HART Worldwide can provide sea cargo from China to worldwide or vice versa. We will ship your goods through the sea route and will deliver your goods safely to their destination. HART will also provide you pick-up services like we will send our transport to your doorstep and deliver them to the destination after clearing all the customs formalities.

Sea cargo rates are the most affordable and fastest delivery can be obtained from HART Worldwide.

You do not have to attend any customs hassle, and all your goods will be safely reached at your assigned address without you following.

You can also choose to do the customs work yourself and leave only the delivery work for us or can also give the entire shipping responsibility to us.

Our customs affairs department is always motivated and maintains the connection with the latest customs policies for all the insights regarding sea freight cargo.

All your shipment from China will be 100% risk-free, thanks to our customs compliance.

HART is legally bonded with the major shipping companies, and for this, we can ensure that you get the best shipping rate and always have space for your needs. Companies like Maersk, MSC, CMA-CGM, COSCO, Evergreen, APL, PIL, Yang Ming, OOCL, etc., are in alliance.

Two of our plus points include standardization and systematization. HART has its in-house developed logistics system that helps us operate, monitor, and track your sea cargo shipments online. We can handle all your complicated sea cargo shipping, and you can get the best deal only at HART. So why wait? Just knock us.

Our Other Services Besides Sea Cargo


Air Freight

HART offers you hassle-free air freight services in an affordable price range, and we also clear your customs work and make the local delivery to the destination country or vice versa.


Rail Freight

For countries that have rail freight services, HART provides the most convenient rail freight services and also offers local delivery along with customs clearance.


Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is another advantage of HART Worldwide. We will pick up your goods from the Chinese address and drop them off at the destination.


Express Services

Our alliance with international express carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, China Post, and others allows us to provide you with express shipping from them at an affordable price.


Customs Clearance

Our dedicated team constantly does research customs policies of all the countries and also with the customs brokers. This enables us to provide you problem-free shipping. ,



We provide warehouse service on a temporary or prolonged basis in China and other countries of the world. Just give us a message to know the available options for you.


Pickup & Delivery

Our vehicle will pick up from your location and send it to the buyer’s destination. You have to give us your location and details. So why wait?



We help e-commerce customers do FBA shipping from China. We also help with other e-commerce platform services like shipping to Jumia.


Consolidated Shipping

Consolidate shipping is another pro. We will consolidate your orders from the sellers and deliver them together to your location. This will reduce your cost as well as the risk of damage.

Why Choose Hart for Your Sea Cargo Services?


Our utmost focus on the market policies ensures that we have proper market knowledge. Our standardization and systematization help us to give you a low shipping cost without hindering professionalism.

Cheap Shipping Rate

Our partnership with the top-class airline and shipping companies allows us to give you steady service and guarantee the least cost in shipping and most efficient work.


Standardization of the working process of HART makes logistics and cargo handling easier and ensures our speedy answer to your questions and high-quality service.


Our expert team, with the help of our customized support system, ensures online paperless operation. This also helps us to monitor and track the process without the use of any human.

Full Self-control

We make sure that you are in control of everything through our in-house software system. A dedicated person for every checkpoint maintains 100% safety of your goods.

Custom Clearance Service

Our customs expert team, with the help of local customs agents, ensure proper customs work. Another section of ours is constantly learning about the latest customs policies.

Wide Coverage

We have warehouses in the UK, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Senegal, and branches in more than 20 Chinese cities.

Highly Trained Team

Our trained group of workers always emphasize getting the most satisfactory service from us. Our employees are always learning from our systematized training.


Our professionalism is what we are proud of. Our staff always know about the latest in logistics. Because we know there is no end to learning and hence we can give you the advice you deserve.


Qualifications and Honor for Sea Cargo


Business Form for International Freight Forwarders

All international freight forwarders in China must have the certificates <Foreign Trade Laws of the People’s Republic of China> and < Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of International Cargo Transport Agency>. This is implemented and approved by the Ministry of Commerce for international freight forwarding business.


NVOCC Business Operation Qualification Registration Certificate

NVOCC is not obtained by most international freight forwarders in China. It requests registration with the Ministry of Transportation of China, which has much higher requirements than an ordinary freight forwarder. NVOCC gives better opportunities in booking and shipping, and one can issue its own bills of lading which can help you better control the goods.


ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

The international quality management system is there to assure impeccable performance experience for the customers. They are here to make sure that the customer gets mistake-free service and with no misunderstanding. Our main motto is to give our customers high-quality services.


Certificate of Membership for WCA

The world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders is World Cargo Transportation Alliance (WCA). And HART Worldwide is a member of it; HART is automatically protected by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry, which allows us to conduct business with other WCA members with complete security and peace of mind.


Certificate of Membership for CIFA

China International Freight Forwarders Association, CIFA is a national social organization in China’s international freight forwarding industry. China’s Ministry of Commerce guides it. The mission of CIFA is to strengthen industry self-discipline and coordination management and create a fair competition market environment.


Member Unit for SIFFA

SIFFA or  Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association is a social organization with legal officials approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. The mission of SIFFA is to guide, protect and coordinate the members to exchange information, coordinate relations, enhance mutual cooperation, and member interests to promote the international freight forwarding industry.

Sea Cargo | A Complete FAQ Guide


Cargo services are brought in shipping to transport goods from one place to another.

Cargoes are an essential part of overseas shipping.

Without them, your large packages cannot be shipped from China.

Sea Cargo is an excellent way of cargo shipping.

But many questions arise when you decide on using this shipping medium.

Today we will try to answer some of the questions regarding sea cargo services.

Table Of Content

  1. What Is Sea Cargo?
  2. What Are The Advantages Of Sea Cargo Shipping?
  3. How To Track Sea Cargo?
  4. Which Are The Companies That Provide Sea Cargo Shipping Services?
  5. How To Find Best Sea Freight Cargo For Me?
  6. What Are The Best Sea Cargo Services In China?
  7. Can I Transport Perishable Goods In Sea Cargo?
  8. What Are The Prohibited Items In Sea Cargo?
  9. What Is The Difference Between Sea Cargo And Air Cargo?
  10. Can I Ship Goods All Over The World Through Sea cargo?
  11. Does Sea Cargo Shipping Have Door To Door  Services?
  12. Do Companies Like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, China Post, And Others Provide Sea Cargo Shipping?
  13. Do Freight Companies Provide Sea Cargo Technical Guidance?
  14. How Much Time Does Sea Cargo Shipping Take?
  15. How Much Are The Sea Cargo Rates In Different Companies?
  16. What Are The Necessary Protocols To Follow Before Sea Cargo?
  17. Does Sea Cargo Have Particular Box Sizes?
  18. Who Provides Shipment Clearance In Sea Cargo Shipping?
  19. What Is The Cost Of Shipping A 20-Foot and 40-Foot Container On Sea Cargo?
  20. Is There Any Sea Cargo Express?
  21. How Is Sea Shipping Rates Calculated When Shipping From China?

1. What Is Sea Cargo?

Sea cargo or ocean cargo is a medium of shipping goods through water routes.

It is one of the most used media for shipping large containers of goods from one country to another.

Sea cargo is the best shipping way to ship your bulky containers that are sometimes too expensive for air cargo.

It is the cheapest way of shipping heavier goods.

Sea cargo is a slower transportation medium, but it is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for affordable shipping methods.

Sea Cargo
Sea Cargo

Sea cargo is not permissible in many countries due to not having a connecting sea route.

But if you can avail, it will be cost-effective for you in the long run.

2. What Are The Advantages Of Sea Cargo Shipping?

Sea cargo shipping has many advantages for you, especially if you have an import and export business.

Here we will try to discuss some of them-

Low Shipping Cost

Believe it or not, sea cargo shipping costs five times less than air freight services.

You get the advantage of choosing a full container loading or less than a container loading.

This will further cut down the cost of shipping as in less than container loading, you can share your container with one or multiple importers.

Bulk Shipping

Sea cargo is an excellent choice for you if you bring goods in bulk.

Your bulky and heavier goods can be transported to your desired location at half the cost.

Sea cargo conveniently ships large quantities of goods.

It has a huge cargo space to ship all kinds of goods, like garments, footwear, accessories, etc.

More Time For Auxiliary Work

Sea cargo takes a longer time to transport your goods; hence it gives you enough time to collect all the documentation.

We all know paperwork is a crucial step for successful shipping, and doing the most critical task in haste can sometimes make it faulty.

As sea cargo takes longer to deliver the goods, it gives you time to collect and arrange all the necessary documents to submit to the customs.

Environmental Friendly

Sea cargo shipping is much more eco-friendly than other transporting ways.

It produces fewer emissions and gives out less polluting gases, which is suitable for the environment.

With less pollution and more space, you are able to ship more products and cause minor damage to the planet.

HART Worldwide Logistics offers you the most convenient sea cargo shipping services at a reasonable price.

You can knock us to get more insights about the sea cargo details to start shipping with us.

3. How To Track Sea Cargo?

Sea cargo tracking is an essential part of any freight forwarder company.

This is a service that a freight company must provide to its customers.

Sea cargo tracking provides transparency between the freight company and the buyer.

This enables the buyer to see the exact location of their shipment.

This builds trust, and it is also an affirmation that the consignment is being safely delivered.

Most freight forwarder companies have their in-house software tracking system to monitor and track throughout the shipping process.

You should also get a link to the tracking system to see the shipment’s whereabouts.

you Can Track Your Sea Cargo
You Can Track Your Sea Cargo

Sea cargo tracking will give you the port details and will provide you with an idea of the estimated time of delivery.

You must have some information to track your container.

You will be given your container number, the bill of lading, the booking number, and the shipping line.

Using this information given by your freight company, you will be able to track your sea cargo shipment.

To see a practical example of the tracking process please watch this video-

4. Which Are The Companies That Provide Sea Cargo Shipping Services?

Sea cargo shipping service plays one of the most vital roles in the shipping industry.

Importers and exporters rely on this way of transport more than the others for its various advantages.

The freight forwarder companies make sure that they have excellent sea cargo shipping options to offer you and their other customers.

Companies That Provide Sea Cargo Shipping Services
Companies That Provide Sea Cargo Shipping Services

Importers who import goods in bulk or looking for a cheap transportation medium blindly choose sea cargo shipping for transporting their goods.

Most prominent freight companies are always coming up with more offers and sending out flattering invitations to attract more customers.

And they ensure they have all the services you need as an importer.

Some notable companies that provide sea cargo facilities are- A.P MOLLER-MAERSK GROUP, MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY S.A. (MSC), CHINA COSCO, CMA CGM GROUP, and others.

HART Worldwide Logistics is among these companies too.

We have been providing outstanding sea cargo services for a long time.

With proper logistical knowledge and experience, HART Worldwide can give you the service you need at the most affordable price.

5. How To Find Best Sea Freight Cargo For Me?

While choosing a sea freight cargo, you must look into some matters closely before confirming your shipment service.

Shipping is a tricky process that needs proper knowledge, skill, and understanding to carry out the operation successfully.

Not only the sea freight cargo but all the work followed by shipping needs to be adequately cleared to import your goods.

These are some points you need to remember before choosing a sea freight cargo service for yourself –

  • Make sure that your sea freight cargo service company is reputed. They should have goodwill in the market.
  • Experience is something that you cannot buy with money. Even if you decide to choose a new company, research their previous works and reviews of the former clients.
  • Having a good network in the shipping industry is a virtue. You must inspect the networking your freight company has to ensure hassle-free port clearance.
  • You must know about your needs. Before talking to a freight company, decide your priorities first. Make sure they have everything that you are looking for.
  • The pricing system of the freight company must be transparent. There should be no hidden charge or extra costs for the goods you are shipping. Ask for the final amount to avoid excess payment.

6. What Are The Best Sea Cargo Services  In China?

There are many sea cargo services that provide shipping services from China.

All of which have their different benefits to offer for your particular shipping needs.

A freight company that has the experience, skill, knowledge, and understanding of the shipping market will always get more preference.

On top of that, a shipping company that provides transparent payment quotes is always better.

Companies providing shipping insurance will also get some benefits.

The best sea cargo services in China for you will be the one that matches all your requirements.

HART Worldwide Logistics can be a one-stop destination for all your shipping needs.

HART provides one of a kind sea cargo services all over China.

7. Can I Transport Perishable Goods In Sea Cargo?

Perishable Goods
Perishable Goods

Sea cargo is a slower pace shipping service.

Although you can ship a lot of goods together in a single shipment, the time needed to reach the goods is much longer.

Sea cargo is excellent for goods that do not have a shelf life.

Sea cargo takes approximately 40 to 60 days to reach its destination.

Weather, customs clearance, holidays, etc., can alter the timings as well.

If you are trying to ship your perishable goods or the goods that have a particular shelf life, then it is better not to send them through sea cargo.

Sea cargo is time-consuming, so shipping perishable goods through this medium can result in loss.

8. What Are The Prohibited Items In Sea Cargo?

Global shipping rules and regulations are more or less the same for all freight services.

Be it sea cargo or air cargo, the items that you can not transport through them are similar.

Although sea cargo imposes fewer restrictions than air cargo, some components remain illegal for all.

Providing a list of some of those components below-

  • Lithium batteries
  • Liquid goods in bulk
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Drugs without prescription
  • Dry ice
  • Gasoline-powered tools
  • Aerosol
  • Alcohol
  • Consumer electronic devices with batteries, such as laptops, cameras, etc.
  • Firecrackers, bombs
  • Living animals of all kinds
  • Firearms, weapons
  • Engines, generators
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tobacco and such products containing tobacco
  • Paintings, sculptures, precious metals, stones, etc.

If the authorities find any such material in the cargo shipment, it will result in a high penalty and even imprisonment.

Although in some cases, there can be special orders to ship these goods, without permission, you can not transport them via sea cargo.

9. What Is The Difference Between Sea Cargo And Air Cargo?

Sea cargo and air cargo, as the name suggests, are two different media of transportations.

The sea cargo travels through water routes, and the air cargo travels through the plane.

Apart from that, there are some significant differences between these two.

Sea Cargo And Air Cargo
Sea Cargo And Air Cargo

Some of them are mentioned below-

Air Cargo

Sea Cargo

Air cargo is suitable for lighter parcels Your heavy, bulky goods can be transported by sea cargo more efficiently
Your expensive items or items with a shelf life can be transported by air cargo Sea cargo is suitable for garments, shoes, long-lasting products
Air cargo is an expensive way of shipping goods Sea cargo offers lower pricing, and you can also cut down the price by sharing a container
This is much faster in terms of speed; air cargo will deliver goods in 7 to 14 working days Sea cargo is a slower shipping option and will deliver the goods in 40 to 60 working days

10. Can I Ship Goods All Over The World Through Sea Cargo?

If you are a fan of sea cargo shipping, we have good news for you.

As surprising as it sounds, you can use sea cargo for almost every part of the world, including China to Europe.

Sea cargo is used to ship 80 to 90 percent of the world’s goods.

You can ship your package to any part of the world using sea cargo.

HART Worldwide provides impeccable sea cargo services from China to Europe and also other parts of the world.

You can get the most affordable shipping rates through HART and the most trustworthy service.

11. Does Sea Cargo Shipping Have Door to Door  Services?

Yes, sea cargo services can provide you door to door  services.

The freight company will pick up your products and load them to the ship after completing the inspection.

If you have signed up for door to door  service, your freight forwarder will also take care of the necessary paperwork for shipping.

After completing all the steps, your parcel will be off to ship across the border via sea cargo.

Once it reaches the port of destination, your goods will be unloaded by the freight company.

The freight forwarder will also provide the assistance needed to make the final delivery.

When everything is done, the goods transported via sea cargo will be delivered to the final location.

12. Do Companies Like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, China Post, And Others Provide Sea Cargo Shipping?

Yes, international express companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, China Post, and others provide sea cargo shipping.

You can contact them to know more about their shipping quote.

Freight forwarder companies offer different packages for different kinds of goods.

It will depend on the size, type, quantity, and price of your goods.

Reputed shipping companies are most likely to have a transparent price range and will provide you the necessary information needed to book your sea cargo.

13. Do Freight Companies Provide Sea Cargo Technical Guidance?

Yes, freight forwarder companies will provide you with technical guidance in sea cargo.

The freight company should clear out all your queries regarding your sea cargo shipping before you book your service.

It would help if you asked for any assistance that you need before you proceed to ship.

However, you can choose to do the technical work yourself or tell your freight company to handle it.

You will have to pay some extra money to get that hassle-free sea cargo shipping.

Technical assistance is essential to perform successful shipping.

An experienced freight company knows the best ways, and they will have agents and connections in different points to make things easier.

HART Worldwide serves you with every technical guidance you need to ship your goods via sea cargo.

Choose HART as your trustworthy and reliable shipping partner.

14. How Much Time Does Sea Cargo Shipping Take?

Sea cargo shipping is not as fast as air cargo.

Although it is the best for bulky packages but not if you want them quickly.

If you can make adjustments with time and less cost, then it is for you.

Sea cargo shipping will generally take 40 to 60 days to get to its destination.

However, this time may vary on various other factors.

The distance between the two ports, weather hazards, holidays, problems with the package, customs clearance, and other auxiliary factors will affect sea cargo shipping time.

Sea Cargo Shipping Time
Sea Cargo Shipping Time

15. How Much Are The Sea Cargo Rates In Different Companies?

Sea cargo rates in different companies will vary depending on what you are sending, where you are sending, type, and the quantity of the goods.

Different companies have different sea cargo rates according to your package.

A parcel weighing between 150 to 500 kilograms is more profitable if shipped via sea cargo.

Sea cargo is the cheapest way to ship your heavier goods.

Sea cargo rates are around 50 cents to 5 dollars per kilogram according to the type of goods.

Contact HART Worldwide to know more about your sea cargo rates.

16. What Are The Necessary Protocols To Follow Before Sea Cargo?

There are various steps to follow before proceeding to ship in sea cargo.

Thankfully the freight forwarders are there to guide us through the necessary steps to follow before sea cargo.

When you purchase goods from a Chinese seller, make sure you make proper documentation of the transaction.

The seller needs to mention several things in the paper before packing them.

Such as the type of goods, the number of goods, the price, address, payment receipt, authentication of the goods, etc.

Shipping Protocols
Shipping Protocols

After the seller’s side does the paperwork, a freight forwarder company takes place.

They will make sure that the goods are adequately packed according to their type.

Packages must be well packed to endure international shipping pressures.

The weight must be correctly measured to avoid excess shipping charges.

It is very important not to try to ship prohibited items through sea cargo.

Your package must meet all the international standards.

HART Worldwide Logistics helps you to follow the shipping protocols correctly before sea cargo.

To learn more you can watch this video-

17. Does Sea Cargo Have Particular Box Sizes?

The larger your box sizes are, the more shipping charge you have to pay.

However, there is no particular box that you need to choose for packaging your goods, but choosing the right one according to the goods is essential.

You have to pay more shipping costs if your dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight of your package.

So, select a box where your goods will fit perfectly without any extra space.

18. Who Provides Shipment Clearance In Sea Cargo Shipping?

Shipment clearance, like all other cargo services, is provided by a shipment clearing agent.

You are most likely to be offered a customs clearing agent from your freight forwarder company during sea cargo.

You can either take from them, or you can also hire your own customs clearing agent.

However, you have to pay for your customs clearing agent regardless of where you take it.

You can also do your customs clearance yourself, but for that, you need proper knowledge and certificates.

Shipment clearance in sea cargo can be done in any one of the three ways mentioned above.

For you, it would be best if you take it from your freight forwarder company.

One place to resolve all your customs work.

19. What Is The Cost Of Shipping A 20-Foot and 40-Foot Container On Sea Cargo?

A 40-foot container has double the capacity of a 20-foot container.

Regardless of the destination, a 40-foot container will cost you 20 to 25 percent more than a 20-foot container.

A 40-foot container has a loading capacity of 27,600 kgs.

The shipping cost of transporting a 40-foot container via sea cargo depends on various factors.

It will generally depend on the weight and type of your goods and the distance from the seller’s port origin to the receiver’s port origin.

Also, if you are taking LCL or FCL shipping, it will lower your cost of shipping a 20 or 40-foot container.

If you decide to ship a 40-foot container via sea cargo, you might need to pay 5,500 to 6000 dollars.

And the cost of shipping a 20-foot container is 1500 to 3000 dollars.

20. Is There Any Sea Cargo Express?

Sea Cargo Express
Sea Cargo Express

Yes, there is a sea cargo express available for shipping goods.

It is also called the Ro-Ro Cargo Ship.

The sea cargo express or the Ro-Ro Cargo Ship was first introduced in 2012 and has been in business ever since.

21. How Is Sea Shipping Rates Calculated When Shipping From China?

The sea shipping rates while shipping from China is calculated in one of two ways.

You can calculate it by multiplying volumetric weight with the charge per kilogram or multiplying the actual weight with the cost per kilogram.

Multiplying with the volumetric weight or the dimensional weight can sometimes raise your chargeable amount more than the actual weight.

Try to keep your dimensional weight at a minimum to avoid high shipping charges.

Final Word

Sea cargo from China is the most cost-effective and convenient way of transporting your goods.

You can knock HART Worldwide for any information regarding sea cargo from China.

We will take care of your shipping services with utmost care and caution.

Make sure you make the most profit from your business by choosing the correct shipping partner.

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