In the industry of shipment service, HART Worldwide Logistics Limited is a one-stop international freight forwarder.

We can ease your shipping cost from China to Iran. You can also ship your goods from Iran to China. HART has enough practical experience for shipping to Iran from China.

The trained and professional operation team of HART is engaged to study the market changes on a regular basis. So, the dedicated team can provide valuable market information to you. They are eagerly waiting for your asking.

To monitor and follow up the customs policies in Iran and China we have the customs affair department. Compliance in customs affairs is an important part of operation principles, so your shipment from China to Iran will always be well managed. HART has agreements with the major airlines and shipping companies.

Among them are ET, TK, EK, QR, CX, AY, CA, CZ airlines, and Maersk, MSC, CMA-CGM, COSCO, Evergreen, APL, PIL, Yang Ming, OOCL, etc. Which ensures our space availability and competitive shipment rates. Systematization with standardization is an important advantage of HART.

Our powerful in-house logistics system operation, monitoring, and tracking feature manage shipping orders instantly online. The processing does not depend on any individual staff. By this, you will be able to enjoy the comprehensive services.

We are always ready to serve you. Engage us to ship from China to Iran by air, train, sea, express, or door to door, we have the best solutions. Just knock us, please.

Our Services for Shipping from China to Iran


Air Freight

We provide service of air freight from China to Iran by air, and/or additionally clear customs and deliver the goods to some specific locations. Or vice versa. Our air freight from China to Iran is the most cost-efficient way.


Sea Freight

We ship your cargo to ensure the best sea freight from China to Iran by sea, and/or additionally finish the customs clearance and make the local delivery after port arrival. Or vice versa.


Rail Freight

Rail shipment to Iran from China is possible and cost-effective in comparison with air freight. HART can ship your goods from China to Iran by rail shipment. Moreover, we can manage customs clearance and local-level delivery.


Door to Door Shipping

HART will manage Door to Door Delivery Service in shipment to Iran from China, if you need. Your goods will be picked up from Chinese address, sent to the address of Iran by air, sea or train as per choice of package.


Express Services

Goods of your business can be shipped to Iran by international express like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, China Post or any special route. We will give you a huge discount for express shipping from China to Iran.


Customs Clearance

HART has a smart and capable team for a full study of the customs policy of Iran and China. We have regular contact with efficient local brokers. It ensures us hassle-free customs activity.



For your business purpose, you can have our warehouse support. If you need short-term or long-term warehouse support in China or Iran we will arrange that. Our wide networks will provide options for you. Just let us know your needs.


Pickup & Delivery

Popular Door to Door shipping from China to Iran service is one of our many popular packages. If you give us the addresses in China and Iran, we will send a vehicle to pick it up and make the last point door-step delivery.


Consolidated Shipping

If you need support to consolidate the orders from different suppliers, we can manage it. HART will ship them as a package to your address. In this system, you will be able to save the shipping cost with a reduced risk of damage.

Why Choose Hart to Ship From China to Iran


We focus on target markets for best understanding of the demand. We give attention to standardization and systematization to reduce the shipping rates without compromising service quality. Focus increases professionalism.

Cheap Shipping Rate

HART has signed agreements with major airlines and shipping companies. We continuously work to improve the operational procedures and efficiency to ensure higher productivity in service.


HART standardized service procedures, logistics solutions and cargo handling. With this we ensure quick response to our clients and maintain the consistency for quality service for your satisfaction.


Dedicated in-house software developers developed our own customized support system. With this we ensure the 100% online monitoring and tracking. Our working procedures don’t depend on any individual staff. We may connect with your system as well, also.

Full Self-control

All segments on the whole value chain are self-managed. Every segment has dedicated staffs who monitor the activities through our in-house software system. Everything is dedicated for your full control.

Custom Clearance Service

HART ‘s customs clearance teams in different regions are ready to serve you. We have relations for cooperation with local customs agents in some regions. Our compliance team is studying the different customs policies every day for maximum efficiency.

Wide Coverage

We have branches and warehouses in more than 20 cities in China. Branches and warehouses are situated in the UK, Germany, Poland of Europe. Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal of Africa and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh of Asia.

Highly Trained Team

HART upholds the importance of inhouse staff training. We conduct well planned training to all employees regularly. We conduct performance audits to make sure they always provide excellent services to you.


Without a professional mindset, best service for clients could not be managed. All personnel of HART must follow the professional norms and practices. To keep them professionally active we provide them total update information and required notices for your shipment assignments.

Check How We Help You Ship from China to Iran


Qualifications and Honor for Shipping from China to Iran


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

Chinese Ministry of Commerce has regulations for international freight forwarders. With these regulations, international freight forwarders in China must have to receive the approval.It is issued as per “Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China” and “Regulations of the People’s China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency”. HART has this approval from starting.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The state authority, Ministry of Transportation of China, requests regularly for registration with required pre-conditions. As it is not easy for ordinary freight forwarders many companies are out of the official registration with NVOCC. HART has this and enjoys advantages in booking and shipment. We can issue bills of lading. It helps in good control of the parcels and cargo.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

ISO certification is the worldwide recognition of quality management systems. After being awarded with it, the company holds responsibility to follow the prescribed policy and regulations of the quality management system. HART has established its management with the ISO9001 2015. By this, you are assured with the best possible service.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

Being a member of World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA), we are well protected with the best possible financial protection system in the industry. It allows HART to maintain best business practice with other members of WCA with optimum confidence. It provides professional satisfaction to our clients. This is the reason for our confidence in the industry.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

We are a proud member of China International Freight Forwarders Association and CIFA (China Freight Forwarding Association), which is a national trade organization in China’s international freight forwarding industry governed by China’s Ministry of Commerce. The goal of CIFA is to strengthen self-disciplines in the industry and coordination management, and create a healthy market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA (Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association) is a professional organization of freight forwarders. This trade organization is approved by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau as a legal entity. HART is a proud unit member of SIFFA. This association is engaged for welfare of unit members. SIFFA protects, guides and coordinates the members through exchange of mutual care. It coordinates interactions and mutual cooperation.

Our Network on the World

We have branches or warehouses in more than 20 Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc. Representatives or warehouses in UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, etc.

Shipping from China to Iran – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


You are living in a world where no country is far away. Suppose, you live in Iran. With the service of  Iran freight forwarder, you can import a product from China after finding it on a website or on a social media page. You just have to use the service of supply chain and logistic companies who are known as an Iran freight forwarder. Here we provided the necessary information for your good understanding if you want to buy a product from China and get it in Iran.

Table of Content:

  1. How Do I Get My Products Shipped From China To Iran?
  2. Is Shipping From China To Iran Allowed?
  3. What Is The Shipping Cost From China To Iran?
  4. Is DHL Express Shipping From China To Iran?
  5. How Much Is DHL International Express Shipping From China To Iran?
  6. How Long Does DHL Shipping Take From China To Iran?
  7. What Are The Advantages Of Air Cargo From China To Iran?
  8. How Is Air Freight Cost Calculated When Shipping From China To Iran?
  9. How Much Does International Air Freight From China To Iran Cost?
  10. How Long Does Air Freight Take To Ship From China To Iran?
  11. What Is The Maximum Weight For Air Freight Shipping From China To Iran?
  12. How Much Is Sea Shipping From China To Iran?
  13. How Long Does It Take For A Cargo Ship From China To Iran By Sea?
  14. What Is The Difference Between Sea Freight And Air Freight Ships From China To Iran?
  15. Which Shipping Method Is The Cheapest On Alibaba If Shipped To Iran?
  16. How Can I Reduce Shipping Costs From China To Iran?
  17. What Is The Custom Clearance Process For Shipping From China To Iran?
  18. Why Do Packages From China To Iran Take So Long?
  19. Do I Have To Pay Customs Charges For Packages From China To Iran?
  20. Do I Have To Pay Duty On Items Shipped From China To Iran?
  21. Why Would A Package Be Held In Customs When Shipping From China To Iran?
  22. Can The Sender Pay Customs Charges For Shipping From China To Iran?
  23. Do All Packages From China To Iran Go Through Customs?

1. How Do I Get My Products Shipped From China to Iran?

The import of commodities from China to Iran is well managed by a professional shipping agent. In the international business of Iran, this type of agent is called Iran freight forwarder. As the Iranian customs system is a little bit complicated, shipping agents or clearing brokers have to be efficient and well connected with customs officials.

Port of Bandar Abbas, Iran
Port of Bandar Abbas, Iran

They will manage all formalities on behalf of you. As an importer or wholesale buyer, you have to discuss a few shipping agents or clearing brokers to compare the shipping cost. Besides this, you have to know the customs tax rates and regulations on the items you are interested in importing in Iran from China. There are many shipping companies for shipping services from China to Iran. You can avail of their service as per your need, considering time and rates.

2. Is Shipping From China to Iran Allowed?

Yes, but there are some restricted items. You should consult the shipping agent to be confirmed to import in Iran that particular item. The commonly prohibited commodities are;

  • Furs
  • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dangerous goods
  • Gambling devices
  • Ivory
  • Military equipment
  • Oil products
  • Perishables
  • Plant products
  • Playing cards
  • Pornography
  • Publications for public resale
  • Radar equipment (transmitters/receivers)
  • Works of art.

3. What Is the Shipping Cost From China to Iran?


The final cost of shipment of a package will be calculated by your shipping agent.  The costing depends on the item category, transport mode, quantity, and custom tax rates.

However, to have an idea we can mention the approximate cost of shipping from China to Iran. The FOB price is US$ 15 to US$ 25 per cubic meter of the parcel in sea cargo from China to Iran.

For a 20 feet container cargo, the approximate FOB cost is US$ 2000, from Guangzhou, China to Bandar Abbas, Iran.

4. Is DHL Express Shipping from China to Iran?

Yes. DHL express shipping from China to Iran is available with quality service. They provide different options to meet your best match. Iranian customs have some conditions to maintain by the importers. An efficient shipping agent will guide you in this regard. To have more information you may consult their sites.

5. How Much is DHL International Express Shipping From China to Iran?

DHL has a very easy tool to determine the cost of shipment from China to Iran. The online tool named DHL Capability Tool is very understandable to everybody.

As an example, to find the cost of shipment by DHL worldwide express you have to put the loading port and destination port. Then you have to put weight, dimension and number of packages.

After pressing the search button, it will show you the cost of your parcel instantly. There are also options on the website of DHL to get a quotation and tracking feature of your shipment.

6. How Long Does DHL Shipping Take From China to Iran?

You should always consider that in shipping, exact time fixing is not possible. A parcel shipping by air freight from China to Iran normally takes around 15 days.

It may vary depending on many situations, like the festival season or any emergency at any point. On the other hand, if the shipment is made through sea shipment, it will take around 35 days from Shenzhen of China to Bandar Abbas.

7. What Are the Advantages of Air Cargo from China to Iran?

If you need quick delivery in your city then air cargo shipment is the right option for you. From China to the Islamic Republic of Iran it will take around 10 hours for a cargo journey.

Weekly a few flights are available from China to Iran. You have to match those flight schedules. Your freight forwarder can inform you exactly.

The main advantage for air cargo is quick delivery but there are some other benefits of it. The care for your parcel is also a vital benefit. If your product is for sale, then early handover is important for return.

8. How Is Air Freight Cost Calculated When Shipping From China to Iran?

There are two systems for freight cost calculation. One is weight-based and another is volume-based. Every parcel is calculated both ways. You have to pay the higher bill of these two calculations.

If you consult the official website DHL to know the air freight cost they will ask the weight of the parcel. At the same time, you have to mention the dimension of your parcel. Suppose, the weight of your parcel is 5 kilograms.

As per weight, the cost is calculated as 25 US dollars. On the other hand, the volume of the parcel box is 2 cubic meters and the cost calculated 30 US dollars. You have to pay the higher bill here.

9. How Much Does International Air Freight From China to Iran Cost?

The exact cost of a shipment could be calculated by a professional freight forward agent or a service provider company like DHL.

If you use the service of DHL, they have a very convenient online tool for your perfect understanding. It’s called DHL Capability Tool. It’s an interactive online tool. Suppose, you want a shipment from the city Shenzhou of China to the city Tehran of Iran.

DHL tool
DHL tool

In the prescribed box put the city name. Then it will ask the weight of your parcel and the dimension in the suggestive text line. Then it will inform you of the cost. For example, here you can put the weight 5 kilograms and volume is 50x50x50 centimeters.

A notice will pop-up as: ‘Volumetric weight is higher than declared weight, therefore, the volumetric weight will be billed: 25 kg’. The bill will be shown CNY 12,015.20 as Chinese currency. You can convert it to US dollars as approximately 15 cents per Chinese yen. So, the cost will be 1802 US dollars. (Please keep in mind that it’s an example only.)

10. How Long Does Air Freight Take to Ship From China to Iran?

Normally it takes around 15 days to ship from China to Iran in air freight. The near accurate time can be known from an Iran freight forwarder.

The flight time is around 10 hours from China to Iran but there are many complex issues for a shipment, from compliance issues to air cargo space availability.

Iran-China route
Iran-China route

It’s like a big queue for the best possible matching of air cargo space and other issues.

11. What Is the Maximum Weight for Air Freight Shipping From China to Iran?

Normally, there is a limitation to maximum weight in an aircraft for technical reasons. An aircraft moves in the air with the theory of aerodynamics.

If the model of the aircraft is huge as Boeing 747F maximum weight limit of cargo is up to 95,000 kgs in weight and 601.4 cubic meters in volume.

If the aircraft is Airbus A330-300 (H) the maximum limit is 21,000 kgs in weight and 86 cubic meters in volume.

Comparatively smaller aircraft like Boeing 737-300 the maximum limit is 21,000 kgs in weight and 21 cubic meters in volume.

So, you understand that if the shipment is up to 95,000 kgs in weight then you need to book the whole aircraft of Boeing 747F. Therefore, a special arrangement is needed to book the cargo space keeping smaller parties in waiting.

12. How Much Is Sea Shipping From China to Iran?

Iran's ships with container
Iran’s ships with container

The accurate cost for sea shipping from China to Iran could be given by the concerned shipment agency. It will depend on product category, volume or weight, and applicable custom duty of both ports.

However, to provide you an idea of the cost of shipping here an example is mentioned as follows: If you book a 20-feet container from Shanghai of China to Bandar Abbas of Iran, the cost will be around 850 US dollars.

If the delivery port is Imam Khomeini and the port of loading is Guangzhou of China, then the cost will be around 1420 US dollars. With this shipping cost, some taxes and service charges will be added as per official rates.

13. How Long Does It Take for a Cargo Ship from China to Iran by sea?

Sea shipments take long days as the cargo-loaded ships run on the ocean with a limited speed and with the weight of thousands of tons. A huge number of containers are tied up with each other and the captain maintains critical balance with gigantic waves and bad weather.

Therefore, it’s very slow in comparison with airline flights. Normally, the ocean journey takes 25 to 35 days from China to Iran.

Ocean route to Iran from China
Ocean route to Iran from China

To say specifically, if the loading port is Shanghai of China and the delivery port is in Bandar Abbas of Iran, it will take around 35 days. On the other hand, If the loading port is Shenzhen of China and the delivery port is Imam Khomeini of Iran, it will take around 25 days for a sea shipment.

14. What Is The Difference Between Sea Freight And Air Freight Shipment From China to Iran?

In terms of speed and capacity, there are many differences between sea freight and air freight shipment. Also, there is a huge gap in cost between air freight and sea freight.

From China to Iran, a shipment on air cargo takes around 15 days including long processes of packing, space booking, and customs department’s formalities.

In sea shipment, it takes around 35 days from Shanghai of China to Bandar Abbas of Iran, for example. The main advantage of air shipment is time-effective. In sea shipment, cost-effectiveness is the main advantage.

Also, caring for your parcel in shipment is better and much quantity shipment is convenient in sea freight shipment. Therefore, you have to compare the priorities and make the best choice.

15. Which Shipping Method Is The Cheapest on Alibaba If Shipped To Iran?

Alibaba is not a freight forwarder agent but a total solution provider mainly to B2B clients. To avail the cheapest cost of shipment, sea freight is the best solution.

Alibaba has thousands of shipments booking daily. It’s very easy for them to adjust LCL shipment in sea freight. That is why Alibaba can charge the best minimum cost.

From China to Iran, sea shipment is going on regularly. Alibaba holds a big share in the sea shipment because of the many orders they get daily from small to medium businessmen from Iran.

16. How Can I Reduce Shipping Costs From China To Iran?

As a businessman, you have to be dependent on information. Information means the right information at the right time. In business, always the rates and offers change daily basis even sometimes hourly basis.

This type of cost-sensitive information is followed by efficient freight forwarding agents. If you maintain close communication with several agents and get the best offers separately, you can compare the prices.

From those offers, you can pick the best rate. If you try to handle it yourself, there might be a risk of cost increase because professional skill can not be achieved casually.

Therefore, it is wise to use the professional shipping management service by reputed and tested companies, keeping eyes on industry information.

There is another issue with the customs department of Iran which is known as paper works complexities. The Islamic Republic of Iran is following a conservative trade system.

In certain products, the Iranian customs department asks for approval from the concerned department. This system makes a hassle in importing some products from China or other countries.

To manage this approval, clearing agent’s efficiency and good relation with officials is very important. Normally, a businessman can’t manage all the issues. This arrangement is also an issue for the cost of shipment from China to Iran.

17. What Is The Customs Clearance Process For Shipping From China To Iran?

If you compare the Iranian customs regulations with EU or other developed countries it seems not so user-friendly. Besides normal pre-requisites to be met, there might be needed special permits.

For every consignment, a Registration Order is needed from the Iranian commerce ministry. Special permits are needed for many categories of commodities, including Phyto-sanitary inspection for food items, atomic analysis of woods to be used in the food industry. You need certification of inspection for quality pre-requisites, fumigation for wooden boxes.

Permission will be needed from Communications Regulations Authority for telecommunications devices.

A declaration by the importer has to be submitted to the customs department after the arrival of the shipment at any Iranian port.

An official will check the documents with the shipment for the right matching. If there is no discrepancy and the imposed fee is paid properly then the shipment will be cleared from the port.

An efficient clearing agent will play a vital role to release the shipment in minimum time and with minimum cost. Both are important for your profitability.

18. Why Do Packages From China To Iran Take So Long?

Shipment of packages from China to Iran takes many procedures at different levels. It starts from the order placed to a seller in China.

The seller company takes a few days to process the order. Then cargo booking is another important and complex issue to match the schedule of the journey of the air cargo or the ocean vessel. The availability of space in cargo is another level of matching issue.

All phases are managed by the operator of the airlines or shipping lines with the demand made by booking agents. After starting the journey, in the case of a sea vessel, 25 to 35 days of the voyage are needed.

After reaching the destination port, another level of schedule has to be followed at the berthing point. After that, the port customs department takes time to fulfill its official procedures for the final release of the package of shipment.

Considering all the issues it’s easily understandable that taking a long time is normal in the field of shipment.

19. Do I Have To Pay Customs Charges For Packages From China To Iran?

Yes, you have to pay the customs charges, directly or indirectly. When you give booking of your product in China from Iran, they will quote the price with or without customs and shipping costs.

If your seller offers the rate including all costs up to delivery at the last point, it means custom taxes are included there. If the seller doesn’t include the cost of custom taxes, you have to pay it by yourself.

20. Do I Have To Pay Duty On Items Shipped From China To Iran?

It depends on the tax rules applied by concerned countries. Every year or when necessary every government declares the duty rates on every item following HS code on every single item for global understanding and port-to-port harmony.

Also, there are WTO regulations and bilateral agreements between countries regarding the tax and duty rates. If you are a serious businessman then some study on import taxes of both countries should be carried on. Alternatively, your freight agent will guide you in this regard.

21. Why Would A Package Be Held In Customs When Shipping From China To Iran?

There are many reasons to hold a package at the customs office of the port. The main reason to hold a package or parcel at customs is the contradiction with the allowed list of commodities.

Every country has a list of banned or restricted items. Every importer must comply with this list. Another major reason for holding a package or parcel at customs is if the due taxes or duty is not calculated accurately and is not paid properly.

Then the customs officials may impose a penalty or fine for mismatch of calculation. For many reasons, a package might be held at customs and cause loss for the importer.

To avoid such an incident, the importer must have to be sure of risk issues at the customs department. An efficient shipping agent may guide greatly in this regard.

22. Can The Sender Pay Customs Charges For Shipping From China To Iran?

Customs charges on imported items are paid by the receiving party. The taxes and duties are major income sources of your country and it paid in local currency.

If your sender can pay the customs duty on the export point but not your import point. However, a few shipping agents like DHL have the arrangement to pay local import duty and taxes on behalf of you. This process is maintained by their local office.

But this service is subject to matching the normal regulations of the customs department. If there arises any question or dispute the freight agent will advise you to face the customs officials and make the decisions on the spot.

23. Do All Packages From China To Iran Go Through Customs?

Yes, every imported package must go through customs procedures. Even if someone brings any parcel with him when came from abroad he has to maintain customs formalities.

It’s a normal rule for every citizen of every country. It’s relation between international borderline and parcel came from other countries.

Moreover, Iran has import restrictions on certain products. To prevent these items, the customs department has to check the package physically.


The professional service of an Iran freight forwarder is an important issue in the international business between China and Iran. For business efficiency, technical know-how is essential for optimum benefit. Iran’s international business tradition is very glorious from ancient times.

In the modern time, Iran’s business people have to be matching with global trends.
A video guide on Youtube will be helpful for  your better understanding.

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