At HART Worldwide Logistics you not only get the import and export logistical services, you also get customs clearance and freight forwarding along with auxiliary import forwarder facilities.

You can get shipping from China to worldwide or worldwide to China whatever your requirements are. Our experienced freight forwarding team is always updated on the latest market insights and provide you with the most satisfactory freight forwarding services.

You can import sea freight through us and we will also do customs clearance services if you want in both port of origin and destination. We are a forwarder import China company who will promise you risk-free shipping services at an affordable cost.

Our long-term agreements with the major shipping companies as well as airlines help us ensure cheap logistics services and we can always ensure space no matter what you are shipping.

Companies like OOCL, ET, Yang Ming, TK, PIL, EK, Evergreen, QR, COSCO, CX, CMA-CGM, AY, MSC, CA, Maersk, CZ, and others are in agreement with HART for forwarding export import.

Our standardization and systematization are two of our biggest plus-points. We are one of the best import export freight forwarding who can ensure 24 hours monitoring of your cargo using our in-house logistics system.

We can also track and operate our procedures online. Since our operations never rely on any individual, we can guarantee you smooth and effortless services by any freight method.

We are a forwarder export import who can do shipping in sea freight, air freight, rail freight, road freight, multimodal transport, express, door to door, etc. Please knock us to know more about our services and get a free shipping quote.

Our Services For Shipping From Import Freight Forwarder


Air Freight

Get amazing deals on air freight with HART Worldwide Logistics. You will also get cheap customs clearance and door to door shipping services from the supplier to your location.


Sea Freight

Sea shipping in FCL and LCL freight is available. Full container load shipping can be done for a more significant load of goods. We can also clear customs and provide on-spot delivery.


Rail Freight

Rail freight from China to your location or to any places from China is available. We promise to provide cost-effective shipping solutions, customs clearance, and door to door delivery.


Door to Door Shipping

Enjoy door to door delivery from the supplier’s location to your location, give us the addresses and we will take care of it. Clearance and inland transport is also handled by us.


Express Service

You can get super fast shipping services with the help of the international express companies like DHL, UPS, and others. We can assure lower prices and maximum space.


Customs Clearance

We have experts in all fields and it includes custom clearance and freight forwarding as well. You can get customs clearance in many locations worldwide including China during import and export as well.



You can get warehousing services in China and many countries around the world. We have several warehousing options for a long-term or short-term basis depending on your needs.


Pickup & Delivery

Pickup and delivery services from the suppliers to your location is done by our personal inland transportation team. Your goods will be safe and you do not need to take any risk.



You can do e-commerce shipping like FBA or FBJ shipping from China to Amazon or Jumia. We directly deliver to the designated address without delay in various freight methods.


Consolidated Shipping

Your cargo from several suppliers can be directly shipped to your location without any hassle. We can consolidate all your orders, lowering the risk of damage and theft.


Why Choose HART To Ship From Import Freight Forwarder


HART has a skilled workforce to take care of all your shipping necessities. Our focused and dedicated team ensures you get optimal freight forwarding services at best price.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Our relationships with the top shipping, airlines and express companies allow us to promise you the cheapest shipping rates so that you can manage your business costs.



We as an import freight forwarder, ensure the best and standardized freight forwarding solutions, cargo handling, and assembly. We maintain faster replies to your queries.



Our software development team with the help of our support system ensure you get maximum operational satisfaction with paperless tracking and monitoring services.


Full Self-control

Every point of shipping is exceptionally controlled by our dedicated operational team with the help of our in-house software system. Your cargoes will be safe and arrive on time.

Custom Clearance Service

We have good relationships with customs brokers in several countries worldwide. Along with that, our experts handle your customs formalities giving you complete peace of mind.

Wide Coverage

We have branches and warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities. Warehouses in the UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and in several African countries.

Highly Trained Team

Our employee training is extremely important to us. With the adequate training and knowledge we can give you the best services and latest international market insights.



Professionalism in working and on-time response to your queries reflects our professionalism. We have the experience and skill to provide you with the best advice.

Check How We Help You Import Freight Forwarder


Qualifications And Honor For Import Freight Forwarder


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

<Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> and < Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency> This is implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce, for international freight forwarding business that all international freight forwarders in China must have the certificates


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The Ministry of Transportation of China requests registration with NVOCC. It requires a special request to obtain; most international freight forwarders do not get it in China. It has much higher requirements than an ordinary freight forwarder. NVOCC gives better opportunities in booking and shipping, and one can issue its bills of lading which can help you better control the goods.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

International quality management system is there to assure impeccable performance experience for the customers. They ensure that the customer gets flawless service and with no misunderstanding. Our main motto is to give our customers quality service at an affordable price. This certificate is the proof of our uninterrupted communication and ensures reliable customer care service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders is World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA). And HART Worldwide is a member of it. Thus we are automatically protected by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry, which allows us to conduct business with other WCA members with complete security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

China International Freight Forwarders Association, CIFA is a national social organization in China’s international freight forwarding industry. China’s Ministry of Commerce guides it. The mission of CIFA is to strengthen industry self-discipline and coordination management and create a fair competition market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA or Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is a social organization with legal officials approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. The mission of SIFFA is to guide, protect and coordinate the members to exchange information, coordinate relations, enhance cooperation, and member interests to promote the international freight forwarding industry.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Import Freight Forwarder | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


An import freight forwarder plays the most vital role in your entire freight forwarding process.

They are in charge of the goods you are shipping from another country for business.

Often difficulties can arise if your import freight does not have the needed knowledge and experience.

To know what to look for in an import forwarder and who are the top companies for forwarding export import, continue reading this FAQ guide.

Table Of Content

  1. Who Are Import Freight Forwarder?
  2. What Are The Duties Of An Import Freight Forwarder?
  3. When To Use An Import Forwarder?
  4. Can DHL Do Customs Clearance And Freight Forwarding?
  5. What To Keep In Mind While Working With Import Sea Freight?
  6. What Documents Are Needed By The Forwarder Import China For Import Freight?
  7. How Much Is Forwarding Export Import?
  8. Is Import Export Freight Forwarding Same As Logistics?
  9. Can A Forwarder Export Import Be An Importer Of Record?
  10. Can Freight Importers Be Shippers?
  11. Can An Import Freight Forwarder Issue Bill Of Lading?
  12. Is Import Forwarder Necessary For Amazon FBA?
  13. What Is The Difference Between Customs Clearance And Freight Forwarding?
  14. How To Find An Import Freight Forwarder?
  15. Who Are The Top 20 Import Freight Forwarder?

1. Who Are Import Freight Forwarder?

Import freight forwarders are organizations that help you transport the goods from the exporter country for individual needs or business purposes.

They take care of the shipping process as well as handle logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and other factors of shipping.

Without an import freight, it will be challenging to pass the goods through international borders and to keep up with the constantly changing international policies.

The import forwarder has agreements with the airlines and shipping companies that allow them to offer you logistics services at a competitive rate.

HART Worldwide Logistics is a reliable name for your custom clearance and freight forwarding for import freight.

You can get amazing deals on import sea freight, rail freight, air freight, road freight, and other shipping methods.

Import Freight Forwarder
Import Freight Forwarder

2. What Are The Duties Of An Import Freight Forwarder?

Import freight has various responsibilities as forwarder import China or if you are shipping to other countries.

From handling the forwarding export import to providing door to door delivery, all can be done by the import freight according to your requirements.

They offer several services from which you can choose according to your budget and cargo type.

You can choose from FCL and LCL in rail and sea freight, express shipping, air freight, inland transportation, and other services they offer according to your needs.

Some duties of import export freight forwarding are-

  • Picking up the goods from the exporter
  • Assembly
  • Inland transportation
  • Loading/unloading
  • Packaging
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Door to door delivery
  • Documentation, etc.

To know more about an import forwarder’s responsibilities, you can watch this YouTube video-

3. When To Use An Import Forwarder?

Import forwarder is used whenever you are planning to ship goods from overseas.

These companies, in collaboration with the logistics companies, can arrange for you the most accurate shipping methods and procedures.

Forwarder export import can handle any goods, whether they are bulk shipments, sensitive goods, raw materials, chemicals, or common goods.

Additionally, if you need faster or cheaper freight forwarding methods, freight importers can also arrange it for you.

These companies work on your behalf, ensuring you get the best services within your budget.

HART Worldwide Logistics can help you arrange your import freight no matter where you are shipping and in what quantity.

Our experts in various fields can handle all kinds of cargo and help you choose the freight that best suits your needs.

Import Forwarder
Import Forwarder

4. Can DHL Do Customs Clearance And Freight Forwarding?

Yes, DHL can handle custom clearance and freight forwarding.

DHL is a reputed international express shipping company that operates in more than 220 countries worldwide.

Along with providing express shipping services, they can give import freight forwarder, customs clearance, and freight forwarding services.

They are experts in logistical operations and offer a vast number of services for any goods.

DHL can help you with sensitive goods, project shipment, door to door delivery, and other services.

HART Worldwide Logistics maintains a good relationship with DHL.

As a result, we can avail discounts from them without hampering with the excellent services they are known for.

We can guarantee you the best customer service at an affordable rate.

Import Export Freight Forwarding
Import Export Freight Forwarding

5. What To Keep In Mind While Working With Import Sea Freight?

When you are working with an import freight forwarder to import sea freight, there are some things you must keep in mind.

As you will be trusting the import freight with all your priced commodities, the import forwarder must have the experience and knowledge to carry out the task.

Sea freight generally deals with more significant loads of cargo; hence they need skilled employees and adequate equipment.

The import freight forwarder has to know about the international customs policies, shipping routes, etc.

If you want additional shipping facilities like the door to door, customs clearance, warehousing, etc., you must speak to the forwarder import China before confirming your order.

6. What Documents Are Needed By The Forwarder Import China For Import Freight?

Import export freight forwarding needs several documents to complete custom clearance and freight forwarding procedure.

Without the correct documents, your import freight can not exit Chinese borders, and forwarder import China can not be fulfilled.

The documentation process can be handled by your forwarding export import companies, and they can also handle other shipping formalities on behalf of freight importers.

Documents Needed For Forwarder Export Import
Documents Needed For Forwarder Export Import

Some essential shipping documents for forwarder import China are-

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Sea/ Air/ Rail Waybill
  • Insurance
  • Letter Of Credit
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction
  • Import/ Export Declaration
  • Dangerous Goods Form, etc.

7. How Much Is Forwarding Export Import?

Forwarding export import does not have a fixed price.

Every shipment, depending on their cargo load and type of services taken, will vary on the cost of shipping

Your import forwarder will explain your shipping costs before confirming your order.

Choose an import freight with a transparent pricing system and will not impose any additional or hidden charge for your cargo.

Forwarder import China will evaluate the goods you are shipping, their quantity, the distance between two ports, and the shipping facilities you signed up for.

All these factors will be taken into consideration, and the cost of forwarding export import will be determined.

HART Worldwide Logistics is among the import export freight forwarding companies that can take care of all your shipping assignments without imposing excessive shipping charges.

8. Is Import Export Freight Forwarding The Same As Logistics?

No, import export freight forwarding is not the same as logistics.

An import freight forwarder is an expert that arranges for cargo, logistics, customs clearance, and other aspects of shipping.

Logistics is the carrier that ships the goods from one spot to another.

The logistics are responsible for providing the carriers and containers.

The import forwarder maintains a good relationship with the logistics company to help the freight importers get cost-effective logistics solutions for their cargo.

However, along with custom clearance and freight forwarding, forwarder export import can also provide logistics services.

To provide that, the freight forwarder company has to own their personal vehicles, carriers, and the necessary shipping equipment necessary for logistics.

Logistics And Forwarder Import China
Logistics And Forwarder Import China

9. Can A Forwarder Export Import Be An Importer Of Record?

Yes, a forwarder export import can be an importer of record.

An importer of record is responsible for ensuring that the cargo has maintained all the customs protocols determined by the importer country.

Generally, it is the responsibility of an importer to take care of such issues.

However, the freight importers, on behalf of the buyer, can act as an importer of record.

10. Can Freight Importers Be Shippers?

No, freight importers can not be shippers.

Import sea freight is handled by the freight forwarding company along with the cooperation from the logistics.

The freight importers hire an import freight forwarder to take care of the shipper’s responsibility.

The shippers can handle import sea freight, as well as air freight, rail freight, LCL, FCL, inland transportation, etc.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide logistics to ship the goods overseas.

11. Can An Import Freight Forwarder Issue Bill Of Lading?

Yes, the import freight forwarder can issue the bill of lading.

The bill of lading is one of the essential documents for international freight.

If the paperwork is not done correctly, it can hamper the entire shipping process and delay shipment.

The document that the import forwarder issues is known as the house bill of lading.

However, it can be rejected by some countries that only allow the original bill of lading.

You can watch this YouTube video to learn more on house bill of lading-

12. Is Import Forwarder Necessary For Amazon FBA?

An import forwarder makes your Amazon FBA a lot easier.

They can take care of the entire shipping process from the supplier’s warehouse to your warehouse without any hassle.

You can rest assured and focus on other parts of your business depending on a good forwarding export import company.

Freight Importers For Amazon FBA
Freight Importers For Amazon FBA

13. What Is The Difference Between Customs Clearance And Freight Forwarding?

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process that all the cargoes go through before entering the importer country and exiting the exporter country.

It is a checkpoint where the goods are monitored and checked for any illegal substances and evaluated for customs duties and taxes before being allowed to enter.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is the entire process that cargo goes through for international shipping.

It includes packaging, inland transportation, weight and shipping charge calculation, loading and unloading, etc.

14. How To Find An Import Freight Forwarder?

Nowadays, an import freight forwarder can be easily found through an online search.

You can look for them on social media sites and search engines saying import freight forwarder near me.

15. Who Are The Top 20 Import Freight Forwarder?

We have tried to answer most of your queries regarding forwarding export import and about custom clearance and freight forwarding during import sea freight.

Now we will check out the top 20 import freight forwarder companies.

1. China Express

Address: Guangzhou Max Trading Co., Ltd., Room 102, Building D, No. 1, Yiheng Road, Hebian, Helong Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

China Express is among the best and most reliable import freight forwarder for freight importers. You can get cost-effective sea freight, air freight, door to door shipments from China to overseas or vice versa.

You can also avail yourself of custom clearance and freight forwarding and grow your import business with them. China Express helps you ship from various marketplaces in China, no matter if they are big or small suppliers.

2. All Points Logistics China LTD

Address: Rm 24D Xinyudasha, Nonglinxia Road 81-1#, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

All Points Logistics China LTD is an NVOCC and a GCP member, and they live up to the expectations of their clients. They offer sea freight, air freight, inland transportation, warehousing, and other worldwide cargo services.

That means you will get various types of services within your budget and also enjoy loading and unloading, consolidation, de-consolidation, consultation, and other freight-related services.

3. China Wellfast Logistics Co LTD

Address: Zhejiang, 13-401, No 8 Building, Xingzhong District, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

With more than 20 years of experience, China Wellfast Logistics Co LTD has been serving its clients with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. They have multiple offices in different Chinese cities and can ship to almost everywhere around the world.

With an experienced group of workers and fully developed freight solutions, China Wellfast Logistics Co LTD can help you get satisfactory custom clearance and freight forwarding services at an affordable cost.

4. Wilder International Logistics

Address: Zhejiang, 13-401, No 8 Building, Xingzhong District, Yiwu 322000, Zhejiang, China.

Wilder International Logistics is an allrounder import freight forwarder for any needs within China or internationally.

You will get a quick response to your queries, and with assistance from the expert freight forwarding team, you can get a fast and easy shipping experience regardless of what you ship.

Wilder International logistics is providing forwarding export import services that are reliable, affordable, and different options that are suitable for any kind of shipping needs.

5. E Seng International Co. LTD

Address: No 9 Donghai Rd, Yantian, Shenzhen.

E Seng International Co. LTD offers sea freight, air freight, rail freight, express shipping, door to door, FCL and LCL, and other essential services for the best import forwarder services.

E Seng International Co. LTD
E Seng International Co. LTD

They will also assist you with inland transportation, warehousing, and customs brokerage services. With good connections with the international market, E Seng International can take care of your shipment and give you tension-free and risk-free shipping services as your forwarder import China.

6. Bestforworld International Logistics Company LTD

Address: Building 28, Vanke Cloud Valley, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315033, China.

With head offices in several prominent Chinese cities, Bestforworld International Logistics Company LTD is your one-stop destination for your import export freight forwarding.

They can help you deal with dangerous and sensitive items, and you can also get exclusive container services like FR, RF, OT container, OOG, breakbulk, project cargo, provide China shipping agent, etc.

You can get cost-effective Incoterms like DDP and DDU and also avail door to door, customs clearance, and forwarding services.

7. Asia Grace International Logistics Company LTD

Address: Tianke Plaza, Pingliang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.

Asia Grace International Logistics Company LTD has 13 years of experience working in the freight forwarding industry. They can ship more significantly to smaller cargo loads in the sea and air freight, offering FCL and LCL services.

You can as well get warehousing and inland transportation services depending on your needs. For shopping from China to Europe or vice versa, you can book rail freight services which are convenient if you are shipping bulk loads of goods and want the delivery in less time.

8. Shenzhen Yanming Global Logistics LTD

Address: TaiZi Road SheKou ShenZhen 518067, China.

For easy and convenient import export freight forwarding, Shenzhen Yanming Global Logistics LTD is a reliable name. They have been working efficiently for their clients and helping them meet their client’s business goals by providing hassle-free forwarding services.

They have supply chain management ability which helps them in handling all modes of transportation, be it sea freight, air freight, or container handling services.

9. Fastar Logistics C., LTD

Address: Songbai Rd, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

Faster Logistics Company LTD is an NVOCC company and a member of FIATA, IATA, and CIFA. This company concentrates on providing impeccable air freight services to their clients, and you can also get warehousing, trucking, and customs brokerage services for import freight forwarder.

Your dangerous cargoes can be handled by them, and Faster Logistics handles both individual and organizational shipments. Originated in Shenzhen, the forwarder export import handles shipment to or from several cities.

10. Freight Solution Limited

Address: Huang Bei Str, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China.

Freight Solution Limited provides overall freight shipping services mainly for international clients. They can arrange air freight, sea freight, rail freight, express, customs clearance, warehouse, and other freight-related services and also import freight forwarder. Freight Solution ensures safe, efficient, and flexible shipping facilities for their clients without charging too much.

No matter what you shop in what location, your cargo will be damage-free and will always arrive at the expected time.

11. Guangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co Ltd

Address: China World Trade Ctr Bldg, Huanshi E Rd, South T Guangzhou, China.

Guangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co Ltd is an NVOCC and GCP member. They are an internationally acclaimed and licensed freight forwarder that can handle all types of cargo.

You can get air freight, sea freight, warehouse, inland transportation, and consultation services. Additionally, you can enjoy all kinds of supply chain management services from the start to the finish of your freight forwarding process.

12. FedEx

Address: No. 17 Jinghe Rd 430000 Wuhan Hu 430000 China.

FedEx is among the top names while naming the best import export freight forwarding in China. You can do express shipping from them, and they also offer other freight forwarding facilities, e.g., import freight forwarder according to your needs.

They can also do custom clearance and freight forwarding, import sea freight, air freight, and other shipping-related services.


13. JIAYOU International Logistics

Address: Suite 806, Tower A, Henghua International No.26, Yue Tan North Street, Beijing, P.R.China.

JIAYOU International Logistics is a sustainable international logistics system operating in and from China. They can take care of your international customs clearance and warehousing in multiple Chinese cities and other parts of the world like several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and so on.

14. China Freight

Address: Nanjingyuan Building, Nantou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

China Freight can arrange air freight, sea freight, customs brokerage, and other freight forwarding facilities and freight importers. You can also get cargo insurance, warehousing, express services, and additionally get e-commerce fulfillment, shipping to Amazon FBA, etc.

15. AIT Worldwide Logistics

Address: Unit 2322, Bank of America Plaza, 555 Renmin Road Central Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

AIT Worldwide Logistics provides efficient and secured international freight forwarding facilities for their clients. No matter your requirements, AIT Worldwide Logistics has all kinds of services available for you. They have been in the shipping industry for more than 40 years, which gives them the

16. UPS

Address: Qian Jiang Building, No.971 Dong Fang Road, Pudong New District Shanghai. China.

UPS has marked its way towards being one of the most reputed freight forwarding companies worldwide. With experienced employees working worldwide, you can get any shipping necessities covered by them.

UPS operates in more than 220 countries worldwide and can assist you with any kind of shipping service, whether you are dealing with large cargo loads, dangerous goods, or important files and documents.

17. Winsky Freight

Address: No.6, Yuandong West Road 6, Xinhe Village Fuyong Street, Bao’an District Shenzhen, China.

Since 2007, Winsky Freight has been working in the freight forwarding industry and successfully acing in its field of expertise. They can provide world-class logistics services no matter what goods you are dealing with.

18. Cargo Friend

Address: 10F, Wanguo City, Pinghu, Longgang, Shenzhen, China.

Cargo Friend has a group of experienced freight forwarding teams that helps them serve the clients with utmost dedication and reliability.

You can ship to almost every location worldwide using sea freight, air freight, express shipping, etc. They agree with the top shipping, and airlines which allow them to offer the most cost-effective services.

19. Shanghai Wecare Logistics Company LTD

Address: 10F, 938 Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 200062, China.

Shanghai Wecare Logistics Company LTD focuses on air freight shipping services, and they additionally provide trucking, warehouse, break-bulk, consolidation, and other freight services. Shanghai Wecare Logistics Company takes care of their client’s needs and works as per their instructions.

20. Max China Freight Co., LTD

Address: RM 602/604/606,3 building, JinHua Industrial Park No.2, Xinhe Street, Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

Max China Freight Co., LTD helps its clients ship their goods to their destination via various freight methods. You can get sea freight, air freight, door to door, etc., services at a lower cost. They have amazing customer care services, which can help you get the services of your choice depending on what you need.

Final Words

We hope our guide on import freight forwarder will help you choose the right forwarder export import for your goods.

If you have any other questions on this topic or anything related to freight forwarding, knock HART Worldwide Logistics.

Our experts are always waiting to serve you.

You can get free shipping quotes, expert advice, and transparent pricing from us without worrying about customs hassles or import formalities.

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