One-stop international freight forwarder HART Worldwide Logistics, located in QingDao, can transport your goods from China to the worldwide. In order to keep you up to speed on the main freight forwarders in China, HART has a market team. If you’re looking for QingDao’s most reputable shipping broker, we’ve got your back!

It is our pleasure to provide you with the most efficient and risk-free customs clearing services possible. We have relationships with all of the major shipping providers for international shipments. Our broad QingDao shipping company network allows us to deliver things quickly. We’ve signed contracts with shipping lines such as Maersk, PIL, CMA-CGM, and YAN Ming. Items can be shipped by rail from China to Europe. Using transportation providers like these, we can fit your items without compromising space.

Orders may be handled without relying on one person because of standardization and systems. If you require a QingDao shipping agent and transportation by air, sea, or train, give us a ring. As a shipping service provider in QingDao, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates.

Our Services for QingDao China Shipping


Air Freight

Services including freight movement and cargo processing are provided by our own facilities in QingDao. QingDao is home to one of the most renowned air freight companies in the world.


Sea Freight

We provide low-cost and secure marine freight services from Chin. Because of our expertise in maritime freight, we rank first in China. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Rail Freight

It is also safe and reliable to travel to and from QingDao by train. One of the numerous services we provide is the coordination of train shipments from QingDao, as well as customs clearance.


Door to Door Shipping

Our organization offers shipping services to and from QingDao. It doesn’t matter where your items are coming from or heading to; they’ll be treated with the highest care! What are you waiting for?


Express Services

One of the largest China freight forwarders relies on the world’s best express service providers to meet delivery deadlines throughout the continent. We are quick as a thunderbolt.


Customs Clearance

We can ship items from China with ease. So, you won’t have to be concerned about your goods getting stuck at customs. Contacting us is a breeze. We will take care of it.



We can assist with all kinds of warehouses, from large to tiny. All throughout the globe, we’ve got warehouses. If you need assistance with warehousing, please contact us at any time.


Pickup & Delivery

Picking and delivering orders is all we do here at this location. Our service will carefully and accurately collect and transport the Chinese location to your home. So, don’t wait up and contact us.


Consolidated Shipping

Consider the following suggestions if you want to ship products from several European retailers. In one package, you’ll find all of the products you bought from different sellers. It’s a great shipping option.

Why Choose Hart to Ship From QingDao


When a company knows and understands its intended audience, it has more self-assurance. Delivery expenses may also be lowered as a result of this. It is for this reason that we can provide reduced costs to you, our esteemed consumers.

Cheap Shipping Rate

If you know where to search, you may find low-cost shipping companies that sacrifice quality throughout the course of their service. If you’re looking for the cheapest shipping choices without sacrificing quality or service, we’re the company for you.


As a leading European freight forwarder, we adhere to a set of values. We’re the finest in the business when it comes to customer service. To ensure that our clients are comfortable doing business with us, we consistently offer them the same level of service.


Because we created a piece of internal software specifically for this purpose, our clients may do all of their business online. You have no one else to turn to for help. Using our system, you can keep tabs on the status of all of your orders at all times.

Full Self-control

You have total control over the items you purchase via our website. The decisions you make are not affected by anything that is beyond your control. An individual in each transaction node is responsible for monitoring and resolving system faults.

Custom Clearance Service

Our own department handles customs issues. Our goods can also be cleared by local customs agents. Customs clearance for all the demanding nations is also part of what we do for our customers.

Wide Coverage

Many of our warehouses serve customers all around the world, including Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the United States. More than 20 Chinese cities are home to our storage facilities that protect our clients’ assets.

Highly Trained Team

All of our employees must complete a rigorous on-the-the-job training program. You may rest easy knowing that one of our warehousing specialists will take care of the delivery of your packages. Quality exporters in QingDao can address any problem that can occur.


For each entrepreneur, professionalism is a must. The corporation and its stockholders both benefit from this arrangement. Our business and logistics experts will manage your concerns with the utmost professionalism.

Check How We Serve You as QingDao Freight Forwarder


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from QingDao


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

Prior to doing business in China, multinational freight forwarders must fill out this form. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce is required by IATA administration laws and regulations to grant this certificate. Because we’ve been recognized by the worldwide community, you may put your faith in us.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

As a Chinese non-vessel operating contracting firm, we solely do that. The ones who can accomplish this are the freight forwarders who have access to a wide range of perks. In China, the Ministry of Public Security has allocated this license plate number to this vehicle. Most freight forwarders fall within the NVOCC umbrella, according to estimates.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that our clients will always receive the finest level of service possible. We are proud of this achievement. To do business and connect with our customers, we now have this Certificate. That’s why we’ve built a reputation for providing the best possible service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

World Cargo Transportation Alliance, the world’s largest and most prominent freight forwarding association, with its headquarters in the United States. In terms of financial security, it offers the most complete coverage possible. Additionally, this business guarantees its members that their transactions are completely secure.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

For international freight forwarders in China, the China Freight Forwarder Association (CIFA) serves as a national and social organization. Increased communication and cooperation among China’s freight forwarders is one of our goals. It also helps to keep freight forwarders on equal footing.


Member Unit for SIFFA

In order to represent the city’s international freight forwarders, the city’s Civil Affairs Bureau has granted legal authority to the QingDao International Freight Forwarders Association. Logistics companies in the area are pushing international shipments to facilitate information sharing.

QingDao Freight Forwarder | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


In order to export products out of China, QingDao freight forwarder can assist you.

Air freight, LCL, FCL, and reefer solutions are available from a wide range of QingDao forwarders at reasonable prices.

Your choice is between acquiring the shipment yourself or having these companies do it for you.

Import consolidation is made possible through a global network of unloading warehouses.

Freight forwarder QingDao now offers insurance for all shipments at incredibly low costs.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does QingDao Forwarder Mean?
  2. What Is QingDao Freight Forwarder’s Responsibility?
  3. Why Use A QingDao Freight Forwarder?
  4. Is MSC A QingDao Freight Forwarder?
  5. What Are Tips For Working With A QingDao Freight Forwarder?
  6. What Are The Documents Required For QingDao Freight Forwarder?
  7. How Much Does A QingDao Freight Forwarder Charge?
  8. What Is The Difference Between A QingDao Freight Forwarder And A Carrier?
  9. What Are The Dissimilarities Between QingDao Freight Forwarder And Customs Brokers?
  10. Can A Freight QingDao Forwarder Be The Exporter Of Record?
  11. Can A Freight QingDao Forwarder Be A Consignee?
  12. Can A QingDao Shipping Agent Issue A Bill Of Lading?
  13. Should I Use QingDao Shipping Company From China When Shipping From China?
  14. What Is The Best Freight Forwarder In QingDao Shipping Company?
  15. Who Are The Top 20 QingDao Freight Forwarders?

1. What Does QingDao Forwarder Mean?

Freight forwarders, the supply chain’s intermediaries that assist arrange the transfer of products from A to B, work with exporters and importers.

As a result of this, this process will become more secure, effective, and profitable.

In order to ensure the safety of the goods it delivers, QingDao freight forwarder is responsible for making sure they arrive on time at their final destination or the importer.

As another way to put it, they operate as an intermediary between the importer and the eventual destination of the shipment.

QingDao Freight Forwarder
QingDao Freight Forwarder

Instead of delivering the cargo, QingDao forwarders act as a middleman.

Because of their extensive knowledge and self-assurance, QingDao forwarders are in high demand.

As a result, businesses will be offered recommendations on how to enhance their freight transportation.

They are viewed as mediators between the buyers and sellers, yet their behaviors are quite comparable to those of a logistics agency.

Here’s an example –

2. What Is QingDao Freight Forwarder’s Responsibility?

The QingDao forwarder keeps in touch with important clients on behalf of the individual submitting the purchase.

Plans the flow of products and assistance from one site to another.

A QingDao freight forwarder’s other services include procurement and distribution, as well as transportation.

Detailed obligations are laid forth in a contract signed between the transporter and the customer.

As A QingDao Forwarder, What Are The Responsibilities?

Any paperwork required by customs to import or export products is also the responsibility of the QingDao forwarder.

To make things even more complicated, QingDao freight forwarder is responsible for planning and executing everything related to offloading.

There is no time off in QingDao freight forwarders’ schedules since deliveries continue regardless of whether or not the forwarder’s headquarters is open.

The QingDao freight forwarder’s manager should be able to be reached in the event of a problem.

Roles Of A Freight Forwarder QingDao
Roles Of A Freight Forwarder QingDao

Freight forwarders in QingDao are responsible for the following:

  • Help planning for a freight transfer and getting the necessary paperwork
  • A transportation agreement can be reached by contracting with companies that supply transportation services.
  • Keeping track of the loading, shipping, and insurance of goods in order to determine the most cost-effective form of transportation

The freight forwarder in QingDao is responsible for all elements of product transportation.

Clearing customs and holding cargo are other services that freight forwarding companies might provide.

Quality control and shipment sales or allotment of shipment privileges are all options as well as shipping payments.

As time goes on, you may notice this:

3. Why Use A QingDao Freight Forwarder?

It might be difficult to import or export without prior knowledge or experience.

Collaborating with a QingDao freight forwarder business has several advantages.

For the most part, QingDao freight forwarder companies specialize in international import and export services.

Your products will have much easier access to a far larger logistical network if you engage with an established freight forwarder QingDao company.

Thus, huge companies are better able to bargain warehousing and distribution costs.

You can rest assured that your shipment will arrive on time and unharmed if you engage with an experienced freight forwarder QingDao service.

4. Is MSC A QingDao Freight Forwarder?

MSC was a very well known French shipping firm with a QingDao location that also serves as a QingDao freight forwarder.

MSC Freight Forwarder
MSC Freight Forwarder

It is currently available in more than 149 countries.

The French division of the company is well-established, with eight locations around the country.

5. What Are Tips For Working With A QingDao Freight Forwarder?

QingDao freight forwarders have a few things to take into consideration while working with them:

We could go on and on, and here are the 5 most significant factors to keep in mind while working with QingDao freight forwarders:

Prevent Clogs in Shipments

It is imperative that your preparations are thorough and comprehensive.

It’s already tough to reserve space on ships months in advance, so rushing to get supplies organized might pose issues.

Although your shipments may not fail if you book too late, you’ll have to cope with higher fees or a delayed container if you do so.

Our second piece of advice is to avoid relying on coincidence when it comes to strategy.

A Focus on Reliability

Cheap shipping companies from QingDao adhere to a predetermined sailing schedule.

Let your best freight forwarder in QingDao know whether you ship regularly and consistently.

The best shipping agents from QingDao’s top brokerage will make regular attempts to focus on these clients’ shipments.

The best freight forwarder in QingDao can get better prices from Cheap shipping companies from QingDao because of your huge volume.

You really have to know ahead of time how many parcels you’ll be sending in order to receive the cheapest price.

Make Your Points Clearly

The best freight forwarder in QingDao must be able to interact effectively with its customers.

As previously said, having access to data on all relevant present and future projects might assist drive down volume costs.

The best freight forwarder in QingDao is aware of any negative encounters you’ve had with previous QingDao shipping businesses.

You’ll improve your working connection with QingDao’s top shipping agents.

The top shipping providers from QingDao should be able to collaborate with you if your goals, responsibilities, and tasks are clearly defined in a reasonable time.


In the field of machine learning and AI, the finest shipping agents in QingDao have achieved some remarkable achievements.

The documentation is still a factor in determining the final outcome of a shipment.

Documentation For Freight Forwarding
Documentation For Freight Forwarding

Both national and international rules and legislation necessitate the submission of documentation for a variety of reasons.

Establish a method for you to send and receive documents to your QingDao shipping agents.

When there is no established method, documents can easily be misplaced, forgotten, or misunderstood.

The easiest approach to deal with your paperwork is to consult with your QingDao shipping firms.

Instead Of Focusing On Short-Term Gains, Set Your Sights Higher

As a business partnership, this one should be treated as such.

If you go for the lowest pricing supplier shipment after shipment, you could quickly find yourself in a bad situation.

In order to get the most out of your freight forwarder relationship, you should treat them like an expansion of your logistics staff.

Instead of hiring a third-party contractor, you can use an in-house resource.

Low-cost QingDao shipping firms who know their clients well give volume discounts for large orders

It is possible to lower your shipping expenses while also speeding up the delivery time of your products.

6. What Are The Documents Required For QingDao Freight Forwarder?

All the necessary paperwork for QingDao-based freight forwarder

  • Waybill for Transportation by Air or Sea
  • Expense receipts for business use
  • Itemized list
  • Accreditation of safety data sheets
  • Insurance
  • A declaration by the shipper

7. How Much Does A QingDao Freight Forwarder Charge?

The cost of freight forwarding can vary widely and be affected by a wide range of variables.

Things to consider include the weight and size of your box, where you’re shipping it, and for certain if or not you’re sending kindness over international boundaries.

It is imperative that you have itemized pricing to prevent getting overcharged for a particular phase of the process.

8. What Is The Difference Between A QingDao Freight Forwarder And A Carrier?

QingDao freight forwarders are not required to own a vessel in order to perform their duties.

They initiate the process of finding and negotiating with legitimate shipping companies once they’ve reached an arrangement with the clients.

Freight Forwarder QingDao vs Freight Carrier
Freight Forwarder QingDao vs Freight Carrier

Freight forwarders are also known as “contract carriers” in some instances.

“Actual carrier” work is being performed by carriers.

They use their own or hired ships to transport cargo from the point of importation all the way to the point of delivery.

If you’re still unsure, check out this video.

9. What Are The Dissimilarities Between QingDao Freight Forwarder And Customs Brokers?

Similarly a freight forwarder, a customs broker is well-versed in logistics.

When it comes to product transportation, he acts as a liaison between importers and exporters.

Freight Forwarder QingDao vs Customs Broker
Freight Forwarder QingDao vs Customs Broker

As an added responsibility, this job is responsible for ensuring that all ships under their command adhere to all applicable import and export rules.

Customs brokers cannot perform their tasks without CBP licenses.

Therefore, customs agents might refuse to convey goods if they don’t meet the requirements of customs law.

In the freight forwarding and customs broker business roles are so intertwined they should always be isolated.

An unaffiliated freight forwarder and customs broker is now a need.

Yet at all, there are some companies that try to do both at the same time.

Look at this –

10. Can A Freight QingDao Forwarder Be The Exporter Of Record?

Shipping businesses in QingDao, which are both reliable and reasonably priced, might serve as de facto exporters of goods.

Unless you specifically request it, QingDao freight forwarders typically do not offer this service.

11. Can A Freight QingDao Forwarder Be A Consignee?

Freight forwarder QingDao is often listed as the consignee on a Bill of Lading.

Because the freight forwarder has full control over the goods, this is usually not a problem and is a practical benefit.

12. Can A QingDao Shipping Agent Issue A Bill Of Lading?

If QingDao shipping agencies are registered as NVOCCs, they can surely do so.

13. Should I Use QingDao Shipping Company From China When Shipping From China?

You should, in fact.

As a result of QingDao shipping agent’s skill in delivering goods on time, this QingDao shipping business from China will provide you several advantages.

Because of their familiarity with customs regulations and procedures, they might be an asset to your business.

14. What Is The Best Freight Forwarder In QingDao Shipping Company?

The following features should be present in a freight forwarder from a QingDao shipping company:

  • Accreditations and certificates are required for the top QingDao shipping agent freight forwarder.
  • QingDao shipping business should look for the finest freight forwarder in QingDao freight company that has the necessary experience to manage any unexpected situations.
  • The top QingDao shipping firm freight forwarder must be able to communicate and manage effectively. Because it is impossible to sustain connections or improve the process if effective communication is not in place.
  • The top freight forwarder in QingDao transportation firm should also have access to a wide range of affordable shipping options from QingDao.

15. Who Are The Top 20 QingDao Freight Forwarders?

1. TIBA (Qingdao)

Address: Hong Kong Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong, 266071, China.

They ship their goods through sea, air, and land. They will present you with the solution that best meets the requirements of each procedure. Take use of their suitable warehousing and handling services for their distribution network. They operate their unique warehouses in several nations. They have created a real speciality in solutions that maximize the customs and administrative aspects of their operations as customs brokers. By delivering complete project operations and project cargo handling for large and heavy products, they share a love for their slogan “Yes, it can be done.”

2. Qingdao YTD International Logistic Corp.Ltd.

Address: No.1 Zhang Hua Road, Qingdao City, China

As an international transportation and logistics company, it specializes in a wide range of services including sea cargo transport (FCL and LCL), air freight and inland delivery. All of their clients may count on them to provide the best services and solutions possible in every area. So that they can help consumers save money while also improving service quality and efficiency, they’ve formed the greatest business relationships and negotiated the most affordable contracts with all major shipping lines and air carriers.

3. Qingdao Hon John International Freight Agency Co., Ltd

Address: Qingdao World Trade Center,no.6 Hongkong Middle Road,Qingdao, China.

They have the approval of a freight transportation firm of a certain level. This organization boasts a high-quality workforce, with an average of ten years of technical expertise in business. They offer a comprehensive range of one-stop operations in the cargo FCL, LCL, air freight, domestic trade products, bulk carriers, and ro-ro freight international conveyance agency business. They have many years of industry-leading logistics operation experience to render your goods more satisfactory and dependable. Over the years, the firm has grasped chances, daring to conceive and courage to do, work and effort, stay current, with bravery and drive.

4. Sinoglory Logistics

Address: Hong Kong Middle Road, Qingdao, 266071 P.R. China

With over 20 years of expertise in international shipping and logistics, Sinoglory Logistics Co., Ltd was founded by a qualified and determined professional. Our staff is well-versed in the importance of holding themselves accountable to their customers and providing them with the best possible service and expertise. Door-to-door service is also available.

5. Migoal International Transportation

Address: Chengyang District, Qingdao China 266000

Customers’ operational costs may be reduced while at the same time increasing the added value of the freight forwarding service business, simultaneously. The company’s “customer-oriented, product-oriented” business strategy is consistently followed in order to develop the company’s operational team and customer service. Integrity, punctuality, and reliability are essential in the import/export market.

6. Qingdao Hongyang International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd.

Address: He’An Mansion, No.117 Yan’An 3rd Road, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

Their organization is an MSC and KMTC full-service booking agency. For many years, they have had good partnerships with ONE, COSCO, CMA, ESL, and other carriers. Their itineraries encompass Europe, the Mediterranean, America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, and Korea, and they provide affordable pricing and competent booking services to their clients. For many years, Hongyang has collaborated closely with Worlddex Group. They grow their markets through joint ventures and other types of collaboration.

7. Qingdao Cargo Star International Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd.

Address: Zhujiang Road, Qingdao Development Zone

There are a variety of options available support services that they provide in addition to substantial cargo transportation: customs registration and examination for import/export cargo, monitoring reports for sent items, door-to door transportation, and insurance for transport. Additionally, they have a team of sales representatives and operators that are extremely effective and have a wealth of knowledge in the industry. They have a flawless worldwide network of broker services and an existing multinational railway transportation system.

8. Qingdao Baihuaying International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd.

Address: Block A, Guohua Building, No.2 Minjiang Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, China, 266000, China.

Qingdao BaiHuaying International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an NVOCC-qualified international freight forwarding company (Certificate No. MOC-NV NO.08493). Contractor shipping, air transport, railway, and other worldwide exports and imports cargo haulers, including boarding, reserving, Customs clearance, examination, packing, unwrapping, transit, storage of goods, marine insurance, inland haulage, and advisory services, are our primary business lines. Our long-term partnerships and business arrangements with  air and ocean carriers ensure freight and conveyance efficiency and service breadth.

9. Qingdao Logreat International Logistics Co., Ltd

Address:  LuXin Changle Garden, No.39 Fuzhou South Road, Shandong Province, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

Qingdao Logreat International Logistics Co., Ltd was established in 2016 by a group of logistics experts with extensive expertise in international shipping, Customs clearing, and warehousing. We are located in Qingdao, China, and have a local branch at the international airport, where we run our own storage to ensure the seamless processing of air freight commodities.


Address: Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong, Chine, 266071

SINO Shipping has built long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling them to build their businesses through our services. Before declaring any deal finished, we thoroughly investigate and swiftly rectify any problems (if any). Our business practices adhere to the highest international standards while also being completely open and transparent. The quality of our processing facilities as well as the quality of our warehouses, carriers, and partners is guaranteed. We have a thorough understanding of the itineraries, charges, tariffs, and all other aspects of logistics. The result is that your company will benefit both in the short and long term from our effective and customer-focused services.

11. Qingdao Huanya International Logistics Co., Ltd

Address: No.2 Minjiang Road, Shandong Province, Qingdao, China 266000, China.

Since its inception, the firm has grown to become a full worldwide agent network, including maritime transportation, air freight, road freight, warehousing, Customs declaration, safety checks, insuring, and other associated services.

12. WorldEx Logistics Qingdao Co., Ltd.

Address: 52 Hong Kong(M) Road, Times Square, P.R., Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

Qingdao WorldEx Logistics Qingdao Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a full-service public transportation platform. Qingdao WorldEx Logistics Qingdao Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, is a full-service public logistics network. The primary business section covers: marine booking, supply chain process services, lcl assistance, represent the distribution, freight shipping, multimedia transport, garden services, storage services, packing and unpacking and encouragement services, residential logistics, import assistance, cross-border e-commerce services, and distribution network financial services, among others.

13. Qingdao T-Yason International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Address: Xuzhou North Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, China, 266011, China.

Their firm is a scheduling agency for MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, EMC, HPL, APL, YML, PIL, ZIM, TSL, IAL, and other shipping companies, and they have signed a shipping contract for the principal export items with ONE, ESL, OOCL, HMM, ASL, KMTC, RCL, HDSL, WANHAI, H-A, and other shipping companies. Simultaneously, the company has established an effective logistics control system that can accomplish systematic and scientific direction and administration of diverse enterprises in the global supply chain.

14. ClearFreight, Inc.

Address: Hong Kong RD Central RM2116, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

ClearFreight (Qingdao) was established in 2006 and is a professional firm specializing in offering effective and timely foreign sea, air, including land transportation services, as well as logistic services. Based on our over ten years work experience and knowledge, as well as our perfect global company and idea behind the proposed, we are able to offer the correct, safest, and most efficient transportation and related services at any time, anywhere to encounter the transportation needs of customers at various levels. We will convey your shipment in a timely and secure manner using multimodal transportation as needed.

15. Prestige International Transportation Agencies Co., Ltd

Address: No.36 HongKong Mid-Road, Shinan District , Shandong , Qingdao, China, 266000, China.

Exceptional shipments We have more than 20 years of expertise shipping big and heavy packages and can deliver your unusual cargo anywhere in the world. Our multinational staff of special freight experts understands and is well-versed with the obstacles involved. PRESTIGE has good working connections with specialized corporate units of commercial shipping firms both domestically and internationally. It has enough shipping capacity and container resources, a competent strengthening and packing crew, and experienced cabinet boxing solutions, all of which assure the protection of clients’ goods while also lowering transportation costs.

16. Maxwide Logistics Inc.

Address: HONG KONG MIDDLE ROAD, SHINAN DISTRICT, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

Maxwide strives to provide the finest service possible to each and every client. Maxwide became one of the leading TP trades forwarders in the United States, thanks to years of operational expertise specializing in TP trade. Because of our elevated services and cheap rates, we have built business connections with clients around the world. Maxwide has inked shipping contracts with practically all of the major carriers, including ONE, OOCL, MSC, MSK, EMC, CMA, HPL, ZIM, SML, HMM, and COSCO, in order to satisfy the needs of various clients.

17. Sinoglory Logistics Co., LTD


They provide a wide range of flexible logistics services that include sea freight, air cargo and NVOCC services, and also door-to-door facilities, logistics management, worldwide inter transport and Cross-Trade services. If you’re looking to save money and get customized experience, we’re here to help. We can buy a trading permit on behalf of the shipper and addressee in China for them, help collect payouts from foreign buyers, supervise vessel stuffing on their behalf, and introduce proper Vendors to overseas buyers, among other things.

18. Qingdao Yuanyong International Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Address: Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Shandong, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

YuanYong is a relatives and operated integrated logistics firm that employs cutting-edge information technology. The head office was established in 2005 and is located in the business heart of Shandong Qingdao, China. YuanYong is devoted to implementing a typical public service model in a Chinese port so that we can give our clients a one-stop and integrated solution to make logistics safer, more productive, and more real worth.

19. Tianjin Anhai Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Zhongshan Mansion, Hongkong Middle Road, Shi Nan District, Qingdao, China, 266071, China.

Their primary activities include airfreight imports and exports, container shipping foreign trade (FCL and LCL), export and import customs duties, storage and storage, and truck logistics. They entered into contracts with airlines and logistic businesses. It provides them with cheap pricing as well as dependable space.

20. Qingdao Greatmicro Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Address: Shandong Road, Qingdao, China, 266000, China.

They offer comprehensive and regulated supply chain services such as: NVOCC qualified by the US FMC, OCEAN & AIR business, Customs duties, Transportation & distribution, and Warehousing. They manage OOG and overweight trucking materials lawfully and effectively. They can create and implement logistics solutions that are most suited to your business. They are a collection of experts.

Final Words

QingDao serves as a significant shipping point for goods from China to the rest of the globe.

Shipments going from QingDao to other parts of the world can be handled through HART Worldwide Logistics.

HART has all the facilities and cutting-edge technology you need to ensure that your package arrives on time and in perfect condition.

This article should help you better grasp QingDao’s freight forwarding procedure.

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