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How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA


In addition to warehousing, packing, delivery, and customer support, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers inventory services.

It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to sell their goods through the internet.

You can discover all the information you need regarding how to ship from China to Amazon FBA right here.

Everything you need to know about how to ship from China to Amazon FBA is covered in this guide.

To find out more, continue to read.

Table Of Content

1. What Does Amazon FBA Shipping Mean

2. China To Amazon FBA Trade Market Background

3. Process Flow Of Amazon FBA

4. How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

5. Benefits Of Ship From China To Amazon FBA

6. Facilities To Shipping From China To Amazon FBA

7. Express Import From China To Amazon FBA

8. Factors Favoring or Opposing Shipment Direct to Amazon Fulfillment Center

  • 8.1 Less Time On The Road
  • 8.2 Duties And Shipping Costs Must Be Paid In Advance
  • 8.3 Prior To Arrival At Amazon, Unable To Inspect Products

9. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Third Party Fulfillment Firm

  • 9.1 Amazon’s Delivery Time Increases
  • 9.2 Improved Assurance of Product Quality
  • 9.3 The Decrease of FBA Rejections

10. Amazon’s Barcode And Packaging Requirements

  • 10.1 Label for a Product
  • 10.2 Shipping Label
  • 10.3 Box Dimensions and Weight Requirements for Amazon

11. The Costs Of Importing From China To Amazon FBA

  • 11.1 Freight Transportation Costs
  • 11.2 Customs and Amazon Certification

12. Aspects That Affect Shipping Cost

13. Different Surcharges That You Pay To Use Amazon FBA

14. Shipping Duration From China To Amazon FBA

  • 14.1 Shipping Duration Via Sea Freight
  • 14.2 Shipping Duration Via Regular Air Freight
  • 14.3 Shipping Duration Via Express Air Freight

15. Chargeable Weight Calculation For Amazon FBA From China

16. Directly From Alibaba To Amazon FBA

17. Category Of Commodities To Import From China To Amazon FBA

18. Shipment Tracking

1. What Does Amazon FBA Shipping Mean

Amazon FBA is the fulfillment service given by Amazon, with the intention of making selling easier for its merchants.

With FBA service, you may keep your items at Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

And Amazon workers will be responsible for selecting, packaging, shipping, and addressing any customer queries and returns for these products.

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2. China To Amazon FBA Trade Market Background

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service was launched in 2006 and has been running ever since.

Amazon was already a major participant in the internet retail industry before it went public.

Online sales and fulfillment are where it’s at.

Background Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Background Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Amazon created this initiative in part to encourage the expansion of small businesses that make use of the company’s fulfillment services.

Additionally, the company’s offerings include customer support.

This is a bonus for every business owner who sells products on Amazon.

That being said, Amazon’s fulfillment model was designed to let as many third-party vendors as possible take advantage of it.

Increase your revenues by using Amazon as your retailer of choice.

The FBA program guarantees that it is always up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

As a result of the rapidly changing nature of the internet retail market.

Even while this helps companies keep up with the competition, it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid changes.

3. Process Flow Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

You send your things, and Amazon packs and sends them to your consumers.

The procedures are described in full in the following paragraphs.

  • Getting your Amazon selling account set up, creating product listings, and preparing your items are the initial steps.
  • After that, you may ship your items to Amazon, and they will be stored in the company’s fulfillment facilities at no additional cost.

In order to keep track of your items, Amazon provides a tracking mechanism.

  • As soon as an interested buyer places an order through, Amazon will handle all aspects of product choosing and packing.
  • Customers receive their purchases once they have been packed and dispatched. The customer’s preference will dictate the mode of shipment. Tracking information is also supplied to the customer.
Step By Step How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Step By Step How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
  • After the items are delivered, Amazon will also give customer assistance. Taking care of product returns is also a part of this.
  • It’s critical to realize that this initiative doesn’t just target Amazon orders, but also those from other e-commerce sites.

4. How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Following these simple steps, you may send your items to Amazon FBA.

  • Customize your inventory by logging into your seller account.
  • Select the goods from your inventory that you wish to send.
  • Choose “Accept Inventory” from the drop-down menu after selecting “Action on Selected”.
  • Decide on a shipping method.
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
  • Specify a delivery address here.
  • Verify the packaging’s nature. Individually packaged or in a case.
  • Take a look at the delivery options.
  • Your items should be prepared and labeled according to the manner you’ve chosen.
  • Set the amount and print labels if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way with labels.
  • The package should be inspected and prepared.
  • Decide on the method of delivery. Delivery of tiny parcels or less than a truckload is acceptable option.

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5. Benefits Of Shipping From China To Amazon FBA

There are several advantages to using Fulfillment by Amazon for your business, including the following:

Storage Facility Services

Any firm that sells things needs a lot of storage space.

Renting or purchasing storage space might be an expensive option for some.

You’ll have to pay for both the premises and the staff to run it.

To add to the difficulty, you may need to figure out how much space you’ll need to store your items.

In addition to eliminating all of these issues, Fulfillment by Amazon also gives you plenty of room to store your merchandise.

The inventory charge is included in the final price, which is very reasonable.

Fast-selling items are given limitless storage space as a thank you from the company.

Keeping Track Of Your Profits

Keeping track of client returns may be a daunting process.

You must determine the reason for the return, as well as whether or not the goods are worth returning.

The fees are also your responsibility, and you’ll have to hire help if you do.

With FBA, you don’t have to worry about any of this while you go about your day-to-day activities.

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA Warehouse
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA Warehouse

Become A Worldwide Brand

It will take a lot of money and time to expand your firm into the worldwide market, which may be out of reach for some people.

As a consequence of the dangers involved, it’s possible that the company will fail after reaching this milestone.

As a result, FBA has made it simpler for any company to sell globally.

With less financial and material resources and with fewer hazards.

Shipping Costs Are Reduced

Your purchases will be delivered on time and at a reasonable price thanks to a number of Amazon’s prime delivery partners.

Manages The Process Of Achieving Your Goals

The process of completing a customer’s order falls within the purview of fulfillment.

These are all taken care of by Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon.

6. Facilities To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Shipment from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse may be done in one of four major methods.

Here are the names of them:

Each mode of transportation has a distinct time and cost profile.

Based on the product’s weight, you can select a shipping option.

Shipping Facilities Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Shipping Facilities Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

You can use international express services like DHL, UPS, or FedEx if your time is short, but the cost of delivery is quite expensive.

If the package weighs less than 21kg, I’d advise going with international Express.

Choose air transportation if your shipment weighs between 21kg and 100kg.

You may save a lot of money if your items weigh more than 100 kilograms by delivering them by sea or train.

7. Express Import From China To Amazon FBA

Deliveries may be signed for when they arrive, which makes it the most convenient option for the recipient because they don’t have to deal with customs clearance.

Import processes will be taken care of by the expedited service provider you’ve selected.

Express delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL may be found all over the world.

Because UPS and FedEx have a wide network in the United States, delivery delays are quite rare.

Shipping from China to the United States normally takes 4-7 days, depending on the region, and is best suited for shipments weighing up to 1000 pounds.

Express Shipping Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Express Shipping Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

As a new Amazon seller, you might consider using express delivery if you plan on importing 100 kg of items for your first tryout on Amazon.

There are a lot of fixed costs involved with air cargo and sea shipping, which means that the overall cost is more than express shipping.

Lithium polymer battery, fluid, or powder cannot be shipped through express shipping due to the fact that it is transported over air.

Although certain Chinese express agencies can assist you in transporting these things, it is extremely difficult to get in touch with them.

And the fees are frequently 50% to 100% more than conventional shipments.

8. Factors Favoring or Opposing Shipment Direct to Amazon Fulfillment Center

There are certain advantages to shipping straight to the FBA warehouses from China, but the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits.

While shipping straight saves time, it also increases the potential for mistakes and poor quality control.

This section will go through each benefit and drawback.

If you plan to ship straight to Amazon FBA, you will need to make sure that your products are DDP, which means that you are liable for all transportation expenses.

8.1. Less Time on the Road

Because your items travel straight from the manufacturer to the client via Amazon FBA, they arrive at their destination faster. If you’re in a hurry and need to get your goods to the warehouse and back out as quickly as possible, this is the way to go. While it may be tempting to skip the fulfillment firm (or even yourself) entirely, you’ll be sacrificing valuable quality control time.

8.2. Duties And Shipping Costs Must Be Paid In Advance

Amazon realizes that shipping hundreds of goods might be expensive, therefore they don’t pay for any of the shipping expenses. However, if you ship anything that costs more than they are willing to pay, they will refuse the package and you will still be responsible for the payment (plus all the extra costs).

Benefits Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Benefits Of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

8.3. Prior To Arrival At Amazon, Unable To Inspect Products

Quality control and inspection are two of the largest (and perhaps most harmful) drawbacks of exporting straight from China to Amazon FBA facilities. It’s fairly uncommon for third-party inspection agencies to be hired by sellers, but the number of mistakes that occur when your items aren’t inspected is startling.

The worst-case scenario for an online business is a flood of bad reviews and refunds due to faults that slip through the cracks during the quality control process.

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9. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Third Party Fulfillment Firm

Shipping straight to Amazon may be avoided by utilizing a third-party fulfillment firm in the United States, or by delivering the things to yourself in advance.

In most circumstances, vendors don’t have the time or resources to conduct their own in-house product inspections and instead turn to a third party.

However, this increases the length of time it takes for items to arrive at the warehouses.

Which costs them money and reduces the risk of mistakes and rejected shipments.

9.1. Amazon’s Delivery Time Increases

A third-party fulfillment company’s major negative is the additional time it takes to get your items into the FBA warehouses.

Your items must first be received, prepared, and then sent to Amazon via a third-party intermediary.

When compared to shipping straight from China, this might add a week or two to the time it takes your items to arrive at FBA.

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By 3PL
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By 3PL

9.2. Improved Assurance of Product Quality

Prior to shipping your items to FBA, getting an additional set of eyes inspecting them may make a huge difference in consumer complaints or rejected shipments.

As a result of this increased quality control, many FBA sellers utilize a fulfillment firm as a bridge between suppliers in China and Amazon.

And this is the preferred alternative for novices and those who wish to reduce the number of rejected shipments they get.

9.3. The Decrease of FBA Rejections

Each item must have a scannable barcode (FNSKU) and each box must have a carton label affixed.

Even though Amazon’s packaging and labeling standards are not very strict.

If something goes wrong, they’ll usually make it right, but they’ll charge you for the privilege of their assistance.

When you outsource the labeling of your products to third-party fulfillment firms, you reduce the risk of human mistakes in the warehouse and so save money.

Products arrive at Amazon without an outstanding amount since shipping expenses have been eliminated.

10. Amazon’s Barcode And Packaging Requirements

In order to ship items to Amazon FBA, we must first learn about Amazon’s product and shipping box specifications.

Amazon warehouse laws require that all product packaging, including boxes, be in compliance.

Amazon warehouses will reject your merchandise if we don’t meet their standards.

The seller’s merchandise will not be recognized by Amazon if the packaging design does not include the necessary FBA label.

Different packaging specifications are required by Amazon, and these specifications differ.

A “suffocation” warning label is required if your packaging design is an OPP bag with an entrance size of more than 5 inches.

Your merchandise will also be discarded if the FBA label is not attached to the package.

In order for the FBA to identify and store your products, they must scan the barcode on the package.

So, as you can see, labels are a critical part of the FBA process.

Amazon warehouse standards for items, weights, and packaging are summarized in the following paragraphs:

10.1. Label for a Product

Amazon’s product labeling is mandatory. Your FNSKU label will be scanned by Amazon’s warehouse when your items are delivered, ensuring that your products are stored in the right area.

The FNSKU Label

Each product package sold on Amazon must include an FNSKU label.

There will be no way for Amazon to identify and sell your product if we don’t include the FNSKU label.

The FNSKU label may be downloaded directly from the Amazon backend after a product has been generated.

For your convenience, the following eleven FNSKU label sizes may be downloaded:

Label of Suffocation

OPP bags must be checked to see whether they are larger than 5 inches in diameter.

Amazon requires a “suffocation” label if the OPP bag is greater than 5 inches.

If Amazon discovers that your goods are packaged in OPP bags without a “suffocation” label, they will not allow customers to order it.

Barcodes and Labels of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Barcodes and Labels of How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

10.2.  Shipping Label

You need a “Shipping Plan” on Amazon’s side if you wish to ship to their warehouse.

The source box label is available for download.

Print the label and apply it to your box after getting it from the website.

Amazon will however reject your order if the packaging does not include this marking.

Each box must contain at least two shipping labels from Amazon.

10.3. Box Dimensions and Weight Requirements for Amazon

The package must meet Amazon’s specifications for height, width, and weight.

Doing otherwise may result in you being subjected to penalties, rejection, or even a notice from Amazon.

The master box can’t be larger than 25 inches on any side of its center.

A single package cannot weigh more than 50 lb.

There must be a “Team Lift” sticker mounted on top of each package that weighs more than 50 pounds.

Mech Lift labels must be affixed to each box that weighs more than 100 lb.

A warning may be shown if this is your first time using Amazon.

Amazon’s warehouse might reject your purchase if it is returned a second time.

Ahead of time, you should check with Amazon to see if your product’s dimensions and/or weight meet the following specifications.

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11. The Costs Of Importing From China To Amazon FBA

Here you can get the idea of the cost of importation from China To Amazon FBA

11.1. Freight Transportation Costs

Express Shipping Cost

The express pricing may be calculated in a matter of seconds.

FedEx, for example, charges $6-$7 per kilogram all year round.

By multiplying the weight in kilograms by the price per kilogram, you can simply calculate the entire cost of a single delivery.

The Amazon crew will not pay the customs charge for you; they are solely responsible for sending and receiving the products upon arrival.

Please be aware of this before selecting a shipper.

Note that the express shipping firm will compute the express cost based on dimensional weight rather than the actual weight of items.

When utilizing air freight or express shipping for certain lightweight materials, such as foam.

For example, because the quantity of 1kg of foam is far too huge, neither the express nor air freight companies will charge the same amount for 1kg.

Sea Shipping Cost

The cost of transportation from China to an Amazon warehouse is based on the cost of maritime freight and land transportation.

The cost of marine freight fluctuates from month to month and there are high and low seasons.

There is a set period when you must check on the cost with the freight forwarder.

The good news is that, on average, shipping by water is 80 percent less expensive than shipping through international express or air.

We’d like to provide you with reference pricing ($200-300/CBM) for all the transportation costs included from a Chinese port to an Amazon warehouse.

You should be able to use this pricing as a guide to anticipate the shipping costs of any goods that you wish to import into the United States.

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By Sea Shipping
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By Sea Shipping

11.2. Customs and Amazon Certification

Transporting goods from China to Amazon often necessitates the acquisition of two certificates.

Two certifications are required: one for customs, and the other for Amazon.

You should verify the certificates of the providers before acquiring items from China.

If the product lacks accreditation, you should look for a new provider.

Having no certification signifies that the supplier’s product does not meet industry standards.

For us to be able to sell on Amazon, product certification is essential.

Finally, it is impossible to overlook the need for product certification.

Customs and Amazon Certification For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Customs and Amazon Certification For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Customs Requires A Certificate Of Compliance

Customs has the power to demand that your items be accompanied by applicable product certification once the goods have been cleared.

Unless you can supply it, Customs may penalize, detain, or destroy your merchandise.

In order to clear customs, you must know what sort of product certification you need to offer (this is very important).

Amazon Demanded Accreditation

We need to know whether we need business certifications to sell on Amazon if we want to sell our items there.

The listing will be removed if we don’t follow Amazon’s product restrictions.

On Amazon last year, fidget spinners sold out in a matter of days (hot selling).

Most of the fidget spinners items that are sold on Amazon FBA come from China.

Many merchants, on the other hand, did not take Amazon into consideration while purchasing the product.

Amazon FBA requires sellers to submit the certification.

Such as ASTM F963-16 certification in the United States and SOR/2011-17 certification in Canada when the goods are transported to Amazon FBA.

Sellers who couldn’t meet the requirements for certificates ended up losing money.

When it comes to Amazon, accreditation is really crucial.

It’s important to check Amazon’s rules for selling items from China before making a purchase.

There is a certification or report requirement on Amazon.

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12. Aspects That Affect Shipping Cost

The fee charged will be determined by the following three factors:

  • Your product’s weight in pounds.
  • The method by which you market and sell your goods.
  • The dimensions of your items.
  • Aspects of using FBA services

According to their dimensions and weight, Amazon categorizes items as either large or small.

After packing, standard-sized items typically weigh around 20 pounds.

In addition, they don’t surpass 18″ by 14″ by 8″ in size. Oversized items are those that do not fit inside specified parameters.

Remember that the Amazon fulfillment program is available to anybody, even if you don’t sell anything on Amazon.

Cost Associated With How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Cost Associated With How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Multi-Channel Fulfillment, on the other hand, offers Amazon fulfillment services.

It is possible for vendors to ship their goods directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where they will be handled by Amazon’s fulfillment team.

FBA costs and MCF fees are more expensive than selling directly on Amazon.

13. Different Surcharges That You Pay To Use Amazon FBA

There are a variety of costs associated with Fulfillment.

However, some of these rules apply to all FBA sellers, while others only apply in particular situations.

See what kinds of Amazon fulfillment costs there are below.

Fees For Storing Items

All Amazon FBA sellers must pay storage costs in order to use the FBA program.

Your items will be stored at Amazon fulfillment centers, as the name suggests.

Storage rates are based on the cubic feet of space your things take up.

Recommendation Fees

Recommendation fees may be thought of as commissions paid to Amazon by merchants in exchange for the referral of new customers to Amazon’s marketplace.

Every time a seller makes a sale, this rule applies.

Taxes Associated With Order Fulfillment

There is no requirement for FBA sellers to pay fulfillment fees compared to storage expenses.

Your order will be fulfilled by Amazon FBA at a cost to you that is deducted from this charge.

Picking, packaging, shipping, customer support, and after-sale services are all included in the process of fulfilling your order.

Removing Order Costs

Every time a seller wishes to remove products from the Amazon fulfillment center, the removal order charge must be paid.

The cost will be based on the weight and size of the items being transported.

Surcharges for How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Surcharges for How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Fees When Selling A Home

If you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll have to pay a charge.

Depending on your financial situation and personal preferences, you have a choice between two distinct types of programs.

It’s possible to pay $1 per sale for an individual plan or $40 per month for limitless sales.

Processing Costs For Returns

This tax is levied on returned merchandise, as the name implies.

The goods must be eligible for free return shipping if they were originally sold on

Unanticipated Charges

Packing, labeling, and barcoding are necessary tasks for sellers who wish to sell merchandise through a fulfillment center.

Amazon will take the blame and impose a fee if you don’t do this.

The term “unplanned service fees” refers to this type of cost.

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14. Shipping Duration From China To Amazon FBA

Different types of shipping duration from China to Amazon FBA is provided below –

14.1. Shipping Duration Via Sea Freight

Transportation from China to Amazon FBA takes anything from 25 to 35 days.

Weather, customs scrutiny, and force majeure are just a few of the many variables that might delay shipments.

The United States of America is From China to Amazon’s warehouse in the western United States, shipping takes roughly 25 days.

To get to the Amazon warehouse in the central United States, it takes roughly 30 days to ship.

To get to Amazon warehouses in the eastern United States, it takes roughly 35 days.

China to Amazon warehouse in Canada takes roughly 25 days.

For Europe, the trip takes 30-35 days.

14.2. Shipping Duration Via Regular Air Freight

When compared to Express, air freight takes around ten days longer.

Although the exact time depends on the trip your freight forwarder selects for you.

A typical transit time from the Amazon warehouse in the United States to China is 10-12 business days.

Typically, it takes 12 working days to go from China to an Amazon warehouse in Canada.

Across Asia and Europe, normally it takes 13 working days to get to the Amazon warehouse.

14.3. Shipping Duration Via Express Air Freight

If your Amazon FBA stock has to be refilled urgently, we recommend Express.

Because it takes the least amount of time to get to Amazon’s warehouses via the quickest mode of transportation.

It takes DHL 2-4 business days to deliver to Amazon FBA in the United States and Europe.

The UPS shipping time to the United States is only 2-3 business days.

Europe takes about three to four business days to reach.

FedEx shipping time to the United States is only 2-3 working days.

To Europe, it takes roughly 4 working days.

There is little difference in the delivery times shown above.

As a result, DHL Express will be the shipping method of choice for the majority of our consumers.

15. Chargeable Weight Calculation For Amazon FBA From China

Air Shipping To Amazon FBA

It is possible to price for air transportation based on the actual weight of the cargo, or based on the dimensional weight.

Charges are applied to items that have a higher dimensional weight than they really do in terms of their actual weight.

Shipping expenses are calculated in a similar manner as they are with the Express service.

Unlike the Express, the volume of air transportation is split by 6000, whereas the Express is divided by 5000.

Weight Calculation For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Weight Calculation For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

Sea Shipping To Amazon FBA

There are two ways to figure out how much something weighs.

One is based on cubic measurements, while the other is based on kilogram weights.

Amazon FBA demands a minimum volume of 2 cubic meters.

However, customs clearance and customs charges are not included in the shipping cost, and the shipment can only be delivered to the port.

Many merchants cannot cross customs and do not reside in the United States or Europe, therefore I do not advocate this option.

For marine shipment, the US requires a minimum weight of at least 100 kilograms.

The maximum amount of weight that can be shipped by sea from Canada is 21 kg or more.

More than 100 kilograms in weight is required for marine transport in Europe.

Dimensional weight is applied when the actual weight is more than what is specified in the quotation marks.

16. Directly From Alibaba To Amazon FBA

It’s common for new Amazon sellers who wish to buy items from Chinese suppliers through Alibaba to ask themselves,

“How can I ship straight to Amazon FBA from Alibaba?”

For this question, locating a freight forwarder on your own or through the supplier is all that matters.

When it comes to logistics, Alibaba is a B2B international commerce platform.

After you’ve made your purchase, you may use Freight to get an idea of how much your shipment will cost to ship, based on the weight and volume.

It’s a good idea to compare and estimate shipping prices on Alibaba yourself.

However, most customers prefer to let the supplier handle the shipment since their suppliers always have long-term cooperating freight forwarders.

And may acquire more favorable costs than you see on Alibaba.

Ask your supplier for FOB or EXW pricing if you want to send your goods to an Amazon warehouse using a freight forwarder of your own.

Ask your freight forwarder to send your products either from a port of loading near to your Chinese supplier or from the warehouse of your Chinese supplier.

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By Alibaba
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA By Alibaba

Tips on how to ship directly from Alibaba to Amazon’s FBA warehouse.

Direct shipment from Alibaba to Amazon FBA poses a lot of dangers, especially if you don’t have pre-shipment quality control (QC).

Your amazon rating might be harmed if your suppliers don’t package or label your items correctly, or even give out damaged products, etc.

You can ship straight from Alibaba if you’ve ordered from the same source several times before.

But if you’ve never worked with the supplier before, you’ll need a third-party inspector to ensure that the product is up to snuff.

The advantages and disadvantages of direct shipment from Alibaba are also summarized here.


You can cut the shipment time by several days or even a week.

For a very low or even free fee, certain vendors can assist with packaging and labeling, according to Amazon.


Nobody can assist you in checking the quality of the merchandise.

If your customers receive faulty goods, they will submit negative reviews on Amazon.

Which will lower your rating and, in the worst-case scenario, lead to the closure of your listing.

17. Category Of Commodities To Import From China To Amazon FBA

If you’re a novice in this sector, choosing a product to focus on might be particularly difficult.

A broad variety of items to choose from necessitates reducing your search and selecting the ideal niche.

As a result, the following are some possible FBA categories:

  • Books
  • Products for infants
  • Accessories and clothing
  • Electronics for the home
  • Personal and health care
  • Supplies for animals
  • Shoes, purses, and sunglasses.
  • sporting goods and outdoor gear
  • Products for house improvement and maintenance
  • Apps and video games
  • Cosmetics and grooming
  • Instruments of music
  • Add-ons for the workplace
  • Packing a bag and other travel necessities
  • Toys
  • Software
  • Products for taking pictures
  • Both commercial and academic (BISS)
  • Gardening and being in the fresh air
  • A house and a kitchen
  • Sewing and handicrafts
  • CDs and records
  • Parts and accessories for automobiles

The competitiveness of the product and profit margins are only a few of the factors to keep in mind while making a decision.

18. Shipment Tracking

You may question if you can monitor your goods while it’s in transit after the shipping company has taken care of it for you.

Yes, it is true! After reading, you’ll see how it’s done, so let’s get started.

Tracking Express Freight

To monitor your goods, all you have to do is go to the official website of your express business and enter your express tracking ID number.

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA Tracking
How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA Tracking

Transport by Air or Sea

We all want to be able to track the progress of our international air and sea shipments in real-time.

Especially those that need transit shipment or batch shipping.

There’s a catch, though. Small freight forwarders handle the bulk of traditional sea and air freight.

Finding Tracking Number For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA
Finding Tracking Number For How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA

They lack a tracking mechanism, in contrast to FedEx and other large international forwarders.

You’ll have a more difficult time keeping track of your items’ shipment details in real-time.

Using air or sea shipment, we’ll show you how to track your package.

Final Words

It is very easy to buy and sell goods if you know how to ship from China to Amazon FBA.

In this blog, we tried to help you out with all the necessary information on how to ship from China to Amazon FBA.

If you know these tips and tricks and imply them perfectly this will surely ease the procedure of how to ship from China to Amazon FBA.

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