HART Worldwide is an all-in-one international logistics service based company in China that can assist you with deliveries such as sea freight Senegal. When you are going to make a decision about shipping from China to Senegal by sea, you will need a shipping agency like HART.

HART facilitates the air freight shipping of goods to countries all around the world, including Senegal. With custom clearance authorization, we import  items from China at a lower cost and faster.

To get door to door service from HART, just inform us from where you want to ship your goods.  We can pick up your goods from your supplier location then can ship them to your target destination at the doorstep.

We will figure out the customs processes at the target airports and transport your package directly to your given location.

HART has extensive sea shipping Senegal experience. We have a specialized market team that is always monitoring the transport sector. So, just submit us your request for adjustments, and we’ll offer you with relevant industry information.

We also have a customs section that does research and monitors customs policies. One of our operating foundations is customs cooperation. As a result, shipping from China to Senegal is also like sea shipping from China to Senegal will always be simple.

All of your shipping information is managed, controlled, and tracked online by our in-house built logistics network. Because sea freight rates from China to Senegal are calculated including container shipping and there are no hidden costs in the process.

Our Other Services Besides Sea Freight Senegal


Air Freight

For you, HART’s air transport solution is one of our most speedy shipping choices. Transportation from China to anywhere, we can send the items in 3-5 days.




FCL Shipping

HART can send your items by sea from China in an FCL container. Our FCL container from China is incredibly affordable and secured transportation.


LCL Shipping

If your products don’t need an entire container, HART will transport them by LCL container shipping system. Don’t worry the goods will reach you in perfect condition.


Door to Door Shipping

HART offers door to door transportation from China the items at your required destination. You won’t be required to go through the customs clearance process.




Express Services

HART also connected with worldwide express companies such as UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, and others to quicken the delivery of your items.




Customs Clearance

We have a specialized staff that researches each country’s customs policies and maintains constant touch with regional brokers. It ensures a smooth customs process.





We provide specialized warehousing services to meet your needs. We utilize the most up-to-date tools and software to ensure that the operation is both secure and easy.


Pickup & Delivery

Pickup and delivery alternatives are very reasonable at HART. So, simply get a quote, provide your location, place an order for your shipping, and wait for timely arrival.


FBA Shipping

If you are an e-commerce customer from Senegal, we can help you with FBJ delivery. We deliver things to the Jumia warehouse from China.

Why Choose Hart for Your Sea Freight Senegal?


Any transportation agent must maintain a high level of focusing on the shipping market. As a result, we formed an expert staff entirely dedicated to the shipping sector. It improves the consistency and integration of the internal working system.

Cheap Shipping Rate

HART is a low-cost shipping company. We did, in fact, sign a contract with major shipping companies. This arrangement contributes to lower operating expenses, such as sea freight from China to Senegal.




HART’s shipping rules, service operations, and freight handling facilities are all well-maintained and standardized. We developed a standardized customer assistance system that can assist you by rapidly responding to your questions.




Using our in-house software program, We established an online paperless transportation system. We have a specialized team that constantly monitors and follows all shipments from China to Senegal until they arrive at their target ports.



Full Self-control

We are in charge of all sea shipping and container transportation nodes between China and Senegal. We assign an expert staff to trace the package at each delivery point. As a result, HART has complete control over all shipments.



Customs Clearance Service

In several places, we have our own customs handling staff. We remain in touch with a number of local customs brokers so that your cargo can receive hassle-free customs clearance.



Wide Coverage

HART has a wider range of shipping from China, including shipments to Senegal. There are several branches and warehouses located across the world. The UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries all have our warehouses.



Highly Trained Team

In responsibility for shipping policies, we have a well-trained workforce. We frequently hold virtual or physical training sessions for our employees. We train them to be efficient so that they can provide exceptional service.







Professionalism adds value to a business. As a result, our expert staff is involved in in-depth information. They are knowledgeable and morally upright. We teach them to be self-reliant and responsible.



Check How We Help You Ship from China to Senegal


Qualifications and Honor for Sea Freight Senegal


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

All shipping companies require a Business Form to ship internationally from China, according to the People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws and Regulations on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency. This certificate is approved by the Ministry of Commerce for international shipping agencies.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate is needed by the NVOCC. It has been registered with China’s Ministry of Transportation. It has more stringent standards than any other freight forwarder. NVOCC facilitates the shipment of products as well as the issuance of bills of lading.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate is required to improve understanding between consumers and freight forwarders and to provide a great customer experience. As a result, we have this qualification in order to provide you with high-quality service. The communication and operating procedures are governed by this certificate.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

With worldwide shipping agencies, the World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) creates a strong network. HART is covered under the financial protection scheme in the maritime sector. It aids in the upkeep of WCA’s business policies with other members.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

The China International Freight Forwarders Association, or CIFA, is China’s international freight forwarding sector, governed by the Ministry of Commerce. Their goal is to maintain the shipping industry’s strength, promote self-discipline expertise, and coordinate market management competition.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is approved by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau (SIFFA). It’s a social networking site for shipping companies with legal entities. The goal of SIFFA is to give members advice, protection, and coordination information for exchanging data, coordinating relationships, and promoting mutual collaboration.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Sea Freight Senegal | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


International sea shipping is a traditional shipping method among others.

From China to Africa’s countries such as Senegal, sea freight has a great history from the beginning.

So, the sea freight Senegal became the most required shipping way to ship the goods from China.

It needs more time but you can get the service affordable so the sea shipping Senegal method is more popular also.

We hope from this FAQ guide, you will get the proper guidelines for sea shipping Senegal from China.

Table Of Content

  1. Is It Allowed For Shipping From China By Sea Freight Senegal?
  2. When Should You Use Sea Freight Senegal?
  3. What Are The Types Of Containers I Can Require For Sea Shipping Senegal?
  4. What Are The Processes Of Sea Freight From China To Senegal?
  5. How Long Does It Take To Ship Goods By Sea Shipping Senegal?
  6. What Are The Things That Can Affect The Sea Freight China Cost?
  7. Does Sea Freight Senegal Go Through Customs Clearance?
  8. Why Are Incoterms Important During Sea Shipping Senegal?
  9. What Are The Incoterms Related To Sea Freight From China To Senegal?
  10. Is Door To Door Sea Freight Senegal Available From China?
  11. What Is The Documentation I Need To Ship By Sea Freight Senegal?
  12. What Are The Import Duties And Taxes For Sea Shipping From China To Senegal?
  13. How To Reduce The Shipping Cost Of Sea Freight Senegal?
  14. What Are The Prohibited Items In Sea Shipping Senegal?
  15. Why Should You Choose Sea Freight Senegal Over Other Modes Of Transportation?

1. Is It Allowed For Shipping From China By Sea Freight Senegal?

Yes, sea freight Senegal is available from China for shipping goods.

It is very useful to carry some huge and heavy cargoes by high-volume ship through sea freight from China to Senegal.

Global demand for Chinese goods is constantly rising.

This is primarily due to the decreased cost.

As a result, you’ll rarely run out of markets for items imported from China.

Sea Freight Sengeal From China
Sea Freight Sengeal From China

Therefore, through sea shipping from China to Senegal, you can also demand containers to ship these goods as per your budget and goods volume.

2. When Should You Use Sea Freight Senegal?

When you need to ship a large volume of goods from China, sea freight Senegal  is frequently the most affordable alternative.

Sea freight is the most cost-effective technique for those buying goods from China.

Sea freight, on the other hand, takes more time to transport and it should only be chosen when you have sufficient time to get the goods.

3. What Are The Types Of Containers I can Require For Sea Shipping Senegal?

Container shipping is cargo ships that containerize importers’ entire goods, transporting it in various sizes and various types of containers.

Choosing containers depends on which kind of goods you are going to ship by sea freight from China to Senegal.

They’re common modes of commercial sea freight transportation, and they now transport the majority of bulk items that transport by sea.

The common types of containers are:

Containers For Shipping Dry Goods

Dry Van containers are lightweight aluminum or steel containers that are ideal for transporting regular or dry goods.

As a result, they are the most popular and effective alternative.

Dry Van Container For Sea Shipping
Dry Van Container For Sea Shipping

Dry vans are massive, covered containers that are generally 48-53 feet in length.

It is noteworthy that if your goods are perishable and need to control temperature please do not choose dry van containers.

The following are the most typically delivered dry van goods:

  • Household goods
  • Snacks and drinks that aren’t perishable
  • Apparel and other retail goods
  • Machines and accessories
  • Technological and electrical items
  • Textiles, plastics, and construction materials
  • Furniture

Containers For Shipping Refrigerated Goods

Containers for shipping refrigerated goods, also known as Reefer Tanks.

Those goods are needed to keep in a cold environment, this type of container is suitable for them.

Such as fruits, veggies, as well as other goods.

The more advanced systems even have a CO2 management system to ensure that perishable goods are safe and smoothly delivered.

LCL Shipping Containers

For smaller freight volumes, LCL containers are appropriate and affordable.

Gathering of different numbers of commodities from different suppliers until a container is full.

An LCL container is a delayed option for sea shipping, but it is less expensive because the costs are shared with other importers.

In HART, we provide container shipping services that are customizable to meet your exact requirements.

We work with a variety of shipping agencies and freight a variety of products, particularly bulks, in all circumstances.

FCL Shipping Containers

FCL stands for full container load.

 It refers to the usage of an entire container for a particular shipment.

Everything inside the container during shipping belongs to the same person.

When large items need to ship from China to Senegal, this type of container is ideal.

It has higher profitability for goods with a volume of 15m3 or more.

Besides, it  increases the security of the goods inside due to the container’s sealing.

It delivers faster because the container will go directly from its origin to its destination without stopping at ports.

Here is a video about container shipping:

4. What Are The Processes of Sea Freight From China To Senegal?

The following are the basic procedures to organizing a sea shipment of goods:

  • Finding an appropriate freight forwarder who can meet your needs and your requirements can match their quotation.
  • Finalize the sea shipping Senegal method among other transportation.
  • Provide the address of the supplier to the forwarders so that they can collect goods from the supplier.
  • After collecting goods, the freight forwarder keeps them in their warehouse to ensure the packaging.
  • When the goods arrive at the port, they will need to pass the customs formalities.
  • Goods can be loaded in LCL or FCL containers as per your requirement and commitment.
  • After arrival at the Senegal port, the shipping agent will again arrange to pass the customs formalities.
  • If all taxes and duties are paid, your shipment then gets released from the Senegal port.

5. How Long Does It Take To Ship Goods By Sea Shipping Senegal?

Shipping goods by sea takes much longer than air shipping.

You will need to keep patience to get your products from the port of destination.

It would take to pass formalities in both China and Senegal customs, as well as time spent on the sea average 30-40 days.

Sea Freight Senegal Takes Longer Than Other Method To Transport
Sea Freight Senegal Takes Longer Than Other Method To Transport

However, please remember there are a lot of factors that might create delays.

Your goods could be delayed due to factors above your control, such as:

  • If the supplier missed the deadline of port delivery.
  • Rough or stormy weather,
  • If warehousing problems occur.
  • Problems in customs processes etc.

Therefore, If you’re working on a tight deadline, you’ll need to prepare ahead and schedule your shipping.

But keep a week for customs clearance on both ends as well as the actual delivery time.

6. What Are The Things That Can Affect The Sea Freight China Cost?

There are so many factors, but many of them change throughout the year, so determining sea freight rates from China to Senegal can be complicated.

Generally, sea freight rates from China to Senegal are influenced by some key factors:

Rates of Currency

Currency exchange rates heavily influence sea freight rates from China to Senegal.

For Example, the US dollar is the most widely used currency in international transactions.

Daily fluctuations of the US dollar in other financial markets have an impact on sea freight rates from China to Senegal.

The capacity of Ship or Container

How much weight and volume can carry the ship or container that capacity sometimes can be a question of determining sea freight Senegal cost.

Container capacity depends on FCL or 40ft Container and LCL or 20ft container.

Sea Freight Container Transformation
Sea Freight Container Transformation

Fuel Cost Off

This is the most important consideration when determining freight prices for any type of shipment.

Fuel prices fluctuate, and they are linked to the cost of bunker fuel.

These changes have an impact on shippers as well as sea transport pricing.

Season or On Season

Seasonal demand for products controls the sea freight rates from China to Senegal also.

Sometimes during seasons, supply side fluctuations create some imports more expensive to transport.

Here is a video about differences between FCL and LCL shipping:

7. Does Sea Freight Senegal Go Through Customs Clearance?

Yes, any shipment crossing the Border from China to Senegal is entitled to inspections.

It ensures that the shipment complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Sometimes, the authority will seek further information and conduct a physical verification of the shipment.

A customs broker is responsible for the preparation and helping to clear a custom clearance access once a goods arrive at a sea port of customs checking.

Sometimes a shipping company like HART works as a customs broker and organizes for shipment to transit from China to Senegal within a particular time frame.

8. Why Are Incoterms Important During Sea Shipping Senegal?

Most importers believe Incoterms is a complicated issue.

During foreign goods transportation, the transportation criteria define the importers’ and vendor’s rights and duties.

So, selecting the right Incoterm and ensuring that the supplier and importer is able to fully understand it.

It may save a lot of unwanted costs and time in sea shipping from China to Senegal.

It has a huge effect on the total transportation expenses you will spend. As a result, we advise our clients to include the Incoterms in the quotation step also.

Even if you compare a number of quotes, make sure all quotations include the same Incoterm.

Incoterms For Sea Shipping Senegal
Incoterms For Sea Shipping Senegal

Furthermore, the Incoterms minimize disagreements in the case of any damage or mistakes during shipping.

This is especially important when it comes to accidents occurring.

Only if the Incoterms were properly utilized will an insurance compensate.

9. What Are The Incoterms Related To Sea Freight From China To Senegal?

There are a total of 11 Incoterms that are applicable in international shipping.

But for sea freight senegal, there are only 4 Incoterms that are especially for sea freight transportation.

Such as:

Ex Works (EXW)

If you just want full authority on your transportation and expenses, Ex Works (EXW) is an Incoterm that will allow this.

Ex Works (EXW) is an Incoterm that allows you complete control over your transport operation.

This is due to the fact that you select the Proper logistics company, who would then organise final shipping on your behalf.

To your final destination, from the provider in China.

That approach, all tasks are clearly delegated to one person.

You should know immediately whatever the charges and preparation would be.

After that, there are no hidden costs or surprise expenses.

Cost, Insurance & Freight (CIF)

When your supplier offers you one Incoterm for whole transportation, they’ll most likely come up with a cost, insurance, and freight estimate (CIF).

In this Incoterm supplier  is liable for both domestic and international transportation.

When the goods arrive at the port of China, their staff select a freight forwarder to handle the products.

You’re alone in charge of the final transportation in the term of CIF.

It will disclose for the importers the cost of transportation up to the China or Senegal ports.

This is a low-cost tariff for shipping by sea freight Senegal.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

When your requirement is that your provider will manage the full transportation procedure for you, you will need to pay the Delivery Duty (DDP).

As a result, this is the easiest method, as you will not have to bother about sea shipping from China to Senegal.

However sometimes you may frequently face difficulties with deliveries designated DDP.

This comprises customs requirements at the point of import, as well as VAT and import duty charges.

Customs Broker For Sea Shipping Senegal
Customs Broker For Sea Shipping Senegal

Sometimes there are frequent additional charges.

If you are going to import from China, we would advise against utilizing Incoterm DDP in such a case.

Free On Board (FOB) 

If you would like more control over your transportation and preparation, Free On Board (FOB) is an Incoterm that offers you total control over the process of transporting.

You can select your own forwarder, who will handle both the sea shipping costs and final transportation for you.

Your supplier is totally responsible for delivery from the factory to the ports of China.

Sometimes, the provider offers a low shipping charge in China.

FOB is frequently the most cost-effective option in that way.

Simultaneously, you can have a significant level of control over transportation and scheduling.

For this purpose, most importers use the Incoterm FOB.

10. Is Door To Door Sea Freight Senegal Available From China?

Yes, door to door sea freight senegal is available from China.

The shipping company you hire, they will collect the products from China’s supplier and transport to the locations you want to deliver in Senegal.

It differs from door to port or port to port shipping system because it starts and finishes at particular locations.

But you need to ensure that location is under the shipping company’s service area.

11. What Is The Documentation I Need To Ship By Sea Freight Senegal?

The common documents you will need to manage or submit for sea freight senegal are:

Sea Shipping Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is simply a commitment between the transporter and the provider of the goods.

A bill of lading for sea freight senegal is a legal document to transport  goods from China  to Senegal by international waterways.

It is a statement from the provider to the customer as well as it proves customers collect the goods.

Certificate of Origin of China’s Supplier

This is essentially a certificate of declaration that specifies the exporting product’s source address.

Generally, semi-official groups like a local Chamber of Commerce issue Certificates of Origin.

It’s vital to remember that even though the business invoice already has the same information, a Certificate of Origin is also necessary.

Commercial Invoice From Supplier

Sea shipping needs to include a commercial invoice.

It is a business invoice from the seller to the customer for products.

When determining duties and custom charges, governments frequently utilize these invoices to understand the real value of the items.

Sometimes you’ll need to supply extra copies of the commercial invoice.

Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)

In general, Senegal requires the shipping documents after arriving at the port.

For formal purposes, export registration is also important sometimes.

So, you must collect a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED).

Your SED is needed when the shipments’ value is  more than $2,500-$2700.

Export Customs Declaration For Shipping
Export Customs Declaration For Shipping

Destination Control Statement Goods

A Destination Control Statement is actually a part of a commercial invoice.

Even sea shipping bills of lading also include this statement.

The Destination Control Statement’s goal is to inform the transporter and any international customers that where they can ship goods from China, where they can’t.

Goods Inspection Certificate

Based on the region, you will need to provide an inspection certificate with specific transactions whether your shipment is legal or not.

Generally, any foreign entity or independent testing body conducts the inspection.

Insurance Certificate of Cargo

An insurance certificate assures the receiver that goods will be covered in the loss of or damage while in transportation.

The insurance certificate will specify what is and is not covered, as well as the amount of coverage.

Packing List

An export packing list lists the contents of each packet and contains information about the package type.

Weight values and dimensions for each shipment are also listed in metric systems on export packing lists.

The transporter or shipping agency uses the packing list to calculate the overall volume and ensure that the proper goods are being sent.

12. What Are The Import Duties And Taxes For Sea Shipping From China To Senegal?

Generally, Senegal’s customs department charges customs duty on imported products.

There are various types of import duties and taxes for sea shipping from China to Senegal.

Such as:

Countervailing Duty (CVD)

Subsidized imports from foreign nations like China are subject to a countervailing tariff.

Government agencies of China or Senegal can offer subsidies and tax breaks to manufacturing  companies in order to enable them to sell their goods at a cheaper rate.

In such cases, China levies countervailing taxes to stop imports from acquiring a competitive advantage in the domestic market to sell them at a cheaper price.

Countervailing duties are normally equal to the overseas govt’s subsidies to create a level playing field.

Basic Customs Duty

The basic customs duty is the most basic tariff applied on imported products, as the term indicates.

It might be assessed at a fixed rate set by the local authority.

Anti-dumping Duty

Anti-dumping duty, like countervailing duty, is intended to defend local industry.

It is imposed on items that are supplied below the market rate.

Anti-dumping charges on certain items to prevent the discrepancy and to maintain fair competition.

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties differ depending on the place of origin and kind of imported products.

Customs Duty For Sea Freight Senegal
Customs Duty For Sea Freight Senegal

Safeguard Duty

Safeguard duties are taxes on items that can cause harm to domestic industry by importing from China.

It’s mission is to preserve the local economy, and it’s usually calculated based on the possible lost profits suffered by local businesses.

13. How To Reduce The Shipping Cost Of Sea Freight Senegal?

There are many ways you can follow to reduce the shipping cost.

Such as:

  • Need to keep proper knowledge about what is essential cost what is not otherwise you may spend more than needed.
  • Analyze the sea freight Senegal industry and the current costs.
  • Ensure the quotes you obtain from the providers are accurate and match yours.
  • You can have efficient transportation negotiations with the transporters if you plan ahead of time for more imports in future.
  • If your transportation is dependent on an offer, good formulation and management of the delicate administration process is essential.

This is another place where you can significantly lower your freight expenses on the sea.

  • Accurate documentation is must for the sea freight Senegal because inappropriate documents can cause you additional cost.
  • Use the proper size boxes, packages, bundles, or even other packaging, or customize it to the length of the container because extra space might cause the extra cost.

14. What Are The Prohibited Items In Sea Shipping Senegal?

The prohibited items in sea shipping Senegal are:

  • Cocktails containing alcohol
  • Lithium
  • Ridiculing Fluids, Hazardous Beverages, and Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Goods made from animals
Prohibited Items For Sea Freight Senegal
Prohibited Items For Sea Freight Senegal
  • Haz Credit Or debit card and accessories
  • Biotechnology, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Fluid Acids, and Hazardous Communications Systems
  • Computer hardware and parts
  • Materials in recent years
  • IATA’s definition of hazardous products
  • Washed Bacterial Materials, Dried Ice, and Ice
  • Paintings, flammable perfumes, and flammable and non-flammable personal belongings
  • Mobiles
  • Medicines
  • Furs
  • Blades for Jewelers
  • Valuable Oxidizers, Elements
  • Textile Products
  • Minerals of High Value
  • Consignments that need to be kept in the fridge
  • Communications hardware
  • Cosmetics
  • Infects
  • Radioactives
  • X-Rays.

15. Why Should You Choose Sea Freight Senegal Over Other Modes Of Transportation?

For shipping from China, sea freight Senegal shipping is a well-known alternative that provides shippers with transportation options.

There are many advantages of sea shipping.

They are:

  • Compared to other modes of transportation, ocean freight is significantly less expensive.
  • Sea freight Senegal is appropriate for bulky goods because other shipping methods are only effective for lightweight items.
  • Container shipping providers can usually satisfy your demands, matter the size of your goods.
  • Systems are built to safely transport dangerous chemicals and risky goods.

The sector really is in the management of these products, and laws exist to safeguard the container, personnel, product, and body’s security.

  • Sea shipping is not much restricted like air freight.
  • In comparison to air transport, sea freight Senegal produces fewer harmful gases. The International Maritime Organization has issued new standards that will significantly limit such pollution.

Final Words

Any shipping method can be difficult if you don’t understand them.

Therefore this FAQ guide is for you.

If you are interested in shipping by sea freight Senegal, this guide can provide the proper knowledge to get ideas.

HART worldwide logistics is also here to provide you the smooth sea shipping from China to Senegal.

If you are in hesitation about se shipping, simply knock us and get a quotation to know our service policy.

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