HART Worldwide Logistics is an international shipping agency that assists importers to ship goods at cheaper rail freight rates. You will get the greatest shipping service with rail freight costs.

We are providing the best shipping services from China to any region and our shipping routes from China are the most cost-effective. Because of our vast knowledge of shipping, we are the faster transportation service provider by the lower train freight cost. We are available for all of your supply chain needs.

HART establishes a professional workforce for collecting continuous up-to-date on market developments and we keep monitoring global shipping regulations on a regular basis. You will be able to estimate your shipping by train cost including air freight, sea freight, or door to door service.

We also have a dedicated department for maintaining customs clearance formalities. It studies customs standards for shipping from China to any country. HART made an agreement with major shipping agencies. So,  we never take shortcuts when it comes to standardization and systematization of shipping as per rail freight quote. We don’t rely on others, we can provide you with quick service.

We transfer any sort of product from China, and our container shipping from China is always on time, thanks to our train, air, sea, express, and door to door transportation services.

Our Other Services Besides Cheaper Rail Freight Rates


Air Freight

Airfreight services are available by HART. We make sure your shipment reaches its destination successfully. Our airfreight can also benefit from customs clearance.


FCL Shipping

We provide FCL container freight services from China to the rest of the world. During the FCL freight transfer of your goods, we clear customs on your behalf.’


LCL Shipping

We’ve gotten really adept at adapting to container service, and we can send all types of commodities via LCL transportation at a fraction of the cost of container shipping.


Door to Door Shipping

HART provides door to door shipping from China to any country you choose. Our team will ship your goods by rail, air, or sea from the point of origin to the point of delivery.


Express Services

HART may give you a lower price and quality service because of strong agreements with significant express services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, and other dedicated routes.


Customs Clearance

HART has connections with local brokers that guarantee that customs clearance is hassle-free, leading to smooth customs regulations.



Our storage area will keep all of your products securely. You can reserve our warehouse in China or any other country if you need bigger or smaller warehousing options.


Pickup & Delivery

HART may provide pick-up and delivery services from China to any country as part of door to door services. We can also perform the customs process in both nations.



HART is able to help Amazon’s e-commerce companies with FBA delivery to Amazon warehouses in China. There are also different e-commerce platform options available.

Why Choose Hart to Ship From China For Cheaper Rail Freight Rates


As we emphasize on the market, we can keep shipping charges low while keeping a high degree of professionalism. We only focus on our thorough and quite a well-working methodology.

Cheap Shipping Rate

HART has negotiated an arrangement with the major transport services that allow for faster and minimal shipping costs. We also can provide you with effective shipping from Chin. we keep the updated on price fluctuations.


We can respond to your inquiries as soon as possible due to our high standardized systems. We never take shortcuts in management, cargo processing, or shipping, and we can act immediately to your requirements.


Our in-house software enables paperless activities, and also remote monitoring. Without relying upon someone, we could maintain this under control. As a result, HART is one of the best shipping agencies.

Full Self-control

Our transportation software system allows you to trace your things throughout the transportation process. Every location has a specialized worker who keeps records of everything using the in-house IT system. So, all systems are fully self-controlled.

Custom Clearance Service

At HART, we can help with foreign customs clearance. You won’t have to wait in big lines at customs because of this. We will take better care of everything on your side. Even we work as customs broker also.

Wide Coverage

We have associates in more than 20 major cities and African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Senegal, and also facilities in Chennai, Poland, Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Highly Trained Team

We place high importance on staff development because the instruction we provide, as well as our structured work methods, ensure that we really provide you with the highest quality service.


We are always on the lookout for opportunities to strengthen our professionalism. We never take shortcuts with our solutions, and our team of professionals has always been quick to respond to your questions.


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from China At Cheaper Freight Rates


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

China’s Ministry of Commerce has accepted and affirmed that all international freight forwarders in China must have certifications for international transportation operations. The People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations on the Administration of the PRC’s International Cargo Transport Agency is published this.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

NVOCC registration has been requested by China’s Ministry of Transportation.  The NIOCC offers improved booking and shipping options, as well as the opportunity to design one’s own bills of lading, which can help you keep track of your goods more efficiently. It necessitates a special request, which most Chinese international freight forwarders are unable to fulfill.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

A global Quality Management System Certificate is needed to ensure a good customer experience. Our communications and working practices are governed by this approved system. And we work hard to ensure that all of our clients receive the same high-quality service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) is a worldwide network of independent shipping services that is the world’s largest and strongest. HART Worldwide is a member of this organization. As a result, we’re immediately protected by the industry’s most extensive and accurate financial security program, offering us complete satisfaction while doing deals with other WCA members.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) is a nationwide welfare organization in China’s international transport industry. China’s Ministry of Commerce is in charge of that too. The goal of CIFA is to improve industry consciousness and coordination while simultaneously improving a competitive industry.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA is a social institution with legal representation appointed by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. SIFFA’s mission is to support, defend, and organize members in the international transportation handling industry in order to share information, manage connections, encourage cooperation, and advance member objectives.

Rail Freight Rates | A Complete FAQ Guide


Buyers who want to transport materials and manufactured goods from China should choose railway transportation.

Freight forwarders mention the rail freight costs on their rail freight quote to let you know how much you will need to spend to ship goods.

Railroad transportation is a viable option; they can get cheaper rail freight rates than other shipping methods.

This FAQ guide will provide you with ideas about rail freight rates.

Table Of Content

  1. How Much Are Rail Freight Rates?
  2. What Is A Rail Freight Quote?
  3. What Are The Factors Determining The Rail Freight Rates?
  4. Is Rail Freight Costs Cheaper Than A Truck?
  5. Is Train Freight Cost Higher Than The Sea Freight?
  6. How To Calculate Rail Freight Rates?
  7. What Are Types of Containers Associated With Rail Freight Costs?
  8. Do Pickup And Delivery Charges Are Included In Rail Freight Rates?
  9. What Are The Variables That Can Influence Rail Freight Rates?
  10. How To Reduce Shipping By Train Cost?
  11.  Are The Customs Clearance Charges Included In Shipping By Train Cost?
  12. What Are The Customs Duties Involved With Rail Freight Costs?
  13. Does Freight Forwarder Include Documentation Charge In Rail Freight Costs?
  14.  What Are The Documents That Charges Fee In Rail Freight Costs?
  15.  Is The Railway Liabilities Insurance Included In Rail Freight Costs?
  16. What Are The Surcharges That Affect The Train Freight cost?
  17. How Can I Skip Unnecessary Charges Related To Rail Freight Rates?

1. How Much Are Rail Freight Rates?

The supply of goods by railways and locomotives is called “rail freight transport”.

Rail Shipping Maintains flexible shipping rates and schedules so that importers can conveniently transport their goods through rail shipping.

Rail freight rates vary based on how your items are transported.

Rail Shipping By Container
Rail Shipping By Container

Most freight companies like HART WORLDWIDE charge flat prices with no extra weight costs when you load a complete container with your items.

The cost of train transportation is expected to be approximately 150$-250$ per net ton.

2. What Is A Rail Freight Quote?

The rail shipping quote is a document as per the information you will provide about your future shipping goods, delivery date, location to the freight forwarder.

The rail freight quote works as an agreement between the importers and exporters or brokers to transport the shipment.

Rail Freight Has A lot of benefits
Rail Freight Has A lot of benefits

It lays out the costs of transporting goods.

A freight quote is usually sent by one between the following two.

  • Freight Forwarder and
  • Shipping Line

The importer should recheck before submitting the quotation.

If it is not correctly verified, it may cost the customer, shipping company or LSP more at the delivery stage.

3. What Are The Factors Determining The Rail Freight Rates?

Various factors influence rail freight rates.

Generally, the costs are imposed on the consumer or recipient.

The factors are:

Shipment Size

Shipment size is essential for determining rail freight costs.

The size means the entire dimension.

Such as:

  • Weight
  • Length
  • Height

Combining these three, the freight forwarder determines the train freight cost.

The heavier the package, the bigger the package, the higher the rail shipping costs

Location of Picking up and Delivery

Where your shipment needs to be delivered is an essential factor in determining rail freight quotes.

Most of the time, the shipping agency varies the costs.

But, most companies will calculate the cost as per shipping regions.

Even the destinations vary the container charges from China also by rail shipping.

Materials of Packaging

If a logistic provider calculates the dimensional weight for determining the train freight costs, you need to use actual packaging.

Because extra space is unnecessary for your goods and it causes extra costs also.

So, be aware of packaging.

Proper Packaging Is Essential For Determing Rail Freight Rates
Proper Packaging Is Essential For Determing Rail Freight Rates

The price materials for packaging are also included in determining the cost.

So, first, decide which material you need to use and then determine the costs.

There are many types of packaging you may use:

  • Packaging made of paper- Appropriate for lightweight shipping goods.
  • Boxes made of plastic- More stable than paper boxes.
  • Cardboard- Large shipment and footwear can all be packed.
  • Packaging made of chipboard- Electronics, medical instruments, foodstuffs, beauty products is suitable in chipboard.

These packaging materials are important for determining shipping costs because they are different price based materials.

Pre- And Post-shipment Warehousing

Warehousing is not mandatory before or after shipping but if you buy bulk items and you need to ship them from one country to another, you will need warehouses.

So, it is essential to determine rail freight rates including the warehousing cost also.

Door to door Shipping

Door-to-door shipping means freight forwarders pick up the goods from the supplier’s location, prepare the items for shipping, manage documentation, and then load the rail container.

After loading containers, freight forwarders ship them by rail from the origin country to the destination country.

After reaching the destination country, you might need to transport them by truck or other vehicles.

But door to door rail freight you choose, then the freight forwarder will deliver the items at your doorsteps.

So, the door to door shipping cost is also under the rail freight rates.

If you choose this service, you will also need to include the door to door shipping cost to determine to ship by train cost.

HART always let the customers how they are determining shipping charges as per customers’ requirement mentioned on rail freight quotes.

4. Is Rail Freight Costs Cheaper Than A Truck?

The majority of importers use trucking, rail, or a mix of the two modes of transportation.

When considering rail prices against trucks, rail comes out on top.

Shipping companies can save money by using multifunctional rail and truck transportation, even if their recipients are not near a train station.

Adjusting your transportation strategies to take advantage of railway transit costs and benefits can help you save a lot of transportation costs.

Comparing expenses as per ton and mile of each method, you could see the benefits of each.

However, the changes are small initially; they quickly rise over large distances and quantities.

But if you want to ship bulk items, rail shipping is essential.

The costs will be lower if you consider the quantities because trucks can’t ship over large distances with huge goods.

Here is a video of the benefits of shipping by train vs shipping by truck:

5. Is Train Freight Cost Higher Than The Sea Freight?

Yes, train freight cost is higher than sea freight.

But train freight ship goods faster than the sea.

If you hurry to get your goods, the sea shipping will not be suitable for you.

Sea shipping can be appropriate for people who consider time over price and port duties and taxes are included.

It’s tough to check the status of your products while shipping by sea.

But rail shipping is best for perishable or refrigerating goods and you can track your shipment.

Rail Freight Rates Are Higher than Sea Shipping But Faster Ship Goods
Rail Freight Rates Are Higher than Sea Shipping But Faster Ship Goods

So, if you give priority to other things over costs, rail shipping is a better alternative.

6. How To Calculate Rail Freight Rates?

The rail freight costs calculation is based on several ways to rail freight operations.

To figure out how much freight will cost, you should first find out which weight break to apply depending on the weight of your item.

Types of Wagon

The cost calculation begins with the wagon because a wagon is a freight business’s wagon or a leased wagon.

The cost will be lower if the wagon is owned.

However, if the wagon is rented, the costs are higher.

The expense of Wagon Servicing

The expense of wagon service is included in the transportation cost calculation.

However, while estimating the cost of rail freight from China, there are three categories of wagon maintenance charges to consider.

For example:

The cost of the wagon is fixed.

Costs vary based on distance.

Costs vary according to size.

The wagon maintenance fees are not considered if the wagon is rented.

Costs of Owning a Locomotive

A locomotive is a machine that assists in the operation of the railway cargo by dragging it from behind.

As a result, this locomotive is crucial for transporting commodities from China through the railroad.

When this locomotive is owned, there are a few factors to consider when estimating rail freight rates.

Rail Shipping Locomotives
Rail Shipping Locomotives

For example:

Purchase value

Duration of reduction, Remaining value after the depreciation

the rate of interest

They are also included in rail freight data.

Costs of Leasing a Locomotive

If the locomotive is rented, there is an additional expense.

The locomotive can be leased at the railway station for freight trains for a specific time.

The lease rate determines the length of the lease.

As a result, the cost is added to the rail freight cost calculation.

Cost Of The Driver And The Energy

A driver is required for shipping through rail freight or another kind of transport.

As a result, the cost of the driver must be estimated because freight businesses must charge them for railway operation.

Energy prices cannot be ignored when calculating the cost of rail shipping.

Energy is required for rail movement.

 It is necessary to include the calculation.

Other Expense

Several expenditures are estimated as rail freight surcharges. The following are the costs:

The cost of government

Cost of inefficiency

Cost of risk

Insurance, for example.

7. What Are Types of Containers Associated With Rail Freight Costs?

Containerization is a method of international transporting goods that involves loading items into regular cargo containers, sealing them, and loading them onto railroad cars.

The types of containers are:

Container For Storing Dry Goods

The most common container used for the shipping industry is drying racks containers.

They are available in different sizes and are intended to transport dry items.

Because these containers don’t have cooling systems, they’re not suitable for transporting food or pharmaceuticals that need to be frozen.

Container With An Open Top

This container is similar to a Dry Storage container, but it does not have a top.

This facilitates the handling of large goods.

A plastic roof structure can be fastened to the containers with cables and offers rainfall and other kinds of waterproofing.

ISO containers That Are Refrigerated

A refrigerated container is an international container that is frozen for the shipment of temperature sensitive goods in international freight transit.

ISO Tanks

ISO tank containers are used to store liquids and also hold dry products such as sugar and flour. They are usually made of anti-corrosive elements because of the chemicals they contain.

ISO Container Tank For Shipping Liquid Can Influence The Rail Freight Costs
ISO Container Tank For Shipping Liquid Can Influence The Rail Freight Costs

HART Takes care of which container is suitable for your shipment and they ship the goods as per goods’ conditions also.

8. Do Pickup And Delivery Charges Are Included In Rail Freight Rates?

Yes, pickup and delivery charges are included in rail freight rates.

The freight forwarder will pick up goods from suppliers and deliver them to you if you require a quotation.

Then you will be charged for picking up and delivery.

These charges are all included in rail freight rates.

9. What Are The Variables That Can Influence Rail Freight Rates?

I have mentioned earlier the factors that determine the rail freight costs.

Now I will discuss the variables that affect rail freight rates.

Insurance for Shipments

Providing coverage is a must if you’re delivering valuable, personal, or sensitive items.

Goods damaged, broken, or destroyed throughout the standard delivery procedure will be covered by shipping insurance, which will safeguard you and your shipment.

Fees With Delivery Managing

Delivering hazardous items is the most typical shipment handling charge. Anything from bulbs to knives to firearms could fall into this category.

You’ll probably need to utilize intelligent packaging labels if you’re shipping things like these.

Taxes and Duties

Duties and taxes are the most likely additional costs you will encounter. These costs vary depending on what you’re sending and how much it costs.

There are mainly two types of taxes you need to know.

Such as:

  • Delivery Duty Unpaid and
  • Delivery Duty Paid.

10. How To Reduce Shipping By Train Cost?

Decreasing transportation costs, particularly in the railway industry, is sometimes a tough challenge.

A limited number of routes serves many regions, or perhaps a single operator.

With little negotiation strength, cost-cutting strategies for rail operations become quite tough.

However, there are methods to compromise and save money on the transport system.

Such as:

Transloading on the Rails

Transloading systems can reduce the charges if the location has no direct rail station.

Truck shipment then works for the least shipping.

Therefore, it reduces the full shipping costs.

Working With Trustworthy Shipping Agency

Work with a trustworthy and honest freight forwarder who can support you as per your budget.

Because a trustworthy shipping agency doesn’t charge you extra, there will be no hidden costs.

Proper Packaging

Proper packaging is essential to reduce your shipping by train cost.

If there is any extra space, you may charge extra also.

So package properly.

Reduces The Quantity Of Damages

Railcars that stay just on the line for longer than they’re scheduled to face demurrage expenses.

Late payment prices have risen rapidly over the last decade, contributing to a big proportion of rail transportation costs.

An essential technique for lowering rail transportation costs is analyzing, evaluating, and reducing charges.

Skipping Warehousing Service

You may skip warehousing service before and after rail shipping.

But in this case, your supplier needs to be sincere about packaging.

Warehousing Is Good For Proper Packaging
Warehousing Is Good For Proper Packaging

Rail Freight Rates Savings By Using An Automatic Container Load

Utilizing our automatic container load is among the greatest methods to reduce labor costs, prevent material wastage, reduce manufacturing costs, and yet be more efficient.

Choose wisely Packaging Materials

Various packaging materials cost different charges.

Therefore, you need to choose wisely the packaging materials Which charge higher and which are lower.

11. Are The Customs Clearance Charges Included In Shipping By Train Cost?

Yes, you can include the customs clearance charge in calculating rail freight costs if you want.

It is mandatory to get customs clearance for your shipments.

When products enter a geographical border, they are subject to tariffs duty, which is a government-imposed fee.

An exporting charge is a customs duty imposed in the exporting country.

It is known as an import tariff when it is imposed in the originating country.

Importing and export of goods might result in not one, but many customs duties, as well as a variety of other fees.

When these taxes and fees are added together, they can contribute to a significant sum and affect your overall shipping charges.

Before shipping goods, HART will determine the customs charges as per both countries and then inform you about the charges.

12. What Are The Customs Duties Involved With Rail Freight Costs?

The Customs Act of 1962 and the Finance Act govern import taxes.

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs collects these duties.

There are various types of customs duty associated with Train freight costs.

Such as:

  • CVD-Countervailing Duty
  • Anti-dumping Duty
  • Basic Customs duty
  • Social Welfare Surcharge
  • Safeguard Duty
  • National Calamity Contingent Duty.

Here is a link about basic customs duty:

13. Does Freight Forwarder Include Documentation Charge In Rail Freight Costs?

Yes, freight forwarders include documentation charges in Train freight cost.

When working with a shipping company, this expense is associated with completing documentation, collecting papers, and preparing them.

Documentation Charges Are Included In Rail Freight Rates
Documentation Charges Are Included In Rail Freight Rates

It assists shipping companies in recapturing transportation procedures and distribution processes.

14. What Are The Documents That Charges Fee In Rail Freight Costs?

A freight rail document, also known as a railway consignment note, is a document that is used in railway shipping.

The rail consignment note verifies that the items have been received by the rail operator and that a transportation agreement occurs between both the seller and the transporter.

This document includes:

  • A summary of the items;
  • The quantity and size of shipments;
  • The sender’s and user’s personal details.

15. Is The Railway Liabilities Insurance Included In Rail Freight Costs?

Railways have become an increasingly significant method of lengthy transportation, and unexpected incidents have raised concerns about rail insurance coverage.

It covers risks of railway liabilities and it secured the rail freight rates also.

There are some insurance coverages.

Such as:

  • Liability for injury and property destruction.
  • Protects international freight lines.
  • Covers railway bill of lading
  • Coverage under the Federal Employees Liability Act.

16. What Are The Surcharges That Affect The Shipping Price?

Surcharges are expenses that are put on top of the standard rate.

It’s essential that you’re knowledgeable about them and knows which ones apply to your delivery.

Additional charges and incidental costs may be applied if the shipping necessitates more documentation, work, or money.

Anything that isn’t conventional shipment and processing will impact the shipment cost.

The following are the most usual surcharges:

Surcharge For Oversized Packages

You may very well be charged the full fee for deliveries and products that are larger than your provider’s usual format.

Oversized Packaging May Charge You Extra Rail Freight Costs
Oversized Packaging May Charge You Extra Rail Freight Costs

Surcharge For Fuel

It is the most prevalent surcharge, and it adjusts for oil price changes. It is generally adjusted regularly and is usually expressed as a percentage of the shipping cost.

Dangerous Goods Surcharges

Any risky products shipping that may harm a human or other goods may be subject to surcharges.

17. How Can I Skip Unnecessary Charges Related To Rail Freight Rates?

Various unnecessary charges are related intentionally or unintentionally.

The charges are:

  • Do enough research and try to understand the logistics system.
  • Check to see if your shipment data is accurate and up to date, as well as whether it meets all shipment requirements.
  • Verify using your chosen operator to see if there are any extras applicable to these shipments.
  • Prepare advance for your rail transport deliveries.
  • Reduce the cost of packaging by optimizing the size and volume of your items.
  • Look into getting third-party insurance with companies if your things are valuable.
  • You can use prepaid shipping.


Shipping by rail is easy but understanding the rail freight rates is difficult to understand.

Rail freight rates are dependent on various things and the importing-exporting country.

Therefore, I have gathered all relevant information in this FAQ guide.

You can get useful ideas and knowledge about the rail freight rates here.

If you want to ship goods by HART also, just knock us, ask for rail freight quotes and let us know your requirements.

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