HART Worldwide serves you with international air freight or ships from Chinese locations throughout the world. You may say, for example, where your cargo is, we can assign a truck to collect your goods at the location. Customs procedures are then completed in China. Arrange aircraft transportation to the earliest or cheapest level, or to balance air freight and duration. HART has a wealth of air plane shipping expertise.

We have a special market team to continually analyze developments in the aviation sector. Therefore, we are able to supply you with significant market information. We do have the customs department for the examination and monitoring of the air freight customs policies. Customs conformity is one of our cornerstones of business so that your cargo from China is constantly at risk. For contract freight costs such as CX, CZ, TK, EK, ET, Q R, AY, CA airlines the HART has concluded agreements with the major freight companies. This guarantees our accessibility of space and cheap transport rates.

Two main advantages of HART are standardization and systematization. All your air freight orders work, monitor, and track online with our in-house created logistics system. You constantly enjoy the seamless services and do not rely on any particular person.

Even if your air freight is so difficult, you may find your best solutions.

Our Other Services Besides Air Freight


Sea Freight

We transport your both LCL and FCL shipments by ocean from China, complete customs clearance, and deliver locally. Or the opposite way round.


Rail Freight

We can transport your products from China by rail and conclude customs formalities and delivery locally for those nations that can be accessed by rail.


Door to Door Shipping

For transport from China, we supply door-to-door transport services, pick up products at a Chinese location, send them by air, sea, or rail to their designated address.


Express Services

Worldwide expressers such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, China Post, and any other specialized routes may deliver your products from China. We’ve got big offers.


Customs Clearance

We have a specialized staff to investigate customs regulations and close contacts with local brokers for each country. This ensures that customs works without problems.



Whether in China, our large network has a number of choices for you whether you want short or long-term solutions for storage in other regions. Leave only a note.


Pickup & Delivery

One of our benefits is the door-to-door delivery. We thus dispatch a vehicle to collect and perform the last local delivery simply to us in China and at the departure point!



We support clients in the e-commerce business in the shipment to Amazon from China. Additional e-commerce networks such as delivering to Jumia are also accessible.


Consolidated Shipping

We can assist you with consolidating and shipping orders with multiple providers. Thus, transportation costs can be saved and the danger of damage reduced.

Why Choose Hart for Your International Air Freight?


Potential customers focus on a deeper grasp of markets for air freight. Concentrate on standardizing the freight costs and systematizing without sacrificing services.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Established with prominent airlines and shipping firms long-term partnerships. Improve work and sustainability continuously to assure decreased operating expenses.


Standardized transportation, standardized operations, and standardized container management systems guarantee a speedy response and a consistent customer satisfaction level.


An internal design team has created a bespoke support system that guarantees 100% transparent online operation, surveillance, and monitoring. Systems do not rely on anyone.

Full Self-control

All connections are self-checked during the whole air freight operation. Each control point must be monitored by a dedicated individual via the internal software system.

Custom Clearance Service

Equipped customs clearance and collaboration with local customs officials in certain locations to ensure customs service. The conformity team examines the customs policies daily.

Wide Coverage

Over than 20 parts of China, branches, or warehouses. Stores in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, Algeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Pakistan, and African nations.

Highly Trained Team

The training of our team is very important to us, thus we give all our workers systematic continual training. Nice overview and recap to always give you outstanding services.


We demand that our team have technical understanding in their field of work. Specialization makes us outstanding. Give your alternatives for your air freight always comprehensive information.


Qualifications and Honor for Air Freight


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

As per <Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> and < Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency> established by the Ministry of Commerce and authorized, all China’s multinational freight forwarders also should hold this International Freight Shipping Certificate.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

The majority of overseas shippers in China are not NVOCC since they require registration with the Chinese Ministry of Transport, which has far greater criteria than the typical shipping agent in China. In reserving and shipping, NVOCC has benefits and can generate its own invoices to help you handle the products better.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

In order to provide consumers with a good experience and avoid misunderstandings with customers the system of worldwide quality control is introduced. And we aim to serve all clients with a consistent standard of service. This approved system governs the way we communicate and function. We are the best air freighter.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The world’s leading community of autonomous freight forwarders is the World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA). HART is immediately included in the largest and biggest financial protection program in the industry, which gives us absolute safety and tranquility to negotiate deals with other WCA clients. Get a free quote for your requirement.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

Chinese Freight Freight Association (CIFA), a Chinese international freight transportation association, is a Chinese Ministry of Commerce-led national social institution CIFA’s objective is to reinforce the consciousness and coordination of industry and to establish a stable competitive market for competitiveness.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA is a Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau-approved social organization having legal individuality SIFFA’s purpose is to guide, defend and supervise members in the field of knowledge exchange, coordination, mutual collaboration, and the promotion of members’ concerns in the multinational freight forwarding industries.

Air Freight | A Complete FAQ Guide


Air freight is one of the quickest means of transporting your shipments abroad.

The main characteristic of air freight is that it is not necessary to operate on a specific surface route.

In order to obtain commodities rapidly and efficiently from overseas importers and exporters, they select an air freight technique.

If it takes a few weeks for other shipping methods to deliver your goods, air freight generally does so less or within one week.

You will receive all the information you are looking for on the web on air freight, including the technique, timeframe, and delivery cost in this FAQ guide.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Air Freight?
  2. What Are The Types Of International Air Freight Shipping?
  3. What Is The Time Required For International Air Freight Shipping?
  4. Which Paperwork Would I Require For Air Freight Shipping Globally?
  5. What Are The Step By Step Process Of Air Freight Shipping?
  6. What Are The Advantages Of Air Freight Shipping?
  7. Do The Air Freighters Provide Door To Door Shipping Facilities?
  8. What Are The Most Often Used Incoterm In International Air Freight Shipping?
  9. Why Choose International Air Freight Shipping Over Other Shipping Methods?
  10. What Are The Differences Between Air Freight Shipping And Air Express Shipping?
  11. How Air Freight Shipping Chargeable Weight Is Measured?
  12. What Are The Criteria That Control The Air Freight Shipping Costs?
  13. Is There Surcharge In Air Freight Shipping Rates?
  14. Who Pays The Customs Charge In Air Freight Shipping?
  15. Who Should Be Responsible For Customs Clearance In Air Freight Shipping?
  16. For Air Freight Shipping, Is There Any Limitation On Weight?
  17. Are The Air Freight Shipping Insured?
  18. Is There Any Restriction On Imports In Air Freight Shipping?
  19. Who Are The Most Popular Air Freighter Carriers?
  20. Can I Track My Package In Air Freight Shipping?

1.  What Is Air Freight?

Air freight involves sending your shipment worldwide using an airline company.

It is among the quickest transit mediums on the earth.

The air freight networks are the most significant when it comes to moving express packages throughout the world.

This is one of the safest transportation, however, it costs somewhat more than other delivery options.

Aircraft with business and traffic carriers are flying in the same way.

2.  What Are The Types Of International Air Freight Shipping?

Usually, depending on the exigency of your item, there are primarily two forms of international air freight shipping.

Air Express Shipping

The fastest delivery by planes or by air freight shipping is indicated by air express shipping locally or globally.

It takes a little while and your intensity of shipment is understood.

It requires usually 1-6 days to process your air freight shipping delivery from across the world.

In general, such services are provided by air express companies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

Depending on the distance with door to door service, most carriers give shipment the same day or the following day.

It costs your shipping the highest fee.

Typical Air Freight Shipping

Typical or regular air freight shipping refers to transportation by various airlines or aircraft carrying goods.

Transportation throughout the world by air freight shipping typically takes 3-12 days.

Air freight shipping charges considerably less than express flight transport.

Furthermore, air express companies supply ordinary air freight shipping around the world.

Door-to-door shipment is also available for regular air freight shipping.

3.  What Is The Time Required For International Air Freight Shipping?

Send your shipment throughout the world by air freight shipping generally takes 3 to 12 days.

One of the fastest means of transport is air freight shipping.

It depends on the distance to the airport of destination from the origin of your shipment.

Air freight shipping carrier’s frequency of flights, in this case, is also significant.

It takes considerably less time if you ship delivery to a location where your carriers’ flights are frequent.

4.  Which Paperwork Would I Require For Air Freight Shipping Globally?

The transport of goods by air freight shipping requires the completion and submission of numerous important shipping papers.

Some of the different papers described below for air freight shipping may be necessary.

You may require most or all of these documents for air freight shipping depending on where the products are delivered and in which circumstance you export.

BOL – Bill of Lading

The bill of lading specifies the seller, the supplier even the shape and quantity of the goods.

The B/L is just the contract between the buyer and the shipper of the commodities.

This also applies to domestic transit.

There are two types of lading bills.

A direct bill of lading cannot be negotiated.

But on the other side, for an order negotiable or shipper, the bill of lading may be procured, traded, or traded in transit.

It is utilized for a letter of credit transactions as well.

The consumer usually wishes to prove ownership and accept the principal bill of lading letter or clone.

Sample Of Bill of Lading
Sample Of Bill of Lading

C/O – Origin Certificate

The certificate of origin is commonly used in order to authenticate the ethnicity of the consignment.

For elements of customs clearance, this is highly significant because the legislation and rules of each overseas destination rely on the source of the products.

A semi-official recognized authority normally certifies the origin certification.

All could require a certificate of origin despite the business invoice has the same material.

Origin Certificate
Origin Certificate

Export Declaration of Shipper

If an item surpasses $2,500, the Shipper’s Export Statement is required in most territories for exportation.

The Census Bureau uses this information for diplomatic reasons.

The Census Office is transitioning into an electronically required application for the Shipper’s Export Declaration.

This justifies the use of an electronic structure documented procedures by your firm even more.

Template Of Shipper’s Export Declaration
Template Of Shipper’s Export Declaration

List of Packaging

In general, an international air freighter shipping package list is detailed instead of a domestic package list.

A few aspects of the international air freighter shipping packing list are provided below:

  • Air freighter shipping expenses in US Dollar
  • Shipper company’s full contact information
  • Background of the company
  • Full personal details of the receiver
  • Synopsis of the complete package
  • Volume of freight
  • The weight of the charge
  • Commodity supplier origin

The transporter generally utilizes the package list to verify the weight and volume of the product.

Customs officials in the US and abroad too can utilize this shipping list.

Air Freighter Packing List
Air Freighter Packing List

Commercial Invoice

In your shipping papers, you must have a commercial invoice for air freight shipping.

A succinct synthesis of each shipment product is included in this invoice sheet.

Both the value and the gross value of each packet are indicated.

Tailored invoices may be used in some countries.

The commercial invoice includes complete information about the purchase, including the contact information of the exporter and the buyer.

And the distribution and payment procedures are also included.

With the commercial invoice, the customer may provide evidence of shipment possession and certain administrations are using this document to assess their tailored charges.

Air Freight Shipping Commercial Invoice
Air Freight Shipping Commercial Invoice

Inspection Certificate

Some customers and nations require an inspection certificate.

It certifies that the supplied products are legitimate.

The inquiry is usually carried out by a third party.

An impartial certification body must be issued with an inspection certificate.

Air Freight Shipping Inspection Certificate
Air Freight Shipping Inspection Certificate

These are the most crucial papers you require in the international air freight shipping selection process.

5.  What Are The Step By Step Process Of Air Freight Shipping?

Shipping by airlines is extremely quick and straightforward, only when the method is known.

Read the information below to assist you with the process.

Stage #1

The very first action you must undertake is to acquire the items you need.

Gather from a credible merchant all goods for shipping.

Stage #2

After the supply has been completed, pack all your products such that the delivery requires a minimum bit of packing space.

The less area they spend, the lower their delivery charges.

You may also request additional assistance from your air freight shipping couriers or logistics company agents for improved packaging.

Stage #3

Now acquire all the paperwork necessary for flight transport.

In general, all needed documents will be issued to your freight forwarding agent.

All the requirements specified in each document should be known to you, nevertheless.

Stage #4

You are ready to go ahead along with the shipping after all the appropriate paperwork has been obtained.

Then, all payments may be done, and now, waiting for shipment through air freight.

Stage #5

Your forwarding agent will send you a truck and collect your cargo as soon as feasible.

Your consignment will be put into the air freight shipping and customs control is performed prior to that.

Stage #6

The goods are shipped to your preferred airport by air freight shipping.

Pay customs fees and import tariffs to distribute the merchandise.

Usually, under your identity, your air freighter carries out the clearance charges you a little.

Stage #7

Go to the air freighter’s office or warehouse to retrieve your package.

The air freighter’s agent delivers the package to your requested doorway if you pick a door to door service.

This is the entire phase-by-phase guide to your air freight shipping.

6.  What Are The Advantages Of Air Freight Shipping?

Air freight shipping is the most beneficial shipping method for moderate volume shipment in a shorter time.

Few advantages of air freight shipping are discussed in the following para –

Minimum Time Requirement For Global Shipping

The ultimate advantage is the quick movement of airlines.

The shipment of airlines is approximately 10 times faster than the marine ships.

Air freighter commercial airliners operate at 575 mph and ocean boats at 16-18 mph.

Air freight shipping is the fastest form of travel and hence the most suitable model when time is one of the important factors.

Convenient Route Of Movement

The route used by the air freighter is the fastest and most straightforward as air freight shipping via ocean, hills, or woods is not hindered.

The service is continuous, comfortable, dependable, and rapid.

Transportation by air freight shipping to such locations where other transport modes are impossible and may be utilized to transport goods and parcels.

Air Freight Shipping
Air Freight Shipping

Best For Expensive Yet Light Volume Products

There are some products which are very light in weight but their price and value are extremely high.

Some examples of such products are – gemstones like pearl, diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and titanium, etc.

Through air freight shipping you can transport them to your preferred location within the shortest possible time and costs less than other shipping modes.

7.  Do The Air Freighters Provide Door To Door Shipping Facilities?

Yes, absolutely.

Air freighters do provide door to door shipping for air freight shipping.

But it is not mandatory to choose door to door shipping for air freight shipping, rather it would be added upon request of the customer.

8.  What Are The Most Often Used Incoterm In International Air Freight Shipping?

For multinational high altitude shipping, 11 Incoterms are offered.

However, if you are a freight importer, numerous Incoterms will benefit you.

You should finally select Incoterm for the lowest potential delivery charges.

The correct Incoterm for the purchaser might be tough to select since the ultimate selection would depend on several aspects.

Here are Incoterms for global air freight, the top three most utilized –

Free Carrier

The seller sends the items to the place discussed and deals with expenses and risks.

The air freight export consent will be included until delivery to the designated delivery location.

Unless the specified place is the seller’s premises, the vendor is responsible for internal customs transit or exports (FCAs).

In this situation, items are sent and loaded on the conveyance organized by the buyer at the buyer’s cost.

The buyer should charge the loading expenses on board, including the charges for the insurance and the loading of the products.

EX Works

EXW Incoterm is yet another great alternative for buyers.

In negotiating with this Incoterm, however, additional care should be given.

It should only be incorporated when the customer is aware of the rules of the region’s imports.

The distributor should be evident in the locality in order to avoid difficulties.

You could perhaps cease using EXW Incoterm and comprehend the laws and regulations, till you are 100% comfortable.

The right approach to do it is to have the goods transported at the airport.

You can proceed from that with a service provider agent to the final destination.

Delivered at Place (DAP)

The Delivered at Place Incoterm makes it easy to import and does not generally involve any liability or concern for the purchaser.

As a client, you may opt for this and also save money.

When evaluating whether this Incoterm is the appropriate one, monitor the pros and downsides thoroughly.

Choose wisely, otherwise, because of the absence of control, you risk more than you gain.

And those are the three leading Incoterms for international air freight shipping.

9.  Why Choose International Air Freight Shipping Over Other Shipping Methods?

This explains why international air freight was chosen over other freight methods.

  • Global air freighter is the quickest form of transit than any other method of transport.

If you wish to get your shipment faster, then a global air freighter must be used as a different option.

  • For your package, global air freight needs less packaging.

Reduced packaging implies lower weight and fewer weight results in lower cost.

  • Worldwide air freight is safer from being robbed or stolen for your package.

This is therefore a major advantage over other pick-up and delivery methods.

  • Worldwide air freight also costs less insurance rate, since transporting your items takes very little time.

This is a budget function.

For all these arguments, above other transport methods, like sea freight, rail freight, etc. you should pick global air freight.

10.  What Are The Differences Between Air Freight Shipping And Air Express Shipping?

A couple of the dissimilarities between globally typical air freight shipping and express air transport – shipping method are given below-

Means of Shipping

Typically, international flights carry air freight shipments.

And foreign companies like UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, etc. frequently send express deliveries to the market.

These commercial express services are typically used by private charters or airlines and also provide classic air freight transportation.

Shipping Period

Air freight is on a very tough and rapid timetable.

The time frame of shipping depends largely on trade routes, such as direct flying to or transshipment to a departure point.

However, regardless of the circumstances, delivering a product throughout the world does not take more than 3 to 13 days.

It takes quite a bit shorter time for an express shipment via air.

Merchandise are supplied worldwide mostly within less than a week.

Method Of Distribution

This is a port-to-port service technique in the air freight transport industry.

If the flight is on land, the package has to be collected by the recipient and ensure customs formalities are completed.

Your freight transporter can also perform these requirements upon your request.

The shipping technique is always door to door with air express transport.

Weight Measuring Method

The minimum amount of goods starts at 45 kilos for air freight shipping and is recorded per kg.

Petite shipments start at 500 g for documentation in transatlantic expresses.

And it should not weigh more than 2 kilos for documents.

Shipments weighing more than 22 kilograms, per kilogram, are registered.

Shipments weighing less than 22 kilograms, per 500 grams are recorded.

Expense-Weight Calculation Differences

Expenses of freight are evaluated in worldwide express and air freight by gross weighing and volumetric weights.

Of course, the bulkier the weight is considered as the weight charging.

The product’s total weight is gross weight.

The dimensional weight or the DIM weight is often alluded to as volumetric weight.

And now the cubic meter adapted by the packaging is measured.

The international express shipping weight constant per CBM is 200 kg, but the air freight weight constant per CBM is 166.7 kg.

Transportation Costing Charge Of Parcel

Contrary to air express delivery, air freight shipping is significantly inexpensive.

As the weight constant of air shipment charged is lower than the expedited air transport, the costs are different.

In addition, the air express shipment provides minimal time for the product, which is why the cost is greater.

These are the key distinctions between air transport and expedited air transport.

See the video to learn more-

11.  How Air Freight Shipping Chargeable Weight Is Measured?

To find the air freight shipping chargeable weight, you need to measure the shipment’s weight in gross and volumetric.

Then, both the weights will be compared.

The higher one will be counted as the parcel’s chargeable weight.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that, in the case of volumetric weight, the weight constant per CBM is 166.66 kg.

Hopefully, the following figures will make them clearer to you.

Take a look at them –

Air Freight’s Initial Gross Weight Measurement

Air Freight's Initial Gross Weight Measurement
Air Freight’s Initial Gross Weight Measurement

Air Freight’s Initial Dimensional Weight Measurement

Air Freight's Initial Dimensional Weight Measurement
Air Freight’s Initial Dimensional Weight Measurement

Type 1 – Air Freight Gross Weight Heavier

Type 1 - Air Freight Gross Weight Heavier
Type 1 – Air Freight Gross Weight Heavier

Type 2 – Air Freight Volumetric Weight Heavier

Type 2 - Air Freight Volumetric Weight Heavier
Type 2 – Air Freight Volumetric Weight Heavier

So, using these formulas you can easily predict the chargeable weight for your shipment via air freight.

Don’t forget to multiply your volumetric weight to 166.66.

For a more clear view on this, watch the video –

12.  What Are The Criteria That Control The Air Freight Shipping Costs?

The basic parameters for air freight costs are calculated –

  • Amount and volume of air freight,
  • The exact weight of the air shipment
  • Shipment’s volumetric or dimensional weight
  • Time required to complete the air freight shipping,
  • Price of the freight,
  • Commodity kind,
  • Port-to-port distance
  • Services additional

13.  Is There Surcharge In Air Freight Shipping Rates?

Certainly, air freight shipping charges involve some surcharges.

The additional costs for air freight are

  • Surplus cost of fuel
  • Extra fee for the household shipment
  • Inappropriate parcel size
  • Extra charges on Saturday
  • Extra charges for signatures on delivery
  • Change of location
  • Outer than of coverage area
  • Surcharge on the declared price

14.  Who Pays The Customs Charge In Air Freight Shipping?

The receiver of the shipment pays the customs charge.

15.  Who Should Be Responsible For Customs Clearance In Air Freight Shipping?

Whoever imports the product or receives the product should be responsible for the customs clearance.

16.  For Air Freight Shipping, Is There Any Limitation On Weight?

Yes, you can not pack an individual parcel of more than 151 kg or around 351 lbs in air freight shipping.

Altogether you can ship 1000 kgs in a shipment through air freight shipping.

17.  Are The Air Freight Shipping Insured?

Yeah, air freight shipping is usually entirely or partially insured.

18.  Is There Any Restriction On Imports In Air Freight Shipping?

Yes, explosives, dangerous chemicals, cash, gems, living animals, and also some other products are restricted in air freight shipping.

Goods Not Allowed In Air Freight Shipping
Goods Not Allowed In Air Freight Shipping

19.  Who Are The Most Popular Air Freighter Carriers?

A few mentionable air freighter carriers are shown below –

DHL Air Freighter Carrier

DHL Air Freighter Carrier
DHL Air Freighter Carrier

FedEx Air Freighter Carrier

FedEx Air Freighter Carrier
FedEx Air Freighter Carrier

UPS Air Freighter Carrier

UPS Air Freighter Carrier
UPS Air Freighter Carrier

Kuehne+Nagel Air Freighter Carrier

Kuehne+Nagel Air Freighter Carrier
Kuehne+Nagel Air Freighter Carrier

DB Schenker Air Freighter Carrier

DB Schenker Air Freighter Carrier
DB Schenker Air Freighter Carrier

20.  Can I Track My Package In Air Freight Shipping?

Of course, you can.

Almost every other air freighters allow a shipment tracking facility for your air freight shipping globally.

Air Freight Package Monitoring
Air Freight Package Monitoring

Final Words

I hope we answered all your queries concerning air freight transportation in our FAQ manual.

HART would like to help minimize air freight hazards, augments, thievery, and misunderstanding.

Once you contact HART Logistics, you need not worry about air freight shipping anymore.

Simply notify us where you really require the cargo or where it comes from.

To satisfy your expectations, a logistic plan will be developed.

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