HART Worldwide is a global freight forwarder that can help you move trains from China. Your merchandise will be sent from China to the rest of the world via rail.

Freight train companies from China to the rest of the world is HART’s specialty. Changes in the market are routinely monitored by our knowledgeable marketing staff. As a result, it’s easy to see how we view the market. If you’d like to learn more about the market, we’re here to help. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Our department of customs affairs responsibilities includes learning and observing customs regulations throughout the world and in China. We take customs adherence very seriously as an operational concept. Consequently, our rail freight from China to the rest of the world is now risk-free.

HART’s systematization and standardization capabilities are impressive on many levels. All online shipping orders are monitored and tracked by our unified logistics system. It’s not reliant on any one person. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services.

Shipping by air, rail, ship, express or door-to-door services is all options. Here, we’ll offer you the answer you’ve been looking for. The route map from China to the rest of the world will help you get a sense of how long the journey will take. We’d love it if you gave us a hard time. The cost of traveling by rail from China to the rest of the world is less expensive than that of flying.

Our Services For Shipping with Rail Freight Companies


Air Freight

We take care of all the logistics so you don’t have to. Clearing customs and delivering merchandise to your desired location is also part of our service. Alternatively, it might be the other way round.


Sea Freight

We provide cost-effective and secure marine freight services from China and Europe. We are Europe’s leading freight forwarder when it comes to maritime freight. We’ve got your back.


Rail Freight

Rail transportation companies in China and Europe are also safe and reliable. Rail transportation between China and Europe and customs clearance are two of the numerous services we provide.


Door to Door Shipping

We’re willing to accept door-to-door delivery from China if you’re interested. In exchange for the Chinese address, we’ll pick up your things and arrange for their delivery to the worldwide destination via air, train, or sea as directed by you.


Express Service

International expedited delivery is also available through us. As a result, Worldwide follows suit. There are a number of well-known and reliable delivery services that we rely on. We give them out for dirt cheap here at the shop.


Customs Clearance

The Worldwide customs rules are regularly studied by our eager crew. Additionally, we are open and honest with our local brokers. It helps a lot to guarantee that the bespoke operations are done without any problems.



It’s possible you’ll need a long-term and a short-term warehousing solution in China or anywhere else in the world. If you could send us a text, that would be wonderful. Count on us for warehousing.


Pickup & Delivery

With us, you can get door-to-door service. Consequently, please supply our offices in China with their respective postal codes. We use trucks and other vehicles to pick up and distribute the remaining goods in the area.



Amazon FBA delivery from China is available for our e-commerce clients. Other e-commerce services, such as delivery to Jumia, are also accessible. We have all sorts of shipping facilities.

Why Choose HART To Ship From China


That’s where our attention is right now. We strive to have a thorough understanding of the markets. To save money without sacrificing quality, systematization and uniformity should be the primary focus. You may become a professional by focusing on your work.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Agreements with major train companies have been in place for years. As a result, we are able to work more quickly and efficiently. It guarantees that the operation is cost-effective. But we don’t compromise quality.



Our speedy response is guaranteed by our standardized service methods, standardized logistical solutions, and standardized cargo processing. In order to maintain high standards of service, we also maintain a stable environment.



In order to verify, oversee, and track a fully online and paperless operation, our centralized software improvement team enhanced the bespoke customer support system. These systems aren’t reliant on a single individual. This system may be adapted to suit your needs.


Full Self-control

All of the value chain’s intersections are owned by themselves. Every checkpoint has been assigned a representative. They keep a close eye on the entire software’s internal workings. As a result, you’ll be able to handle everything.

Custom Clearance Service

In some places, we have our own customs clearance crew. We work closely with regional representatives of professional firms to guarantee that trades are completed on time. Day in and day out, members of our devoted staff are diligently studying customs regulations from throughout the world.

Wide Coverage

We have warehouses and branches in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Beijing. More than a dozen nations, ranging from Pakistan to India to Bangladesh to Kenya to Nigeria to Ghana, are home to warehouses that ship goods to the rest of the world.

Highly Trained Team

We place a high value on worker development. All of our employees receive regular, methodical training from our management team. So that they can maintain their position at the pinnacle of client satisfaction. Your satisfaction is ensured by their job summary and prompt response.



Because of this, we ensure that our workers are able to acquire all of the required skills and information at work. All of your shipping-related questions will be answered to the best of our ability, and we’ll provide as many suggestions as we possibly can.

Check How We Help You Rail Freight Companies


Qualifications And Honor For Shipping From China


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

Foreign trade laws in China and regulations on international cargo transportation in China require international freight forwarders in China to get this license for their international freight forwarding firm, which is overseen and sanctioned by the Ministry of Commerce. We have all sorts of certification.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Consequently, major Chinese freight forwarders do not have it. The criteria are more stringent than those of the average China-based freight forwarder. An NVOCC can let you book and ship at the same time. Bills of lading can be generated using it. Bills of lading can help you keep better track of your merchandise than you ever have before. You’ll also get a slew of other advantages as a result.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

It is necessary to implement an international quality management system in order to provide the best possible customer service and to avoid any mistakes, such as misunderstandings with consumers. We do everything we can to ensure that the services we deliver to our customers are of the highest possible standard. Communication and working practices are in harmony thanks to this certification method.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

A network of independent freight forwarders known as WCA (World Cargo Transportation Alliance) is the world’s largest and most powerful freight forwarding network. HART is immediately insured by the industry’s most generous and comprehensive financial security scheme as part of this arrangement. It gives us peace of mind and total security while dealing with other WCA members.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

It is the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) that represents China’s freight forwarders. International freight forwarding sector in China, it is a national and social organization. China’s Ministry of Commerce is in charge of it. CIFA’s mission is to improve industrial self-discipline and management collaboration. The market environment is also made more competitive as a result.


Member Unit for SIFFA

The Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau recognizes SIFFA (Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association) as a social entity with distinct legal personality. Ultimately, the goal of SIFFA is to help members exchange information, manage relationships, and improve collaboration and member concerns in order to encourage the international freight forwarding business.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Rail Freight Companies | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


When shipping across long distances or to distant areas, it might be difficult to determine the best mode of transportation.

Rail freight companies are a viable choice in these situations since it is affordable, dependable, and speedy, with little impact on the environment.

Here is a list of some of the best shipping agents from China in the rail freight companies so that you can make an informed choice.

Learn more about the finest rail freight companies in order to make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

  1. What Companies Are Freight Forwarders?
  2. What Are Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies Responsible For?
  3. Why Use A Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies?
  4. Is FedEx A Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Company?
  5. How To Master  Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies?
  6. What Are The Documents Required For Rail Freight Companies?
  7. How Much Does The Rail Freight Companies Charge?
  8. How Do You Define Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies And A Carrier?
  9. How Do You Define Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies And A Customs Broker?
  10. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Be The Exporter Of Record?
  11. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Be A Consignee?
  12. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Issue A Bill Of Lading?
  13. Should I Use Freight Train Companies In China When Shipping From China?
  14. What Are The Qualities Of The Best Freight Train Companies?
  15. Who Are The Top 20 Rail Transportation Companies?

1. What Companies Are Freight Forwarders?

Forwarders are third-party logistics professionals that plan and handle the management and shipping of cargo shipments.

They generate the relevant paperwork and documentation required for conformity too.

Forwarders act as consultants to improve efficiency, reduce costs, promote customer happiness and loyalty.

They reduce risk in order to benefit the bottom line of their consumers.

As a customs house brokerage, some, but not all, of these companies support their clients with the gathering of documents, tax form administration.

They assist in the implementation of proper Incoterms standards in the import and export process.

Rail Freight Companies Freight Forwarder
Rail Freight Companies Freight Forwarder

2. What Are Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies Responsible For?

The significance of a freight forwarder rail freight companies’ job –

The position of shipping agents from China, and rail freight forwarder is one that has just lately emerged in the United States.

Cargo transportation relies heavily on this guy, and he may not be well-known to everyone.

The freight forwarder rail freight companies have four primary responsibilities.

  • The most convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving route must be devised in transportation logistics.
    That only a skilled expert can come up with a comprehensive transportation strategy is not difficult to comprehend.
  • There are several options when it comes to transportation.
    Carriage options can be determined based on the weight and size of the item being transported, as well as delivery time, transit, and storage requirements.
    Rigging, for example, might also be used for transportation purposes by the firm.
  • Assistance with document collection.
    The freight forwarder rail freight companies’ role should include assisting with the collection of all relevant documentation for both local and international freight transportation.
    Obviously, freight forwarder rail freight companies will have an easier time of it than someone who is unfamiliar with this subject.
  • If issues emerge, a skilled specialist should be able to make the best options.
    Transporting your goods safely, securely, and on schedule is the number one priority for an experienced freight forwarder.

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3. Why Use A Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies?

Here are some reasons why use shipping companies from China freight forwarder rail freight companies –

The rail freight company’s freight forwarder’s services are often sought out by firms looking to save money on transportation.

Freight Train Companies Freight Forwarder
Freight Train Companies Freight Forwarder

Three factors make it possible for rail freight companies freight forwarders to provide more competitive rates than a firm or shipper could achieve on its own:

  • Due to the volume and frequency of their shipments, freight forwarders get advantageous pricing.

Consolidating the goods of several clients in a single truck is feasible because freight forwarders and brokers that specialize in a particular region receive many requests for carriage on the same route.

  • Transporting products year-round on regular routes, the freight forwarder has a vast network of suppliers and is well-versed in traffic patterns, as well as supply and demand by route, direction, and equipment type.
  • The quality of a company’s delivery service is now more critical than ever before.

Customers’ recommendations are the finest marketing approach, and the best method to get a customer’s suggestion is to provide outstanding service.

  • Forwarders have an extensive network of connections, which allows them to link shippers with carriers who provide the finest service and are most suited to their transportation requirements in terms of vehicle type, delivery time, and pricing.
  • When it comes to freight forwarders, they have the capacity to choose a reputable provider, they have the ability to handle difficulties quickly, and they have the ability to find another carrier or give new options to fulfill a specific shipper demand.
  • A manufacturing approach known as specialization is one in which each entity does a specialized task and develops a high degree of efficiency in that work.

Using the services of a freight forwarder ensures that you are working with transportation professional.

  • It’s also worth noting that shippers’ expertise in delivering products in specific locations or across borders with complex processes is an additional incentive to choose a freight forwarder’s service.

4. Is FedEx A Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Company?

As a cheap shipping company from China freight forwarder, FedEx can transport items across borders.

Their services are available in over a thousand cities and towns around the country.

Express shipping is a service offered by them that enables customers to get their purchases in less than two days.

Rail Transportation Companies Freight Forwarder
Rail Transportation Companies Freight Forwarder

FedEx and HART have a joint arrangement for shipment.

Express shipment may be had for a lower price if you contact HART about it in the first place.

5. How To Master  Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies?

Establishing a solid working affiliation with your forwarder may alleviate much of the burden of a complicated freight moving procedure.

A strong connection with your forwarder is essential.

You may save money, speed up delivery, and avoid misunderstandings by maintaining a positive working connection with your freight forwarder.

From The Outset, Be Aware Of Your Responsibilities

When you first start working with a freight forwarder, be sure to agree on your expectations and spell them out clearly for both of you.

A successful freight forwarder-client relationship is one built on well defined duties and responsibilities, as well as clearly stated expectations for both parties.

It will be easier to resolve disputes if you and your freight forwarding partner are on the same page from the outset about your expectations.

Shipping Through Rail Transportation Companies
Shipping Through Rail Transportation Companies

Be Prepared For Risks

Working with your forwarder in times of crisis might help you minimize the damage a disaster has on your company.

You and your freight forwarder may want to devise a strategy in the event that an issue arises with your shipment.

Allow Your Deliveries To Be Regular

If your firm relies heavily on shipping, it’s critical that you have a regular shipment schedule.

In the event that you already have a freight forwarder, be absolutely honest and tell them about it.

Shipments of this nature require freight forwarders to set aside certain times for their handling.

Be Wary About Making Last-Minute Reservations

Avoiding last-minute shipping is usually a good idea.

No matter how much effort you put into avoiding delays and other problems, it is inevitable that they will arise.

If not months ahead, sometimes the most competent forwarders have difficulty getting space aboard ships.

Maintain Control Of Your Written Records

When it comes to shipping, accurate paperwork may make or break a transaction.

For a variety of reasons, local and international customs and rules mandate the submission of papers.

Document management is a must since without it, essential records are at risk of going lost, being misconstrued by customs officials.

6. What Are The Documents Required For Rail Freight Companies?

Here are some documents list required for rail freight companies

  • Shipper export declarations
  • Bills of lading and other documentation needed by the carrier or
  • Nation of export, import or transshipment

are examples of information that a freight forwarder often reviews.

Paperless processing is currently the norm for most of this data.

Documentation For Freight Train Companies
Documentation For Freight Train Companies

7. How Much Does The Rail Freight Companies Charge?

Parameters of the cargo (measurements, mass and kind of commodities), location, and destination determine the cost of rail freight service.

To get from the station to the final destination, this service is frequently supplemented with transportation by road.

Because trains can only travel on designated rail freight lines.

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8. How Do You Define Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies And A Carrier?

The term Carrier refers to a person or business that regularly carries products over predetermined routes at predetermined prices.

Individuals and businesses use freight forwarders to get their products from point A to point B; forwarders often work with a carrier to transport their goods.

9. How Do You Define Freight Forwarder Rail Freight Companies And A Customs Broker?

The two key stakeholders in your supply network are freight forwarders and freight broker.

In layman ‘s phrases, a freight forwarder arranges for the transportation of your products from one location to another.

A freight broker, on the other hand, helps shippers locate carriers who are qualified to convey their goods.

Freight Train Companies
Freight Train Companies

10. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Be The Exporter Of Record?

If you’re dealing with commodities that require export permits and complex customs procedures, freight forwarders are unlikely to be able to help you with the paperwork. Exporter of Records Services are not commonly provided by freight forwarders.

11. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Be A Consignee?

A freight forwarder, for particular, may take over part of the Importer of Record’s obligations in cases of freight-forwarding.

For a consignment, however, they will not be designated as the Importer of Record for the goods.

The Importer of Record will only be an authorized customs broker or the item’s proprietor or buyer.

Different Rail Transportation Companies
Different Rail Transportation Companies

12. Do You Think The Rail Freight Companies Can Issue A Bill Of Lading?


As soon as products are placed at a rail port, freight forwarders and NVOCCs can generate a comprehensive Bill of Lading.

13. Should I Use Freight Train Companies In China When Shipping From China?

Yes, you should.

It is possible to move large quantities of bulk goods efficiently and economically by rail due to its large carrying capacity and cheap per-unit transportation costs from China.

Chinese freight train companies are well known with all the rules and regulations of their state which can be very beneficial for you.

It’s also better for the environment because it generates less waste.

Shipping Agents From China Rail Transportation Companies
Shipping Agents From China Rail Transportation Companies

14. What Are The Qualities Of The Best Freight Train Companies?

Consider these suggestions while looking for a freight forwarder to ensure you’re making the right choice:

Identify Your Warehousing and Shipping Requirements in Detail

Defining your needs is the very first step in finding the finest forwarding solution for your organization.

Determine what services you need, what means of shipping you prefer, and what the normal amount of shipments is.

The forwarder needs this information to determine if they are a good fit for you and to help you make your choice.

See Whether The Forwarder Is Able To Accomplish Your Goals

It’s time to perform your homework when you’ve clarified your forwarding requirements internally.

You must thoroughly investigate a few suitable forwarding providers to see whether they provide the services and quality you need.

The contract terms, industry terminology, and legal framework must all be familiarized with prior to signing on the dotted line.

Consider The Forwarder’s Skills And Experience

As soon as you’ve found a forwarding service that appears to match your needs, double-check to be sure it can actually deliver on the promises it makes.

Is it capable of handling your cargo?

Is it safe with your goods?

Do you have confidence in it?

Strikes, shutdowns, freight rerouting, and customs issues may all be dealt with if the company has the necessary knowledge.

Verify the Bonding of Your Partner

You don’t want your transportation to be delayed or perhaps halted entirely due to the company’s financial difficulties.

You should check to see if your freight forwarder is appropriately bonded.

Ask About The Network Of The Forwarder

For exporting, make doubly sure that the moving company you pick has a vast team of experts and partners in the United States and abroad. It is safer to do business with a carrier who has a wide variety of contracts.

15. Who Are The Top 20 Rail Transportation Companies?

Take a look at the top 20 rail transportation companies –

1. Oliver Wyman

Address: New York 10036, United States.

Managerial advisory firm Oliver Wyman is a leading company. For almost 30 years, Oliver Wyman has been a leader in the field of strategic planning, logistics, corporate governance, and organizational change. As many as 4,700 people from across the world work for the firm to assist customers in optimizing their business, enhancing their procedures, and reducing their risk profile.

2. BNSF Railway

Address: Texas 76131, United States.

In North America, BNSF Railway has one of the major rail networks, operating in 27 US regions and 3 Canadian regions across about 32,500 route miles. Greater grain-producing regions are served by railroads than anyone else, and the railroads convey the elements of many of the items we use on a regular basis.

3. Toll Group

Address: Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia

Toll is more than simply a logistics company; they transport the world’s most important companies. No matter how big or little the project, their 20,000 strong team is equal to the task. For more than 130 years, they’ve been there for their consumers. As of just this moment, they serve more than 20,000 consumers in 150 countries from 500 locations in 25 countries. They are happy to be a member of the Japan Post network.

4. Logistics Plus

Address: Pennsylvania 16501, United States

Freight, storage, fulfillment and completion, multinational logistics, business analytics, technology and supply chain management are just some of the services provided by Logistics Plus Inc. (LP). Logistics Plus now employs 450 people in 28 countries and generates annual worldwide revenues of over $299 million. Since its inception, the firm has been continuously ranked as being one of the speediest private equity firm freight and distribution companies.

5. FreightCenter

Address: Florida 34684, United States.

Currently, FreightCenter is a closely owned, comprehensive 3PL with a wide range of transportation options, including rail, truckload, and parcel. They are devoted to providing a streamlined and simpler shipping experience as they lead the transportation and logistics sector into the long term.

6. PLS Logistics Services

Address: Pennsylvania 16066, United States.

When it comes to overall freight forwarding and brokerage, PLS Logistics Services leads the pack. Every year, PLS manages millions of shipments across various means of transportation. A total of 45,000+ carriers are part of PLS’s carrier network. For business analytics and technology-enhanced mobility solutions, PLS PRO, a patented TMS software, is at your disposal.

7. OmniTRAX

Address: Colorado 80206, United States.

A major private railway and freight forwarding company in North America, OmniTRAX, Inc. It owns railways, terminals, logistical centers, and commercial residential properties. OmniTRAX’s platform of 21 provincial and brief line railroads covers 11 US regions and 3 Canadian territories and links commerce to customers.

8. Linfox

Address: Victoria 3041, Australia.

Over 24,000 individuals work for Linfox, Asia ‘s leading clandestinely logistics firm, which has operations in 12 countries and employs over 24,000 people. Lindsay Fox established the business in 1956 and it is now run by his family.

9. Logistic Dynamics

Address: New York 14228, United States.

An independent third-party transportation company, Logistic Dynamics Inc. (LDI) specializes in freight forwarding and freight brokering services. LDI delivers complete truckload, less than cartload, rail, airline and maritime services to a broad variety of customers throughout North America by employing their continually increasing network of dealers and carrier associates.

10. Patriot Rail & Ports

Address: Florida 32256, United States.

For more than 599 total miles throughout the United States, Patriot Rail runs a fleet of 12 short line and freight trains, as well as a scenic train trip. Rail warehousing, rail maintenance and repairs, railway wash and transfer, contract shifting, transloading, excursion railways, and track access are some of the services provided.

11. World Shipping

Address: Ohio 44116, United States.

From global logistics forwarding to sea transport, trucking, rail freight, warehousing, and large liquid worldwide logistics and customs clearing services, World Shipping has already been servicing shippers and recipients of international goods since 1960.

12. SCT Logistics

Address: New South Wales 2759, Australia.

It is their goal to provide excellent customer service by keeping lines of communication open and taking an optimistic, “can do” attitude towards the work they undertake. At all times, they’ll give their clients a service that demonstrates their commitment to honesty, originality, and quality. They want to foster a culture of dedication and quality among our staff.

13. RSI Logistics

Address: Michigan 48864, United States

Each major business that relies on rail freight transit has a consumer for them. Larger shippers move thousands upon thousands of train cars every month, whereas smaller shippers have just a few train cars. It is important to them that they learn about our client’s business in order to provide transportation solutions that are specifically tailored to their demands.

14. Rapid Express Freight

Address: New York 10952, United States.

They are a certified and accredited freight broker that specializes in all forms of freight shipment. Rapid Express Freight, Inc. This company has provided commercial transportation facilities since 2004. Trainload, LTL, and Rail Multimodal transport transportation services are all available from this company.

15. CF Rail Services

Address: Illinois 60173, United States.

Central West Refrigerator Despatch was established in 1928 by Fred H. Sasser. In the year that followed, the Great Depression engulfed the world’s economies. Mr. Sasser, on the other hand, refused to give up. The required measures were taken by him to safeguard and improve his business. We’re guided in our approach today by his spirit. Repairing your railcars is a big job, and you can count on CF Rail Services to do it right the first time. That is the goal for which we are striving.

16. Railroad Transport

Address: Victoria 3175, Australia.

The Railroad Transport Group is a privately held South Australian logistics and storage service provider based in Adelaide. As a result of Glen’s hard work, the company grew and then became Railroad Transport in 1991. Because of the many years of devoted service, Railroad Transport currently provides transportation solutions to all large International cities.

17. MovIt

Address: New South Wales 2768, Australia.

This organization is a nationwide transportation and logistics management firm that serves the whole country. As a network of transportation providers, we help businesses of all sizes utilize the aggregate strength of our network to minimize costs, improve quality, optimize safety, save time, and modernize their operations.. Moving a carton, pallet, container, or complete load is no problem for us since we have the know-how and resources to MovIt it for you.

18. VTL

Address: Tamil Nadu 600001, India.

VTL – Madras Customs Brokerage, Worldwide Airline & Sea Logistics Providers. VTL customs clearance makes it easier for an industry to import and export its products by air or sea, facilitating the shipping. shipments of VTLs – Utilizing technology in a safe and secure manner requires thorough documentation. Affordability of real-time monitoring and An Effortless Mode of Transportation.

19. UA Logistics

Address: Dubai 0000, United Arab Emirates.

To Pakistan, we offer the fastest and cheapest cargo services. Our service commitment to our customers and also partners is maintained by adhering to high standards of communication.

20. Qafila

Address: Dubai 8115, United Arab Emirates.

Digital freight forwarding is key to Qafila’s business strategy of helping our customers develop and prosper. They’ve used artificial intelligence (AI) to help MENA companies improve productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Final Words

You may save money and time by shipping your items by rail.

Cargo trains connect nations and transport a wide variety of goods from point A to point B via the rail network.

This FAQ guide was written with the intent to resolve your confusion.

Feel free to ask if you have any queries.

Contact HART Logistics for your rail freight shipping problems.

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