HART Worldwide Logistics offers freight service as a shipping agent in China worldwide. We can provide shipping services by any kind of shipping method. Just let us know your address to get your shipment. In addition, as a Chinese shipping company, we will clear customs and other requirements associated with transportation services.

HART is one of the fastest China shipping companies that look for your demands and always arranges freight according to your specifications. We will supply anything you want when you want it, and at whatever cost and timeframe you want to have it. Our staff can also manage customs clearance at both the arrival and departure ports for all kinds of shipment transportation, so you can feel safe entrusting us with your shipment.

As a shipping company, China HART understands what our customers want and provides services that meet their requirements. Our dedicated market team is always informed about market changes and other areas of shipping. That’s why the best forwarder agent in China presents you with the greatest information available.

Our customs affairs staff is also on hand to research and monitor the newest customs rules, and we assure risk-free cargo transport through our connections with customs brokers.

We can supply you with logistics at the cheapest costs because of our agreements with key transportation and aviation organizations, and we can guarantee large space availability. HART has proved effective as a result of our standardization and conceptual model.

Our Other Services As A Shipping Agent In China


Air Freight

As a shipping forwarder China HART offers air transportation from China to the rest of the world. We are aware of transportation to your specified destination.


Sea Freight

HART Worldwide can send your products from China to anywhere in the world through sea. We can assist you with customs clearance and delivery to you.


Rail Freight

Based on your shipment load from China, HART also offers LCL shipping. We also provide the fastest shipping service among other China shipping forwarders.


Door to Door Shipping

HART offers door-to-door shipping from China to anywhere in the world   Your shipment will be collected up and transported from the address of your suppliers.


Express Services

DHL, FedEx, China Post, TNT, UPS, USPS, and other international express companies have formed relationships with us. We receive substantial savings from them also.


Customs Clearance

We can help you pass customs for any freight service from China. In addition, we will transport the items to the specified location and assure that shipping is faster.



HART offers short-term and long-term warehousing services in China and other countries. Whatever items you choose to maintain, we can assist you.


Pickup & Delivery

In our pickup and delivery service, we may pick up and deliver your items from the provider’s address to yours. Provide us your location and we’ll take care of the rest.



We assist e-commerce customers with FBA shipment to Amazon warehouses from China. Shipping to Jumia and other e-commerce platform services are also provided.

Why Choose HART As A Shipping Agent In China?


We can provide you with the best pricing because of our emphasis on the freight sector and extensive understanding of freight containers. We never take shortcuts with our quality and keep our prices low.

Cheap Shipping Rate

We can give you a low shipping rate because of our ties with major shipping providers, and our solutions guarantee that you get the smoothest shipping experiences at a cheaper cost.


The standardization of our operational activity, package processing, and loading guarantees to provide you with the most cost-effective freight option. We react to your questions immediately and professionally.


Our paperless operation is maintained via the systematization of working circumstances and our in-house software team. Online monitoring is available for the tailored support systems.

Full Self-control

Our transportation operation is monitored continuously, and each shipment location is overseen by an expert. You may also monitor the status of your shipment on our website.

Custom Clearance Service

With the assistance of other countries’ agents, our skilled customs clearance teams in China and other areas of the world provide hassle-free and rapid customs clearing procedures.

Wide Coverage

More than 20 Chinese cities have branches and warehouses. Warehouses in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and African nations such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, and others.

Highly Trained Team

We highlight the importance of staff training, which is why we maintain our workers well-trained. We maintain them up to date on current events so that they can better assist you.


We value professionalism in the workplace. Our employees are trained and knowledgeable in order to give you the information you want and the finest shipping guidance possible.


Qualifications and Honor As A Shipping Agent In China


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

The People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Trade Laws> & Regulations on the Administration of the International Cargo Transport Agency of the People’s Republic of China> For international freight forwarding operations, the Ministry of Commerce has adopted and confirmed that all international freight forwarders in China must have certifications.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

China’s Ministry of Transportation has requested NVOCC registration. It needs a specific request, and most international freight forwarders in China are unable to get it. Its criteria are far more stringent than those of a typical freight forwarder. NVOCC provides superior booking and shipping options, as well as the ability to produce one’s own bills of lading, which can help you keep better track of your products.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

The international quality management system is in place to ensure that clients have an exceptional performance experience. They make certain that the consumer receives excellent service and that there are no misunderstandings. Our major goal is to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost to our consumers. This accreditation verifies our continuous contact and guarantees dependable client service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA) is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders . It includes HART Worldwide as a member. As a result, we’re instantly covered by the industry’s most generous and comprehensive financial protection program, allowing us to do business with other WCA members with total security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

In China’s international freight forwarding sector, the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) is a national social organization. It is directed by China’s Ministry of Commerce. CIFA’s objective is to improve industry self-discipline and coordinated management while also fostering a competitive market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association, or SIFFA, is a social organization with legal representatives certified by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. SIFFA’s objective is to assist, protect, and coordinate members in order to exchange information, coordinate relationships, improve collaboration, and promote member interests in the international freight forwarding sector.

Shipping Agent In China | The Ultimate FAQ Guide


China has the ability to export goods at significantly lower prices.

As a result, individuals worldwide use a shipping agent in China to import products.

The most excellent alternative for transporting products on schedule and without danger is to use a Chinese shipping company.

A shipping firm can provide shipping services on behalf of a customer through various methods.

So, we created this FAQ guide to inform you about China shipping companies.

Table of Content

  1. What Is A Shipping Agent In China?
  2. What Does A Chinese Shipping Company Do?
  3. Can China Shipping Companies Provide Air Freight Service?
  4. What Factors Can Influence The Cost Of Shipping Forwarder China?
  5. How To Choose A Shipping Company China For Shipping Goods?
  6. Is A Forwarder Agent In China And A Carrier Same?
  7. What Are The Top China Shipping Companies?
  8. Can Shipping Forwarder China Be A Customs Broker?
  9. What Are The Documents A China Shipping Forwarder Asks For Shipping Goods?
  10. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Shipping Agent In China For Shipping Goods?
  11. Does A Chinese Shipping Company Provide Door To Door Shipping Service?
  12. Can A Shipping Agent In China Provide Sea Freight For Shipping?
  13. What Are The Incoterms That China Shipping Companies Use During Shipping Goods?
  14. Can A Shipping Agent In China Be Able To Provide Express Shipping Service?
  15. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Shipping Agent In China For Shipping Goods?

1. What Is A Shipping Agent In China?

A shipping agent in China is a professional individual or corporation.

Their purpose can be to create shipping documents, organize shipment capacity and security, and handle customs issues.

From modest small enterprises to massive worldwide corporations, A Chinese shipping company works in many different forms and capacities.

Best Shipping Agent In China Can Provide The Best Shipping Services
Best Shipping Agent In China Can Provide The Best Shipping Services

They are in charge of a transport’s activities at each location where it pauses or docks and can assist.

In simple terms, in collaboration with a local guide, a shipping agent in China acts as a consultant to transportation management.

They perform all required tasks and functions for the transport representative.

HART is a freight forwarder agent in China who can provide shipping services worldwide from China.

2. What Does A Chinese Shipping Company Do?

A shipping company will handle the cargo delivery from the point of origin to your business, residence, or workplace.

Here are the responsibilities of a forwarder agent in China:

  • A shipping company China reserves carriers to ship the goods.
  • They provide information to local immigration or customs officers on behalf of the importer or exporter.
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation, permissions, and paperwork for exporting just at the original location.
  • Organizing transportation at the assigned area.
  • Monitoring of goods loading or unloading, as well as secure container maintenance.

3. Can China Shipping Companies Provide Air Freight Service?

Yes, China shipping companies provide air freight service.

A Chinese shipping company includes air transportation from China to any other country and the other way around.

Air shipping is an option for all sorts of items, from more minor to the largest.

Because air restrictions are so tight, they devote all of their focus to thoroughly examining your requirements.

China shipping forwarder provides the best Air freight Service
China shipping forwarder provides the best Air freight Service

Following this detailed analysis of your needs, their professionals will ensure that you obtain a delivery system that satisfies all of your goals, requests, and product types.

The quickest mode of transportation is air freight.

In terms of time, it is unquestionably the first option when shipping long distances.

4. What Factors Can Influence The Cost Of Shipping Forwarder China?

If you have a worldwide business, you’ll undoubtedly need to transport over country lines, and you might be thinking why the cost fluctuates so much.

Various elements go into influence shipping costs.

Here is a list of the more frequent issues, along with how they might affect your cost:

Fuel Cost

Fuel prices fluctuate a lot, which significantly impacts transportation costs.

Fuel is required for all types of transportation, so it greatly influences the costs of using a shipping agent in China.

Constant fuel prices indicate lower transportation expenses.

If fuel prices rise, shipping businesses will have to forward the additional costs to the users.

Package Dimensions and Weight

The delivery expense is influenced by the product’s physical size and weight.

The bulkier a package is, the more it costs to send.

 Package Dimension
Package Dimension

Customs Tariffs and Trade Tariffs

When a consumer or industrial purchases items from some other countries that have trade duties in force, they will be ordered to contribute a tax, raising the shipping cost.

Retailers who deal with foreign customers are affected by customs duties.

Costs vary by location and should be considered when calculating the overall delivery price.

Surcharges on Delivery

The term “delivery surcharges” refers to the additional costs associated with couriers’ shipments.

Because these expenditures might be hard to analyze, merchants should keep a reserve to adjust for them.

Distance of Transportation

The most crucial element determining a company’s delivery expenses is distance.

The cost of shipping increases as the distance between the source and the destination rises.

You can contact HART to ship goods because they can clearly provide you with an idea about shipping costs using their services.

5. How To Choose A Shipping Company China For Shipping Goods?

It’s a wide selection to pick the shipping services business that will assist you in getting your products wherever they should go.

It seems you’re selecting a team to help your company grow, and choosing the incorrect choice might threaten the capacity to run your company.

Here are the ways of getting a trustworthy shipping company China for shipping goods:

  • They’ll need to have the capacity to transport a variety of items.
  • If you frequently ship fragile items like paintings or diagnostic supplies, it’s essential to engage a shipping company with the knowledge and competence to manage your shipments.
  • You should be aware that the delivery company you select will lower your expenses and forward those benefits to your consumers.
  • It’s essential to examine shipping company’s price strategies.

The kind of transportation service they provide may have a unique operating cost with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Check to see whether they are a reputable, professional organization that can provide you with assurances and protection when utilizing their solutions.
  • Assure the transportation organization you employ has the essential systems to allow monitoring and a way for you to examine the pieces of information quickly.

6. Is A Forwarder Agent In China And A Carrier Same?

No, a forwarder agent in China and a carrier are not the same.

Although a forwarder agent can work as a carrier sometimes, they are not the same.

A shipping agent in China always arranges and handles shipments to deliver and load them on the transports and unload the items.

But a carrier just transports the goods.

A carrier means who only carries the items to deliver at the target destinations.

They have the legal right to move products via air, sea, or land.

The major distinction between a China shipping forwarder and a carrier is that a freight forwarder manages customs clearance.

On the other hand, the carrier is not required to handle the customs authority; they only need a transportation license.

HART can also work as a customs broker.

They have the license and authority to work as a customs broker so they can provide you with hassle-free shipping services.

7. What Are The Top China Shipping Companies?

Finding the right shipping business or freight forwarder in China might be challenging.

But there are some top shipping companies like HART logistics consistently providing the best shipping service from China.

So, the top China shipping companies are mentioned below:

  • Omni: It is a global 3PL service provider. Its services include freight transportation, warehousing, and delivery domestically and internationally. So the top China shipping companies are mentioned below:
  • Evergrand Logistics: It has provided many services to its clients in the areas of sea and air transportation, and it is also a door to door service providing organization.
  • Paramount Logistics (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd: It specializes in long-term freight forwarding and collaboration with major transport companies, airports, and express courier businesses.
China Shipping Companies Provide The Best Shipping Service Worldwide
China Shipping Companies Provide The Best Shipping Service Worldwide
  • Foresmart Logistics: Foresmart is one of China’s leading logistics companies and it transports goods by water and air.
  • YCL Logistics: This organization is one of China’s leading transportation agencies and it provides various forms of transportation management services, including FBA Amazon, air transportation, and ocean freight.
  • Linde Beijing International Transport Agency: They provide international transportation, economic cooperation, and order fulfillment through their network infrastructures and customers.
  • JJ Shipping: JJ Shipping has consistently exercised ethical leadership and has seen stable development in profitability and company size, thanks to the effective implementation of trademark programs and strategies.

8. Can Shipping Forwarder China Be A Customs Broker?

Yes, a shipping forwarder China can be a customs broker.

Importers are frequently recommended to engage a freight forwarder or customs broker to assist them with global shipping strategies.

They can provide information and help as your services and infrastructure to guarantee a successful shipping journey.

Freight forwarders aren’t the ones that transport your products.

They link importers and transportation companies, confirming that the program operates well and that cargo reaches on schedule.

On the other hand, a customs broker is a registered person or corporation to assist importers and exporters with customs entrance preparation and clearance.

A freight forwarder also can get a customs broker license and perform duty as a customs broker.

9. What Are The Documents A China Shipping Forwarder Asks For Shipping Goods?

It might be hard to identify all of the documents you’ll need to transport your inventory worldwide, whether you’re a professional or not.

But you need to know that missing one piece of paperwork can create huge complications or even prohibit you from departing the place of origin altogether.

Therefore, here are the documents your China shipping forwarder might ask for during shipping goods:

Bills of Lading (BOL)

A bill of lading (BOL) is a document used to pay for shipping services.

It’s an agreement that specifies the method of transportation and direction of a consignment between a shipping company or transporter and a client.

A BOL will explain the shipment location, the products that will be shipped, and how they need to manage.

Invoices, Both Commercial and Proforma

Initial bills of trade are commercial and proforma invoices.

They’re issued to the carrier before the products are delivered, and they operate as an assurance to deliver the things on a specific day and place.

A commercial invoice contains all of the information of the vendor-buyer agreement, along with the shipping conditions.

A proforma invoice outlines the service included in the contract and the shipment volume and costs.

Export Packing List

Each box must have its packing list when transporting items.

The statement must include the box number and label and what is packed in that box.

Shipping companies utilize packing lists to approve shipments for verification by users, and they’re frequently in use in conflicts between shippers and carriers.

Shipper’s Letter of Instructions (SLI)

The SLI is a vital framework that provides your shipping company with a few key sources of proof to ensure that the things are delivered safely.

The information can be:

  • The consignee’s full address
  • The shipper’s full address
  • Goods’ descriptions
  • The ultimate destination of the goods

Certificate of Origin

A CO is a crucial document based on the location of your shipment.

It attests that the commodities are entirely obtained, manufactured, created, or handled in a certain country.

One of the most important Document is Certificate of Origin
One of the most important Document is Certificate of Origin

The exporter is responsible for providing the certificate of origin by the target government’s regulations and laws.

Letter of Credit

A bank issues a letter of credit to assure settlement to the seller.

Letters of credit include several different documentation criteria.

It’s essential to follow instructions precisely.

Insurance Certificate

An insurance certificate shows that the exporter has obtained an insurance plan to transport goods and is provided by an insurance provider.

It protects you against responsibility and loss of the products you are transporting.

Here is a video link of shipping documentation:

10. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Shipping Agent In China For Shipping Goods?

Shipping company China offers its services in a variety of ways.

Their knowledge is often trustworthy, and company directors feel relaxed when entrusting transportation.

Here are the advantages of using a shipping agent in China:

Working Monitoring Systems

Your shipment may take some time to arrive at its ultimate destination.

While alternative companies exist for shipping products, open transportation management businesses keep the shipment.

Customers can monitor their shipments and learn when they will appear at their selected destination by monitoring capable shipping services.

Arrival time is guaranteed.

With a shipping agent in China, you can feel assured that all of your goods will arrive on schedule.

Everything here is precisely organized to adhere to a schedule communicated to all parties concerned.

The approaches will be prepared ahead of time, with a range of safety solutions if adjustments are required.

Considering their corporate image depends on a shipping agent in China’s capacity to achieve schedules, the logistics companies will go to great lengths to fulfill them.

Faster Service

A skilled shipping company understands how to transfer products effectively.

Many years of experience and proper training provided them the knowledge and competencies to find the shortest path while preventing any delays or unfulfilled promises.

Therefore they can arrange shipping activities faster than manual.

Protect Your Company From Harm

The most important advantage of using a Chinese shipping company is that they provide the highest level of security.

By delegating the task to professionals, they can minimize any liability.

A Chinese shipping company eliminates the uncertainty out of the operation, ensuring that your business is safe at all times.

Maintaining Proper Documentation

The Chinese shipping company will also take care of all the necessary paperwork for international and domestic transit.

Insufficient or incorrect documents might cause long waiting times, and banks may put your financial transactions on delay.

A shipping agent in China makes sure that almost all paperwork is in order, that your documents are safe, and that goods are handled according to legal processes.

Cost Savings and Cost-effective

A shipping agent in China can provide deliveries at a lower cost.

They might offer you lower pricing because you may not be the just one sending packets via them.

The total unit cost is drastically lowered due to efficiencies and the massive volumes of commodities that a shipping agent in China moves.

Management of Inventory

Using a freight forwarder can save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire multiple personnel for different roles.

Logistics companies provide services to help with managing inventory.

11. Does A Chinese Shipping Company Provide Door To Door Shipping Service?

Yes, a shipping agent in China can provide door to door shipping services.

“Door to door ” refers to sending packages to a customer’s doorstep.

The logistics company business will start picking up the shipping items from the supplier’s warehouse and transport them to the airport or seaport where they will enter.

Then the shipping company will ship the items to the customer’s target destination.

A Shipping Agent In China Can Efficiently Provide Door to door Services
A Shipping Agent In China Can Efficiently Provide Door to door Services

The best things of the door to door shipping services by a shipping agent in China are:

  • A time-saving device
  • A quick procedure
  • It saves a lot of time
  • Customs clearance without the hassle

Here is a video about door to door shipping:

12. Can A Shipping Agent In China Provide Sea Freight For Shipping?

Yes, a shipping agent in China can provide sea freight service to ship goods.

Sea freight is a means of vast shipping quantities of commodities by ship.

Containers are filled with goods, which are subsequently put aboard a ship.

There are two ways that a Chinese shipping company uses to ship goods during sea shipping.

Such as:

FCL Container Shipping

FCL stands for full container load, which indicates you get entire containers for shipping.

It does not indicate that you need to have enough cargo to fill a whole container.

FCL shipping has the advantage of not sharing a container with other cargoes.

FCL and LCL Sea Shipping
FCL and LCL Sea Shipping

LCL Container Shipping

LCL stands for less than container load, and it refers to when your items share a container so you may not need the entire container.

When they arrive at their destination, the items in the container are separated again.

Because of its affordability and simplicity, LCL is the most cost-effective alternative.

13. What Are The Incoterms That China Shipping Companies Use During Shipping Goods?

Incoterms are a collection of predefined international regulations established by the International Chamber of Commerce that regulate the legal agreements for use in a transfer.

The Incoterms guidelines for any form of transportation are as follows:

  • EXW – Ex Works
  • DPU – Delivered at Place Unloaded
  • CPT – Carriage Paid to
  • DDP – Delivered Duty Paid
  • FCA – Free Carrier
  • DAP – Delivered at Place
  • CIP – Carriage and Insurance Paid To
Incoterms That a Shipping Agent In China Uses
Incoterms That a Shipping Agent In China Uses

The following are the four Incoterms regulations for ocean and inland waterway transportation:

  • CIF – Cost Insurance and Freight
  • FOB – Free on Board
  • FAS – Free Alongside Ship
  • CFR – Cost and Freight

14. Can A Shipping Agent In China Be Able To Provide Express Shipping Service?

Yes, a freight forwarder agent in China can provide express courier services.

The quickest mode of shipment is express delivery.

The consumer must pay additional shipping charges for this delivery method since the cargo will take any country from 1 to 3days to reach a customer.

Express Shipping Service
Express Shipping Service

Sometimes, a shipping agent in China maintains good communication with express courier service companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., to provide the service.

15. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Shipping Agent In China For Shipping Goods?

Some of the disadvantages are listed here so you can evaluate whether or not something is the best solution for your company:

  • The most urgent concern you’ll have if you use shipping companies is that you’ll lose track of your items.
  • Any misunderstandings between the customer and the transportation provider might lead to complications.

If there are inadequacies in the information provided, it may affect the shipments and delivery’s effectiveness.

  • Your items may take several days to arrive at their end location.
  • If you utilize a transportation management service, you may very well be unsure of what expenses are imposed and how they will be computed.


A shipping agent in China may guide you on when the shipment will arrive and save expenses.

You may inquire with an operator like HART Logistics about the most current status of your shipment.

Therefore, this FAQ guide can help you in making decisions and you may find the options to choose a shipping agent in China to ship your goods.

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