In order to transport from Germany to China, you’ll need a freight forwarder like HART Worldwide.

If you tell us where your shipment is, for example, in Germany, we can pick it up for you. Complete the customs process in China by taking the Germany-to-China rail route.

Whether you need the fastest, cheapest, or most efficient method of transportation, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

You don’t have to worry about the rail cargo from Germany to China Train.

HART has a long history of rail freight experience. The rail transportation sector is constantly evolving, and we have a dedicated market team to keep up with it. Consequently, we strive to provide you with relevant market data; simply request a quote.

There is also a customs affairs department that examines and monitors the legislation governing rail goods from Germany to China Train. Customs clearance is one of our operational criteria, so your shipments from China or Germany will always move without a hitch.

Systematization and standardization are two of the most important HART facilities. Our in-house developed software system manages and monitors all of your rail freight orders online. A good experience is not dependent on any one individual; the technique is always successful.

Here, you can find the greatest train shipping choices, no matter how difficult your train cargo is. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to help.

Our Other Services Besides Germany To China Train


Air Freight

Air freight package delivery enables the transportation of goods via air. Our air freight service from Germany to China is completely risk-free and smooth.



Sea Freight

Large quantities of cargo are sent throughout the world by HART’s carrier ships. In order to make things easier for you, we provide both FCL and LCL shipping services.


Door to Door Shipping

Shipping services from China to any location in the globe are available via our company. We’ll pick up your things from the supplier and deliver them to the address you select.


Express Services

We ship globally by UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT from China. For your convenience, they offer us large discounts on shipping costs.


Customs Clearance

Each country’s customs policies are monitored by a dedicated team. We work closely with local customs brokers to guarantee that our shipments arrive on time.



Whether you need long-term or short-term warehouse services in China or Germany, our extensive transportation network will be able to assist you.




Pickup & Delivery

We will be able to provide pick-up and delivery services due to our access to door-to-door transportation. The items will be picked up and delivered based on location.





Sending merchandise to Amazon’s warehouse is one of the ways we assist e-commerce clients. Shipping to Jumia and other e-commerce platforms are available too.

Why Choose Hart for Your Germany To China Train?


Focus on the products you have to provide and have a good grasp of the industry. Focus on uniformity and systematization to reduce freight costs without sacrificing service.



Cheap Shipping Rate

To keep delivery costs low, we have arrangements with major shipping companies. We are continually working to improve our service efficiency in order to keep our prices down.




To ensure that we can respond to your demands while keeping consistent quality service, we have implemented a standardized solution, service methods, and cargo operations.




The in-house software development team designed a custom-tailored support system to enable paperless operation, monitoring, and tracking.



Full Self-control

They are all completely self-contained nodes in the railway transportation process. An employee educated in the in-house software system monitors every border crossing.



Custom Clearance Service

To expedite the passage of your products through customs, we have our own team in various locations. As customs brokers ourselves, we interact with local customs brokers.



Wide Coverage

Branches or warehouses are located in over 20 Chinese cities. Facilities for storing goods may be found in various countries across the world.



Highly Trained Team

We conducted systematic training sessions on a regular basis to ensure that our employees were well-trained. It is so that they can quickly examine and respond.


We want our staff to be well-versed in their responsibilities. When it comes to rail transportation, be sure to supply all the necessary information and excellent advice.

Check How We Help You Ship from Germany To China Train


Qualifications and Honor for Train Shipping


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

This certificate is required by the Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulatory Framework for the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency. Both of which have been implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce. All international freight forwarders in China are required to have this certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

NVOCC registration is needed by the Ministry of Transportation of China for most international shipping companies operating in China. It looks like a typical transportation company, but it’s not. The advantage of using an NVOCC is that they may issue their own bills of lading, allowing you to better oversee your products during the transportation process.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience and prevent consumer misconceptions, an ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate is required. There is now a worldwide approved assurance mechanism in place. A shipping company’s customers may be certain that they will receive the same high-quality service whether they choose this service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

As a network of independent transportation companies, the WCA (World Cargo Transportation Alliance) is extremely effective. Being a part of the most comprehensive and accurate financial security program in the business immediately insures HART. It gives us complete peace of mind when exporting goods to and from other WCA members.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

International freight forwarders’ association CIFA was founded as a co-operative in China in 1985. The Ministry of Commerce is in charge of China’s international freight handling sector. Improve the freight forwarding sector so that the agency is self-disciplined and organized while simultaneously creating a competitive market environment. CIFA’s mission is to do this.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Association of International Freight Forwarders in Shenzhen (SIFFA). The Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau recognizes it as a legal entity. With the help of SIFFA, members are able to share knowledge, build contacts, and collaborate more effectively, all in the sake of growing the global transportation industry.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Germany To China Train | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Global shipping, Germany to China train is the most economical and energy-efficient option.

It has a significant impact on the growth of global trade.

Imports from Germany to China benefit considerably as well, making it an important factor in the country’s overall growth.

To move products from Germany to China train or China to Germany route is the most important.

This FAQ is all about the freight from China to Germany train.

Shipping products may need the use of these notions.

Table Of Content

  1. Can I Take Germany To China Train?
  2. Which Rail Routes Are Now Used To Transport Products From Germany To China Train?
  3. Approximately How Long It Requires From Germany To China By Rail?
  4. For Germany To China Train, What Sorts Of Facts Are Included On The Shipment Document?
  5. Do I Have To Submit Any Paperwork To Ship From Germany To China Via Train?
  6. What Are The Customs Requirements For Shipping From Germany To China Through The Train?
  7. Using Train Freight, What Can I Transport From Germany To China?
  8. How Do I Estimate The Cost Of A Rail Shipment From Germany To China?
  9. What Affects The Expense Of Shipment From Germany To China Train?
  10. What Are The Steps Involved In Exporting Products From Germany To China Train?
  11. In What Ways Does Shipping Via The Germany-China Train Route Benefit The Shipper?
  12. In Terms Of Volume, How Much Can The Rail From Germany To China Train Deliver?
  13. How Many Vehicles Can Be Shipped From Germany To China On A Train?
  14. Is It Affordable Or More Expensive To Ship Goods By Train From Germany To China?
  15. What Do I Do If My Package Is Detained By Customs While Moving By Rail From Germany To China?

1. Can I Take Germany To China Train?

Yes, rail freight from Germany to China train is possible.

Your items will arrive on time and in good condition if you use the rail shipping service from Germany to China.

They’ve built a solid framework.

The presence of customs agents, carriers, consultants, and insurers is guaranteed.

It is their job to handle any concerns that may develop during the transportation of your goods and any potential complications that may arise.

Your items can be sent and the customs processes can be handled on your behalf by Hart Logistics throughout the Germany To China train shipment.

2. Which Rail Routes Are Now Used To Transport Products From Germany To China Train?

The “One Belt, One Road” program of Chinese President Xi Jinping is the driving force behind China’s railroad system connecting China and Germany.

It intends to strengthen business links between China and the rest of the world and revive the old Silk Road.

Consequently, it is easier to conduct business with China from Germany.

Germany As far as China is concerned Trains run between China and Germany on this corridor of rail transportation.

It links China with Germany, as well as other countries in Europe.

Germany To China Train Silk Route
Germany To China Train Silk Route

The total distance covered is around 9,400 kilometers.

In terms of freight rail lines, this is the longest and most extensive.

Among the most lengthy train lines may be found in Germany to China train.

Because it is essential to the current Silk Road’s foundation.

In early 2017, the very first cargo train operations commenced on this line.

Germany is presently the most accessible European country to China via train.

3. Approximately How Long It Requires From Germany To China By Rail?

When it arrives in China after 17 days of travel, the Germany to China train will have covered 9,500 kilometers.

In order to return the containers to their original locations in Poland and China, they will need to be converted from standard trains to Russian scale.

This kind of rail transportation is commonly advertised as being faster than shipping by sea and cheaper than shipping by air.

The fastest DHL Germany to China train freight takes 12 days to deliver.

4. For Germany To China Train, What Sorts Of Facts Are Included On The Shipment Document?

At a minimum, the shipping papers should include the following:

  • The precise location of the German supplier;
  • The date of delivery
  • Risky items are described in this order:
  • There are a lot of UN members
  • When referring to dangerous items, “dangerous goods shipping” is used.
  • The compatibility group letter follows the principal class for explosives, which has a primary and a subsidiary class.
  • If necessary, the roman numbers for the packing group.
  • The phrases “toxic” or “inhalation hazard” may be used for harmful products covered under Special Provision 23.
Germany To China Train Documents
Germany To China Train Documents
  • In China, the metric unit of measurement, such as kg, is used for shipments beginning there.
  • Someone who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions about potentially dangerous things; and
  • The consignor’s validation

HART always tells consumers what information they need to put in the shipping document before they place an order.

5. Do I Have To Submit Any Paperwork To Ship From Germany To China Via Train?

Documentation is essential when shipping freight from Germany to China via train.

They’re as follows:

Invoice for Commercial Transactions

International trade requires the use of a business invoice as a means of completing transactions.

Legally binding and non-conventional, this paperwork might be provided to the customer in China by the vendor in Germany.

Material List of Packaging

An extra document that you might send with your shipping is the packing list, which details the contents of each container.

Customs Memorandum for Imports

Specifying and describing the commodities to be imported in an import customs declaration is the purpose of this document.

At the country’s border, your transporter will frequently complete the import customs declaration on your behalf.

Germany To China Train Customs Declaration
Germany To China Train Customs Declaration

Phytosanitary, Manufacturing, and Container Certifications

Depending on what you’re delivering, you may be asked to provide one of the following certifications:

  • The Certificate of Production
  • Certificate of Compliance for a Ship
  • Certificate of Plant Health

Rail Waybill

A Rail waybill is a piece of paper that is used to track the delivery of goods by train.

This paperwork is prepared by the freight agent or railway firm once the importer gives them instructions.

Document Certifying Origin

As a vital piece of documentation in the global marketplace, a Certificate of Origin is essential.

Everything about it was made in the nation where it was sourced.


A l/c paper is a bank guarantee in a transaction between a buyer and seller.

It ensures that the entire purchase price has been paid and that all items have been sent.

6. What Are The Customs Requirements For Shipping From Germany To China Through The Train?

When exporting from Germany to China via train, you’ll have to go through customs.

For instance:

  • To go through customs at the border, a train must follow two rules.
  • The customs broker and railroad needed to send a manifest over ACE.
  • According to electronic manifests, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can quickly determine whether or not incoming product is a threat or should be sent on to China.
  • Additionally, they allow for a speedier turnaround time at the border crossing.
  • Importers and exporters need customs input that goes well beyond the typical rail manifest for shipping.
  • The broker also gives the Customs Bill ID, Item ID, and crossing location in addition to the train schedule.
  • Inspections, verification of bookings, and CBP verification are all part of the ingate process.
Germany To China Train Goods Inspection
Germany To China Train Goods Inspection
  • Deliveries cannot be made until all of the ingate procedures have been completed.
  • A successful customs clearance relies on information provided by both the train operator and the broker.
  • A permission letter from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be sent to the broker after the train car has been cleared.

7. Using Train Freight, What Can I Transport From Germany To China?

It hauled a total of more than 700 tons of cargo, mostly from China, including basic commodities, clothing, textiles, and luggage.

Germany to China train freight may convey a wide variety of goods.

For instance:

  • It is common practice to utilize freight rail transportation to deliver commodities, including bulk items like cleaning supplies, battery packs, and painting supplies, and retail goods like batteries and paint.
  • Rail freight may convey a wide range of objects, including dangerous chemicals, one-of-a-kind artifacts, and everyday necessities.
  • Specialized shipments include metal racks, autos, massive freight, and objects that necessitate unique circumstances.
  • Refrigerated goods are commonly transported on freezer carriages, but heavier goods require a more cumbersome method of transportation.
Germany To China Train Freight
Germany To China Train Freight
  • Cars are transported in both open and closed autoracks.
  • Retail offerings include bug repellant, sanitizers, fruits and vegetables, almonds, textile sector supplies, and more.
  • Liquefied natural gas, for example, may be transported by rail freight.

8. How Do I Estimate The Cost Of A Rail Shipment From Germany To China?

Understanding how rail freight costs are computed is the first step in obtaining inexpensive rail freight prices from Germany to China.

Here’s some information to help you figure out how much train freight from Germany to China costs:

Breakpoint Calculation

LCL or FCL railway freight might be more cost-effective if the breakpoint calculation is used to analyze the channel or supplier circumstances.

Consequently, the costs of an LCL container transport may be higher than the costs of an FCL container cargo because of the management.

Whatever you decide, remember that each kind has advantages and disadvantages.

Cost of Rail Freight Estimation Calculation Formula

Rail transit prices are determined by a mathematical formula.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the price:

The total cost of rail transportation includes the cost of the train itself, the cost of the rail station, the cost of delivery, and the cost of customs.

Cost Estimation Using a Wide Range of Factors

The cost of rail transportation is based on a range of factors.

The following is a breakdown of what you’ll get for your money:

  • It is important to know and pay for additional costs at the rail station. As soon as the train arrives, the container and its contents must be unloaded.
  • Rail transit is designed to get to its destination swiftly and at the lowest possible cost.

Therefore, automobile transportation is a popular mode since it is both inexpensive and flexible.

  • Typically, rail freight transportation must undergo customs clearance if they will be crossing a border.

A variety of documentation and fees must be completed and paid based on the commodities and the destination country.

Employee costs, tariffs, taxes, and paperwork creation are all included in customs clearance costs.

Customs agents from HART can help you keep freight prices and delivery timeframes on track, thus we recommend that you use their services.

On our website, you can quickly and inexpensively book these services.

In this video, you’ll learn why rail shipment is more cost-effective than air transport.

9. What Affects The Expense Of Shipment From Germany To China Train?

Here are a few factors that go into determining how much a consumer will pay for their product.

Consider the following factors that may have an effect on freight rail transportation costs:

Products That Are Shipped

Shipping costs are influenced by the type of items you plan to transport.

The cost of transporting commodities from Germany to China train varies according to their nature.

Based on the weight and volume of the cargo, basic goods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and textiles are frequently supplied in containers.

Things that need to be kept at a specific temperature while in transit are classified as separate from steel pallets and bulky products.

Operational Costs

Shipping expenses must also take into account a range of fixed operational costs.

The costs of running the following:

  • For shipping purposes, a particular type of locomotive
  • There are a lot of carriages in use
  • The use of the train
  • Trains need a lot of electricity.
  • Human Resources (HR) costs
  • Costs associated with maintaining a property

The Cost of Insuring Your Package

If you opt to insure your package against loss or damage, the cost of rail transportation will be higher.

You can transport your cargo safely with the help of shipping insurance.

If anything unexpected happens during transit, it helps to prevent the danger of damage and potential financial injury.

Germany To China Train Expense Of Insurance
Germany To China Train Expense Of Insurance

The Destinations Of The Pickup And Delivery

The cost of Germany to China train freight transportation is affected by where the goods are picked up and dropped off.

A freight train stays in one location and the amount of time it takes for products to be loaded and unloaded determines the cost at each station.

Your Shipment’s Weight

One of the most crucial criteria in determining how much money you’ll need to transport your goods is their size.

One of the most crucial determining factors is the precise number of objects you transport to a given area, in addition to their bulk.

10. What Are The Stages Involved In Exporting Products From Germany To China Train?

Through Germany, commodities can be transported.

Here are the steps to go to China Train:

Stage #1

The amount and type of things you import should be determined by your own preferences.

Stage #2

Take the time to choose a reputable vendor from whom you can buy the items.

Stage #3

If you’re looking to import products from Germany to Yuwi, look for an experienced freight forwarder.

Stage #4

Make sure the items are properly packed before shipping.

Wooden boxes, gunny sacks, tin containers, pallets, and other things can be used to keep the objects safe.

Stage #5

After ensuring that the items are correctly packaged, they will need to transfer them to a transit terminal in Germany.

Stage #6

A tangible copy of the “consignment letter,” which may be obtained at the railways’ office, is required by the goods provider.

There are all of the terms and conditions that the railway accepts to convey products on the opposite side of this page.

This paper must include some essential information.

For instance:

  • The name and location of the provider
  • Details of the Importer.
  • The information of the items for sale.
  • Size of the Boxes
  • How much space and weight each item takes up
  • Deliveries will be made at this address.
  • Customs and shipping fees are either paid or not.
Consignment Note During Train Shipping From Germany To China
Consignment Note During Train Shipping From Germany To China

Stage #7

As soon as he’s delivered the merchandise and consignment notice to the train authorities, he’ll be given a Railway Receipt (R/R).

This receipt will be sent to the customer by the supplier or freight forwarder since it is proof of ownership of the goods.

Stage #8

The freight forwarder will now transport and handle the customs formalities for your consignment.

11. In What Ways Does Shipping Via The Germany-China Train Route Benefit The Shipper?

You can choose rail shipment if you need your goods to travel more than 1,000 miles and it’s not time-sensitive.

Here are some of the advantages of shipping products from Germany to China through train.


Switching long-haul shipments from road to rail may save shippers anywhere from 10% to 40%.

Fuel costs have been decreased by rail, particularly when moving a big volume of products. Fuel costs can be reduced as a consequence.

Ecologically Conscious

Trains consume less fuel per ton mile than automobiles, which is why they are more environmentally friendly.

It is estimated that rail cargo may travel an average of 479 miles on a single gallon of gasoline, according to the Association of American Railroads.

As a result, it is more environmentally friendly than conventional modes of transportation.

Capacity To Carry Huge Weights

Transporting big volumes of cargo is no problem for trains.

Double-stacked trains are capable of transporting up to 280 cars.

This can be quite helpful for large-scale transporters.

Germany To China Train Transporting Heavy Loads
Germany To China Train Transporting Heavy Loads


On restricted timetables, trains do not allow the general public to use their lines.

Thus, rail shipping has a higher degree of reliability.

In this clip, you’ll see how rail shipping links the globe:

12. In Terms Of Volume, How Much Can The Rail From Germany To China Train Deliver?

The allowed tonnage for trains is 4,540 tons.

A modern train can carry 279,000 pounds on board (126.2 tons).

It’s utilized to haul cargo in trains of 100 or more cars or more.

As a consequence, a total of 12,600 tons may be transported by rail from Germany to China train with an advance of more than 179.

13. How Many Vehicles Can Be Shipped From Germany To China On A Train?

It all depends on the number of vehicles that are available on a given day before a local train arrives.

The number of cars on a small short-haul train might range from 6 to 26.

However, when it comes to long-distance freight trains, they might have anything from 69 to 134 cars.

14. Is It Affordable Or More Expensive To Ship Goods By Train From Germany To China?

Rail transit is more expensive than ocean transportation, but it is also less expensive than air transportation.

For this reason, international enterprises and corporations might consider using train freight as a less expensive but faster mode of transportation.

When it comes to getting goods delivered quickly and cheaply, the train is your best bet right now.

This company also provides logistical services that are both affordable and trustworthy for its clients.

On a global basis, it may become incredibly beneficial for Germany and China to work together shortly.

Shipping from Germany to China can be done at a lower cost and in a more efficient manner through HART.

15. What Do I Do If My Package Is Detained By Customs While Moving By Rail From Germany To China Train?

If your products are seized by customs, you have a few options when transporting from Germany to China by train.

For instance:

Make Contact With the Vendor

You must contact the vendor if your cargo has been confiscated by customs.

You should be prepared to inquire with the seller about the status of the delivery.

Hopefully, they will be able to tell whether any of the necessary paperwork to pass your delivery through customs has been overlooked.

Sending notification and getting more information from the transporter will be possible thanks to your vendor.

Make An Appointment With A Customs Agent

The customs officer you engaged may be able to put you in touch with the vendor on your behalf.

They might be able to figure out what’s going on.

Ensure that all paperwork is in order if the issue is connected to transport documents.

Germany To China Train Consulting Customs Agents
Germany To China Train Consulting Customs Agents

But if your things are determined to be illegal or restricted, you must throw them away.

Customs clearance can be a breeze with their assistance, or they might just point out a problem.

Make sure you have the tracking information before contacting the carrier.

Final Words

A lot of trade between Germany and China is affected by international rail shipping from Germany to China train.

Because trains are more dependable than other modes of transport, the amount of freight transported via train is on the rise.

HART is a reliable shipping company that can safely and efficiently transport your products by rail.

We hope this FAQ guide will give you a better understanding of rail transportation from Germany to China.

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