14. KLG Limited Bradford (Europe)

Address: Bradford, United Kingdom

What are you in the market for? Is it better to travel by sea, air, train, or road? Europe or the rest of the globe? Our warehouses may provide value-added services? They provide an all-inclusive package of services. For all of your suppliers. Effective, transparent, and thorough.

15. Hellmann Logistics (Worldwide)

Address: Lergravsvej, Denmark

As your firm has special needs, they work with you to come up with ideas to improve your logistical procedures. Inbound logistics, storage, distribution, after-sales support, and reverse logistics are all part of their services, which they provide from suppliers to end consumers.

16. OSE Limited (European)

Address: Gateshead NE8 3AE, United Kingdom

Since they’ve been in the transportation sector for so long with so many different clients, their staff of experts is well-versed in a wide range of industries. As a result, irrespective of whatever your consignment needs are, they can help.

17. BBL

Address: 1358 CD Almere, Netherlands

With a novel approach to warehousing and shipping, BBL provides customized logistics solutions. Every single one of these solutions is developed with the most up-to-date information and communication technology improvements in mind.

18. Espace Ltd (Europe)

Address: Lichfield WS14 9DT, UK

It was in 2005 that they first began offering an expedited freight service across Europe, and it has only grown since then. They are so certain of their capacity to deliver your urgent express goods on schedule that they provide a money-back guarantee.

19. Shoreline (Yacht Transport) Limited

Address: Chichester PO20 1NR, UK

As a family-run business, Shoreline Yacht Transport Ltd. is dedicated to provide its customers the finest possible service. Terry and Melanie Ollerton established the business in 1986. At the age of thirty, Terry was working at a yacht yard, rising up the ranks to the position of manager. Shoreline’s success in the yacht shipping sector is partly due to its extensive knowledge.

20. Routier Transport (European)

Address: Gilau, Romania

Because of the high quality of our products, carriers’ business partners consider us to be crucial middlemen in their supply chain. To meet the needs of their customers and the area market, they began as a general product transporter with complete vehicles. They have since expanded its services to include a wide range of services and logistical solutions.

Final Words

There are many different phases involved with freight forwarding, and we hope this FAQ section has given you a better understanding of them.

The top 20 European freight forwarders are profiled in this article.

However, you are not obligated to adhere to them.

Others who ship from China to Europe might serve as your greatest representatives in this regard.

Good luck with your shipping endeavors, and make sure you select the finest shipping agencies from China to Europe.

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