HART Worldwide is a freight forwarding company that can offer you the shipping service over the London to Yiwu train route.

We can grab your package if you tell us where it is, for example, at your location in London. Then, using the London to Yiwu train route, complete the customs process in China.

We organize transportation according to your requirements, whether it is the quickest, cheapest, or a balance of railway freight and timetable.

You do not need to be concerned about the train shipment from London to Yiwu.

HART has years of knowledge with rail shipping. We have a specialized market team that keeps track of the ever-changing rail shipping industry. As a result, we make every effort to supply you with useful market information; simply request a quote.

In addition, we have a customs affairs section that studies and monitors customs laws for rail shipments from London to Yiwu. One of our operating standards is customs clearance, so your cargo from China or London will always go smoothly.

The top two facilities of HART are standardization of service policy and systematization in service providing. All of your railway shipment orders are managed, and monitored online by our in-house built software system. The procedure is not reliant on any one person; you will always have a pleasant experience.

You can get the best train delivery options here, no matter how complicated your train shipment is. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

Our Services For Shipping From Yiwu to London


Air Freight

Air freight package delivery is the shipping of commodities by an air carrier, which HART offers. From London to Yiwu, our air freight solution is seamless and risk-free.



Sea Freight

HART provides sea shipping worldwide large amounts of goods through carrier ships. For your convenience, we provide both FCL and LCL sea transportation services.


Door to Door Shipping

We offer door to door shipping services from China to anyplace in the world. We collect your items from the provider and deliver them to the address you indicate.


Express Services

We offer worldwide express shipping from China by UPS ,DHL, FedEx, TNT. They provide us with substantial shipping reductions for your better shipping experience.


Customs Clearance

We formed a specialized staff to keep track of each country’s customs policy. We maintain strong communication with local brokers to ensure customs clearance.



When you want any warehousing services in China or London, our broad shipping network will provide you with several facilities of warehousing for a long or short time.




Pickup & Delivery

Because we can transport by door to door service, we will also offer pick-up and delivery services. According to location, we will  pick up and deliver the products.





We help e-commerce customers by sending products to Amazon’s warehouse. Other e-commerce platforms, like shipping to Jumia, are also accessible for African countries.


Why Choose Hart for Your London To Yiwu Train?


Concentrate on product offerings and have a solid understanding of the train shipping industries. To minimize the freight charges while compromising service, focus on uniformity and systematization.



Cheap Shipping Rate

We make agreements with major shipping agencies to keep the shipping rate cheaper. To maintain lower costs, we are constantly trying to increase our service efficiency.




Our standardized solution, standardized service processes, and standardized cargo operations can assure you that we can respond to your needs while maintaining a consistent level of quality service.




The customized supporting system was created by a specialized in-house software development team to enable 100% online paperless operation, monitoring, and tracing. Systems aren’t dependent on any one person. If necessary, connect with your device as well.



Full Self-control

All of the nodes in the railway shipment process are self-contained. Every border crossing has a trained worker who uses the in-house software system for monitoring it. You have complete control over everything.



Custom Clearance Service

To get customs clearance for your goods, we have our own customs clearance staff in many areas. We try to collaborate with local experienced customs brokers and we also work as customs brokers.



Wide Coverage

More than 20 Chinese cities have branches or warehouses. Storage facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African nations.



Highly Trained Team

We trained our staff by systematic training on a regular basis. So that they can provide a quick review and reply to you. We ensure that they continue to give you good service by professional training.


Professionalism leads to business excellence of service, thus we expect our employees to have professional knowledge about their responsibility. Always provide complete information and sound guidance when it comes to rail shipping.

Check How We Help You Ship from London To Yiwu Train


Qualifications and Honor for Train Shipping


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The Ministry of Commerce implements and approves Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency. For global logistics operations in China, all international shipping must obtain this certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Most foreign shipping agencies in China have not acquired the NVOCC although it is required to register with the Ministry of Transportation of China. It has a far more standard appearance than a regular shipping firm. NVOCC’s advantage in booking the cargo and shipping goods and it gives them the ability to issue their own bills of lading, allowing you to better manage your products.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate is needed in order to provide an outstanding customer experience and eliminate misunderstandings with clients. A globally accepted assurance system has been implemented. It is provided to ensure that all of the clients of any shipping company receive the same high-quality service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The WCA (World Cargo Transportation Alliance) makes a powerful network of individuals shipping services. HART is instantly insured by the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate financial security program for being a member of it.

It allows us to continue our shipping business with other WCA members with perfect confidence.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) is a cooperative society association.  It is China’s international freight handling business that is governed by the Ministry of Commerce. CIFA’s vision is to improve the freight forwarding industry to make the agency self-disciplined and coordinated while also fostering a competitive market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) is a non-profit organization. It is a legal association under the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. SIFFA’s mission is to assist, educate, and organize membership to exchange information, manage relationships, improve mutual collaboration, and develop the international transportation sector.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

London To Yiwu Train | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


International shipping, being the most cost-effective and energy-efficient.

It plays a major role in the development of worldwide trade.

It is contributing greatly to overall prosperity also in importation from London to Yiwu China.

The London to Yiwu train or Yiwu to Lonodn route is most significant for shipping goods from the UK to China.

This FAQ guide is all about the London to Yiwu train shipping.

You might need these guidelines for shipping goods.

Table Of Content

  1. Is London To Yiwu Train Shipping Available?
  2. Which Routes Are Used For The London To Yiwu Train Shipping?
  3. How Long Does Train Shipping Take By London To Yiwu?
  4. What Kind Of Information Is Listed On The Shipping Document For London To Yiwu Train?
  5. What Are The Documents Needed For Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?
  6. What Are Customs Procedures For Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?
  7. What Can I Bring From London To Yiwu By Train Shipping?
  8. How To Calculate The London To Yiwu Train Price?
  9. What Are The Things That Determine The London To Yiwu Train Price?
  10. What Are The Processes Of Shipping By  London To Yiwu Train Route?
  11. What Are The Benefits Of Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?
  12. How Much Volume The London To Yiwu Train Can Carry?
  13. How Many Cars Are In A London To Yiwu Train For Shipping?
  14. Is London To Yiwu Train Shipping Cheaper Or Expensive?
  15. What Is The Solution If Customs Seized My Shipment During Shipping By The London To Yiwu Train Route?

1. Is London To Yiwu Train Shipping Available?

Yes, London to Yiwu train shipping is available.

The London to Yiwu train shipping company ensures successful delivery of your goods.

They’ve established a reliable network.

Customs officials, transporters, advisers, and insurers will all be present.

These individuals will deal with any issues that arise during the shipment of your items, as well as any potential issues that may arise.

HART WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS is a shipping agency that ships your goods and handles customs procedures on your behalf during London to Yiwu Train.

2. Which Routes Are Used For The London To Yiwu Train Shipping?

The train system between Yiwu and London is based on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

It aims to boost China’s commercial ties and resurrect the ancient Silk Road.

As a result, it is simpler to trade internationally from London to Yiwu.

London to Yiwu  The train line connects Yiwu and London through rail transport.

From Yiwu, this route connects nations such as the United Kingdom and London.

The ancient Silk Road
The ancient Silk Road

The overall length is about 12,000 kilometers (7,456 miles).

This is the longest and largest freight rail corridor.

The London to Yiwu railway route reveals that it is one of the most long-distance routes available.

It is crucial to the establishment of the present Silk Road.

The first train freight service on this line began on January 1, 2017.

London is now ranked 15th among European cities having train connections to China.

3. How Long Does Train Shipping Take By London To Yiwu?

The London to Yiwu train will cover approximately 7,500 miles in 17 days, passing through many other countries before entering China and terminating its voyage.

Containers will have to be transshipped from regular trains to Russian scale and return at the Poland and China crossings.

With this technique, rail transport is generally marketed as being quicker than sea shipment and less expensive than air freight.

4. What Kind Of Information Is Listed On The Shipping Document For London To Yiwu Train?

The shipping paperwork must at the very least have the following information:

  • Full address of the supplier in london;
  • Delivery date
  • In the following sequence, describe the risky goods:
  • Number at the United Nations.
    • The term “dangerous goods shipment” comes from the term “dangerous goods.”
    • For explosives, there is a primary class and a subsidiary class, with the compatibility group letter after the primary class.
    • The packing group in roman numerals, if necessary
    • For dangerous items subject to Special Provision 23, the terms “toxic” or “inhalation hazard” if necessary.
Documents for Train shipping From London to Yiwu
Documents for Train shipping From London to Yiwu
  • For transportation starting in Yiwu, the amount in metric measurement, for example kg
  • An individual’s “24-hour number” who may supply technical knowledge on harmful items; and
  • The authorization of the consignor.

HART always lets the customers know about the necessary info needed to include in the shipping document.

5. What Are The Documents Needed For Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?

When transporting via train freight from London to Yiwu, there are a few key paperwork to keep in mind.

They are:

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a formal requirement used throughout international trade to execute contracts.

The vendor in London can provide the paperwork to the buyer in Yiwu since it is legally enforceable and has no conventional format.

Packing List

The Packing List, which lists the items of each container, is an additional document that you can include with your shipping.

Import Customs Declaration

An import customs declaration is a document that specifies and describes the products that are destined for importing goods.

The import customs declaration is often completed on your behalf by the transporter at the country’s border during departure.

Customs Declaration For Importing Goods By Train
Customs Declaration For Importing Goods By Train

Manufacturing, Container, And Phytosanitary Certifications

You may be requested for one of the following certifications as part of major shipping paperwork, based on the type of goods you’re sending:

  • Production Certificate
  • Vessel Certificate
  • Phytosanitary Certificate

Rail Waybill

A Rail Waybill is paperwork that is used for railway deliveries.

After obtaining directions from the importer, the freight agent or railway company prepares this paperwork.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a crucial international commerce certificate that validates the items in a specific consignment.

It was entirely sourced, manufactured, constructed, or handled in that country.

Letter of Credit

In a transaction between a buyer and a seller, a letter of credit is a legal guarantee by a bank.

It makes sure that complete payment is paid and all products are dispatched.

6. What Are Customs Procedures For Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?

There are some customs procedures for shipping by the London to Yiwu train route.

Such as:

  • A railroad must meet two guidelines in terms to clear customs at the crossing.

A manifest needed to transmit via ACE by the customs broker and the railway company.

  • CBP can rapidly decide whether arriving merchandise poses a concern or may continue to Yiwu according to electronic manifests.

They additionally provide for a quicker response period at the border checkpoint.

  • Need customs entry that is far more extensive than what is provided on the basic rail manifest for shipments.
  • In addition to the train manifest, the broker provides the Customs Bill ID, Item ID, and location of crossing.

Inspections of the unit, verification of the booking, and certification that the broker has properly submitted an application with CBP are all part of the ingate procedure.

Inspecting Goods For Shipping By Train
Inspecting Goods For Shipping By Train
  • The carrier will not allow delivery of the package until the ingate procedure is completed.
  • Both the train operator and the broker provide the data that must be accurate, comprehensive, and reliable for a successful customs clearance.
  • Once CBP has cleared the rail car, a letter will be issued to the broker notifying the Customs approval.

7. What Can I Bring From London To Yiwu By Train Shipping?

It transported largely Yiwu trade items, such as basic commerce, garments, textiles, and baggage and backpacks, with an overall mass of over 700 tonnes.

There are some items that are common  rail freight can transport.

Such as:

  • Freight rail transit is widely used to transport goods, including bulk items and retail goods like cleaning materials, battery packs, and painting items.
  • Rail cargo can transport various items like hazardous chemicals, unique goods, and basic commodities etc.
  • Metal racks, cars, enormous cargo, and items that require specific conditions are examples of specialized shipment.
  • Refrigerated products are often delivered on freezer carriages, while extra-heavy commodities are needed to deliver.
Legal goods Can Be shipped by train From London to yiwu
Legal goods Can Be shipped by train From London to yiwu
  • Autoracks, both open and closed, are used to transport cars.
  • Bug repellant, sanitizers, fruits and veggies, almonds, textile industry goods, and so on are examples of retail products.
  • Rail freight can carry dangerous products, such as liquefied natural gas.

8. How To Calculate The London To Yiwu Train Price?

To quickly and easily obtain low rail freight prices from London to Yiwu, you must first understand how rail freight charges are calculated.

Here are some info that helps you to know about the calculation of London to Yiwu Train freight:

Calculation Of The Breakpoint

With analysis of channel or supplier conditions, the breakpoint calculation evaluates whether LCL or FCL railway freight is a more cost-effective alternative.

As a result, it’s possible that the expenses of an LCL container shipment are greater than those of an FCL container due to the management.

However, the choice is yours, as each variety has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Formula For Cost Of Rail Freight Estimation

Rail transport prices are calculated using a formula.

Here’s a formula of everything that’s included in the cost:

Overall Train Transportation Expenses = Rail Transport Cost + Rail Station Costs + Delivery Costs + Customs Charges.

Cost Calculation With Variety Of Parameters

Rail transport costs are calculated using a variety of parameters.

Here’s a list of everything that’s included in the cost:

  • Rail Station Costs: There are extra expenses to understand and spend at the rail station. The container and products must be emptied as soon as the train arrives.
  • Delivery Costs: Rail transport is meant to reach its location quickly and at a minimal cost.

As a result, vehicle transportation is commonly employed due to their low cost and flexibility.

  • Customs Charges: If a border crossing your shipment will be needed, rail freight transports usually need to pass customs clearance.

There are several documents needed to complete and fees to pay, which vary depending on the commodities and the nation to which they will be transported.

customs clearing prices include employee expenses, tariffs, taxes, and paperwork production.

We suggest that you engage the services of HART’s customs agent to keep rail freight rates and transportation times on track.

You can easily and affordably reserve these services on our platform.

Here is a video link about how the train shipping is cost effective:

9. What Are The Things That Determine The London To Yiwu Train Price?

Here are a few characteristics that influence the cost of each customer’s purchase contract.

Look out these some important aspects that can impact the cost of rail freight transportation:

Types Of Goods That Are Delivered

The kind of goods you want to deliver has an impact on the ultimate cost of your shipping.

Transportation rates vary depending on the kind of goods.

Fruits, vegetables, almonds, fabrics, and other basic commodities are typically delivered in containers, based on the quantity of the shipment.

Steel pallets, bulky goods, and things that must be kept at a different temperature throughout transit come into a different class.

Costs Of Operations

When determining shipping costs, you must also consider a variety of fixed operating charges.

The operating costs associated with:

  • The kind of locomotive used in the shipping
  • The number of carriages utilized
  • Usage of the railway
  • Train’s power consumption
  • HR expenditures
  • Maintenance costs

The Expense Of Insurance

You will need to pay more for train shipping services if you choose extra insurance to cover damage of your shipment.

Shipping insurance allows you to convey your cargo properly.

It helps in avoiding the risk of damages and future financial harm in the situation of unexpected occurrences during transportation.

The Expense Of Insurance For shipping by Train
The Expense Of Insurance For shipping by Train

The Pick-Up And Delivery Locations

The location of the pick-up and drop-off influences the pricing of rail freight transportation.

Based on the quantity of time a freight train stays in one location and the duration of goods loading and unloading,

So, various stations charge various costs.

The Volume Of Your Shipment

The size of your items is one of the most important factors in deciding how much revenue you’ll have to deliver them.

Including the volume of the items, one of the most important determinant elements is the specific quantity of the things you transport that must arrive at a specific location.

10. What Are The Processes Of Shipping By  London To Yiwu Train Route?

To transport goods through London to Yiwu Train, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Make a choice to how much and which kind of goods you want to import.
  • Step 2: Hire a good supplier from where you want to purchase the goods.
  • Step 3: Hire a trustworthy freight forwarder who can assist you to import the goods from London to Yuwi.
  • Step 4: Before transporting, make sure the goods must pack carefully.

To secure the items, they can use wooden boxes, gunny bags, tin containers, pallets, and other cartoons.

  • Step 5: After packaging the goods properly, they need to shift them to the station of London for transporting.
  • Step 6: The goods provider is requested to input a hard copy of the ‘consignment note’ that can be acquired from the railroads’ office.

On the other side of this page includes all of the terms and conditions the railway accepts to transport goods.

There is some basic info that needs to be included in this document.

Such as:

  • The suppliers’s name and address
  • The Importer’s name and address
  • Goods details
  • Number of Packages
  • The size and volume of of the items
  • The target location where the will be delivered.
  • Shipping and customs charges are paid or not.
consignment note during train shipping
consignment note during train shipping
  • Step 7: He receives the Railway Receipt (R/R) from the railway department after handing over the items together with consignment notice to the rail authorities.

The supplier or freight forwarder will send this receipt to the consumer because it is a proof of ownership of the goods.

  • Step 8: Now Freight forwarder will transport to you the shipment as well as handling the customs procedures.

11. What Are The Benefits Of Shipping By London To Yiwu Train Route?

Rail shipping is a very effective alternative for your logistics system if your item is travelling over 1,000 miles and isn’t time urgent.

Here are some benefits of using rail to deliver your goods from London to Yiwu.


Shippers who switch lengthy cargo from road transport to rail can save anywhere from 10% to 40%.

Rail has reduced fuel expenses, especially when transporting a large amount of goods. As a result, it saves money on fuel.

Environmentally Friendly

Trains use less fuel per ton mile than vehicles.

As per the Association of American Railroads (AAR), rail cargo can transport a ton of goods an average of 479 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.

So it is more friendly than road transport.

Capacity Of Transporting Heavy Loads

Trains are capable of carrying large amounts of freight.

Even a double-stacked train can transport the equivalent of 280 vehicles.

For transporters with huge loads, this can be quite useful.

Train Has the Capacity Of Transporting Heavy Loads
Train Has the Capacity Of Transporting Heavy Loads


Trains function upon regulated transportation schedules and do not share their lines with the general public.

As a result, train shipping is more reliable than others.

Here is video of how the train shipping connects the world:

12. How Much Volume The London To Yiwu Train Can Carry?

Trains can carry an available capacity of 4,440 tons.

A contemporary train has a net capability of 286,000 lbs (125.5 tons).

It is used in trains of 100 or more units to carry goods.

So, resulting in a total available capacity of 12,500 tons, an advance of more than 180 can carry London to Yiwu train.

13. How Many Cars Are In A London To Yiwu Train For Shipping?

It is all based on the quantity of cars available on any particular day before a local train.

Small short haul trains may only get a few cars, ranging from 5 to 25.

But when the question comes about long distance freight trains, they often contain 70 to 135 or even more cars.

14. Is London To Yiwu Train Shipping Cheaper Or Expensive?

Rail transportation charges more than ocean transport, but it is also lower in price than air transport.

Therefore, railway shipping is a great option for foreign businesses and companies as it is a less expensive but quicker method of transport.

If you or your business needs a low-cost, quick delivery, the train is currently the best option.

It is also providing cost-effective and dependable logistics operations.

For Uk and China functioning on a global scale, it may soon become extremely profitable.

HART can provide the shipping service from London to Yiwu at a cheaper cost and in an efficient way.

15. What Is The Solution If Customs Seize My Shipment During Shipping By Train?

When customs seize your goods, here are a few things you may do during London to Yiwu Train shipping.

Such as:

Contact The Supplier

If your shipment has been seized at customs, you must contact the seller.

You should really be ready to figure out what’s going on with the delivery by asking the vendor.

They should be able to identify whether any of the crucial documents needed to get your package through the border have been overlooked.

Your vendor will be able to notify the transporter and obtain further data about your package and any issues encountered.

Contact The Customs Agent

Consult your customs officer if you hired one, and they will contact the supplier on your behalf.

They may possibly be able to figure out what’s wrong.

If the issues are related to transport documents, you must make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork.

Consulting Customs Agents If Goods Are Seized By Customs Authorities
Consulting Customs Agents If Goods Are Seized By Customs Authorities

However, if your goods are found to be unlawful, forbidden, or prohibited, you must discard them.

They will help you with the customs clearance procedure, or even just identify the issue.

Before contacting the carrier, ensure you have the tracking details so you can check the validity.

Final Words

Shipping internationally by train from London to Yiwu impacts a lot on trading from the UK to China or China to the UK.

Among other shipping methods, trains are more reliable, so train shipping is increasing nowadays.

HART is an efficient shipping agency who can ship your goods by train smoothly and risk-free.

We hope this FAQ guide will provide you with the idea about London to Yiwu train shipping.

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