HART can help you ship your products overseas worldwide. We have branches in seaports all over the world. We can have your cargo picked up from your supplier and ensure safe shipment with great sea freight rates.

We have a specialized customs department that can help you with your cargo shipments getting clearance quickly. The shipments will be arranged according to your needs. We offer sea freight quote for you to consider your options. You can get cheap sea freight cost with our services.

Your cargo will be handled with utmost care because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

You can reduce your sea freight cost by opting between the services we have to offer, where you can choose your options based on the timeframe, price, and a combination of both. We can guarantee you a perfect experience, and you won’t have to worry at all.

The in-house software development team and marketing team keep updating the market changes and tracking the shipping process. This helps us to provide you with great insights and customize optimal advice for an excellent service with cheaper sea freight charges.

Our standard and systematic approach will provide you with a developed logistics system to monitor, track and operate your orders with your choice of sea freight shipping costs. The shipment procedure isn’t entirely dependent on an individual only. In fact, the whole process is conducted online and in a perfectly built software system.

Just contact us to get the sea freight prices so you can start your excellent journey with us.

Our Other Services Besides Sea Freight


Air Freight

We have great rates to offer, and there are signed agreements with major airlines to accomplish your shipping needs. Your goods will be in great hands, and you will have hassle-free delivery.


Rail Freight

In available countries, we can ship by railway transportation. Your goods will be picked up from the provided location, handled through customs clearance, and delivered.


Door to Door Shipping

We offer door-to-door shipping services from China or other countries to the destination countries. Your goods will be picked up from the supplier’s location and delivered properly.


Express Services

We offer excellent express shipping service to have your goods shipped via TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other services you prefer. We have great discounts and rapport with them.


Customs Clearance

Our research team is dedicated to keeping updated on each country’s customs policies and procedures we provide services for. Our contact with local agents and brokers also gives us an advantage.



Our branches and warehouse facilities in China and all other countries will provide you with space for the cargo hold. You can opt to have long-term or short-term space. Just contact us.


Pickup & Delivery

Our personalized vehicles will pick your products up from the location you provide; we can even help with secure packaging. And we will make the final delivery after we ship it to the destination address.



E-commerce customers can opt to choose Amazon warehouses, and we will help in the process of FBA shipping. Various platforms can also be accessed, which includes Jumia, depending on availability.


Consolidated Shipping

Consolidated shipping is a good advantage we offer. We can ship your products from different suppliers and locations. It will ultimately be shipped to you with low damage risk and cost.

Why Choose Hart for Your Sea Freight Shipping?


We specialize in professionalism, and we focus on target markets with skilled teams that can provide you with insight and advice.

Cheap Shipping Rate

We offer cheap sea freight rates per kg so you will get great offers for our services. We have official agreements with major companies to ensure efficiency.


Our approach is to ensure standard logistics solutions, cargo handling, and service procedures. We aspire to respond in the fastest possible method and be consistent with high-quality service.


Systematic approach by our in-house software development team ensures fully online operations, and you get secured shipments. You can dock your system with us to avail of full transparency.

Full Self-control

All nodes are automated in the sea freight shipping process. The checkpoints have dedicated staff to monitor and handle the system. You have full control over your shipment procedure.

Custom Clearance Service

Customs clearance service is a great advantage we have to offer to you. Our local teams in each region we ship to and from have established contact with each customs department. Our database is kept updated on a daily basis.

Wide Coverage

Our regional and branch-based warehouses and holdings offer quality service with no compromise. You can choose to hold your cargo in any of them. Our warehouses are in many Chinese cities and countries like- Egypt, Senegal, Uk, Poland, Germany, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, etc.

Highly Trained Team

Staff training is one of our top priorities because we want to provide the best service the industry has to offer. We keep tabs on the follow-ups and progress of the skills and knowledge of our employees.


We believe in greatness stemming from professionalism. Our staff has quality knowledge and skills on professional training. We keep our workforce updated to provide you with the best solutions.


Qualifications and Honor for Sea Shipping


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

All Chinese freight forwarding companies must have this certification. Initiated by the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency and the Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce in China approves this certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Although not mandatory, HART has acquired the NVOCC membership. This allows us to issue bills of lading and get advantages in shipping and shipment control.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

HART is certified by the international quality management system. This allows customers to have assurance regarding their shipments. This certification also ensures quality and consistent service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

We are a member of the WCA (World Cargo Transportation Alliance) which covers us with financial protection, building good business relationships with other members, and work peacefully within the industry.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

HART is a member of the CIFA (China freight forwarding Association) which is a national social institution, guided by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. This allows us to strengthen our industrial self-discipline and coordination management while creating an optimal market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

HART is a member of the SIFFA (Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association) social organization. This institution is legally sanctioned and aims to guide, protect and coordinate the procedures and rapport within the freight forwarding industry.

Sea Freight Rates | The Complete FAQ Guide


Sea freight is a very popular method of shipping products from one country to another.

The sea freight rates are generally cheaper than most other methods as well.

You can ship your products to the destination country of your choice.

You can get your sea freight quotes from the freight forwarder company you choose and start shipping your products.

Many businesses offer more than just sea freight service but also transportation for your products.

You can find the answers you are looking for in this guide.

Table Of Contents

  1. How Are Sea Freight Rates Calculated?
  2. What Are The Average Sea Freight Rates Per Kg Of Cargo?
  3. How Can I Get A Free Sea Freight Quote?
  4. Are Sea Freight Charges Too Expensive?
  5. How Can I Calculate An Estimate For Sea Freight Charges?
  6. What Are The Standard Regulations For Sea Freight Prices?
  7. Do Sea Freight Prices Vary From Country To Country?
  8. What Are The Cheapest Methods To Reduce Sea Freight Cost?
  9. How Can I Reduce Sea Freight Shipping Costs?
  10. Do Sea Freight Rates Cost A Lot While Consolidated Shipping?
  11. Can I Get Discounts On Sea Freight Shipping Costs?
  12. Does The Eu Have A Trade Agreement To Ensure Fair Sea Freight Charges?
  13. What Kind Of Sea Freight Charges Will I Have To Face For Importing Goods?
  14. Are There Extra Sea Freight Charges To Ship Faster?
  15. Can I Receive Fast Track Delivery With Increased Sea Freight Cost?
  16. Does The Cost Vary With Freight Forwarders In Determining Sea Freight Rates Per Kg?
  17. Can I Calculate In Another Index Other Than Sea Freight Rates Per Kg?
  18. How Can I Get An Accurate Sea Freight Quote For My Products?
  19. What Are The Differences In Sea Freight Rates In Import And Export?
  20. Will I Be Ensured Of The Safety Of My Goods With A Freight Forwarder Sea Freight Quote?
  21. Do I Need To Pay For Insurance Separately While Calculating Sea Freight Charges?
  22. Will The Freight Forwarding Company Calculate Cargo Measurement And Sea Freight Cost For My Products?
  23. Can I Calculate Sea Freight Shipping Costs By Myself?

1. How Are Sea Freight Rates Calculated?

Sea freight rates can be calculated in multiple ways.

Several indexes can be applied while calculating sea freight rates.

With LCL (less than container load), the sea freight charge is measured by multiplying the base rate (determined by the company you will use) with the weight or volume of the shipment.

FCL freight rate is charged according to the company’s container capacity.

It will depend on the mutual understanding between you and the company you choose to provide you the service.

2. What Are The Average Sea Freight Rates Per Kg Of Cargo?

Generally, in the sea freight cost market, the charges are implied according to the agreements of the countries involved in the trade.

For instance, the USA to China shipments may cost more or less a US dollar per kilogram.

There are other factors to be included as well while the average rates are calculated.

Some methods are expensive depending on the time frame and added benefits the company may have to offer.

Sea Freight Ships At Seaports
Sea Freight Ships At Seaports

3. How Can I Get A Free Sea Freight Quote?

There are websites that you can access to get an estimate on your product’s shipment cost.

You may get free quotes from your choice of the freight forwarder as well.

Many freight forwarder companies offer a quote service, so you would prefer to advance with them.

HART Worldwide Logistics offers sea freight quote for y our products so you can start your journey in shipping products.

You can check out the company websites, and if free quotes are available, you can compare them to see which one you would prefer to proceed with.

4. Are Sea Freight Charges Too Expensive?

Generally, sea freight charges are not too expensive.

It is surely less expensive than air freight and express delivery services.

Sea freight services take a longer time at sea to transport.

This is why the sea freight cost is lower compared to that of the air freight services.

Depending on your shipping needs, the prices may vary, and you can always get discounts and avail offers that could reduce the total sea freight prices.

Ships During Transit Carrying Cargo
Ships During Transit Carrying Cargo

5. How Can I Calculate An Estimate For Sea Freight Charges?

Many independent websites are created to help you figure out an estimate of sea freight shipping costs.

You can also try out the websites of the preferred freight forwarder companies that you are weighing.

Many of them offer free service to estimate a sea freight quote for your products.

There are calculators to enter vectors, and you can set those options to get an estimated sea freight cost calculation tailored to your needs.

You can also start a conversation with the customer service department to get an estimate for sea freight charges.

Some companies charge a relatively small amount for that specific service, and some companies don’t.

Your decision will depend on the preference you have on whether or not you will spend money on getting sea freight rates estimation.

Check out this video to gain some more insight regarding this issue:

6. What Are The Standard Regulations For Sea Freight Prices?

There are a few essential documentations and regulations you need to abide by to ship your products.

Here are the documents you need to ship your products internationally:

  • Packing Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Product List
  • Letter of Instructions
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bills of Lading
  • Country-Specific Forms
  • Bank Draft

There are additional forms and certificates necessary in some cases but your freight forwarder company of choice will guide you through it if needed.

bills of lading
Bills of lading

7. Do Sea Freight Prices Vary From Country To Country?

Sea freight rates per kg vary from country to country, and even the regulations may differ.

There are so many different reasons like the distance between the countries, transit time, service option, and the company you choose.

There are many types of trade agreements in motion, and freight forwarder companies need to keep track of those.

A good freight forwarder service also provides you with the updated information so you can make an informed decision for your cargo.

The type of products you choose to ship can also make a difference in your sea freight charges.

You can browse and estimate before you finally decide to ship your cargo.

8. What Are The Cheapest Methods To Reduce Sea Freight Cost?

There are some methods you can use to reduce sea freight costs.

This isn’t an observational context but more about the mechanism of the sea freight section of freight forwarding.

You can have your products ship in off-peak time frames.

You get to choose when your products are shipped and through which service within the sea freight option.

So, you can control when or where you can have your products shipped.

You can opt to use your local transportation, so the delivery fee is excluded.

The “less is more” principle doesn’t quite apply in the freight forwarding business.

If you ship products more frequently, you build a reputation around your company which helps you get offers and discounts that can help cost reduction by a lot.

9. How Can I Reduce Sea Freight Shipping Costs?

There are some observational and conventional ways you can reduce your shipping costs.

You must understand how the sea freight charges are calculated, so you don’t get ripped off by anyone.

You should always use reputed and certified freight forwarder companies which guarantee product safety.

Many companies provide you with multiple options for the same amount of cargo.

If you can reach a mutual decision, your costs may reduce drastically.

This link can help you understand more clearly how you can reduce shipping costs.

Most importantly, you have to be firm with your boundaries but let the companies help you in the cargo shipping part.

This video explains more about sea freight charge reduction:

sea freight calculation process
sea freight calculation process

10. Do Sea Freight Rates Cost A Lot While Consolidated Shipping?

Sea freight rates reduce if you opt for consolidated shipping.

Consolidated shipping helps you cut off the additional charges you may have had to pay while having different cargoes shipped separately to the same destination.

Instead, if you use one freight forwarder company with guaranteed consolidated shipping, your sea freight charges will reduce a lot.

This video may help you understand more about why the charges reduce with consolidated shipping:

11. Can I Get Discounts On Sea Freight Shipping Costs?

Some freight forwarder companies offer slight to heavy discounts on sea freight shipping costs.

There are many tiers to this part of shipping products.

Depending on the product category, the frequency, and the amount of the products you ship via the same company, you can avail of great discounts and offers.

Once you start sending and receiving your products through the same freight forwarder, the company also treats you as a regular client.

You have to understand your position and the level of customer you are and not let high hopes lead you on.

12. Does The Eu Have A Trade Agreement To Ensure Fair Sea Freight Charges?

The EU or European Union has trade agreements with many countries.

Trade agreements are very important in today’s globalized trading market.

EU has their internal trade agreement as well as agreements with countries outside the EU like- China, India, Japan, etc.

The trade agreements have been updated as the years have passed, but the condition is still friendly and more open.

EU has regulated the agreements to ensure fair and orderly transaction and transportation within the EU and outside the union.

13. What Kind Of Sea Freight Charges Will I Have To Face For Importing Goods?

While importing goods from another country, the first thing you will be charged with is the shipping charge.

Also, you should pay freight forwarding charges if you hire any freight forwarder to import your goods on your behalf.

There is another mandatory fee you must pay to clear the customs process of the products you are importing.

This falls under the trade agreements and internal economic solution of the country you are importing the products to.

The charges also vary depending on the country your cargo is originated in or is being shipped from.

The import charges add to the income of the national economy and benefit the country.

The freight forwarder companies help with the type of legal topics and charges.

While choosing a freight forwarder, this is something you should remember as well.

consolidated shipping process
consolidated shipping process

14. Are There Extra Sea Freight Charges To Ship Faster?

There is always a position of compromise with time and cost while calculating sea freight charges.

Sea freight cargoes take a longer time than most other methods, and this is a well-known fact.

However, you can always pay more and have your products shipped faster.

In this case, you will have to pay more for the time saved.

Different companies utilize different methods, but the baseline would be as such that the cargo will be shipped faster, according to the plan you choose.

In this case, it is mostly an additional charge to ship the cargo faster than the rest.

15. Can I Receive Fast-track Delivery With Increased Sea Freight Cost?

You may be offered the option to receive fast-track delivery where you pay more.

There can be multiple methods used to determine the additional amount you may have to pay for less transit time.

The fast track delivery does not have to be completed entirely by the ocean.

It can be a mixture of air shipping, express delivery, rail freight (if available), and ocean freight service.

Many companies offer various versions of this method depending on the country, the amount of time you are willing to reduce, and the added cost.

The type of your cargo is also factored in here because many countries have a different set of regulations, and your cargo may have to be shipped through different routes than usual.

The extra effort costs a bit more, but the expert companies offer you a good deal even with additional charges.

You must consider what you want to prioritize and make an informed decision.

Freight Forwarder Company Customer Service Procedure
Freight Forwarder Company Customer Service Procedure

16. Does The Cost Vary With Freight Forwarders In Determining Sea Freight Rates Per Kg?

There are many established freight forwarder companies in today’s industry.

Different companies charge different amounts and calculate cargo prices according to their personified policies.

In conclusion, the sea freight rates per kg may vary depending on the company you choose.

The international standard is not a set limit, and the charges vary from country to country.

There are a lot of uncertain factors and options available, which results in an average estimate rather than a price limit set by the market.

The unforeseen events before or during the transit timeline may occur, and the prices can vary even then.

It is necessary to do your research before you choose a freight forwarder company.

17. Can I Calculate In Another Index Other Than Sea Freight Rates Per Kg?

The sea freight rates per kg is a standard index that is used to calculate cargo prices.

Given that there are many options and sections to choose from, the same index may not always work.

There are other indexes to calculate sea freight charges.

The sea freight cost for your product can be calculated with CBM (per cubic meter rate), dimension (height x length x width), FCL or LCL base rates set by the company, etc.

Unloading cargo At Seaport
Unloading cargo At Seaport

18. How Can I Get An Accurate Sea Freight Quote For My Products?

To get an accurate and finalized sea freight quote for your cargo, you need to start a conversation with the freight forwarding company of your choice.

Most estimation calculators you will find on the internet only give you an estimation for the price range of your cargo.

There are many additional charges besides the initial cargo transit cost.

There are charges and legal fees you will have to pay if you want to build a business.

There are costs for documents, insurance, customs and import duties, and miscellaneous costs.

You have to be determined and be sure that you want to go through the whole process.

To get accurate expense quotes, freight forwarder companies will assist you.

It is best to follow their lead but keep an eye out so you can choose the best available option too.

19. What Are The Differences In Sea Freight Rates In Import And Export?

When you bring an imported product into your country, you have to pay import duties, customs fees, and insurance and documentation fees.

Let alone the transit cost, additional transportation fees, and local delivery.

It is not a super expensive ordeal to go through as an import businessperson, but you have to be prepared.

As for export costs, there is slight to no export tariff or charges you will need to pay.

Most countries highly encourage tariff-free export.

In most cases, you will only have to pay for the transit, documentation, and insurance, but there will be no charge for export.

20. Will I Be Ensured Of The Safety Of My Goods With A Freight Forwarder Sea Freight Quote?

Established freight forwarder companies offer a great deal of safety and prevent damage risk when offering sea freight services.

When you start a conversation regarding sea freight rates, the company will automatically inform you about their safety procedures and long-term efficiency record.

Before starting the shipment journey, you may also do your research to understand the risks that come with sea freight shipping.

That way, you will have peace of mind in addition to the company’s assurance.

Besides, you have to pay for insurance anyway, so the company makes sure they ensure the safety of the cargo.

Most companies are serious about the safety of the products they ship via ocean and other methods.

LCL Shipping Procedure
LCL Shipping Procedure

21. Do I Need To Pay For Insurance Separately While Calculating Sea Freight Charges?

Whether or not you need to pay for insurance while calculating sea freight charges depends on the freight forwarding company you choose.

Many companies include the insurance charge while calculating and getting you a quote for your cargo.

Many companies keep the option open for customers to decide whether or not they want to pay for insurance separately.

From the expert opinion, many recommend having the insurance included with the rest of the bill.

This is optimal advice because, in that case, the freight forwarding company will deal with the insurance issues.

You will have to run more errands if you pay for insurance separately, to get documents and verification, and insurance amount estimation, etc.

Many companies have their sub-branches dedicated to insurance handling, so the customers get all the necessary services they need at once.

This has proven to be very effective, and the numbers show that insurance inclusion is a huge success in the freight forwarding industry along with customer satisfaction.

22. Will The Freight Forwarding Company Calculate Cargo Measurement And Sea Freight Cost For My Products?

Once you start a conversation with freight forwarding companies, they will offer to measure your cargo weight/amount to estimate a quote.

This service is included in the sea freight cost calculation process.

The cargo measurement process is, in fact, an essential part of the sea freight quote estimation system.

This system introduces the method of the company work procedure and helps calculate the cargo charge.

After cargo measurement and initial price estimation, the transition process already starts.

There are documentations and billings you will have to go through too.

But cargo measuring is essentially the starting of their rapport with you.

23. Can I Calculate Sea Freight Shipping Costs By Myself?

You can try to find out an estimate of the prices from pick up destination to delivery destination.

You can find calculators on the internet that provide a somewhat accurate estimate of the sea freight shipping costs for your cargo.

Although, the estimates are generally offered only for transit cost and exclude other additional charges.

It is in your best interest that you opt for getting a quote from freight forwarding companies.

The companies are at your disposal to help you make optimal decisions regarding your shipping needs.

Final Words

Sea freight quote is not that hard to estimate, even though the process may feel overwhelming.

That is why the customer service departments are at your beck and call, so you get excellent service.

You can choose different options, get an estimate on sea freight rates and start shipping your cargo.

The companies offer great advice to optimize your experience and also provide offers and discounts to make the process better for you.

You can be ensured with reduced costs and damage-free transit so you can rely on the company while your cargo is being shipped.

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